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A couple of days ago, Michael Freeman asked the signal providers in his signals group to create a list of the 50-100 most important binary options tips they want to offer their followers. He wanted this list to be arranged from simple to more advanced binary options tips. He thought it would be great for newbies and old-school traders in his group, for prospective members, and even for binary options traders in general.

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Mike’s binary signals group was created about two years ago and currently has close to 10,000 members. It’s the largest active binary options trading community on the Internet. It’s one of the best binary signal services and it’s completely FREE to sign up! You don’t even need to sign up with one of our recommended brokers. We do however encourage donating to your favorite charity. Learn more about how to access Michael Freeman’s binary options community.

Mike's Binary Options Signals Group - Binary Options Tips

If you are still not a member of the group, you should know that among the many signal providers in the group, the four highest performing traders are admins: Rene, John, Afzal and Snir. The following is a master list of all the binary options tips our admins provided.

Afzal’s Binary Options Tips

Afzal, who is located in Canada, provides binary options and Forex signals between 12 to 18 GMT (12pm-6pm). His email is: Afzal and Snir provides educational webinars to group members. Here’s one such webinar by Afzal:

At the time of writing Afzal’s ITM is 85%. Afzal’s binary options tips focus on how you should act when you follow the admins’ signals.

  1. Don’t trade under the influence of your emotions.
  2. It is important to follow and trade all the signals within 1 whole session. For example, if you’re following Afzal’s signals and he provides 5 signals per session. Take ALL 5 signals. Don’t take 3 from Afzal and 2 from John.
  3. Live trades are not the place for personal development. The chances of creating a blunder because of self-made trading patterns is quite high, especially if you are a newbie. Professionals have taken the time out to understand all the factors and trading patterns for one particular signal. Half knowledge is dangerous and definitely not profitable.
  4. Don’t open new positions on a same signal more than once unless specified by the signal provider. This can lead to potential big losses.
  5. Following the comment threads for admin’s instructions and trade recommendations.
  6. Make sure you trade when the status of the signal is still active, It is risky to trade when the status of the signal is about to change. You could easily miss the current market price as per the professional trader’s signals, which means lesser profit margins.
  7. Money Management: New traders should not invest more than 5%-8% of the total volume of the trade (per trade).
  8. Having basic knowledge of support/resistances, price action is key to success. The top achieving followers are the ones who have strong understanding of the basics of trading. Learn technical analysis and trading patterns.

John Mukunju’s Binary Options Tips

John Mukunju from Kenya conducts binary options trading sessions from 1 to 16 GMT (1am-4pm). His email is: At the time of writing, John’s ITM rate is 84%. Here are John Mukunju's Binary Options TipsJohn’s binary options tips:

Short-Term Binary Options Tips

  1. Picking the right strike rate (SR) is very important. When following the signals, always wait for the price of the asset is below the SR in CALL trades and above it in PUT trades. If you encounter huge spikes it’s always advisable to wait entry or further instructions from the admin.
  2. Be patient with the strike rate (SR). Chasing signals is the worst enemy of success. If it happens, you miss right entry. The best thing is to skip and always wait for the next market. Markets are open 24/5 so there are so many opportunities.
  3. Money management: Use max 5% per entry for trade to more skilled and 2% max for newbies. For example, if you have funded your account with $100, don’t invest more than $5 per trade if you’re an experienced trader or more than $2 per trade if you’re a newbie. This obviously requires a broker, such as IQ Option and Binary Mate, which allows $1 trades.
  4. Never rush to start using a live account if you’re newbie. Please start by practicing with FREE binary options demo account. Only when you’re fully confident in your ability to follow the signals correctly, start using a live account..
  5. It’s always advisable when trading to view the chart as it will help you to do analysis and be able to have some tips for the next move. If you don’t know how to follow charts, I recommend enrolling with the webinars offered by Afzal and Snir.
  6. If you get 2 losses, go out, relax and come back later for another session when you’re refreshed.

Turbo Binary Options Tips

  1. Never do turbos when you have slow internet. This will mean delay and can lead to losses since turbos expire within 1-5 minutes.
  2. Never do turbos on huge volatile market, especially when a lot of movements on both sides.
  3. Invest a maximum of 2% of your entire account on turbos. Never invest a lot due to low payouts on some brokers.
  4. Most turbos are based on support and resistance or trend so be patient on strike rate maybe 1 micro pip difference is allowed.
  5. It’s super important to use a demo account when starting with turbo trading until you become comfortable with them. If at any time you’re not comfortable, then just skip them.

Additional Binary Options Tips

  1. When there are volatile news, such as theNFP-Non Farm Payroll. I recommend trading after the news are released so we can know direction. News which has no figures, e.g. speeches, be cautious but also do trades after news released.
  2. Technical analysis are subject to change when fundamental news are released.
  3. Always and please always wait for all admins instruction or guidance they are meant to help you gain maximum profits.

Snir’s Binary Options Tips

Snir is located in the US and he provides Forex and Nadex signals between 12 to 18 GMT (12pm-6pm). His email is: At the time of writing Snir’s ITM is 82%. To remind you, if you’re trading in the US, Nadex is the best choice for you as it is the only regulated binary options exchange in the country. Their minimum deposit is $250 and they offer a FREE demo account.

Nadex Trading Binary Options Tips

  • When choosing the type of contract, make sure to start by choosing the Forex (Intra-day) option. This type of contract will give you more flexibility when buying or selling out the contract before it expires, based on my personal experience.
  • As for buying/selling out before the contract expires, based on my personal experience, my rule of thumb is to get out when the contract moves about 10 pips in the money.Snir's Binary Options Tips
  • When choosing a contract, make sure to buy at the lowest price possible and sell at the highest price possible in which the exchange offers you.
  • Each contract price is set between 0-100. When buying a contract (for example EUR/USD), you want to buy a contract that is set at the lowest range, anywhere between 1-20.
  • If you want to sell a contract (for example EUR/USD), you want to sell a contact that its price set anywhere between the highest range (70-99).
  • When it comes to Nadex with Intra-day forex contracts (usually 1 to 2 hours’ expiries), my personal experience is to analyze charts of 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  • When analyzing the charts, make sure to choose pairs that provides you with a significant and clear trend on the above time-frames.
  • Make sure all time frames (from the 30 minutes to the 4 hours) are pointing to the same trend direction.
  • When you identify a clear trend (let’s say an up-trend), you want to buy a contract (called “Bid” on Nadex). When it’s a downtrend, you want to sell a contract (Called “Offer”).
  • As noted above, your Bid price should be the lowest as possible and your Offer price should be the highest as possible. All this in order to trade with a smart money management technique.
  • When Nadex offers you a Bid of 10, it means that, in simple words, you can buy a forex contract of $10 per contract. Because Nadex contracts are usually from 0-100, it means that you risk only $10 for a potential profit of $90 per contract.
  • When Nadex offers you an Offer of 80, it means that, in simple words, you can sell a Forex contract of $80 per contract. Because Nadex contracts are usually from 0-100, it means that you risk only $20 for a potential profit of $80 per contract.
  • You can open as many contracts as you wish, if you have enough capital in your exchange account.
  • Nadex is a highly recommended platform for US based traders, as it’s the only platform that is regulated by the CFTC.
  • Nadex is an exchange, not a broker, therefore when you buy or sell a contract (currency pair for this example) you buy/sell it directly to/from the market. Nadex takes commission per contract, about $0.9.

Check out this webinar by Snir:

Rene’s Binary Options Tips

Update (February 4, 2017): Rene is no longer a signal provider in Mike’s signals group.

Rene is located in Mexico. He trades between 21 to 4 GMT (9pm-4am). At the time of writing Rene’s all-time ITM rate is 87% making him the top signal provider in the group at the moment. He provided us with the most concise list of very important binary options tips.

  1. Neglecting the Education

Binary options trading seems easy, and that is why some traders neglect the importance of financial education. Education doesn’t have to be formal, and successful traders aren’t always those with a business degree. Trial and error might seem like a great idea to the inexperienced trader, but professionals would disagree. Instead of wasting your time and money on this poor strategy, it is better to spend some time reading educational articles, and e-books, researching brokers, various trading patterns, graphs and features and following daily financial news etc. Knowledge is power in every aspect of life, and binary options industry is no different. Always be informed and ready to learn something new, even if it means placing fewer trades.

  1. Ignoring the Demo Account

Even experienced traders sometimes ignore the demo account provided by the broker. They know everything there is to know, right? Well, the truth is quite opposite, as every broker is different, has a different trading platform, various features and trading options. Demo account gives the trader the opportunity to research the platform, see how the trades are set, and get some general overview over the platform. Other than that, every broker lets traders invest virtual money in order to develop their strategies and see how it feels to place trades, which means that traders don’t have to spend their real money in order to get accustomed to the interface. If the chosen broker gives its traders the opportunity of a demo account, be sure to use it for your own personal growth as a trader.

  1. Lack of Discipline

One would think that financial world is completely cold and emotionless, but just a simple glance on the average trader will reveal that it’s not always so. As human beings, traders are prone to get under the influence of their feelings, whether good or bad. Losing streak may cause frustration and anger, which usually lead to making bad decisions and forced trades. Winning streak gives traders self-confidence and they tend to neglect some objective factors that may influence their future trades. No matter what your streak looks like, remember that every trade should be thoughtful, with all influences taken into consideration. Be patient, observant, calm and try to develop an investment plan as soon as possible in order not to spend your funds irrationally.

  1. If you’re new trading use a DEMO ACCOUNT.

  2. If you’re following someone for the first time use a DEMO ACCOUNT.

  1. Money Management

Start investing with the bare minimum, your objective should be 100% of profits based on you initial account balance once yo have reached that 100% you can increase the % of each trade, your new objective will be 100% (including the profits) , if you loose some trades go back to the minimum investment until you recover the loss.

  1. Never Invest More than You Can Afford

You must set a budget and not invest more than what you can afford especially when you are a new trader. Many new traders suffer a great financial loss for over investing. You must be clear in your head and don’t let your emotions override your decision. If you are feeling emotional, you should stop trading temporary until you have calm down. It is no good to become too tense and serious in your trading but relax yourself and have fun. This will enable you to make better decision and increase your chances of earning more profits in binary trading.


Don’t trade more than 15% of your account balance.

  1. New members after using a demo account and acquire some experience should stick with the lowest investment and limiting the number of trades per signal to only 1 trade.

  1. Never Invest More than You Can Afford

You must set a budget and not invest more than what you can afford especially when you are a new trader. Many new traders suffer a great financial loss for over investing. You must be clear in your head and don’t let your emotions override your decision. If you are feeling emotional, you should stop trading temporary until you have calm down. It is no good to become too tense and serious in your trading but relax yourself and have fun. This will enable you to make better decision and increase your chances of earning more profits in binary trading.

  1. Absence of Plan

Even if binary options trading sounds simple, don’t be deceived as it is still the type of trading. Many users think there is nothing more to it than registering, making a deposit and placing trades, but a good plan takes responsible trader a long way. Planning is, along with education, one of the most important segments of binary options industry. Be sure to make a plan about how much, when and where to invest the money. Include some risk management strategies, and always count on possible losses. Traders must be ready to revise their plan if they see it is not working for them and losses are simply too high. Traders with more advanced accounts are sometimes assigned a personal adviser who can help them in making a better investment plan.

  1. Unrealistic Goals

We must admit that there are some irresponsible brokers who use false advertising and promise unrealistic amounts in a short period of time.  These brokers make traders believe that binary options trading is an easy way to make a lot of money. In reality, binary options are a profitable way of trading, but only if the trader is responsible, educated and patient. In order to avoid scam brokers, make sure to trade with a broker who is registered by some of the regulatory bodies like CySEC. Traders must be aware of their own greed and false promises, and realize that binary options are still a type of financial trading where no one becomes rich over night. Also, traders must take their invested amount into consideration, as bigger investments make a bigger profit.

  1. Control Your Emotional State

Each time, before you start trading, write few words about your emotional state. Consider the fact that you trade in different ways, depending on what state you are. For example, if you are tired or want to sleep, it will be one type of trading. If you feel irritability or excitement – it will be a completely different type of trading, even when using the same trading system.

Analyzing your writing after a certain time, you will quickly be able to notice what emotions are most interfere with your trading. For some traders, these emotions include fatigue and depression. For the other – irritation, anger, psychosis and even hysterical. Typically, in such moments, it is difficult to control yourself and calm down immediately. It is better to avoid trading in such emotional state.

For a third group of traders, the main negative emotions are – passion, hope, emotional overload, when trader follows every point in price movement. According to our personal experience, the trading platform is best to open just for a couple of minutes, but no more. If you start to follow the price consistently, then there is a feeling that it is possible to predict. In the end, you realize that price is impossible to be predicted, but you spend a lot of time and spoil the mood.

  1. Do not trade under stress, if you’re in a bad mood or if you experienced any kind of negative encounter.

  1. Keep a Record of Transactions

Some traders do not understand why this is necessary. In fact, it is one of the effective tools to manage your emotions, especially when you open the first real deposit. You must from the first day to get used to the responsibility to yourself. Write down every time your mood at the time of transactions making. At the same time, do not be lazy and write everything as detailed as possible. This, in turn, makes you think over your actions.

Build your own Trading Pattern

Every mind it’s a different world and the way we see perceive what’s around us is different, this is one of the main reasons of why we of why we fail when we are following a trading pattern, there’s no bad trading pattern but we have to find our own in order to comprehend the Market’s behavior, to start building your trading pattern from 0, I recommend you reading this binary options education page, in which you will be able to learn about the trading patterns we use to provide you with signals.

  1. Read the withdrawal terms.

It is common for binary options traders to complain about withdrawing their money. Before you ever deposit with a new broker, make sure that you actually read the withdrawal terms. What information will you need to provide to withdraw your money? Is there a minimum withdrawal threshold? If your account dips to $99, will you be unable to remove your money from your account? Will closing your account allow you to withdraw or not? Can you withdraw more than once or twice a month, and is there a fee? Know what you are getting yourself into before you dive in, and be prepared to work around sticky withdrawal terms by making smart and calculated choices about withdrawing your money.

Rene's Binary Options Tips

  1. Deny Bonuses: accepting bonuses will lock your money.

  1. Unless you’re using forex focus only in 1 asset, the reason of doing this is that you may have incidents like entering a position in a wrong asset.

  1. Focus on your trading, you only need a couple of hours to trade and make profits so dedicate that time to trade only.

  1. Tendencies:

Following the main tendency of each asset helps you realize where the price its heading to, is also important to help yourself with some indicators.

  1. Use the price differences between your broker and your charting website/software at your favor, use the signals prices written as a guide to notice this differeneces.

  1. Charts of 1, 3, 5 and 15 minutes timeframes will help you to recognize the short tendency of the assets while 30 to 1 hour + timeframe will help you to recognize the main tendency.

  1. If you’re following someone be there for the whole session.

  1. Unless you have insecurities or a bad state of mind, always trust your gut, the results of your actions aren’t good nor bad, this will help you to learn more abnout yourself and to gain confidence.

  1. Read the news, important news or major new will always help you to be ahead of the market and to recognize new patterns, if you don’t see any news in the finantial feed, go to the local news of the active countries, high activities for local news may occur in between 12 pm to 22 pm of the active country.

  1. Recognize patterns, you will find patterns everywehere in every place and in market this patterns will help you to see where the price it’s going, where it will to stop where it’s going to go, specially with short term trades.

  1. If you’re using indicators use as few as possible, simplicity will help you to recognice patterns of the price and current movement.

Thank you for reading our best binary options tips! Hope to get to know you as one of our group members very soon!

Again, I remind you to subscribe to this website to receive our weekly email newsletter.

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