Introduction to Nadex by Tevin Marshall

Hey family and fellow traders this is Tevin Marshall from “Simple Forex Options.” I am delighted to give you all a brief overview and outlook on the trading platform called Nadex. A lot of potential incoming traders I encounter honestly does not even know what Nadex is. Simply put, it is just the name of a particular broker (actually it’s a US-regulated exchange, and not really a broker.) It is mostly for US clients but, according to my limited knowledge, a couple of countries outside of the US can use them as well, they should have a list on their website of who can and cannot use them.

If you are in such a place that cannot use Nadex then I would suggest checking out Daweda Exchange, mainly because they are European based (EU-regulated) and have access to more countries. Also, just like Nadex it is an exchange and therefore the trading format is very similar.

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Nadex Vs. Traditional Binary

What I want to mainly talk to you guys about today is Nadex’s spread trading system. In traditional binary you commonly have to wait for a price to reach your target before you can enter in on the trade. Upon entering the trade you cannot exit it after the fact. You must stay in on the trade until expiry. The outcome is an all or nothing outcome. If the forex strike finishes above your target strike then you will receive a 70%-80% return on your investment. If your trade finishes out of the money or loses then your whole initial investment will be lost. Here is what it looks like for traditional binary.

-You invest: $50

-On the: EURUSD

-To finish above: 1.2345

-In the next: 30 minutes.

-If your price finishes at 1.2346 and above, you win the trade and is given $40 profit + your initial investment which will total out to $90 kick backed to you.

-If your price finishes at 1.2344 and below, you lose the trade and your whole initial investment will be lost.

The reason why this is important is because the limitations of binary binds you in on losing trades and there is nothing you can do about it. This is not the case with Nadex. On Nadex you have the opportunity to exit a trade with optimal profits or minimal loss before the trade expires. Nadex also allows you to choose your strike even if the market has not reached that point. With traditional binary the markets has to reach your target of 1.2345 before you can even enter in on the trade. You may not even always get the price you want since the markets move so quickly at times and pressing the button to enter in on the trade has a 2-3 sec delay sometimes which makes a big difference.

Nadex Pricing

In Nadex all of your entry prices for a particular strike is based on the difference from $100. I do not want to be technical so I will it explain it simply. If you invest $75 then you will get $25 if your trade wins. If you invest $50 then you will get $50 if your trade wins and if you invest $40 then you will get $60 if your trade wins. If your trade loses then you will lose your whole initial investment. The luxury is that if you feel that your trade will lose then you can exit the trade early and get potentially 50-100% of your initial investment back.

Nadex Risk/Reward

The reason you get less profits with the more money you risk is because the higher the risk means the higher probability of that potential strike winning. A strike that cost me $75 usually has a 75% chance of winning at expiry. Because it is more sure money then it will cost more. The reason only a low $40 investment will give a great profit of $60 is because the strike for that price usually has a 40% chance of winning at expiry, which is significantly low probability. The beauty of Nadex though is that the higher probable strikes are so easy to win thus they become the most preferable choice of trading. Here is an example below of what Nadex strikes look like.

Lets say you are doing a BUY/CALL/UP for the EURUSD and your target strike that you believe will win is 1.2345, this is how it may look on Nadex.

1.2365 BUY for $40  ß This is higher than your target strike and current market making it harder to win.

1.2345 BUY for $50  ß This is right at your target price giving you a 50/50 chance of winning.

1.2330 BUY for $75 ß This is below your target price thus giving you a better chance of winning.

If you enter in at a higher risk then remember you can always stop loss and exit if you feel the trade will potentially lose in the worst case scenario.

Nadex Recommended Strategy

The strategies and tools I recommend for Nadex include things like support and resistances, fractals, trendlines and MA crossovers. I find these to be the most effective for bringing in Nadex wins. The one I recommend most is a support and resistance indicator that moves with the market. My recommendation is using “Barry’s Support and Resistance” coupled together with a 50 SMA and only trading in the direction of the trend or when the candle stick bars breaks out of the BSAR. A crossover of the 50 SMA signifies a trend change but a bounce off of the 50 SMA signifies a retracement. Using a Parabolic SAR with both of these makes the setup up more potent because you can see the temporary trend direction more easily. A Parabolic SAR breaking past the dots opposite to it also signifies a trend change. This is not a full strategy for Nadex, Just indicators and tools that I find will work best with Nadex binaries. Your best bet is to find the strike where the market doesn’t want to go. These tools will help you find that strike.

Risk/Reward/Breakeven Values: Nadex vs TB

Lastly we will go over the risk/rewards and break even statistics for Traditional Binary vs Nadex

  1. In Binary we will assume your broker has an 80% return on investment.

-If that is the case then that means you need a 56% win rate in order to break even. Anything more is profit.

  1. In Nadex we will assume these values for each investment.

-$75 investment will get you a 34% ROI which means you need to have about 75% win rate in order to break even. Anything more is profit.

-$50 Investment will get you a 100% ROI which means you need to have a 50% win rate in order to break even. Anything more is profit.

-$40 Investment will get you a 150% ROI which means you need to have about a 43% win rate in order to break even. Anything more is profit.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all enjoyed.

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The group is only $1 a day. Enjoy and wish you all the best in your trading endeavors.

Other sources for Nadex signals are listed in our Binary Options Signals page, including Mike’s FREE manual signals group on Facebook.

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To open a FREE demo account with Nadex, click here.

Open a FREE Nadex Account - Nadex Review

Nadex Tutorial

60 Second Price Action Strategy

By Tim Lanoue

One of the most profitable and proven online investment strategies for binary options and Forex would be the versatile Price Action Trading Strategy. One of the wonders about Price Action Trading Strategy would be that it has been used by investors from a variety of different investment industries for over a decade now and it is still one of the most prominent and well-respected day-trading strategies. Perhaps the most appealing nature about Price Action Trading Strategy (PATS) would be that it requires the use of zero technical indicators although access to a charting solution will still be required. If you are looking to implement a consistent and profitable investment strategy then there is no better online day-trading strategy for you.

Covering The Fundamentals

Before we dig deeper into the application of Price Action Trading Strategy though it is imperative that we know the basics associated with this investment strategy. So perhaps the most important lesson we can cover would be that PATS is possible due to the creation of order flow and price action. Order flow, also known as transaction flow, occurs when someone believes the price of an asset will move and then they decide to execute an order (transaction) in the financial markets.

Price action on the other hand is known as the direct derivative of order flow. It is essentially the summation of all buy and sell orders throughout any duration of time. This duration of time can be as little as one second or it can be infinite since time itself is continuous. To expand on this lesson, all of the movement that you see occurring while watching any asset or security is known as price action. One of the most common misconceptions that I have seen across numerous other binary option portals would be how they say price action can result in the formation of two different trends but in all actuality that is not necessary true. There are three possible market trends that can occur in the markets which will be explained further below.

Trends - 60 Second Price Action Strategy

In the picture provided above we have the three possible market conditions that can occur throughout the price action of any one asset or security. A bullish trend is a trend that is heading in an upward direction and it indicates to investors that the bulls (buyers) are in current control of that asset or security. A bearish trend on the other hand is when the price action of a particular asset or security is heading in a downward direction indicating to us that the sellers (bears) are in control of the markets. The last trend that we can witness and should be avoided when using this strategy would be a neutral trend.  Neutral trends move in a flat, sideways movement and it indicates to investors that neither the buyers nor sellers are in current control of that asset or security in scope.

Setting Up The Strategy

Now that you have a better grasp on the fundamentals of Price Action, let’s move to the set-up component of this strategy. Since this is a technical analysis based trading strategy, access to a charting solution is required. A few different reputable charting solutions that you could consider using would be MT4, MT5, and Once you have your charting solution loaded, you will need to change the time frame to a period of 1 minute and make sure to select a low volatility currency pair to invest. The reason why we want to invest with low volatility currency pairs would be because low volatility currency pairs are less prone to change directions due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the market.

Some low volatility currency pairs you could consider investing when using Price Action Trading Strategy on any timeframe would be the: Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Nzd/Usd, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd, and Gbp/Usd.

Application of Strategy

Now that you have your charting solution correctly set up, we will move onward to the actual application process of this strategy. When using this strategy we are only looking for a PUT trade scenario which will occur after the creation of a support level and after four other confirmations are met.  A support level can be best described as an imaginary price level where the price of an asset or security hits resistance and then bounces back in a bullish (upward) direction. In order for a support level to be created, we need a bearish candle followed immediately by a bullish candle and the body of both candles must accurately reflect the creation of the support level. Since I know this is quite a bit to digest an example of this strategy with a support level is disclosed below for you.

60 Second Price Action Strategy

In order for us to move onward with our 4 required confirmations, the creation of a support level must be present. As you can see in the images above and below, each showcase the creation of a support level prior to the implementation of our 4 confirmations. The four steps that we need to occur next are as followed:

  1. Price heads in a upward direction (bullish direction).
  2. Price heads in a bearish direction and breaks our support level with a downward movement.
  3. Price heads back upward and breaks our support level again in an upward movement.
  4. Price heads in a bearish direction and breaks our support level in a downward movement.

60 Second Price Action Trading Strategy

Each of these steps need to occur in order when applying this investment strategy to your online day-trading. If one of the steps do not occur or occur in a wrong order then the investment is void, just wait for the creation of another support level then execute the four steps provided to you above. If you implement this strategy correctly and apply the tips provided to you below, you should experience an average success rate ranging from 70 to 75%.

Now, one strong recommendation I have for you guys would be to do anywhere between 250 to 500 demo account trades prior to implementing this strategy in a live investment situation. The more familiar and experienced you are with this strategy the better off you will be.

Here you will find the best free binary options demo accounts.

Price Action Trading Strategy Tips


The first tip that I can recommend for you guys would be to avoid any market reports or news releases while implementing this investment strategy. Or at least make sure to avoid press releases that have the potential of affecting the currency pairs that you are planning to invest with this while using short-term investment strategy.  To see when press releases are going to be released, please feel free to visit our Fundamental Analysis Page to see all the upcoming media reports along with the predicted volatility of each report.


Make sure to avoid investing when there are neutral market trends. You need either a strong bullish or bearish trend to be present prior to applying this strategy in a live investment situation. If you invest during a neutral trend, the effectiveness of this strategy will greatly decrease.


Make sure to utilize a proper money management strategy! When first starting out in a live investment scenario, I would recommend getting started with a passive money management approach which requires you to place 3 to 5% of your total account balance per investment. However, once you become more acquainted and comfortable with the application process of this strategy, you can move to a more aggressive form of money management, which requires 7 to 10% of your total account balance per investment.


Change your time frame to a period of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour to even 4 hours. Although this strategy was strictly designed for the turbo-option version of binary options investing, one of the wonders about Price Action Trading Strategy would be that it is applicable on a number of time frames. Typically Price Action Trading Strategy is invested on a 15 minute or 1 hour time frame to generate the best investment results, although all the other time frames are consistent and effective as well! Just make sure if you do make this adjustment that you change your expirations time to one similar to your time frame.


Do not overtrade! One of the worst habits an investor of any experience level can develop would be to start overtrading. One truth that I always preach in regards to binary options would be that investing binary options is like a marathon, not a sprint! All you need to effectively and greatly supplement your income on a short-term and long-term basis would be to place a maximum of 3 to 7 investments per day.


Another common mistake made by novice binary option investors would be that they try to chase losing investments. They believe that if they can just get that one losing trade back and make a small profit in the process that they will be much better off but more likely than not you will lose that investment as well and just put yourself in a worse situation than you were beforehand. I always apply the 2 loss stop rule where if I lose two consecutive investments I just stop trading for the day. I can promise you that you are going to have some losing days, it just happens, but make sure to take one day at a time and make the most out of each and every investment that you place!

60 Seconds Price Action Strategy Conclusion

Investing online with binary options is a great way to make money online from home as long as you have profitable investment strategy, software or system to deliver you the results that you are looking for. Price Action Trading Strategy has been not only one of the most consistent day-trading strategies but also one of the most accurate strategies for all forms of investing! If you implement the strategy provided to you in this article and practice on a demo account before investing in a live investment scenario, there is no reason why you cannot generate a success rate of 70% or higher of a monthly cumulative basis.

As always if you have any questions or feedback to share, please feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to our admin at We are a fairly active community so the more feedback that we receive the more everyone in our ever-growing community benefits!

If you are looking for a consistent and proven way to supplement your income with an empowering auto-trader please, feel free to read our complete OptionRobot Review.

Enjoyed Tim’s post? Check out his original 2017 Binary Options Investment Guide and his complete OptionRobot Strategy Article.

QuickOption Review – Mobile Trading

QuickOption ( is probably the first online broker focused exclusively on mobile trading. Featuring more than 70 tradable assets, the operation is indeed something of a trailblazer in this respect. Every proper binary option broker offers mobile apps for various devices these days. QuickOption are the only ones 100% mobile-focused though. They do not have a desktop app at all. Their trading platform is a TechFinancials creation, put together with one goal in mind: to automate the entire experience.

Indeed, everything at this broker is automated and fully integrated into the user’s mobile device, starting from deposits and withdrawals, to the whole sign-up process. What this means is that the user doesn’t actually have to come into contact with another human throughout the QuickOption experience. The true upside of this setup is that on their part, QuickOption have made a point of not pestering their traders with various aggressive sales tactics. In fact, they only talk to them if traders expressly request it through the support interface. The “no spam, no calls, no ads” motto is a very attractive one indeed.


The QuickOption software is updated regularly. Every other week, a new version is released. Needless to say, the update process has been automated as well.

The broker is regulated by CySEC and it is in full compliance with the MiFID directives. Therefore, we can whole-heartedly recommend them as trustworthy and serious. The company behind the operation is Rodeler Ltd, and it’s based in Limassol, Cyprus.

Rodeler Ltd. is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund for the clients of Cyprus Investment Firms, therefore, its clients are covered against any financial eventuality. The purpose of the fund is to compensate the clients of member operators who -for whatever reason – become incapable of restituting the monies of their investors. The client category covered by the ICF is the retail one. Professional traders or institutional entities aren’t entitled to compensation under the ICF setup. QuickOption have all the terms and conditions pertaining to the ICF listed at their website in great detail, for everyone to see.

Like most CySEC-regulated brokers, QuickOption operate on the sole market-maker business model, which means that there are some inherent conflicts of interest involved in its operation. In order to minimize the impact of these conflicts, the operator has set up an elaborate conflict-management procedure, backed by a Conflict of Interest Policy, which is also detailed at their site.

QuickOption Client Categorization

By the laws and regulations to which they adhere, QuickOption are required to categorize their clients into three distinct tiers: retail clients, professional clients and eligible counterparties.

Of these three categories, the retail one is entitled to the highest level of protection. The catch here is that some retail clients may also be classified as professionals, provided they fulfill a number of criteria linked to transaction volumes, portfolio-size and professional history. Such clients will lose some of the legal protection to which they would otherwise be entitled.

QuickOption Trading Platform

As said above, the QuickOption trading platform is focused entirely on the mobile segment, looking to draw in traders who work on the go. Despite that, the complexity of the platform is quite impressive. It delivers a number of features and perks that would make any desktop app proud. The trading signals feature is one of its biggest selling points, since it actively helps traders be more profitable. There are social- and pro trading signals, which allow traders to copy the moves of more successful professionals, or to simply go it alone. The QuickOption platform also delivers alerts when various tracked assets reach previously set critical levels. There’s an economic news feature implemented as well, meant to lend traders a hand with their fundamental analysis.

QuickOption's Platforn

The statistics feature offers traders a way to take a look back at their own past actions and thus to draw conclusions in regards to what works and what doesn’t strategy-wise.

The QuickOption Education center is accessible directly from the mobile trading interface as well. In addition to all the above, the QuickOption trading platform comes with live market indicators, as well as a number of tools aimed at advanced analysis, like multiple screens and dynamic graphs. To make a long story short: the QuickOption software is a very impressive, nifty little package of trading dynamite, very powerful, yet still extremely easy to use.

QuickOption Turbo (Short-Term Trading)
Short-term expiries available – 1, 2 and 5 minutes

QuickOption Education

As said above, the QuickOption Education Center can be accessed at a touch as well. It is broken up into three categories: Basic, Advanced and Expert, covering a wide range of topics in each. A video library is available as well, which contains information of how to trade binary options in general, on how to use the QuickOption trading platform and on what sort of tactics to adopt to become more profitable. All this is presented in a straightforward and simple form, easy to grasp even for beginners.

A downloadable eBook is also available, summing up the contents of the Education Center.

QuickOption Accounts

QuickOption support several account types, to suit the needs of traders of all financial means. The simplest account is the Silver one, which requires a minimum deposit of $250. We then have the Gold account, the Platinum account and the VIP account. Obviously, these accounts need progressively bigger and bigger deposits. None of the accounts feature any commissions and spreads. The payout rates are excellent on all of them too. The maximum can go as high as 90%, which isn’t half bad, considering the industry averages in this respect.


Via credit card, the maximum on deposits is $10,000. Those making their deposits through wire transfer can deposit as much as they want though. The minimum trade amount is set to $25, which doesn’t exactly allow a lot of flexibility. The maximum in this respect is $60,000. A personal assistant is ready to offer help to all account holders. Apparently, such assistants get a 1% commission on the winning trades of their traders, but from a realistic perspective, the setup doesn’t make much sense. Assistants work for the broker and all trader profits come directly from the pockets of the broker, so it makes no sense for them to really help traders. We advise you to forego their services.

QuickOption Support

On the other hand, the personal assistants can in fact offer support services too. In this case, they become much more useful. Through the trading app, such assistance can be called upon instantly. In addition to that, there’s a support email available as well: The support staff can only be contacted from Monday to Thursday, from 7AM to 3PM. On Friday, support ends at noon. On Sunday, support is back on, from 8AM to 5PM.

Interestingly, there is no traditional live chat support at QuickOption, nor is there a call-back service available for the time being.

QuickOption Bonus Policy

QuickOption do in fact offer their traders various bonuses from time to time. An example in this sense would be the 100% match deal they currently have on offer. Their bonuses do come with some pretty strict terms, conditions and redemption requirements, therefore our advice is to just not pick them up. Though QuickOption bonuses will not hold one’s deposit hostage, the fact that they’re available at all is contrary to the ESMA’s latest requirements in this respect.

QuickOption Review Conclusion

QuickOption are regulated, licensed and they run on a superb mobile trading platform. The overall community feedback about them is positive and the fact that they have made it their goal not to bother their traders with various direct messages and deal-offers is certainly a massive plus. According to some complaints though, some QuickOptions reps do seem to egg on their clients to make bigger and bigger deposits.

If you plan to mainly use your mobile phone for binary options trading, then you should definitely consider signing up with Quick Option!


If you’re new to binary options trading, we recommend trying a few FREE binary options demo accounts before making a deposit with the one you like the most.

You’re welcome to read more objective binary options broker reviews.

QuickOption Specs

Broker name QuickOption
Jurisdiction Cyprus
Regulated Yes
Launched in 2013
Website URL
Trading platform Tech Financials
Support, live support from the personal assistant
Trader Demographics Everyone, everywhere, except US and a few other countries (see below.)
App compatibility Android, iOS, mobile
Minimum required deposit $250
Maximum deposit $10,000 with Credit Cards, unlimited through wire
Minimum trade amount $25
Maximum return 90%
Customer service Eager to assist
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses Yes


List of Blocked Countries

USA, Canada, Australia, France, Wallis and Futuna, Virgin Island (US), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélemy, Réunion, Puerto Rico, Ontario, Northern Cyprus, North Korea, New Caledonia, Mynamar, Mayotte, Martinique, Japan, Israel, Iran, Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, French Guiana, Ecuador, British Colombia, Belgium, American Samoa, Algeria.

PlusOption Review – Trusted Broker?

Launched in 2015, PlusOption ( is a new binary option broker, which uses the single market-maker business model. The brand is based in the Marshall Islands. Before we delve any deeper into this review and begin analyzing various aspects of this broker’s offer, we have to point it out that PlusOption aren’t licensed and regulated. What this means is that they’re free to do with their traders’ funds as they please, at least in theory. That doesn’t mean that’s what they do indeed do, but should they choose to go down that path, they wouldn’t have to answer to any authority. Lacking in the way of regulation is a major shortcoming for a binary option broker, one that can (and probably should) be a deal-breaker.

In PlusOption’s case, judgment is further hindered by the fact that the operator doesn’t really tell us anything about its background and actual corporate ownership in its About Us section, electing instead to discuss its trading platform and the features it offers. Apparently, PlusOption is popular in various Central and Eastern European countries, and no, we do not have any proof in this regard.

The company behind the PlusOption brand is apparently ACV Operations SRL, based in Bucharest, Romania.

The trading platform which currently powers the operation and which is the popular SpotOption platform, is considered one of its top selling points. Mobile trading is also available, and there are a number of different option types that traders can use to bring various binary options trading strategies to bear. There’s a special feature supported as well: a 10% return on investments, even for options that expire out of the money. This is the equivalent of some rather substantial cash-back.

PlusOption also seems to work with a number of 3rd party trading robots. In this regard, caution needs to be exercised though, as many of these trading robots are in fact scams, used to generate affiliate revenues for their perpetrators.

On the downside, besides the obvious lack of regulation, there’s also no demo account on offer.

PlusOption Trading Platform

As said, the technology-provider currently powering PlusOption is SpotOption. The SpotOption software is recognized as one of the best trading platform solutions the industry can currently offer. It is web-based, meaning that its compatibility is excellent and one doesn’t have to download anything to trade. The actual trading process is simple and self-explanatory.

PlusOption's Platform
PlusOption – Trading Platform

The software has a simple yet handy market-sentiment tool built in, which gives traders a clue in regards to the odds involved with the option they are looking at. This is called the Trader Choice tool, and some traders have been known to trade rather successfully based on this tool alone. All the variables pertaining to a trade are displayed clearly so one knows exactly how much he/she risks and how much he/she is looking to win in case of success. A sort of demo version of the software is available directly at the PlusOption site, but in order to actually place trades through this platform, one has to set up an account with the broker.

PlusOption Trade Types

The SpotOption platform delivers an impressive number of option-types that traders can use to twist and turn their strategies the way they want to.

The High/Low (classic) binary options carry a maximum payout rate of 81%. Their expiries are in the 20-minute range. This option type covers the largest selection of underlying assets.

Pairs trading is about comparing the performances of two underlying assets within a given time-frame, and predicting which of them will be better. Pairs trading isn’t available round the clock, in fact, those looking to trade these options, will only be able to do so on a rather strict schedule.

Long-term options come with expiries measured in days, weeks, months and even a whole year. These options are obviously for those who do not mind having their funds tied up in a trade for a long time. The payouts on such options max out at 75%, so that’s not a very attractive setup.

The short-term options come with 60-second, 90-second, 120-second, 180-second and 300-second expiries. Instant gratification is the reason these options were created. The payout on them is a rather unimpressive 70% though.

Those looking for bigger payouts will probably find the One Touch options much more interesting. Payouts on these babies can go as high as 320%, although the odds associated with them are quite adverse for traders too.

Ladder Options take the payout game even further, then again, they are even harder to crack than the One Touch options. They do lend themselves well to a number of interesting technical-analysis based strategies, so there’s that facet one has to consider too.

CFDs and FX can be traded at PlusOptions too, and there’s a spot follow feature, which is essentially about social trading. Through this feature, traders can copy the moves of their more successful peers.

PlusOption Account Types

In order to accommodate as wide a range of traders of varying financial means as possible, PlusOption have created four different account types, of which the cheapest and the most basic is the Micro account.

The Micro account requires a minimum deposit of only $250, so it’s safe to say that – contrary to what’s advertised – this is in fact the most popular account type of the broker. This account type gives traders access to more than 190 underlying assets, to a selection of trading alerts and a daily market review.


The next step up the ladder is a big one: the Silver account requires a deposit of $2,500, and it introduces traders to an account manager. In this regard, all we can tell you is that you are probably better off NOT making use of the services offered by this account manager.

The Gold account is advertised as “the most popular,” which is frankly hard to believe, since the minimum deposit required to sign up for it is $10,000. In addition to the perks mentioned above, it also gives traders access to a risk management plan, to a financial plan, as well as to the services of a personal analyst. The Gold account lets traders access a selection of webinars too.

The Diamond account is the most lavish features-wise. It hands out invites to various VIP events, it allows traders to withdraw their funds faster than they would be able to otherwise, it features higher payouts and it lets traders tag along on special ventures.

PlusOption Education

PlusOption’s education section is called the “Plus Academy.” The most prominent feature of this section is the Super Trader TV, which features daily broadcasts. In order to access the programming though, one apparently has to have an account registered with the operator. There’s an assets video index however, that everyone can access and which features a number of educational videos on various currency pairs, making sure that traders do indeed understand the fundamental mechanics behind the price evolution of these assets.

The First Steps section is dedicated to beginners. It too delivers a surprisingly rich selection of educational videos, which cover the basics, focusing on providing traders with a thorough grasp of the economic and financial concepts involved in the trading of options and futures.

The Advanced traders section accomplishes the same, on a higher level of course. The Expert Traders section tops up the deal, taking traders all the way into the often treacherous marshlands of advanced strategy and market analysis.

An exhaustive articles section rounds out the education offering of the broker, which is – by all standards – very impressive, and pleasantly surprising indeed.

PlusOption Support

The PlusOption support can be contacted through a handy Live Chat feature. There’s a support email too:, as well as an email form. Support phone numbers are provided for four different countries: UK (+442038070195), Singapore (+6531573361), Belgium (+32466900302) and Australia (+61291192982).

PlusOption Review Conclusion

PlusOption features a sturdy and reliable trading platform, a good asset-selection, and an equally impressive selection of option types, through which one can trade those assets. It is an unregulated broker though, and that puts a serious dent in its overall image. The public vibe concerning this broker is quite neutral, so there aren’t any real conclusions to draw on that end yet.


If you’re new to binary options trading, we recommend trying a few FREE binary options demo accounts and then investing real money with the one you like the most.

You’re welcome to read more objective binary options broker reviews.

PlusOption Specs

Broker name PlusOption
Jurisdiction Marshall Islands (Romania?)
Regulated No
Launched in 2015
Website URL
Trading platform SpotOption 2
Support, email form, live chat
Trader Demographics Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia. (For a list of blocked countries, see below.)
App compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Minimum required deposit $250
Minimum trade amount $25
Maximum return 87%
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/7
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses None available


List of Blocked Countries

USA, Philippines, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritius, Brunei, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Lesotho, Cameroon, Botswana, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, Taiwan, Burkina Faso, French Polynesia, Cote D’Ivoire, Burundi, Liberia, Libya, Peru, Indonesia, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Bangladesh, Kenya, Thailand, Mongolia, India, Sierra Leone, Benin, turkey, Nicaragua, Albania, Ethiopia, Macao, Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Barbuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech, Dominican, Ecuador, Fiji, Greece, Malawi, Mauritania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Panama, Paraguay, Hungary, American Samoa, Armenia, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Costa Rica, Gabon, Guernsey, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Reunion, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Solomon Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Mali, Macedonia, Nepal, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Monaco, Trinidad, Tobago, Belgium.

Rubix Project Review – Scam Exposed!

By Tim Lanoue

The Rubix Project for binary options is another deceptive auto trading SCAM software that has emerged within the confines of the binary options industry. Brian Morgan, the alleged CEO behind this scam investment software, does not exist and the implementation of scam marketing widgets and deceptive marketing practices are the backbone to this recently released binary options software scam. While you take the time to read this Rubix Project scam review, you will learn not only about the deceptive marketing practices utilized by the Rubix Project software but also how to avoid other similar day-trading scam software! is a SCAM!

What is the Rubix Project Software?

The Rubix Project Software is another auto trading “get rich quick scheme” that became available to all online day-traders just a little over two weeks ago, on January 10th, 2017. The main target audience for this ridiculous binary options investing scam would be the inexperienced and newbie binary option investors who don’t know how dangerous it is to sign up with binary option auto traders.

The main falsehood behind this auto trading scam would be how to claims to be an “infallible software,” essentially meaning that it never generates a losing investment. Not only is this completely untrue and highly unrealistic, it always falls under a category that we are all too familiar with which would be that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Who is Brian Morgan?

Brian Morgan is the alleged founder behind the Rubix Project App for binary options and as you can imagine he is just another made-up person. Now, one fact that I can’t bear to overlook would be the reoccurring pattern of how all these software CEOs, founders and creators do not exist on any social media websites and all their claims about their software are not backed up by true testimonials.

All the outlandish guarantees associated with these type of scams are just flat out ridiculous, just like how Brian Morgan claims thathis software has not generated one losing investment over the past 16 months! Not to mention that throughout the duration of his long pitch video, he goes on claiming that they have accumulated over $40 million in revenue within the first year of their company going public, the funny thing though is that they company is not registered and DOES NOT EXIST!

How Does Rubix Project Software Work?

Just like the majority of garbage binary option auto traders that flood the online marketplace, the Rubix Project software claims to incorporate “sophisticated mathematical algorithms and statistical equations” to create an “amazing” software that has yet to lose an investment over the past 16 months. As you can see for yourself in the image provided below, the Rubix Project is a proprietary platform that is synced with the notorious scam broker Porter Finance, which is blacklisted on nearly every other reputable binary options review site.

Rubix Project Software
The Rubix Project Platform

Perhaps the only unique feature that this Rubix Project App offers their deceived users would be the ability to switch from auto trading mode to manual trading mode, which you think would save your hard-earned money in the long run until you aren’t able to withdrawal your funds from Porter Finance. Loss of funds, inability to execute withdrawals along with unauthorized charges are just some of the nightmarish details in store for you if you decide to commit with the Rubix Project software scam!

Rubix Project App Platform

As briefly covered just moments ago, the Rubix Project system for binary options is a proprietary investment platform that is synced with the scam broker Porter Finance. Investors are given the innate ability to choose their investment size, which style of investing to utilize along with which signals to place on manual entry mode but don’t be fooled by this scam. As soon as you open an account, your email will be spread faster than wildfire and you can expect numerous spam emails everyday. Not to mention that if you fund your account you can almost bet you will never see your hard-earned money again and that your personal and financial information will no longer be kept private!

How do we know that Rubix Project is a scam?

There were a few strong indicators that allowed us to determine that the Rubix Project software is in fact a binary options investing scam. Among the first red flag that we came across would be how Brian Morgan claims that the software has not generated a losing investment over the past 16 months. Yet when we looked further in domain creation date, as you can see in the image provided below, we can see how the domain was registered on January 10th, 2016.  That is a little over two weeks ago…quite a bit difference between 16 months, if you ask us!

Rubix Project WHOIS

Another red flag that we came across and couldn’t help but notice would be how implements a notorious scam marketing widget which can be seen in the first image provided to you above. The infamous “countdown timer/spots left” is a ghastly scam marketing widget quite commonly utilized among many other binary option investing scams.  You start out with only having 5 license spots left available and slowly it goes down to “1 License Remaining.”

Just like with all of these pressure forcing widgets though that we see among various other binary option scam websites that are implemented to pressure the viewer into quickly signing up, all you need to do is refresh the page and the widget resets to its originating value.

The last straw that we can’t overlook would be the large amount of complaints that we have been receiving about how investors who were gullible enough to sign up with this system can no longer execute withdrawals. If that wasn’t enough already, Porter Finance has also been reported executing unauthorized charges to the payment methods saved by the traders who were scammed by this horrific software scam! This is just another reason why you should always avoid a binary options software, service or system that claims unrealistic investment results and guarantees that sound too good to be true! Claiming that you can earn up to $12,835 every single day with the Rubix Project while investors report entire account loses and much worse is a serious red flag!

Rubix Project Review Conclusion

Brian Morgan and the Rubix Project software for binary options is nothing more than another fabricated software scam meant to target the inexperienced investors who don’t know better out of their hard-earned money. Not only is this absolutely pathetic but the amount of day-trading scams flooding the binary options industry and other online investment industries is absolutely sickening which is why we urge you to subscribe to our Binary Options Newsletter so you can stay better protected against deceptive binary option software scams such as the Rubix Project!

Now, if you’re looking for a way supplement your income between a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars per month with a legitimate binary option investing software, we highly encourage you to check out our recommended Binary Options Signals, where we have compiled a list of all the top rated and proven trading systems for binary options. Each of these systems have been tested, proven and highly reviewed on many other websites and if performance ever becomes less than optimal we warn our wide and ever-growing subscriber base to avoid the software!

As always thank you for taking the time to read this scam review and if you have any feedback or comments to share, please feel free to do so below!

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