GAP Strategy for Binary Options by Snir

Snir’s GAP strategy for binary options trading is one of the most practiced and effective trading strategies to be composed and used exclusively for binary option day traders. Snir is one of the most successful and best performing trading admins for Mike’s Facebook Signals Group who has generated over 600 winning trades for the members of Mike’s Facebook group.

Since Snir’s GAP binary options trading strategy is a technical analysis based trading strategy so the use of a charting solution, such as Free Stock Charts, is required along with the implementation of a couple technical trading indicators. The incorporation of two exponential moving averages, with one set to a period of 180, while the other set to a period of 365, is required, along with a 30 or 60 minute time frame. This GAP trading strategy can only be used on currency pairs. What makes this strategy quite unique compared to other strategies is that the signals are generated where gaps have actually occurred between Japanese candlesticks.

GAP strategy demonstration

The first step that must be fulfilled when utilizing Snir’s GAP trading strategy would be that the currency pair must be displaying a bearish, or downward trend. The second step would be that the GAP that occurs must also be heading in a downward direction. The third step would be to measure the difference between the closing and opening values of the candlesticks that create that gap. If the gap is larger than the body of the first candle, it indicates to investors that the gap is likely to continue to influence the price of that asset in a downward direction, so we would go ahead and place a 30 minute PUT investment. If you prefer to invest with a longer expiry time, you can also change the time frame of this strategy to one hour and use one hour investments, as long as all the of the steps are fulfilled beforehand. To see this strategy explained live, please feel free to watch the video above.

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