1K Daily Profit Scam Review

1K Daily Profit by John Becker is nothing more than your average binary options trading SCAM meant to target and deceive inexperienced binary option investors out of their cold hard cash! Tim here again with another guest scam review! (Tim is one of the admins in Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook and a professional binary options trader.) Perhaps the two most controversial issues in regards to the 1K Daily Profit would be how pathetic the performance of this trading system operates along with how the embodiment of the 1K Daily Profit seems to be completely fabricated and composed of lies. This offer was created on November 11th, 2015 indicating to us that this system was only created a few months ago and unless you want to lose at least $250, I encourage you to read this objective review in its entirety! So can you really “win 99.8% of all binary option investments and profit thousands of dollars per day,” or is the 1K Daily Profit software just another online money making scheme?

1K Daily Profit detailed review

The 1K Daily Profit is a binary options trading scam that shares many similarities among other online money making schemes that Jacob has previously exposed on his blog. Although 1KDailyProfits.com doesn’t utilize notorious marketing widgets like most scam websites use, it uses the same landing page template that many other scam websites have, making it skeptical to begin with. The alleged founder behind the 1K Daily Profit system would be John Becker, which is more likely than not an alias used to cover his true identity since I could find no person named John Becker with the same picture on LinkedIn, Facebook or Google Search.

So what is the 1K Daily Profit system for binary options?  The 1K Daily Profit is a fully automated binary options trading system designed specifically for binary options that supposedly generates a success rate of 99.8% although success rates no higher than 60% have been reported. Using a fully automated system such as 1K Daily Profits would be ideal for newbie binary option investors since it is 100% web-based and requires no prior investing knowledge or experience, however there are much more reliable systems in the market. The 1K Daily Profits support staff allegedly operates around the clock via email (support@1kdailyprofits.com) and their system can be used by any member who has an Internet connection with a computer, mobile or internet-enabled device.

Review of Reviews for 1K Daily Profit

BestBinaryOptionsSignal.com: “All the evidence presented in this review proves that 1K Daily Profit method is not to be trusted. This is a binary options scam that makes unbelievable claims, shows misleading information and uses deception in an attempt to get people to deposit money for trading.”

BinaryOptionsWatchDog.com: “The 1K Daily Profit software by “John Becker” is stupid and silly, but above all, it’s a SCAM! “

BinaryOptionsGorilla.com: “The 1K Daily Profit is piece of junk that was made by group of scammers in order to steal your money with a fake and paid Fiverr testimonials, stolen picture from the Google search engine and a rough lie of making $1000 a day and $7000 a week whilst we have only 5 trading days a week. We have no doubt the this group have developed this fraud auto trader to manipulate beginner traders who don’t really understand something in the financial market and therefore for the last few days we’ve got few emails full of complaints about traders who lost whole of their money within an hour of activation.”

BinaryOptionSheriff.com: “Our scam review has revealed and proved that the 1k Daily Profit method cannot be put to test and definitely cannot be verified. Wild claims and misleading information is deceptive. It is merely an attempt to trap innocent traders to subscribe and deposit money.”

BinaryOptionsSpot.com: “Everything is so deceptive inside 1kdailyprofit.com that even touching this service is looking scary.  Completely fabricated content, fake CEO, payed testimonials and pushing into registration strategies, nothing more. We recommend that you stay far away from this software. Final Verdict: 1k Daily Profit SCAM DETECTED! Avoid this bogus, trash mode software!”

Is 1K Daily Profit a scam?

Below is some information that I have compiled for you to make a more informed decision on the legitimacy of 1K Daily Profit:

  • The domain 1KDailyProfit.co was created on November 11th, 2015 indicating that the site is only a few months old. It possesses a global Alexa rank of 274,182 along with a Russia rank of 34,054.
  • 1K Daily Profit is most popular in Russia (18.8% of traffic), United States (9.9%), India (6.5%), Brazil (5.5%), and Australia (4.7%)
  • The website is not listed on ThreatLog, Google SafeBrowsing, or MalwareDomainList indicating to us that the site is not used to distribute viruses, malware and Trojans.

Testimonials from real traders

Please let me know if you have any experience with the 1K Daily Profit app and I’ll include your testimonial in this review.

To sum up this review

The 1K Daily Profit system by John Becker is a deceptive and manipulative binary options trading scam that should be avoided at all costs! Claiming that their system generates on average a success rate of 99.8% is not only too-good-to-be-true but absolute ludicrous. Everything about the 1K Daily Profit is fabricated and composed of lies so why would you want to sign up with a system that lies about their Founder and performance results and offer nothing back in return? If you’re looking for a legitimate way to supplement your income online through binary options, I would recommend signing up with a broker and joinining Mike’s manual signals group. This is the safest way to trade binary options and it’s not at all complicated as some people believe!

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