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Nowadays, binary options have become some of the most popular online money making methods. Although binary options trading is risky, there are also a lot of really profitable opportunities, such as Binary Auto Trading apps. Many review sites will claim that only manual trading is profitable in the long run. However, some traders just don’t have the time to spend with manual trading. Also, even when following signals, you still need to have a minimal experience and knowledge so you know how to apply the signals to the trading platform. Additional required skills include money management and reading charts.

Normally, a person who wants to make money by trading binary options will have to study and practice for a few months just like with any other profession. There is a lot to learn: You will need to know how to read financial graphs, how to conduct market research focusing on different assets, how to recognize and be aware of trends, how to conduct technical and fundamental analysis, and so forth and so on. You cannot become a professional trader overnight.

Since not many people have these skills, many auto trading solutions are constantly being created and improved. There is a certain trend we’ve noticed where many times a new Auto Trader is highly profitable when it just launches, but then after a few weeks or months, its performance drops dramatically. Reasons for this drop may include too many people using the robot at the same time and an overcrowding at the brokers of people who are attempting to withdraw their profits.

Most traders start their journey by following services that provide binary options signals. Such services can be divided into manual binary options signals and fully automated systems which are also called robots.

Binary Software Reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the most recent performance reports and reviews of the various auto traders. The systems we recommend are the top of the line binary robots and you will NOT find better systems. We constantly roam the Internet and have many contacts informing us about new, even secret, launches. If the targets seem legit to us, we then try it ourselves. Only if it works for us will we recommend it to our visitors.

Therefore, do not sign up with binary options auto traders without consulting with us first. Remember, even a system that used to be amazing and on which you can find dozens of positive reviews, may eventually stop performing well. I wouldn’t count on most websites to update their old reviews. We, on the other hand, keep a list of the top performing systems constantly updated. We keep testing each software on our white list weekly and when we experience a drop in performance, we remove the system from our recommendations.

Unfortunately, there are many scam signal services, offering magical solutions to making money with fully-automated bots. Check out my objective scam reviews blog to find out which services are scams. It is usually the case that software that work on 100% autopilot are scams. Binary signal services can be divided to automated systems which barely require any intervention from the user, and manual services, which provide you with signals that you can manually place to your broker’s platform.

Warning: We do NOT recommend trading with brokers assigned by signal software and auto traders. Regulated brokers are not allowed usually to work with such services, so creators of signal software have to work with unregulated, even scammy, brokers. If you want to use a signal software, sign up with the broker by making the minimal deposit and consider that as a fee to access the signals. Then, use the signals, first with a demo account, and then with a real account with a trustworthy broker.

Daweda Exchange Regulated Auto Trader

The only auto trader that is fully EU-regulated. Daweda Exchange Auto Trader runs on an exchange system so you’re not betting against the broker. This makes it perhaps the most trustworthy auto trader we’ve ever seen. We just hope to see a similar system that will work on Nadex since Daweda Exchange is unable to accept US traders at the moment.


A semi-automated binary options trading software developed by Troy Everett. BinaBot Review.

Manual binary options signals

Manual signal services are the best option for most binary option traders. If you join a manual signal service, you will receive signals, usually via email, text messages, Facebook, Skype or a special platform, and need to apply them manually to your trading account at the broker. Manual trading is also a stepping stone for one to become a trader in his own right. So whether you are looking to become a professional trader or just want to enjoy trading – this would be our most recommended binary options signals category for you. Even if you can only trade for 1-2 hours a day, manual trading is a good option for you.

AutoBinarySignals (ABS) is a highly popular service. Make sure to read my ABS review.

Michael Freeman’s Secret Manual Signals Group on Facebook is the best signal service I know in which professional traders provide very high quality signals 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with success rates of up to 90% ITM!

Manual Signals for Nadex

In addition to Mike’s signals group which provides a small number of Nadex signals every day, another signal provider that specializes in Nadex signals is called US Binary Signals.

Binary Options Signals for Nadex

Came Across a Great Software? Drop Us a Comment Below and We’ll Investigate!

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  1. Is Mike’s auto trader still available . I like the way that semi auto trader works personally .
    I guess you refer to it as the 1.0

  2. Hi Jacob,

    Previously am registered with CITIDEL LTD Investment App, they linked me the broker called “CEDEX”.. Is this software CITIDEL LTD still showing good performance & profitable to all their users till now? Could it be synced and worked properly with this broker ( CEDEX )?
    Appreciated your reply!


  3. Hello Jacob,

    In the NEO2 software, there have ( NEO SYNC and TRADE ALGO ) buttons. Could you explained how’s the different between both of that features? If I would like to trade in Auto mode, and let the NEO2 software perform trades automatically, what shall I do?

    Appreciated your respond

  4. Hi Jacob, and I am registered in a demo account IQOption, I’m running for a month, that step does I go now ?, I want to open my real account with IQOption with US $ 100, but in turn have the service signals, and I tried to register for facebook, according to the blog link but tells me it’s private, as I do manage to be accepted into the group of signs?
    What should I do?
    Thank you soon.

  5. Hi Jacob,

    I am registered with Mike’s Auto-trader- the next generation- NEO. However, I do not have a facebook account. Accordingly, how do I get the benefit of the 3 promises you have made to new trader’s? I want the training and coaching and would like to be a part of the group, but do not want to be on fb.

    BTW, when I registered with NEO2, it automatically assigned me to Banc de Binary.

    Appreciate your help in sorting through this!

  6. Registered for Mike’s Autotrader 3 days ago and could never get past the sign-up screen even though I funded BigOptions brokerage that was assigned to me and did all the paperwork. How do I get back into the package ? I am a member of the manual trading signals FB

  7. Hello Jacob.
    Since I have been unable to use Binadroid and BinaryATM after several attempt because of my location, Nigeria, I came across on Mike’s and he had this to say about them:
    “Description: Finally a commodity autotrader with a high accuracy! Proven performance of over 78% ITM! This is not your average automated system. It was developed by the GPS Forex Robot team, and these guys have a proven track record and an amazing performance since 2009 based on This new software is specifically designed for binary options traders and it’s becoming the highest rated AT on many industry sites and forums.”
    They accept Nigerians but my problem is that Mike did not update his view about them and I realy want to be careful. I didn’t come across any convincing statement about them anywhere except when Mike commented about them last year when they newly came out.
    What can you say about them Pls?

  8. Have tried to register but after a while the same page loads and my password is blanked out. I redo but I am just going round in circles.
    How do I overcome this please?

  9. I really need to know what to sign up for. I don’t have $500. to fund Mike’s. I would looked the best referral next to Mike’s, also the link please.

  10. I am from Bangladesh,am I eligible to trade with Mike auto? I don’t have credit card I want to pay by Western Union,

  11. hi

    How do i join mikes facebook signals
    Im still waiting for a link to the facebook group
    can anyone help please


  12. Dear Admin,

    I am have gone through the above reviews and in dilemma now, so can you suggest legimate automatic system ? by the way I am from India


  13. Is it reasonable to use the signal providers on Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group OTHER than SN IR to trade at Nadex?

  14. dear admin i appreciate all your quick response i am from NIGERIA i tried to sin up with Gemini2 but the reply i got is that there is no broker to accept trade in my region. which one do you think is more reliable and works in NIGERIA thanks

  15. Hai admin,

    Can you suggest me the legit autotrade binary and trusted broker that available in Malaysia?
    Thank you for you help.

      1. Hello Admin.
        Can you suggest for me a legit autotrade binary and trusted broker that available in Zimbabwe?
        Thank you for you help.

  16. Hi, I am new to binary trading and have been reading various reviews for the last couple of months now about auto trading.Could you tell me in your opinion which of these 3 would be the best for someone who has no previous experience in trading. Code Fibo, Snapcash or Bina Bot.Many thanks Rick

  17. Hi there, I have been trying to take advantage of codefibo/copy buffett/snapcash/neo2 but they are all directing me to pwrtrade/toroption/optionrobot/binarybrokerz/securedoptions. I have noticed that none of them are under any regulatory body. Could you please advice, if any of them are reliable and okay to proceed with. Thank you for your kind advice.

    1. OptionRobot is a SCAM! The other brokers you mention are not regulated. The reason you are sent to non-regulated brokers is that regulated brokers are not allowed to work with signal software, such as CodeFibo and Copy Buffett. My suggestion is to sign up and make the minimum deposit just to get access to the signals. You can use the account for practice and consider it to be a “paid demo account.” If you’re happy with the signals, you can always use them with your preferred broker, hopefully a regulated one, such as IQ Option.

  18. I’d like to your opinion on the follow expert trade feature that is offered by Expert Option. I tried the demo trade and it seems be be good for newbie to use this follow expert feature.
    Thank You

  19. I paid my $250 through copy Buffett I was assign to ukoptions as soon as they got my cash it was gone ..scam broker stay away

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