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We are committed to giving traders the most objective binary options information. Our main goal is to expose scams, which are unfortunately very widespread nowadays. It’s difficult to find a trader who hasn’t been scammed at least once, either by a broker or a signal service. You are welcome to consult with us before signing up with any binary options company.

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If you are just starting out with binary options, the first thing you should do is to read our Choosing a Binary Broker page. It contains a guide which will help you choose the ideal broker for you based on your location and other factors. It also contains a very important warning regarding binary options brokers and signal services in general. Also, please make sure not to sign up with any broker or signal service before reading about this in our guidelines for dealing with brokers.

If you already signed up with a few brokers and got scammed, don’t just forget about it. Help us warn others by filing a complaint about this binary options broker. You can email us with your complaints at or leave a comment in our Broker Complaints center.

In case you are looking for a trustworthy trading software or a signal service, I suggest reading our list of recommended signals before making a decision. We constantly update this page when new software are released and old ones become obsolete. Did you sign up with a signal service and need to change your automatically assigned broker? Visit our instructions for getting a new broker.

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Jacob Jones, the founder of, is a blogger and a binary options trading mentor with Michael Freeman’s manual signals group on Facebook. He created this website one year after starting to work for two of the largest, most popular websites in the niche: by the beloved mentor and guru, Michael Freeman, and Michael Freeman became Jacob’s personal mentor and he taught him everything he knows about binary options and website development. He also made him a tutor for his Facebook manual signals group in which he has been helping hundreds of traders to get started with their trading careers. From Binary WatchDog he learned how to recognize and expose scams. He also has access to thousands of scam reports by clients of both Michael Freeman and Binary Options WatchDog.

You’re welcome to contact us with any questions about binary options brokers and trading signals. If you want to know if a certain signal service or broker is a scam, we will probably be able to give you an objective answer.

There are so many binary options portals. What makes Objective Binary Options unique?

  1. Outstanding support: You can contact us with any binary options related question. We’re available to help you get started with a successful and profitable binary options trading career. We have assisted hundreds of people who are now active traders in Mike’s group. Some went on to become professional traders in their own right. Most of them however just enjoy the regular income they make by using the excellent trading signals available to group members.
  2. Information: The information we have collected over the years enables us to answer almost any question about brokers and signal services.
  3. Mentoring: We have experience with providing guidance and mentoring for beginners.

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36 thoughts on “Broker Reviews, Signals, Support, Education”

  1. Is there a link or review about Lucrosa? I just heard of it and I’m curious to know what you think about it.


  2. I’ve signed up with SnapCashBinary & they gave me Rumelia Capital. Does anyone know anything about them. Please inform.

    Thanks much,
    Michael Anderson

    1. SWARM INTELLIGENCE recommended RUMELIA CAPITAL as my broker and when I tried to fund the account – they informed me that their minimum deposit was $350.00 NOT $250.00 that has be quoted by many websites!!!

      1. i tried to subscribed to Swarm Intelligence yes it said the minimum amount is $350.00 not $250.00 like what you can see on their site, but I did proceed to deposit that amount, but after I deposited my account i was surprised that it did not working with Rumelia Capital everytime i make a trading in swarm intelligence platform it says General Error and only 5 assets are displayed Gold, Silver, Coffee, Corn, Crude oil,so i used the rumelia platform instead after i made about 30 trades i lost some of them so i decided to withdraw the remaining money of $300. Rumelia Capital is a Scam when I tried to withdraw my money and called them they start to bully me and asked me a lot of questions, they asked me why do I need to withdraw money, why do they need to asked me that question in the first place that is my money and I can do anything what I want to do to my money that is not their business to know it, and now it said it will take 21 business days to process the withdrawal request this is the piece of B.S. shame on them don’t put your money to this broker it is a big scammer

        1. Hi Louie, check the terms and conditions when opening a trading account, many ask for a minimum 30 days and at least 1 trade after you start the process of withdrawal. Then starts the worst time for traders that want to get the money back.They will try to persuade you to put more money, and all kind of ideas in order to convince you to stay and to deposit more cash!Wellcome to the traders world, remember they are the wolves and we are the rabbits.
          If becomes difficult or just have the feeling you lost your cash, the best is to start a charge back procedure via your bank on the credit card.
          Good luck! Claudio.

  3. with all the talk about stopping auto traders, can you tell me what is closest to auto trading that is really effective ? also, is snapcash auto still good ?

  4. Just signed up with swarm intelligence and was assigned the broker banc DE binary. Unlike all reviews on the software, I encountered something different today. After login in to the software, the software took me to a tour guide and then forced me to take a trade before even allowing me to do the settings myself. Wonder if anyone did encounter such an experience. The pair that the software wanted me to take was having a signal strength of around 84% and it will expire only 3 days( long

  5. Hi Jacob and Anna

    is there any Reviews for

    I usually believe your reviews. if there is not so please tell me if it’s safe broker

  6. Halo Jacob and Anna, is mikes auto trader available for Zambian residents? We are opening school and I feel I shud use the trader once I have chosen the trades and gone for work!

  7. Hi Jacob, please assist ? Having trouble logging in to mikeautotrader software after registration and verification with allocated broker dynamic, ,thks.

  8. Hi, Still trying to activate mikes auto trader, allocated broker PLUSOPTION which i inadvertently deposited with is almost certainly scam, whole facebook page on them and not replying emails. Automated links to Mikes software just go to blank page. please any humans out there that can assist. Stephen.

  9. Hi Jacob and Anna, do you know anything about InnovateMarkets? I have read one or two reviews, but I trust your opinion

  10. Hi, updated my facebook and now I have lost Rene, Snir, John admins page for Mike Freeman’s binary options group page. Help…

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