BinaryMate Binary Broker Review

I already wrote a review of BinaryMate. When I wrote that review, BinaryMate had just launched. Today I would like to share some new information I’ve learned since then. I also thought you might like to meet your potential “mates,” the account managers one of which will be assigned to you when you open an account with BinaryMate:


For those who haven’t read my original Binary Mate review, one of the unique features of the BinaryMate binary options broker is the video chat support available. No need to call your account manager or exchange emails with them. Now you can simply conduct a video chat with them from within the trading platform. They can assist you 24 hours per day with any question, technical issue or provide trading advice and guidance.

What I love about BinaryMate

BinaryMate uses an in-house unique trading platform which is absolutely compatible with Mike’s signals. They offer high returns and they offer service in EVERY country. I believe it’s one of the only trustworthy brokers today that are still open in countries such as the US, France, Belgium, Australia and Canada. Withdrawals are processed within 1 hour. From the experience of many of my students, BinaryMate honor withdrawals and will never overcharge you or deny pulling out your funds. Take notice that accepting a bonus is not recommended, as I explain in my guidelines for dealing with binary options brokers.

I really like that the minimum investment is $1. It allows a lot of flexibility in terms of money management. Minimum deposit is $250, which is a bit high for some people. If you need a low deposit broker, you can try IQ Option, which allows a $10 deposit, but IQ Option is not available in many countries.

In Sum

In short, BinaryMate is an excellent binary options broker and although new, we believe it will quickly become one of the top brokers in the industry. If you are looking for a broker, my recommendation would definitely be to go with BinaryMate if you can afford the minimum deposit of $250.

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I’ll finish this short message with today’s binary options SCAM scale.

My SCAM SCALE (September 2, 2016)

(binary options scams, from the most dangerous to the least dangerous)

  1. Lucrosa
  2. Quantum Code – if you’re a member, please visit the Quantum Code Support Center.
  3. Zero Loss Formula
  4. Cash Formula
  5. Modern Profit Professor (MpProfessor)
  6. Mobile Binary Code
  7. BrexitBot
  8. Freedom Circle
  9. Fast Cash Club (FCC)
  10. Maximus Profits

10 thoughts on “BinaryMate Binary Broker Review”

  1. You know I don’t mind the $250. deposit as long as I don’t lose it….???

    For the pass every Binary programs I have participated, they take the money never
    answer my emails, so this is why now I don’t do the Binary cause as a disabled guy
    my revenue are very limited.

    I see the internet as the most dishonest place to do business and the government
    don’t do anything about it, so it just tells you what kind of leaders we have……??

    1. This saying never changes “buyer beware” do your homework guys read reread reviews then at least you’ll be able to make an informed decision, right or wrong.

      1. Adm. is absolutely right. Morton Finance is not trustworthy. I have lost approx. 40-50k since April 2016. The details and scenario of how it happened would take too long, but suffice it to say that the broker I worked with lies and BS’s you along until you lose most of your balance. He then lies you into accepting a bonus. Soon that is gone and then another bonus. Now you can’t get any money out til you have traded a huge volume. 1 million plus. When you balance is finally gone an you have nothing more to put in, he drops you. Doesn’t answer skypes or your questions, etc. Never do any business with Morton Finance. You will lose most or all your money. Don’t want to give my name because I am still trying to somehow get a little of the USD$ out that I put in. Believe me, my acct was fully verified and I followed everything he said to do, 5 days/week faithfully. They won’t even stand by their terms and conditions re bonus volume required. They assessed 30x the bonus. Terms say 27x. I read their terms carefully several times. They are wrong per their January 2016 revision. They won’t correct my acct. That’s just one example. Have many more. I was dumb to have stayed with them and put so much in. Learn from my experience and leave them alone!!!

  2. Considering either or..Fido Code
    Binbot2 kind of like auto mode.
    Any suggestions as to best
    operating ease ITM consistency
    etc. As a trader reviewer which one
    would you recommend ?

  3. Started off really well, there platform was hard to use but being a newbie and with no experience was able to work my way through details. The platform is a line graph no facility to change to candle sticks, expiry times 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 minutes, don’t accept any bonuses at all, you have to double your investment and then some to be able to withdraw, unfortunately i’m still working towards that goal. Lately the platform has rejected trade executions this has been annoying, this has affected entry time. Their selection of assets is awesome although i use only forex currency most are 75% payouts with exotics and Eur/USD slightly higher, trading weekends if your into that price action I think 85% but limited to 7 currency assets dont know about the other assets. The support is ok, but it looks like you are watching a replay of a replay video. For a newbie it’s not the best, but hell how would i know.

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