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At first glance, Ayrex is a relatively standard binary option broker, working the EU/CySEC business model, which is however not licensed and regulated by any authority, for the time being. (When I asked about it on December 12, 2016, they replied: “right now our company is on the way to be regulated. We hope it will happen in 2-3 months!”) Despite that, and despite the fact that it was only launched in 2014, the site has built up an outstanding reputation, thanks to the flexibility of its overall offer and the attractiveness of its proprietary trading platform. Ayrex is owned by Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. a company based in Charlestown, on St. Kitts and Nevis.

What exactly is the key to Ayrex’s rather surprising success though? First of all, they have always pushed for transparency, and they have made it their mission to honor withdrawals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, they have some of the best payout percentages in the industry, not to mention some extremely attractive minimums. The overall community buzz about Ayrex is a healthy one too.

Above, we mentioned that Ayrex was run on the CySEC business model. This doesn’t mean they’re regulated by CySEC. In fact, they aren’t. What this means though is that they’re not run as an exchange, like the US binary option brokers (such as Nadex) or the EU-regulated exchanges (such as Daweda Exchange), but rather, as a single market-maker operation, where the broker does all the pricing.

Ayrex Trading Platform

As said above, the Ayrex trading platform is a proprietary one, and as such, it is indeed a rather interesting piece of software, despite the fact that features-wise it stays within what one could call the “industry standard.” Graphically, it looks good though and its interface is intuitive and easy to operate. Everyone who’s ever had anything to do with binary options on any level, will know instantly how to put it to use.

The first thing one will love about the Ayrex platform is the no strings attached demo account. Many online brokers give their traders demo accounts, but not many of them make it readily available to all comers, without any sort of action required on their part. Indeed, with Ayrex, one can access the demo account at a single click. The demo account comes with most of the features offered by the actual, full, real-money account. The trading platform does not require downloading. It can be accessed in a few seconds, and one can be trading away within a few seconds too.

Ayrex Platform
The Ayrex Demo

To prevent slippage or any other problems that may occur during trading, the Ayrex software has been enabled to launch trades within 0.028 seconds. Also, the Ayrex server is guaranteed to be online 99.5% of the time.

The real money version of the Ayrex platform offers trading signals too, a feature unavailable for the demo version. It also comes with a handy news-ticker, meant to aid with the analysis of the fundamentals. The real money software also offers an Early Close feature, which lets traders take profits or limit losses before expiry. While the demo account does in fact offer access to all the available trade types, most of the assets are inactivated in it. Most currency pairs are tradable though. Traders start out with a demo balance of $1,000, but they can add more money at the click of a button any time, to prolong their demo trading. The demo account is wonderfully suited for the testing of various binary options strategies and for getting more familiar with the trading interface.

Ayrex Asset Selection

According to Ayrex, more than 70 tradable assets are available through their interface, covering all the major and exotic currency pairs, an astonishing number of stocks and some spot commodities, as well as indices. In this respect, Ayrex traders aren’t likely to run into any kind of problems. The underlying asset class is apparently expanded all the time.

Ayrex Minimums

One of the most attractive features about Ayrex is the fact that it accepts deposits as small as $5. This is obviously a minimum. Given that the minimum on individual trades is also $5, is doesn’t make much sense to make such a minimum deposit. IQ Option, in comparison, require a $10 minimum deposit but allow $1 trades. It does offer flexibility though. If one decides to go for a $50 deposit for instance, the $5 minimum on trades offers more than decent room for proper money management.

Ayrex Option Types

Option-type-wise, Ayrex doesn’t exactly impress. It only supports Short-term, High-Low and One Touch trades. The short-term selection covers expiries from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, while the other option types expire from 16 minutes 30 seconds to 17 minutes, 15 seconds.

Ayrex Account Types

Ayrex have kept their operation simple from this angle as well. They have a single, standard account type, which covers all their traders, big and small. They also have Islamic trading accounts.

Ayrex Return Rates

As said at the beginning of this Ayrex review, the broker offers some very attractive return rates. While on some of the longer-expiry trades, this return rate does indeed approach the 89% mark, on short term trades, it’s only 82%, up to around 85%.

Ayrex Education

Education-wise, Ayrex don’t feature a massive academy-section, like some of the other brokers out there. They have a handful of articles, which explain what binary options are, and how one can trade them. Also, there’s a guide explaining the ins and outs of account creation, as well as a platform manual, which can be downloaded in .pdf format. Some basic strategy recommendations are covered too, in a “Before you start trading” article. A Glossary and an FAQ section round out the education material offer.

Ayrex Withdrawals

One of Ayrex’s main selling points is the focus they dedicate to their customer withdrawals. Their automatic withdrawal feature is their most popular perk. These withdrawals are instant, meaning that they make it possible for traders to withdraw their funds to their personal account every time they wrap up a trading day. The automatic withdrawals are also commission-free, giving traders 24/7 control over the funds they possess at the site. Automatic Withdrawals land in trader accounts within a few seconds and they are protected by a two-step verification process. Furthermore, of all the withdrawals they process, Ayrex handle around 95% automatically. Needless to say, most of the site’s clients are very satisfied with these automatic withdrawals. Given that some 12% of all withdrawals occur during the weekend and after hours, the automatic withdrawals are indeed more than handy for a significant segment of the trading public.

Ayrex Bonuses and Special Offers

As said at the beginning of this review, Ayrex aren’t regulated currently. What this means is that they can offer bonuses the way they essentially want to. The reason why most regulatory authorities have come out against bonuses is that they’re considered abusive, as they encourage traders to deposit more and to trade more, while blocking them from making withdrawals through their abusive terms and conditions. This isn’t the case at Ayrex, though frankly, their bonuses aren’t particularly generous either. The required minimum deposit, which entitles one to a bonus, is $100. On such a deposit, the bonus match percentage is a mere 10%. Those who deposit more though can grab as much as 20% or 30%. 30% is the absolute maximum bonus-wise. In order to claim that much, traders have to deposit at least $1,000.

Traders can not only hand-pick their bonuses, they can also cancel them at a whim, if they find they have second thoughts about them. This is extremely important, because the withdrawal of deposited funds and the bonus amount will be blocked until the redemption requirements are met or the bonus is forfeited. If one does cancel his/her bonus, the bonus money will be subtracted from his/her balance, together with all profits incurred while trading with the bonus. The profits are proportionally divided between the bonus amount and one’s initial deposit amount. Those who do not request a bonus, will be able to withdraw their initial deposits any time, together with the profits generated by trading.

Traders have 90 days to fulfill the bonus turn-over requirements. In order to accomplish that, traders need to turn over their bonus amount a total of 40 times.

In addition to the above described deposit bonus, Ayrex also offers a $30 no deposit bonus. All traders have to do to get their hands on this money, is to create an account with the operator, through a special, promotional page. Those who already have accounts at Ayrex can also claim the bonus, but only if they never deposited any funds of their own, or received any compensation from an Ayrex promotional scheme. In order to redeem the bonus, traders will have to turn it over 30 times. Before that requirement is met, traders are not allowed to make a deposit or a withdrawal. This bonus can be cancelled as well. At the end of redemption, funds of up to $200 will be transferred into the trader’s real money account. If his/her profits during the redemption period exceed that mark, he will still only be able to withdraw $200.

Ayrex’s Demo Account Contest

Another one of Ayrex’s unique features is the Ultra Fast Demo Contest, which makes it possible for all participants to pocket a $100 prize. One needs to sign up for the contest and to personalize his/her profile. 15 minutes before the start of the contest, alerts will be sent out to those who have registered. After login, participants are entered into the contest automatically. Once there, all one has to do is to trade away. It always makes sense to prepare some sort of strategy for this occasion. The contest lasts an hour. The winner will receive $100, while the runner-up is rewarded with $75. Second runner-up gets $50.

Ayrex Support

Ayrex support can be reached through a live chat feature, as well as an email form, from the Contact section. The actual support email is support@ayrex.com. Their phone number is +44 20 3322 7337. Support is available 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday, all day long.

Ayrex Review Conclusion

Ayrex looks like a very decent binary option trading destination, which has a lot to offer platform- as well as perks-wise. The bonuses may carry some steep redemption requirements, but they can be cancelled at any time. The operator is not regulated, but its instant, automatic withdrawals make up for this major shortcoming, to a certain degree.

If you are unable to open an account with IQ Option because you’re in one of the countries where they are not available, or would like to experience a new binary options trading platform without having to spend a lot of money or even completely FREE, you should definitely start trading with Ayrex!

Sign up with Ayrex

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Ayrex Specs

Broker name Ayrex
Jurisdiction St. Kitts and Nevis
Regulated No
Launched in 2014
Website URL Ayrex.com
Trading platform Proprietary
Support support@ayrex.com, email form, live chat
Trader Demographics Everyone, everywhere, except US
App compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Minimum required deposit $5
Minimum trade amount $5
Maximum return 89%
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/5
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses Yes, even no deposit bonus
Demo Account Yes

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4 thoughts on “Ayrex Review – Free Binary Options Demo”

  1. Ayrex is really honest,trusted & reliable broker..what i love about them their customer service is very helpful and giving fast responses in every aspect..and their platform is very user friendly..i can see this Ayrex broker has bright future in this industry..

  2. yes is true heir customer service giving fast responses now i verfied my acount but i not deposit why because i try demo is good and fast web pased but you cant find all asset i affraid to not find full asset in reel mode all this is good broker

  3. Ayrex is no doubt a good broker with an amazing platform, and most intriguing thing is their fast withdrawals that you get in less than 1 hour. I use skrill for deposit and withdrawals, I haven’t tried their card and I have been with them since last year.
    The monster in Ayrex comes up when you try to trade with them during Asian Sessions or closing of New York (Rene’s session for those in Mike’s Manual Signal Group), EURUSD return is dropped to 65% on long term and 60% on turbo trade, as if that is not enough, if there are spikes that you want to quickly ride on, Ayrex wont allow you place your trade but will give you an alert that says “trade the opposite direction” which is criminal in my opinion.
    Their platform is fine during London and New York session, anything more is a disaster

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