Fence Trading Strategy by Afzal

One of the most successful binary option investors, who not only provides extremely consistent and profitable trading results to Mike’s Facebook Signals Group, but also is a top performing admin would be Afzal. Afzal not only has accumulated a solid success rate of over 80% over the past 3 months with his shared signals within the group, but also has shared many profitable and effective trading strategies, such as the following Fence Trading Strategy.

Fence trading strategy demonstration

In order to get started with this imperative binary options trading approach, access to a charting solution is a must and the one recommended by Afzal would be Free Stock Charts, which not only is free, but also offers a wide array of technical indicators and customization options. Throughout the duration of the video above, Afzal not only walks you through how to effectively fence a binary options investment, but also how to reduce risk by providing step by step instructions that are easy for even the most novice binary option investors to follow. The whole premise of the Fencing Trading Approach, also known as the Double Profit, is to increase your portfolio success rate along with limiting your risk and out-of-the-money probability.

As stated by Afzal all fencing investments in this Fence Trading Strategy are created originally by the formation of support and resistance levels that are generated throughout the past and current price levels of targeted assets. Market highs along with market lows for the day are where Fencing investments should be placed. So if you come across a new market high for the day then your first investment would be a PUT investment for a 4 hour to end-of-day expiry. Now let’s say a few hours later there is an all-time low price for the day so far with your asset you would then place a CALL investment to fulfill the expiry time remaining on your first investment so that way they both expiry near the same time of one another. These PUT and CALL trades successfully “fence” in your investments, limits your risk, and provides a more successfully trading portfolio. To see this strategy in action, watch the video provided above.

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