100% Profit Bot Scam Review

100PercentProfitBot.com is a binary options robot which was launched on November 10th, 2014. However, to this day, 10 months after its release, we are still getting many emails asking us if it’s legit or a scam. Obviously, there is something very appealing about this offer. Thus we have decided to write an objective review to help you decide whether you should sign up with 100% Profit Bot, and if they are really as honest as they appear to be.

What is offered by the 100% Profit Bot?

100PercentProfitBot.com is “the only binary robot that forces you to withdraw your profits regularly. You either withdraw to your bank account or it will refuse to trade.” At the time of writing this review, there were only 2 beta test licenses available from a total of 2,300. There’s a notice saying that “when these licenses are depleted, this website will close.” No trading experience or any binary options knowledge is required as this is a fully automated system. This software is unique in that it removes trade limitations by dynamically combining broker accounts and allowing you to consistently double your money every month up to $138,000 and then earn $43,000 per month. What this means, is that although completely free to join the 100% Profit Bot, unlike most of the scam software we review, this one requires more than one broker registration. It requires a minimum of 4 broker registrations!

How do we know 100% Profit Bot is a scam?

In this case we didn’t need to work so hard to prove that this system is a scam. In 10 months we have received dozens of complaints about the 100% Profit Bot. One person reported that he lost over $1,000 in two days. Another wrote to us that on his first day of using the software he had 1 win and 8 losses. These poor people tried to contact support (support@100percentprofitbot.com), but to no avail. They were just not answered. Another person had 2 wins and 9 losses before he managed to deactivate the system. Someone else reported losing 1,000 euros in half a day. And these reports go on and on.

Should you sign up with the 100% Profit Bot or is it a scam?

By now it’s absolutely certain that 100% Profit Bot is a scam. Do not fall for it! Unlike other similar scams, with this fraudulent website, you will lose your deposit times 4, because it requires you to sign up with at least 4 brokerages. If you are looking for trustworthy trading signals, check out Guide to Choosing a Signal Service. As ¬†always, we ask that you to comment below this review with any questions or feedback.

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