Bollinger Bands Strategy by Afzal

Afzal’s Bollinger Bands strategy is among one of the most viral and widely used trading strategies used to date by binary option investors. Afzal is a top performing investment admin for Mike’s Facebook Signals Group who has compiled a success rate fluctuating from 80 to 85% on a monthly basis. Not only has he provided over 500 profitable signals for members of Mike’s Facebook Signals Group, but he has also shared a wide number of applicable and profitable trading strategies.

Bollinger Bands strategy demonstration

In order to get started with this Bollinger Bands strategy, access to a charting solution is required. The one utilized by Afzal in his strategy video is Free Stock Charts, which is why we also recommend that particular charting interface. The time frame needed for this trading strategy is 5 minutes and the currency pairs that can be invested with this strategy are as follows:  USD/JPY, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and AUD/JPY. Once you have those preliminary requirements fulfilled then you can go ahead and add your Bollinger Band indicator into your charting solution along with two exponential moving average indicators, with one set to a period of 180 and the other set to a period of 365. In order for a 5 minute CALL investment to be signaled, we need to wait for three conditions to be met: The first condition would be that our exponential moving average of 180 is lying above our exponential moving average of 365. The second condition would be that price needs to merge or cross our 180 exponential moving average indicator in a downward direction. The last condition, which serves more as a confirmation, would be that we need a verification that price is indeed reversing and heading in the opposite direction so we make sure the next candle formed is a bullish candle and then we place our 5 minute CALL investment. To see a live demonstration of this strategy, please feel free to watch the video provided above.

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  1. Hello there,
    Thank you for Bollinger Bands strategy.
    You are saying: “…price needs to merge or cross our 180 exponential moving average…”.
    If it will cross – I am just worry if it is not going “to trend” between the two MAs which is not valid condition….
    ..Any way to filter such condition? Means, to be sure it is just cross/touch, and will not continue to trend between these two MAs from now…?

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