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      1. Hi i just signed up with Dow equinox and they gave me a broker called 365Binary Option and i’ve been receiving calls from many different people and email which are stated as from Dow equinox but strange things are they gave me my logins details with the password that i am using in my email it’s just doesn’t make any sense, and in some of their emails their spelling is incorrect.

        Thank you

  1. Is there a link or review about Lucrosa? I just heard of it and I’m curious to know what you think about it.


      1. Try this for a fraud/scam –
        Binary Tilt Options a massive scam –Read this one!
        Binary Tilt Option Brokers Scam robs 80 year old man of $6000.00- he is bed ridden 24/7 – with his computer above his face
        heartless bastards
        About 2 month Ago a lady called me, Joy Stevens (Skype name Joy Steven Binary Tilt. She convinced me to invest $250 in Binary Tilt. I agreed to do this as she said that she would make sure I get the best broker at Binary Tilt who would do/give me a few small trades daily to grow my capital, and augment my medicinal payments.
        I explained to her that I am 80 years old and cannot sit or stand but I am flat on my back 24/7 and that this money was taken from my medical allocation. She assured me that within a short period of time the broker she selects for me will have my account much more than my input. (When it did not happen I sent her a few emails… no reply! I told her that she is a cheating lying little Bitch. – never got a reply) She is still on the net doing the same to others. I believe that all these women who phone the none suspecting binary beginners are free lance agents are linked to a broker and get 3 % of the capital you lodge with them.
        I got an email from .. Jack Lewis …see the next line below (her selected broker for me)
        From: Sent: 11 January 2017 11:17 AM
        To: Subject: From the desk of Jake Lewis at BinaryTilt
        Hello Hans,
        My name is Jake Lewis, I am a Senior Broker here at BinaryTilt. Starting today, I will personally be handling your account.
        Please know that I am here for anything you need relating to trading with BinaryTIlt.
        Jake Lewis
        Senior Broker
        My account is long since fully verifiied. My account has been dormant. Never heard from Lewis again after I replied to his email telling him what I was told by Joy bStevens – the lying laddy… he would do for me. On Friday 27th January 2017 I got a call out of the blue from a Jack Richards his name was provided by their support department who said he is now my acc manager (I have his email address) he coerced me into putting R1000.00 in my account after he weedled the credit card detail from me/ Once he had used my credit card, he continued to pressurize me and emptied my credit card to the limit of what was available $6000.00. He promised me with his hand on his heart and swore to God that he would have the account doubled within a few days Imknow a good trader can do this, I told him my plight and he said he understands but I must listen to him he is my broker, he has some information that is not yet in the market place but about to be released. I will make at least 80%, However On Monday 30 January 2 days later I realised what happened – irregularities in my account and no trades etc. I asked for my money back via their withdrawal facility and got a reply saying that they would peruse it and come back to me. When next I tried to enter my account they had blocked me getting into my account and it is still like that. I have lots of names of staff members within Binary Tilt offices and phone number of the company and emails plenty
        I have documentary evidence of the shenanigans that happened in my account. I have lots of typical fraud evidence in writing on email from them.
        I have written multiple emails to all emails I have from them … 5 different people and departments.
        No replies. If you can do something for me I will forward all the correspondence by email and account verification with their acknowledgement of my deposit of 6000.00.
        My fully verified account is still blocked from entering.

  2. I’ve signed up with SnapCashBinary & they gave me Rumelia Capital. Does anyone know anything about them. Please inform.

    Thanks much,
    Michael Anderson

    1. SWARM INTELLIGENCE recommended RUMELIA CAPITAL as my broker and when I tried to fund the account – they informed me that their minimum deposit was $350.00 NOT $250.00 that has be quoted by many websites!!!

      1. i tried to subscribed to Swarm Intelligence yes it said the minimum amount is $350.00 not $250.00 like what you can see on their site, but I did proceed to deposit that amount, but after I deposited my account i was surprised that it did not working with Rumelia Capital everytime i make a trading in swarm intelligence platform it says General Error and only 5 assets are displayed Gold, Silver, Coffee, Corn, Crude oil,so i used the rumelia platform instead after i made about 30 trades i lost some of them so i decided to withdraw the remaining money of $300. Rumelia Capital is a Scam when I tried to withdraw my money and called them they start to bully me and asked me a lot of questions, they asked me why do I need to withdraw money, why do they need to asked me that question in the first place that is my money and I can do anything what I want to do to my money that is not their business to know it, and now it said it will take 21 business days to process the withdrawal request this is the piece of B.S. shame on them don’t put your money to this broker it is a big scammer

        1. Hi Louie, check the terms and conditions when opening a trading account, many ask for a minimum 30 days and at least 1 trade after you start the process of withdrawal. Then starts the worst time for traders that want to get the money back.They will try to persuade you to put more money, and all kind of ideas in order to convince you to stay and to deposit more cash!Wellcome to the traders world, remember they are the wolves and we are the rabbits.
          If becomes difficult or just have the feeling you lost your cash, the best is to start a charge back procedure via your bank on the credit card.
          Good luck! Claudio.

  3. with all the talk about stopping auto traders, can you tell me what is closest to auto trading that is really effective ? also, is snapcash auto still good ?

  4. Just signed up with swarm intelligence and was assigned the broker banc DE binary. Unlike all reviews on the software, I encountered something different today. After login in to the software, the software took me to a tour guide and then forced me to take a trade before even allowing me to do the settings myself. Wonder if anyone did encounter such an experience. The pair that the software wanted me to take was having a signal strength of around 84% and it will expire only 3 days( long

  5. Hi Jacob and Anna

    is there any Reviews for

    I usually believe your reviews. if there is not so please tell me if it’s safe broker

  6. Halo Jacob and Anna, is mikes auto trader available for Zambian residents? We are opening school and I feel I shud use the trader once I have chosen the trades and gone for work!

  7. Hi Jacob, please assist ? Having trouble logging in to mikeautotrader software after registration and verification with allocated broker dynamic, ,thks.

  8. Hi, Still trying to activate mikes auto trader, allocated broker PLUSOPTION which i inadvertently deposited with is almost certainly scam, whole facebook page on them and not replying emails. Automated links to Mikes software just go to blank page. please any humans out there that can assist. Stephen.

  9. Hi Jacob and Anna, do you know anything about InnovateMarkets? I have read one or two reviews, but I trust your opinion

  10. Hi, updated my facebook and now I have lost Rene, Snir, John admins page for Mike Freeman’s binary options group page. Help…

  11. hello jacob n anna
    would you be so kind as to inform me more about optionstarsglobal? i havnt seen them mentioned in any of your reviews. are they a scam?
    i joined mikes binary options group on facebook but theres a 5-6min time delay once trade option has been sent? so ive missed entry point.
    thank you kindly

    1. It’s a good broker, but not every broker can be used with every signal provider. Please contact us via email or Facebook so we can give you a personalized recommendation.

  12. Hi is it ok to use High Low brokers in Australia. I had a choice between them and Binary Mate but someone was saying that Binary Mate manipulates their system

  13. Hello Jacob
    I registered with penny milliners a day referred to Torontion. What amazed me and makes me suspicious is he fact that they were forcing to deposit the of them(senior financial manager) even advice me to go and borrow R 5000($350) to a friend because I’ll give it back with no time.and I refuse to do that nonsense. Now I’m failing to understand this company that is it legit or they think they can take an advanced of newbies in this industry.
    Some brokers take advantage of those trading softwares to rob ppl their hard earned cash.
    How can I trust a broker who force you to deposit money and trust that they can help you to become a successful trader?
    Penny Millionaire software looks like a great software but the brokers are wolves who are only interested in your money.

  14. Hello Jacob
    I registered with penny millionaires and referred to Toroption. What amazed me and makes me suspicious is the fact that they were forcing me to deposit the of them(senior financial manager) even advice me to go and borrow R 5000($350) to a friend because I’ll give it back with no time.and I refuse to do that nonsense. Now I’m failing to understand this company that is it legit or they think they can take an advanced of newbies in this industry.Some brokers take advantage of those trading softwares to rob ppl their hard earned cash.How can I trust a broker who force you to deposit money and trust that they can help you to become a successful trader?Penny Millionaire software looks like a great software but the brokers are wolves who are only interested in your money.

  15. What a tremendous idea to have a SITE MAP FOR Objective Binary Options so that members can do thru them for future reference.
    Great IDEA! Keep up the good work

  16. I recently asked BinBotPro about the settings for “create my robot”, and the replied, telling me what each setting title meant. My question is, can I get help with the proper settings, say, for conservative trading? Thanks

  17. Hello, I appreciate the good work Mike and his team are doing. Please i want to know if Finmax is a reliable broker. Thanks.

  18. Tim , with the OptionRobot demo, there are no $25 trades, it goes from $20 to $50. The guy at DineroLibre said , in order to withdrawal , you need 15 $25 trades. how do you get around this ? Thank you, Terry

  19. Hello, Homies, Ayerex Is a broker website That I came across them in 2016, and I have practiced with them on free demo mode, and currently I am trading on a real account and I can assure you there services is wonderful, they pay within one hour, good customer service. They reply fast during the working hours. I surely recommend them for any trader out there.

    1. AYREX IS A VERY good broker great customer service, withdrawal quickly processed and the interface is good tee execution time on trades is unlike any other broker out there. I used it both on practice and real accounts and now putting a withdrawal request.
      Wonderful trading at Ayrex

  20. Hi There. Can i Open an account on ayrex through your site and get access to your signals? I am only redirected to 72 options, And would prefer high low or ayrex.
    Please help, would love to start with you guys!
    Best regards.

  21. I’m going to start trading with option robot and use 24option as my broker . In the drop down window for broker there are two options for 24 options . 24Options and
    Don’t really understand why there are two options for this . Any ideea which one I should choose

  22. Is anyone familiar with Magnum Trades? This is the second time I have posed this question….the first query was removed. Did I strike a nerve somewhere?

      1. They sent me a copy of Cyprus Authorization. I tried to copy and paste here, but could not. I am going to post on your FB page.

  23. Hi TIM,

    I signed up with OPTION ROBOT and made a deposit with the broker last Thursday after playing with the settings in practice mode for a week where thousands of dollars in profits were flowing AND 75-90+% TRADES were ITM . (I knew that was not the reality of what it would be obviously but hoped for the best as I began for real).

    NOW after 4 days of trading with a $250 deposit I am down just over $50 and the TRADE LOSSES have been more than 2/1 OTM each day.

    NOW THE Option Robot SITE WILL NOT LET ME LOG IN saying I am using the WRONG PASSWORD which I am NOT. When I clicked for new one Tuesday and then clicked through to Dinero Libre (which it makes you do) I get the following notice: “404 Page Not Found The page you requested was not found.”

    So, I chatted with CS 48 hours ago and they said they would investigate, fix the problem and email me. Then yesterday 24 hours ago it was still NOT fixed AND THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME as they PROMISED. I contacted them again via CHAT and the guy said it would take 24-48 hours again. I then told him I was already promised a fix and I was perturbed and he shut down the chat BEFORE I COULD SAY THANKS!

    NOW Thursday EVENING PST I Have Still NOT heard anything from the Bot or Broker. I am CONCERNED AND NOT VERY HAPPY. PLEASE ADVISE ME HOW TO PROCEED. THANK YOU.



  24. I do not wana lie i had the worst experience with Secured Options i wanted to withdraw my money for the past 3 to 4 months till now they even not accessible right now. How do i get hold of them?

    Please please help

  25. I use Binomo for weekend trading of BTC/USD. I have searched Trading view and and every other charting service I can find to find their exchange to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? This weekend 4/8, 4/9 it was trading around 1192-3 all weekend. Trading without a chart is indeed, gambling.

  26. hi Tim,

    I’ve been given a best robot settings for guaranteed profit depending on my starting balance.
    please the following and let me know your opinion.

    Balance $250 – $1000
    Method: Classic
    Expiry: 5min or 30 min
    Amount: $20
    Max Simultaneous Trade: 1
    Indicators: 1 only (I prefer RSI)

  27. Hi how can I join the signals group.

    I’ve created and funded a Daweda Exchange account and donated to Fistula.

    Thank you,

  28. am relieved to have discover your details on the internet. In this way together, we can put all these scammers out of business.
    I invested with Olimp Finance back in September 16. I initially started with £250. I was allocated a broker called ” Daniel Sage” After few trading sessions, my balance increased to £600. I was then pressured into investing more, I ended up investing up to £22, 250.00

    Within 3 months, my account balance grew to £52k. I refused to take their bonus and risk free trades to avoid withdrawals problems down the line. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. These scammers use pushy techniques in order for you to loose money. My nightmares began when I placed £30k withdrawals to take care of my deposit and a bit of profit. As I was chasing my withdrawals I began to receive all sort of excuses: sickness for as long as a week, delays in responding to emails, ignoring phone calls etc..I have managed to pull my investment back but they denied to pay my profit. After putting them in front of the evidence they did send me in confirming they will honour my withdrawals and even went further in asking them what do I need to do in order to retrieve my profit …they responded by closing my account with £29,512 locked in. I am very upset for being taken for a ride by these scammers. Since then they closed my account

  29. Hi,
    I just wanted to know how I can get a mentor To Help to start trading and getting acquainted to strategies.

  30. hi, was wondering if botixtrade and pioption are legitimate. and if the auto trade is okay to use I don’t want to get scammed.

    1. PiOption doesn’t seem to be regulated… I’m not sure what BotixTrade is. I’ll try to find out. However, since they are working with non-regulated brokers, I would recommend to stay away for now.

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