5 Minute Trading Pattern

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One of the most powerful and successful trading patterns that has been shared at Mike’s Facebook Signals Group would be the 5 minute trading pattern for binary options trading composed by James that relies on the heavy implementation of the Stochastic Oscillator and Bollinger Bands technical indicators. In order to get started with this powerful and consistent binary options trading pattern you will need access to a charting solution such as Free Stock Charts or MetaTrader4.

Once your charting solution is up and running, make sure that you select one or more currency pairs as your targeted assets of choice along with set your time frame to a period of 5, 15 or 30 minutes. One of the best advantages about this trading pattern would be that it can be used on more than one time frame, allowing more investing opportunities for investors looking to place more than only a few investments per day. Next, you will need to add your Stochastic Oscillator and Bollinger Band indicator into your charting solution and one of the nice advantages here would be that you don’t need to customize any of the settings associated with these two technical indicators. In addition, all expiry times that we use in regards to this trading pattern should be set to an expiry time consisting of 5 minutes.

5 Minute Trading Pattern Demonstration

There are two possible trading signals that can be generated with this reversal 5 minute trading pattern and they signal for either a CALL or PUT investment. In order for a 5 minute CALL investment to be signaled, we need to make sure two conditions are met prior to entering our investment. The first condition that must be met would be that we need a bearish candle to cross our lower Bollinger Band indicator, while the second condition would be that our Stochastic Oscillator must read a value below 20. To place a 5 minute PUT investment, we need two conditions to be met where the first condition would be that we need a bullish candle to across above our upper Bollinger Band indicator, while our second condition would be that we need our Stochastic Oscillator to read a present value above 80. If both conditions are met in regards to this trading pattern you have the green light to place your investment. To see this trading pattern in action, feel free to watch the video above.

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  1. Hi I’m exploring funding a live trading account with forex.com Meta Trader 4. Would you advise doing this. Can Mike’s Autorader be used with MT4? Thank you.

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