Change Broker

Do you need to change the automatically assigned broker on your new binary options signal software?

The instructions to change broker are below. Most binary options software require that you open an account with one of their supported brokers. The software will then be synced with that broker account. The way it works is that when you sign up, the software will automatically choose a broker based on your location and the cookies you have on your computer. For example, if you’re in the US, you won’t be able to join an EU-regulated broker, so you will probably be synced with Glenridge Capital, Tradorax, CTOption, Tropical Trade or any other non-EU-regulated broker. If you already have an account with CTOption, the software will recognize this and offer you one of the other brokers. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend that US traders sign up with ANY broker besides Nadex, which is US-regulated. Unfortunately, Nadex is not available with auto trading software.

Sometimes this doesn’t work well due to several possible reasons, such as if you deleted your cookies, if you’re using a different computer or your location is undetectable due to being in private mode. The software will not work if you open an account with a broker you already have an account with or if you are a US trader who opened an account with an EU-regulated broker.

So how do I change broker?

  1. Clear your cookies. This is important because the software uses a cookie to “remember” your assigned broker.
  2. Sign up using a different email address because the email you used at first is already tied up with the first broker you were assigned.

Keep in mind this doesn’t always work. You can also try using a different computer or IP address. Keep in mind that not every broker is available with every software and in every country. Also, you cannot have two accounts with the same broker. No matter which broker you go with, make sure you follow my guidelines to dealing with brokers carefully in order to avoid being scammed.


  1. Hi Jacob,
    I am so excited to test NEO2. But there are few issues with it. Just wondering if your team could fix it! I can’t pick broker? I can’t pick trade amount? Most importantly what is the best time to trade?

    Kind Regards,

      1. Just don’t let the system connect you to titan trade the system doesn’t work with there platform and they will not listen to you at all .

    1. Hola Jacob no puedo abrir una cuenta con Neo2 siempre me pide una direccion de correo nueva intente con 4 diferente y nada …

      me puedes ayudar?

  2. I just signed up for neo2 and recieved starling capital as my broker. Is this a legitimate broker and will it work for this software. I am in the U.S.

    Also, quintup recomends turning on the autotrader from gmt 12-17 as it is the most profitable time. Is this true?

    And lastly does this seem better that the copy buffet software?

    Thanks so much!!

  3. Hello

    I am searching binary options in net since 10 days, so I visit lot of sites and read many reviews. At last, I find your system. When I trying to register my account, its showing like this (put another email address) again I retype three more email id’s, again same message appearing in the box. even I clear all my cookies and history, then also same showing. In that case how register. I am from Mauritius.


    1. I had the same problem. As i noticed this problem with e-mail adress happens many times. What I should do?

  4. As per your ‘change your broker’ post, if I contiue to change cookies and create new email addresses at some point Nadex will be chosen? Frustrated at the situation because it has yet to be chosen when I do this! Thanks again

    1. Nadex is only available in the US and is not available with ANY software. US traders should use Mike’s manual signals as a signal service.

      1. How do I link the copybuffett software to my account with

        Support at are unable to help or maybe they dont want to help.

        Pamela Mulani

  5. As a new and evolving software, will Mike be adding more US friendly brokers to Neo2….I know that you recommend Nadex for US traders with Mike’s manual signals but I had opened a demo account with Nadex and did not like the trading experience with it. I currently have Glenridge Capital that was assigned when I registered with Neo2. I am getting a fairly good ITM with it between 73%-76…but I notice that it only trades on just the Eur/USD. I really enjoy the software I just wish I can use it to its full potential. Any suggestions? Thank you for your quick response and taking the time to read my post

  6. I register twice for NEO2 software and
    I have 2 accounts with the same broker (secured option) which I signed up with 2 different emails.
    …. Which account in this broker I should use to get me sync properly with NEO2 software. The first account or the second account ?
    or ……..will I have problem( cannot be sync at all ) in both account ????

      1. hi
        my broker is also secured options but using neo2 auto trading, at $25, 95 strength and Risk at 5; it only allows 2 miserable trades per day! Heard that the broker is able to block the autotrading. Is this true with SecuredOptions?

  7. Hi Jacob.
    This all good info for us newbies. I am residing in Colombia and already have accounts in Gtoptions or Anyoption. Which should I use, or do you recommend another one?
    Thanks again for all the tips and tricks to learn in this field.
    Awaiting your reply.

  8. Hello jacob
    This all good info for us newbies i am living in dubai uae and i sighup with neo2 and the broker is secured option is this a good broker can i continue this one or have another option.
    Awaiting your reply.

  9. I signed up for neo2 and OPTIONBITS was my recommended broker. They did not seem too interested, only wanted to deal with me direct. Paid my deposit, but still waiting for my software. I am finding that the present BREXIT situation has taken all
    interest from software trading – sad!!!!!

    1. They are available with NEO2 but not with BinaDroid. However, if you already have an account with them, you won’t be able to create a new one.

  10. Hi Admin,
    I was connected to Optionbit after signing up with Neo2. I registered to Neo2 because of autotrading feature. And I read about more issues regarding autotrading with this broker – like: only EURUSD trading, very rare trading actions, bad result. Are these bad news only exceptions or …? What is your advice, what to do? May I continue with Optionbit (deposit) or change this broker to another?

  11. Hi. For some reason my CrunchTech autotrader is not taking any automatic trades when turned ON. My broker is CTOption. Please help me. Thank you.

  12. Why do you recommend that U.S. traders use Nadex as a broker and manually trade? Is it illegal to use other brokers? Do other brokers create issuses when trading and withdrawing out funds? Why don’t the software compainies inform U.S. Traders about this? What brokers can we use with an auto trader here in the U.S.?

  13. I wonder if you could help me? I have joined with Copy Buffett Software and have been assigned Bloombex as my Broker. This is fine except I am receiving just 3 trades per day. The trades I am receiving are generally ok. How can I increase the number of trades sent to Bloombex. The broker tells me it is to do with Copy Buffett software. If this is the case how can I arrange more trades from software? Hope I have made myself clear.

  14. Binadroid sent me to CTOptions. I can’ find out much about them. I am in the US. I know Nadex is the preferred but is CTOptions respectable?

  15. I have funded my broker account Tradorax. When I sign in to copy buffet software it shows my broker acct. I have Neo2 with tradorax. I signed up with copy buffet with a different email
    I am in the US
    I click activate your acct. nothing happens?
    No help from support.
    What can I do?

    1. Having two accounts with the same broker may cause problems. I suggest asking the broker to close down one of your accounts or open a new one with a different broker.

  16. How can I link my optie24 account to copy Buffett software. I don’t want another broker again and go through all the registration with others. I’m satisfied with this broker. Please help me.

  17. Hi I made a account last night and deposited 350 but when I login to crunch tech keep trying to make me deposit still please help

  18. Hi
    When I created an account it passed me to broker “BinaryBook” is this broker affiliated with NEO2 ?


  19. Good day, wonder if you could help me with a problem.

    We did some home work and decided to use the Buffet system with the platform Optionsstars. There was also a platform Blanc de Options, so between the two we decided to use Optionstars.

    We deposit today early morning the $250.00 into Optionsstars. They was very helpful and everythings seems to be fine, till I ask them who will phone me from Buffet for training and the rest.
    Needles to say I had to look for contacts of Buffet, could net get a phone number but at lease email address.
    Up to now I got this link and hope you could help me.?

    I can give you registration ID if that will help to resolve my problem.

  20. Hi i signed up with copy buffet ,i made a deposit which went to the trader not copy buffet . the trader i was given is tradorax, but they have my deposit not copy buffet so i have no auto trade option and when i sign into copy buffet it still ask me to deposit to open trading. how do i get copy buffet to recognise my deposit.

  21. I signed up with NEO2. I wanted to continue trading with the software but Im having a not-so-good internet connection. So I am thinking of using a VPS. Will NEO2 work with VPS? What do you think about using VPS with the software and what VPS is best for binary options trading?

  22. Hi,I joined the (Mike auto trader) and my broker is(GTOption),and I keep getting a message of failing to get the signal (48948),and I don’t know what to do.please I need help.

      1. i have the same issue with this broker, i already sent them my documents. there is no live support after continues attempts in last 6 hours.

  23. Hello

    I have recently tried the copy buffett system with UK Options, and have my balance has been 15 bucks since i lost all from start of 250 bucks.

    How do i get my initial 250 dollars back, as per copy buffett guarantee? This is little or no option, phone or email to contact, and this is not cool.

    After getting my initial 250 back then i may consider trying copy buffett again with another broker. UK OPtions is definately not to be recommended Maybe i would even label them as scam, especially after they were regulated recently.

    Would consider another broker, who allows full spectrum of trading, not max 3 trades per day and only currency trades, as per UK Options. Only way to fully trade via UK Options now is with minimum deposit of 1000 dollars, and this is a lot of money with a broker who at least has scam tendencies.

    Please reply to me via email, as i seem to get little or no feedback from copybuffett and i can find no email address or support address to you.


    kind regards

    Christian Pedersen

  24. buffett will not take my e-mail,,,i have tried,3 different e-mail address,,i am in the phillippines ,,from usa ,,wil like to start ,trading slow to learn ,not let me in.

  25. Hello, I using Neo2 and been assigned megaoptions as my broker. I did some search
    and did not find anything negative online and some site are rating them very high.
    I was wondering if anyone has used them.

  26. HI
    When I opened an account with neo2 I was assigned with porter finance and apparently they don’t allow auto trading software, i just came to the realisation only after the balance on the broker account was not syncing with my neo2. Any possible ways forward?

  27. Hi

    I have tried to sign up here in France numerous times, and I get the message “country not supported”.
    I have cleared all cookies and tried on two different browsers without success.

    Please Help !!

  28. Hi! i’m having problems with the copy buffett software it works well when its working but then it just stops , like now it worked on Thursday but it has stopped since then can you help.

  29. Hello,
    Please what’s ur experience with option888 i was asign to them but i have a bad experience with them regarding another software binabot after opening the account the auto pilot did not work so I decided to use manual then i lost $100 i complain then my account manager advice me to trade on 4 different stocks and currency i open my account and we placed the trade together after 30mins all the trade expired and i lost all my money now codefibo is given me the same trader i have follow all ur recommendation in changing my broker i even use 4 different email it all came back with option888 so i decided to fund the account anyways and hope for the best. Am from Canada is there anything i can do? Thank you for all your efforts

    1. There’s a very big problem now in Canada and the US to find a decent broker to work with. Almost none of the good brokers are willing to accept people from these countries anymore.

  30. Hi. On the home page says that is available for Colombia, but I tried to register and said to try another email account, I have only 5 email accounts and none of them work, you can do in that case or have to resign. There are some other software that works like this, Thanks

  31. Hi
    I want to use this software but I am unable to sign up.
    I live in India. On the first page it shows that it is available in INDIA.
    But during signup process it is displaying that “country is not supported.”

    Please help me to resolve the problem.

  32. Good day,
    I just wanted to know if Cap Crunch will work with Trade Thunder.
    I have used them for several months and have had no problems at all.
    Please let me know about this.
    Thanks very much.
    Doc White

  33. Hi, just wanted to post my experience I signed up Thursday for CodeFibo online and was assigned PWRtrade brokers, I deposited, verified etc then the phone calls started, I was pressured for around 45 minutes by my “assigned account manager” to join his elite team, I was pressured not to activate the softwear I had signed up for and to trade with him direct and deposit heaps more money, not sure where from? I’m pretty easygoing but eventually the machinegun fast speech and overpowering urgency to maybe sell a kidney to find the extra money got to be too much for my brain and I just said “stuff this” and hung up. I emailed the guy and told him to activate the product I ordered. Is it ethical to try to divert customers from a software purchase the brokers have arranged to act for and put the product down? I still cant sign in to the product via the broker site and when I sign in via the web app it shows my balance and details but the settings I make don’t result in any response or trades. So much for the ads “Open your account-deposit funds-start trading!” sounds simple hey? its now 48hrs and I’ve not made 1 trade yet. I was really looking forward to playing around with my new purchase, now the whole thing has gone sour.

  34. Hi,

    I Try to Join with you but Your Software Says “My Country is Not Supporting…Etc”

    Then I Contact, then they said “If your country is restricted it won’t let you submit your details or deposit. If some of you are still unable to register you may leave a comment or contact Fibo Code support directly.”

    So Could you Please Allow me to Joint with you and Allow me to deposit via,

    My Country is Sri Lanka,

    I highly Appreciate your Great Assistant

  35. Hi I have taken first steps with Codefibo but I was also appointed Optionbit as broker. Did a quick search and found some warnings about them. I can’t risk losing money so is there a legit broker who will allow Codefibo software to trade? I don’t want to get caught like Mark Gough.

  36. i did all what they ask for since the 2nd of september 2016 the broker assign morton finance depoisted $300 i am seeing the trades taking place but no money is going into the account as the video show should i change my broker since he say code fibo is a thrid base company if they know they dont like auto trade dont go as a broker now i am stuck i dont know what to do please help from Trinidad & Tobago

  37. Hi PLz,
    I registered with Mike autotrade software and i was directed to Bloombex. Does this software work in Canada?

  38. Hello, I have been trying to register but it keeps telling me use different email. I have done that , also changed my browser, computer, cookies, everything i can think off but still giving me a same massage. What should I do? Thanks

  39. hiii. I m from Pakistan. Is copy buffett software or neo3 is avaliable in pakistan? i want to make account in copy buffett or neo 3.plz help me . I have opened copy buffett site, at first page it just ask first name and email so i put my email and name. But at second page i fill the form with all details first name, Last name, email, phone number but the error is occoured plz try another email.i make lot of new emails in gmail and apply this to copy buffet form but same error is occoured plz help me to solve that problem

  40. hiii. I m from Pakistan. Is copy buffett software or neo3 is avaliable in pakistan? i want to make account in copy buffett or neo 3.plz help me . I have opened copy buffett site, at first page it just ask first name and email so i put my email and name. But at second page i fill the form with all details first name, Last name, email, phone number but the error is occoured plz try another email.i make lot of new emails in gmail and apply this to copy buffet form but same error is occoured plz help me to solve that problem

  41. Hi, I am in Australia and a newbie, I have signed up to Mikes Auto Trader which is the semi automatic one, is Neo2 also part of Mikes company?
    also, please can you recommend a broker with a trading platform that provides decent demos and lots of trade options in currencies , commodities etc
    cheers Jan

  42. Hi,
    Is the NEO ² software working with FINPARI they are not regulated but they have a good reputation I am living Brazi Last week i sign up with the COPYBUFFET and the CODEFIBO respectively I get as brokers AAOPTION and GLENDRIGE CAPITAL both scam brokers .I think there are no cyCES regulated brokers working with the COPYBUFFETT ,CODEFIBO,BIDABOT .So it’s very difficult especially if you are a newbie like, myself
    Kind regards

  43. Hi I am a little concerned because many of the brokers that are chosen by Code Fibo are not licensed and I see so many claims of scams from the people that Have not be able to withdraw the profit or their initial investment from brokers like Barkley Capital, or Swiss Royal Banc, or Binary Book.
    Could you please help me , let me know if I can choose a licensed broker and if not if you have record of people that have had withdrawal the profit or the investment from the broker chosen by the Code Fibo system?
    Thank you so much

  44. Is NEO2 available in Trinidad and Tobago or not? I remember signing up for Centument and I never could get it synched to the broker. Could it be that it was also not available in this country?
    If I can only sign up to IqOptions how do I get the benefit of NEO2 trades?

  45. Hi, I signed up wth code fibo and was assigned bancdebinary,are they a good broker? and how long does auto trading take to place trades?

  46. Hello Jacob my friend. I have read all you sent me plus this whole section. I wish to ask if I sign up with NEO 2 how do I select my broker and not the other way around. I live in Australia. So is there a list of good brokers who support NEO2? Or can yo canvass brokers and see if they support this software? Just from reading the above it sounds like you sign for NEO then it’s like a ‘ lucky dip’ with who you get! So I am as a scenario would go, I wish to sign a get NEO2 then I wish to sign with binary mate ( you recommended this just before for Australia). Bit confused Jacob, don’t wish go through what some of the above people are going through! Best regards my friend

  47. About 1 1/2 months ago I signed up with Alive In 5 software , then a broker from Australia Stackoptions called and I opened an account with them. I am new in this trade .I like to know this broker is legit or not and report a scam ? Please help me, how should I handle this scam broker ? Now I am looking for a reliable, trusted automated pilot software which has lower risk and good brokers too.

  48. Hi,
    I just signed up for CodeFibo and recieved Bank-de-Binary as my broker. Is this a legitimate broker and will it work for this software. I am from South Africa

  49. may i change the broker tradeXtra in MikesAutoTrader for another broker ? Actually I dont deposite any found in the real account due to i`m not confident with this broker

  50. Hi I have 2 accounts with neo 2 one with starling capital as the broker and the other with rumelia capital. Could i get some advice on who to go with thanks.

  51. I have been looking at CodeFibo, they offer as broker Tropical Trade which offers 100% bonus, iI live in Canada, is this a good match?

  52. I signed to Mikes manual trading group and was assigned to GToptions. 1 month ago. When I attempt to trade, I cannot verify my account. I have e mailed the broker for assistance, but never received a reply. A representative phoned me and was very rude and unhelpful. I wish to change brokers. Your assistance greatly appreciated.

  53. I have signed up with the Copy Buffet Software. I am in South africa.

    The broker that t was assigned to me is Binary Broker Z. Research showed that they are unlicensed.

    I dont trust this broker as when I looked at expired positions after doing auto trading for a few minutes had placed two trades, both out of the money, and they did not record the expired rates but payout was recorded as -. after querying this using on line chat they then inserted the expiry rates.

    I have stopped all trading and want to change broker before I resume.

    What are your thoughts.

  54. I have signed up for Neo2. The broker chosen for me was Are they ok? I did try to change the broker by registering again but I keep getting Cheers.

  55. ich bin aus Deutschland und kann die Software nicht starten, habe schon alle cookies gelöscht und mich auch mit einer neuen emal registriert, es geht einfach nicht, können sie mir helfrn

  56. Hi I have just opened a new Facebook account to get both your manual signals and Mikes auto trader. I tried to send a friend request to Anna Jones page but I am not sure she got it and if I did it correctly. Please help I have already been scammed by Fintech solutions.

    Secondly please advise on the following brokers which I have signed up for;

    72options – got in because of fintech. They are pushing me to increase my deposit

    Topoptions – got in when trying to register for Mikes auto trader before discovering I needed to use Facebook but I have not yet funded it

    Options Financial Markets – got in when I wanted to register for Wikitrader. Please advise on both the broker and Wikitrader.

    Don’t want to be scammed again

    1. Please email us or contact Anna via Facebook for assistance. Regarding your questions:
      72 Options – Not regulated. Don’t send them anymore money.
      TopOption – An OK broker, but not available with Mike’s Auto Trader.
      Option FM – Not regulated. Don’t fund with more than the minimum. Regarding WikiTrader, we do NOT recommend using auto traders, especially if you’re a newbie.

  57. I recently signed up for Codefibo and was directed to Barkley Capital to open an account, which I did. After a complete run around I found that it is not possible to trade with the Codefibo software and without my permission my account manager Mike Taylor made some trades that that worked well, he then tried several times to pressure me into depositing more money into my account to so he could “make me a lot of money” but I kept telling him all I wanted was to trade with the Codefibo software which ended up with some nasty phone calls with him berating me. I then put in for a withdraw, that was 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. I have also sent emails to their support without reply. Not sure what to do next with Barkley Capital.
    I have signed up again through Rumelia Capital but have not made a deposit. Will I have problems with this broker as well?

    I am in the USA, do you have any suggestions?

  58. Hi I was linked to CDF-stock ,Opteck and Dynamic options are they compatible with Mikes auto trader . Also I’m trying to join the signal group on facebook and received a message to contact Daniel Miller.

  59. Hi I signed up with copy buffet n was given binaryonlone as a broker, is this broker trusted pks help m in South Africa.

    Thank you

    Pls reply via my email

    1. The broker is not regulated, so I wouldn’t recommend opening an account with them. Also, are you aware that Copy Buffett is not an auto trader, but a manual signal service?

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