Binary Options SCAM Scale – Blacklist

The Objective Binary Options SCAM Scale rates the most viral binary options scams, from the most dangerous to the least dangerous. There are many more scams besides the below ten and new binary scams are released every week. Most of the time they are the same fraudulent systems with new names, websites and sale pitches. Never sign up with any auto trading system without doing a search on or sending us an email at to find out whether it’s a legit software or a binary SCAM!

Our Binary Options SCAM Scale was last updated on February 14, 2017

  1. Dubai Lifestyle App
  2. Tesler App
  3. $1K Daily Profit
  4. Profits Perpetual
  5. Lazy Trader
  6. Intellix Systems
  7. Genius Profit Initiative
  8. $10K Daily Every Day App
  9. Bahama Banker
  10. Fintech LTD