10 Minute Trading Pattern for Binary Options

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

One of the most profitable and successful trading patterns shared at Mike’s Facebook Signals Group would be the Novice 10 Minute trading pattern for binary options by Tim Lanoue. One imperative note to keep in mind in regards to this trading pattern would be that it should only be applied during the New York trading session.

In order to get started with this trading pattern you will need access to a charting solution much like Free Stock Charts along with a clear-minded conscious. Once your charting solution has loaded, you will need to change the time frame of the charting solution to a period of 10 minutes and to select one or more currency pairs to use as your targeted asset. Once you have selected a currency pair and changed the time frame to a period of 10 minutes, you will need to add two simple moving average indicators with one set to a period of 3 while the other set to a period of 10.

10 minute trading pattern demonstration

Now that you have all the preliminary work completed, we can move onward to the signal implementation of this 10 minute trading pattern which is extremely simplistic. Our simple moving average indicator that is set to a period of 3 is our trading signal line and whenever this simple moving average crosses with our simple moving average indicator that is set to a period of 10, we go ahead and place an investment in the same direction as the cross. So if our simple moving average of 3 crosses our simple moving average 10 in an upward direction, then we place a 5 to 10 minute CALL investment, while on the other hand, if it crosses in a downward direction, then we place a 5 to 10 minute PUT investment. To see this trading pattern in action click on the video above.

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  1. I can see crossing only when the current candle closes but then is too late to enter.
    Its easy to say when you watch chart in past. This is very difficult to trade in real time and this is very risky…

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