AutoBinarySignals Scam Review

One of the questions which came up again and again since I’ve started mentoring binary options traders is regarding AutoBinarySignals by Roger Pierce. So I guess it’s about time that I provided you a complete objective review on this highly popular service.


Detailed AutoBinarySignals Review

In my preliminary check I found that is not blacklisted by trusted security services such as Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog and MalwareDomainList, which means the website is safe to visit and is not used to distribute malware or trojans. The domain itself was registered three years ago, in 2014. Since then it had become a highly popular binary options service with a global Alexa rating of 154,191. More than 25% of the visitors to AutoBinarySignals are Americans, but the website is also very popular in South Arica, India, Malaysia and Canada. It has excellent social network presence, especially on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

But what is this service exactly? AutoBinarySignals (ABS) by Roger Pierce is basically a signal service and not a fully automated trading software. If you have been following my blog, you probably know that I don’t recommend using any software on autopilot. So the fact that ABS is NOT an automated system is good news.

The signals themselves are generated via several indicators and strategies and is advertised to produce a success rate of 80-100%! Signal expiries range from 1 and 5 minute turbo trades to 15 minutes and 1-hour binary signals. Signals are generated for “ALL major currency pairs & indexies… and a few of the BEST stock market symbols.” Since this is a web-based platform, it can be used via any type of computer or mobile device which has an Internet connection. No downloads are necessary.

To get the ABS software, you need to pay $47 as a one-time payment via PayPal or a credit card and also sign up, open and fund an account with one of the supported brokers. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the service, you can always get your money back. The supported brokers include OptioNow, LBinary, InteractiveOption, CapitalOption, GOptions, OptionsMaker, Banc De Binary and OptionRally.

Support is available via email (

Is AutoBinarySignals a SCAM?

User testimonials

A couple of days before writing this review, I posted the following question on my Facebook wall:

I need feedback regarding the following software as I might write a review about it next week. Is AutoBinarySignals a legit trading tool or a SCAM?

Have a good weekend everyone!

I received 19 comments from my friends, many of whom have used this software. Some were positive, some neutral and some negative. So let’s take a look at some of their responses, starting with the positive testimonials:

“ABS is a legit trading tool. I have signed up for it. I haven’t seen any negative review about it. What it does, is that it gives alerts when the marketing is trending. Like any other trading tool you need to have background trading knowledge. Because it also gives alerts when support or resistance has been broken. So as a trader you need to know what to do with that information that the software gives you. You cant blame the software for blowing your account if you didn’t know how to you use it the right way. But they also give trainings and tutorials on how to use it correctly. You also get different subscription levels for the software. The cheapest subscription is where you can easily blow your account with if you dont have trading knowledge because you can end up taking unprofitable signals. The more expensive subscriptions are also more profitable because it gives a confirmation on the signal or alert that has been issued. But you get lifetime access to what ever subscription you choose.Verdict: ABS is the only software that has stood the test of time in the binary options industry, its been around in the market for about 3-4 years now, and they keep improving it with time and adding more profitable features.”

“ABS is the only legit and itm signals if u really know when to place a trade…i been using it for 6 months now after trying all the so called auto bots..ABS give u a signal an u place it…i don’t do auto….HONESTLY THIS IS THE ONLY SOFTWARE I CAN RECOMMEND..I LOST MONEY AT FIRST COS I DIDN’T KNOW HOW AND WHEN TO PLACE A TRADE..ONLY PLACE A TRADE WHICH IS OVER 86% but still check yo chats as u know that no software is 100% itm.. I won’t stop using it is so good an now I even subscribed to long term signals and pro stocks…I’m making money to be honest…but if it doesn’t work fo u then don’t force it cos u will lose money…WHEN U GET A SIGNAL OVER 86% THEN GO CHECK THAT PAIR ON PRO STRATEGIES THEN U WILL SEE THE STRENGTH OF THAT SIGNAL THEN U CAN PLACE YO TRADE..AND DON’TTRADE 60 seconds..and I don’t do 5minutes I do 15.30. 1 hr and weeks and month expiry… if u just place a trade without checking the chat there and the pro strategy then u will otm…BUT ALL IN ALL..ABS IS A WONDERFUL ITM GIVER FOR ME.. AS THEY SAY..ONE MAN’S POISON IS ANOTHER MAN’S FOOD…ABS WORKS FOR ME AND IS THE ONLY SOFTWARE I EVER MADE THOUSANDS WITH…IT MIGHT NOT WORK FOR U…as I been using it for 6 months… U CAN’T GET ITM WITHOUT THEIR PRO STRATEGIES..THERE U WILL SEE IF THE TREND ARROW AND THE SIGNAL ARROWS ARE POINTING IN THE SAME DIRECTION AND U WILL SEE THE STRENGTH OF THE SIGNAL BY PERCENTAGE…AND U WILL SEE VOTALITY..HIGH..MEDIUM OR LOW…STILL U MUST HAVE YO MT4 OPEN TO CONFIRM..NO SOFTWARE IS 100% U NEED TO CONFIRM…U WILL THEN SEE THAT ABS IS THE BEST…NEVER TRADE 1 MINUTE..I DON’T DO 5MIN I DO 15,30,1hr and weeks to a months..and I itm like heeee…ONLY TRADE SIGNAL 86% AND OVER..

“ABS works if you know how to work it. 9/10 rating for me!”

Some of the reviews were neutral:

“ABS is ok ,you need knowledge ,and be able to follow the relevant chart, the product does have good reviews but i used it for 1 month and broke even, just take care and gain some knowledge but would advise a demo account first”

“ABS signals works on trends. It’s not accurate when the market is erratic, when direction always changes. And you need to use charts to check it’s signals for high probability.”

I also received a few negative comments regarding ABS:

“I have been using ABS since a few days now however does not seem to be working for me at all, I have had 6/8 losses. the reviews on youtube are showing amazing results though.”

“I lost my investment on their signals..”

“Don’t go there if you want to autotrade, trading the Signals manually produced less than 50 percent ITM.”

“Stay away and trade on your own ,,,,why trade with these softwares and all this shitty thing better follow admins from some groups or trade on your own..”

“I subscribe to basic ABS but not able to get winning trade. Stop using now.”

Review of reviews

Now let’s take a look at what some of the most trustworthy reviewers have to say about AutoBinarySignals. “ABS system stood the test of time. This review was updated on July 20th, 2015 and we make sure to follow-up with all the forums where ABS results are being discussed, at this point no one made an exit but we’ve seen some credible screenshots and reviews by real traders who are generating consistent profits with AutoBinarySignals, some traders are reporting up to $500-$1200/day which is not pocket change.” “traders who are ready for the commitment will definitely want to try this binary option signal trading service if they are out to make huge money with the ease of this software.” “I had $3750 within 12 days on my account for the first deposit of $250. So it’s actually very easy to use and probably the best I’ve seen.”

Video demonstration

You probably want to take a look at the software platform before making a decision. Here’s a nice video I found:

ABS Review Conclusion

Overall, looks like AutoBinarySignals (ABS) is a great signal service, but it would probably be more suitable for experienced traders. For newbies, Michael Freeman’s manual signals group would still be the best choice. Also, if you do decide to sign up with ABS, go with the more expensive program (the “pro strategies.”) It may cost a little extra, but it will also definitely be more profitable for you.

Do you have any questions regarding AutoBinarySignals? Feel free to comment below this review.


How do I sign up with AutoBinarySignals?

  1. Click on the above banner and enter your email address
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Use the link you will receive via email to make the purchase
  4. Login at
  5. Don’t forget to comment below this review and provide us with your own testimonial!

20 thoughts on “AutoBinarySignals Scam Review”

  1. Is this available for U.S Traders? It seems like all of the best tools for trading is never offered in the U.S. This gets frustrating all the time for me.

  2. Is this software available for U.S Traders? It seems like all of the good software and tools for trading are never offered for U.S residents. This Gets very frustrating.

        1. Mike, please what’s your experience so far. Is it available for us in Nigeria and will you wanna recommend the product to me a fellow Nigerian please?

  3. Too bad it’s not free. I have tried registering to several (proven and legit) binary autotraders like NEO2, Copy Buffett, etc, but each time I get an error saying that there are no brokers currently supported in my country (Philippines).
    Any suggestions for legit binary autotraders? Would be great if there’s any autotrader out there that lets me choose my broker.

    1. Hello Jacob, I just joined auto trade software but I was sent to Tradorax broker which I read it’s a scam broker. Can you please tell me how to change my broker and please send me legit supported brokers that works with Neo2 Auto Trade software.
      I am from New York, USA


  4. Hello Jacob,

    I just opened an account with Nadex today.
    I would like to join Mike’s signals.
    Please assist me.


  5. How is this software doing so far, is it still producing good results? I want to try it, would you please give me a strategy how to use it for best results. Thank you!

  6. As a US Trader, once I enroll with Nadex which broker would you recommend that works with Auto Binary Signals AND they have an Android App to trade from so I wouldn’t have to sign in to my laptop. I’m a truck driver who is always cross country and trading from my phone would be so much easier for me. Thank you for your advice.

  7. Hi everyone,

    I have been testing long term signals they are good. I am not comfortable with turbo and 15 mins options.

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