60 Second Price Action Strategy

One of the most versatile and profitable binary option trading strategies would be the 60 Second Price Action Trading Strategy. Perhaps one of the best advantages in regards to this trading strategy would be how it requires the use of zero technical indicators while still yielding success rates of 70-75% and higher. Access to a charting solution will be necessary which is why we recommend you utilize Free Stock Charts, which not only is free but also offers a wide array of technical indicators and customization options.

In order to place a highly probable investment, one of two possibilities must occur where the first possibility would be a downward break in a previously established support level while the second occurrence would be a reoccurring break in a previously established resistance level. These support and resistance levels are created once price “bounces” off an imaginary level and heads in the opposite direction. If you see that price is heading in a bearish direction and you see the price of the underlying asset “bounce off” an imaginary level then that is noted as a support level. While on the other hand if price is heading in a bullish direction and you see the price of the targeted asset show resistance and “bounce off” an imaginary level then that invisible level is known as a resistance level.

In order to place a PUT investment off a support level break, we need to wait for three conditions to happen first. First would be that a support level is created while the second is that price retraces back above that support level in a bullish fashion. The last condition that must be met would be that we need to wait for price to cross in a downward direction again below our support level and then we place a 60 second PUT investment. In order for a CALL investment to be placed with Price Action Trading Strategy, we need to wait for our resistance level to become established, then wait for price to trace back downwards in a bearish fashion and then head back up in a bullish direction and break our resistance level where we would place a 60 second CALL investment.

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  1. hello mike ,for the 60 Second Price Action Strategy, what time frame do we use on the chart for trading?

    1. Hey Frankc,

      This strategy is actually composed by me, it has been on Mike’s Binary Options Channel for a couple if years now though! Moving forward and to answer your question, that time frame that you are watching your asset on your charting solution is 60 seconds (1 Minute). Feel free to ask any other questions that you may have!

      Tim Lanoue

  2. This strategy worked very well for me. I tried it seven times and all seven gave me 100% put ITM. Thanks alot. I believe I have now found my own 60 sec strategy.

    1. Hey Poet Dave,

      That is great to hear, I love when investors have 100% success days by applying my strategy articles! Glad this has helped you out!

      Tim Lanoue

  3. Would it be possible to get the 60 Second Price Action Strategy demonstration video back up so we can have a look at it? Thanks.

    1. I’ll do my best. I honestly don’t know what happened to it or even where it was originally found. I thought it was on Mike’s YouTube channel, but Mike wouldn’t have removed it.

  4. (1) I sort of need a picture of what your trying to explain, i.e. a chart with some writing
    (2) Any robots that do profitable price action for binary options 60s

  5. Thanks for the strategy..
    Please give me more details, do we wait for the candle to close after it crosses support level before placing a PUT and please kindly give us a video if possible..thank you

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