Broker Complaints

This page is a list of brokers and complaints I’ve received about them. If you have a complaint regarding a binary options broker, please leave a detailed comment at the bottom of this page. Please check out these guidelines on how to deal with binary options brokers.

For help with getting your money back, please consult with Watchdog’s Refund and Chargeback Guide.

Binary Banc

I signed up with Binary Banc. They use the same platform as many of the brokers. Funded with $2000 and got an unsolicited bonus of $600. Was promised that I would be given a broker to help me get up to speed and help grow my funds. We grew the account to over $10,000. I was pressured from the beginning to put in at least $50,000. I told them as I do not know them, they are UK based, HQ in Georgia (not exactly a place known for ethical business practices)that I want to build trust in this company first. I was prepared to deposit more funds but banking details is a bank in HK with different name. I decided to try to do a withdrawal. After weeks still no response to withdraw funds, abusive calls from ‘broker’ assigned, refuse to put anything in writing, wants to ‘talk’ about it.. so as far as I am concerned I have been scammed. Every caller gives me a different story why I cannot withdraw my funds so either the ‘profits’ generated was not real and they used ‘teaser trades’ to get me to fund more or they are just thieves and scammers. (July 2016)


With binary book I got the bonus. The software made a few trades, a few wins and a loss. In the advertising it was mentioned there can never be a loss cause the software quits a losing trade before it gets lost. So I stopped the software and wanted to withdraw only an amount in the high of my deposited amount but they rejected. They informed me that I have to make the bonus turnover of 35x times the bonus amount, even before it was mentioned that I can withdraw any amount at any time. So I decided to trade the account and had to discover that they only offer 2 currency pairs in binary options and the minimum trading amount is € 50. While trading I wanted to put the expiry at 10:15 a.m. but the only options I got were 10:00 am, end of day, end of week… so I lost these trades too … ^^ After this I did not trade anymore with them and my money is still locked in there. (November 2016)


I deposited that $500 in the account, to my surprise the first trade I took was a lost. I decided to stop using the software and continue the trading manually. After one week of trading my account add up to $900+ trading on my own without the software. All of a sudden I lost $400 in one day due to their manipulation of SR. And my balance remains $540. I decided to request a withdrawal of the initial capital, which is $500 on the 5th of August, after sending the required documents needed. to my surprise they canceled the request that same day, without given me the reason. I requested another withdrawal , and they cancelled it after two-three days with out given me the reasons again. I have been given their support several mails for them to give me the reason the refuse to approve my withdrawal they did not answer. I have to try another withdrawal request , and the cancelled it after 3 days, I have to send them mail again, they finally replied me that, the did not see my ID identification, and I quickly send them my international passport. I placed another withdrawal of the initial capital $500. that was last week Friday 2nd September. the transaction was still pending as at yesterday. To my greatest surprise, today I decided to check the status of the transaction, I could not login to my account anymore, when I put my login details they keep telling me that password or email is wrong, in which I have never change my password. Ok, I click on forget password, and follow the process, they refer me to a link in my email to click and reset my password, I did that, they sent me a new password that I should use and login to my account. I copied the password and past it to access my account, but it keeps telling me that the password or email is wrong. Now that money that I use to deposit into that account was not mine, I borrowed it.The owner is on my neck now, I did not know that Binaryrrom365 is not a reliable broker. (September 2016)

Boss Capital

have you done a review on boss capital yet? i have used them for 2-3 months, they take weeks on end to approve withdraws, $1 going missing from my account with no explanation. they tell you withdraw taking so long due to processor machine having trouble, then a agent tells me its all done by people, absolute lairs, and on top of that they did not send the full amount of my funds last time. They freeze the clock on expiring trades to put you otm, they also manipulate the price at will so you get otm, they also delay your trade placing so after 6 seconds the SR you get is way off what it was when you entered the trade leading to otm’s.  (July 2016)

Empire Market Corporation

I was approached on Facebook by Max Pavel who is an account manager with Empire Market Corporation. He told me about their company’s great return in trading Forex and binary options with client funds. He invited me to their private Facebook group. After seeing positive feedback and reviews from their members, I decided to invest for an event that ran on the last NFP employment news release in America on 10 March 2017. They claimed to get up to 65% return on these events. I invested $11000 for the event, with promises of being able to withdraw on Monday, 13 March 2017. When I contacted my account manager, Max Pavel on Tuesday, he still said I shouldn’t worry, the payment will be sent to my bitcoin wallet. On Wednesday, 15 March, I had still not received my money and a massive argument ensued, because they said they were not going to process my withdrawal. The reason was because according to their policy you must have another “basic” account before they could process the withdrawal. I explained that Pavel never explained it to me like this and they admitted and accepted that there was an error on his side, but were still not going to give my money. On Thursday, 16 March, I spoke to another account manager, Derrik C. Cruz, who said he could solve the problem. I requested that my account be transferred to him. He said that because of my complaints to the company about Pavel, they were not going to give my money, unless I open the basic account. After it looked like all things were resolved and calmed down, they promised to give my withdrawal the same day, if I invested $3700 for the basic account. The last message I got from Pavel was that there were no worries and Cruz also confirmed everything was in order. I received a confirmation e-mails from the company, confirming my 2nd deposit, as well as acknowledging my withdrawal request. They also confirmed that my withdrawal will be processed within. 24 hours Later on the same day I contacted Cruz to ask when the withdrawal will be done. I couldn’t get hold of him. It seemed that he had blocked me from sending messages to him. I tried Pavel and the EMC company page, but they also blocked me. I sent numerous mails to the company e-mail address, but they did not reply. Later on when I accessed the EMC company website, my access details were no longer working and I couldn’t log in to my account. I also tried phoning the number they had on their website, but an electronic message just said the number is unavailable. I have no doubt that they are a deposit only investment scam. They lure people in with lots of promises, but with no intention to ever pay them their capital or profits. Please assist in stopping these people, as they will definitely con others out of their hard-earned money. (March 2017)

Option FM

I wish I had come across your webpage and Facebook profile 3months ago as I have just gone through one of the worst ordeals of my life and have been scammed by Option.FM for a very large amount of money… I was tricked into “invested” with Option.FM in May 2016 as they had on their trading platform that they were compliant and regulated. It turns out they were falsely advertising this fact and I have been scammed. They even had a Google Play app and had it advertised on their platform but has since been removed because of all the bad reviews and scamming they have done to people. I research them at the start and nothing negative came up or it was a case that they were hiding their deceit and I did not search deeply enough.. Now after 3months I have lost a ridiculous amount of money. They are sitting with $30.000,00 in my trading account and won’t return the funds to me. This is because of their so called bonus funds they have added along the way. In the beginning they got me to sign for bonus funds and only once I had signed for the bonus did the funds get added to my balance. But when the trading was good they added a large amount of bonus funds to my account which I did not ask for, sign for it even have a choice whether or not I wanted them. Of course I thought this was strange but only made sense once my account manager suicide traded into the ground straight after that and I tried to withdrawal the remaining funds which I have unsuccessfully able to do. When I did make the withdrawal request my account manager said he wanted to help me and tried to get me to trade the remaining amount which I refused. He has stopped emailing and calling me I have been handed over to a “recovery trading account manager” who keeps calling me and is trying to get me to trade the remaining amount to grown my balance (no doubt this is to loose it all). I have since found a lot of reviews about the company scamming people in the same way and their system of scamming people is replicated over and over again with the same names coming up in the reviews. Their system is almost text book. (September 2016)


PlusOption Review

I got sucked into them last year via a senior broker, John Anthony, and invested a total of US$150,000 of my money. As with other brokers Mr. Anthony was full of promises of major profits as long as more money was invested, he also kept adding “bonus money” up to US$65,000. We made one successful trade based on his recommendation for about $20,000 profit and I did some personal trading to get the account to +/- US$240,000. I had to go offshore for a project later in the year and had limited internet access so was not able to check on my account. When I did after a 6 week delay and saw that there had been no movement on it I contacted Mr. Anthony and told him I was taking my funds back as money I had taken out of my share trading account would have given me a 20% increase vs zero with him. I filled out and sent a withdrawal form for US$85,000 to the Company, (due to their withdrawal policy limit I could not withdraw the full US$150,000 in one go). Later I received a call from one of his minions, Mr. Robert Karol, who asked if he could trade on my behalf “to prove to me what profits could be made with their system”. I told him about the withdrawal notice already submitted and asked how I could be sure he would not trade my funds away. He assured me he would never risk more than 2% on any trade, (their calls are all via Skype and are recorded so this should be verifiable). I agreed he could trade the remaining funds.  Next day as I was about to get in a taxi to head to the airport he called again and said the trading was going well and could he use the additional US$85,000. I had no time to check my account and based on his assurance agreed to allow him to do so. When I finally got a chance to look at my account he had traded the total amount to zero within the space of one hour. He had only remembered, after the account was emptied, about the withdrawal request and hence his call to me. I managed to get records of all his trades and the times they were made. He had already traded the complete account to zero before he called me to request the additional US$85,000 so at the time hew asking for it, it did not exist any more. I have all records and time stamps of his trades and the calls he made to prove all this. I have contacted FraudAlert UK and made a report but have yet to hear back from them. I intend to proceed with a legal claim against this company and hopefully get them shut down but your platform should be used to alert as many people as possible to avoid further people being taken in. (June 2017)


hello,RBoptions made 2498.- usd disappear from my account.not that they traded it and lost it … it just was not in the account any longer.they said they sent it to me but it is also not in my account either. (July 2016)

Secured Options

Read our Secured Options Review.

I am only for a few month now with trading and I am learning and looking for the best strategies… so I also found Michael / you ^^ and when first started in March it was with all these kind of robots they are all around and the first one I signed up with took me to secured options, also promising a bonus. So the bonus I never received, instead a few phone calls and then also from my “senior account manager” Frank Schuster. We had a few conversations on the phone and then I made my first deposit of 250, I dont remember if it was $ or €, but I now it was not the kind of I can loose the money…it was quit an issue for me. Anyway I made the deposit, I did not get any bonus and they of course did not want me to trade with the robot, but he told me on the phone that all trades are secured and then he put me on a trade on the “ladder” with the whole amount at once and of course it got lost. So all my money was gone. Of course he did not call back as he promised before and the next day I called him and he told me kind of … shit happens.. or bad luck and then he wanted me to deposit another 1.500,- …. So this is my experience with secured options… Then I tried to get my money back with the credit card company as they did not deliver what they have promised and they even had no signed paper that I have approved the payment… but you can imagine I never got my money back either. So maybe this helps a little bit even if I don’t have more experience trading the account. (November 2016)


Hallo en nogmaals bedankt dat ik mijn verhaal kan vertellen aan u. Vorig jaar ben ik begonnen bij Titantrade. Omdat ik geen ervaring heb begon ik met 350 dollar. ongeveer 3 weken later nam Nicholas Harper per telefoon contact met me op. Hij zij als ik meer geld stortte hij met me kon gaan werken, zonder risico. Om een trade te maken met garantie moest ik mijn account aanvullen tot 5000 dollar. Dit heb ik gedaan omdat er garantie was dat ik dit geld niet kon verliezen. En inderdaad ik heb de trade gedaan en verloor. Maar mijn account was weer aangevuld tot 5000. Dit gaf mij vertrouwen, maar wat ik niet wist dat het nu om een bonus ging. meerdere keren hebben ze me een trade gegeven die ik niet kon verliezen en mijn account ging over de 10000. Toen ik geld wilde opnemen zij Nicholas dat dit niet kon. Er zat te veel bonus in. Maar hij kon me helpen. Op een vrijdag ochtend 9.30 belde hij me. Hij had 3 trade’s voor me. Als ik die deed dan kon ik zonder probleem 10000 opnemen. Ik voelde me niet lekker hierbij maar had geen keus. Ik wilde geld terug hebben omdat het terug betalen niet soepel ging. Ik deed de 3 trade’s wat Nicholas me doorgaf en in een half uur was al mijn geld weg. Alleen 0,63 cent bleef over. Hij belde en zij er was een crash op de beurs in Londen. Later zou hij me bellen hoe hij dit ging oplossen. Heb daarna nooit meer iets gehoord. Het gevaarlijke is bij deze club is David Fisher. Hij praat op je in net zo lang tot je extra geld stort. En als ze je nummer hebben van je visa kaart dan proberen ze ook nog om daarop extra krediet te krijgen zodat je later met een schuld zit die afbetaald moet worden. Dit is gelukkig niet gelukt bij mij, anders was het probleem nog groter geweest dan het nu is. Bij elke storting die je doet, moet je hiervoor tekenen op een formulier. Ik heb schriftelijk mijn bank aangeschreven. De betalingen waren gedaan met visa kaart en ik dacht dit is verzekerd. Maar helaas de bank zegt dat de transacties er normaal uitzien en ze daarom niks kunnen doen. Ik kan u de laatste 3 trade’s doorgeven als u ze nodig heeft. Ik dacht dat ik het kon vergeten, maar als je erover schrijf dan is het nog lang niet vergeten en ik hoop dat u me kan helpen. De bank kan niets doen omdat elke betaling normaal is verlopen. Met vriendelijke groet en ik hoop op een oplossing. (September 2016)


Please add Trader Vc to your list of rouges. They now come highly recommended byFin tech ltd who are fellow criminals. I was convinced I found good brokers when I started trading with them. I was told to deposit just $250 and I could get access to the auto trading software provided by Fintech Ltd. The moment TraderVC got my funds, I got a call from a guy called Dean. He told me he was my new account manager and the funds I had deposited where not enough, he arrogantly told me to go to my bank and borrow $2500.  when I made it very clear I had no intention of investing anymore funds, I was interested only in the auto software so I could trade by myself. Dean became very angry and hostile. When he realised he was not getting anymore money from me he hung up. Yes, he rudely hung up. I quickly realised this was a hoax. There was no software. On 09/ 06/17 I requested that they close my account and I withdraw my funds which were $250 at the time of my request. I was then told someone from Finance could call me before they authorise this. It could take 5 to 10 days they said. On Monday 12/6 my account balance had dropped to $91. TraderVC had stolen my money and when I called them, they shamelessly tried to blame the robot. They said I had auto trade on my account and it had lost my money. I told Trader Vc they were common criminals and I could report them to FCA, and ACTION FRAUD. I also had all my emails to them to back me up and a recording of Dean the rude account manager screaming down the phone that he was not going to put auto trade on my account until he was ready. TraderVC then tried to say I needed 100 dollars in my account to make a withdrawal. There was 250 when I first requested they give me back my money. These are criminals who need locking up and their trading license revoked. They are destroying lives. Please warn everyone. I will forward all my emails to them. (June 2017)


I opened an account with UBOCapital in December 2015 with a small amount to start off with ($300) – just to see how things go. My account manager (Richard Edison) promised to manage my account and trade for me. It started off well and he brought my account up to $365 within a couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden he stopped. When after one month, I mailed him to ask whether he was still trading on my account, there was no reply. I tried again a week later: still no reply. Nor from the Support Department. So I wrote to Edison, asking him to open no further trades on my account and placed a withdrawal request – this was totally ignored. During the following months I repeatedly placed withdrawal requests (for only my invested amount), and tried to contact the compliance department. They just ignored my e-mails and kept cancelling my withdrawal requests (all 4 !). Then suddenly I got a mail from Edison this week saying that he was going to place trades on my account (even though I had already expressly told him not to !). I wrote back again saying Please no more trades, I just want to withdraw and quit ! But he completely ignored this, opened several trades, most of which lost, wiping out a third of my account. In my eyes these are downright scammers – not only do they never bother to reply to e-mails, but they completely ignore clients’ wishes and don’t let you withdraw your money. Their Support (online chat etc.) is absolutely appalling – if at all it can be called “support”. So my advice to anyone who’s considering “investing” their hard-earned money with these people: Stay clear and RUN AWAY as fast as you possibly can ! (July 2016)

UK Options

Hi, I would like you to add UK Options to your scam list please. I was scammed by them after I deposited £250 in April and doing okay on small trades for a while. I ignored all the phone calls I got from brokers that phoned me almost daily until I lost all but £60. At the beginning of June Jake Evans phoned me and convinced me to deposit £500 and he would help me to trade. This I did and he took another £500 at the same time so I had £1060 in my account. When I queried it he said £500 would be paid back. I made a few trades at his suggestion and they all lost. Mid-June the £500 still hadn’t been paid back so I withdrew £500 and waited until the end of June to see what happened. Jake phoned me several times to see why I wasn’t trading and I told him I was waiting for the money withdrawn to be paid back to my card. A week later it still hadn’t been withdrawn so I contacted Jake several times by email, live chat and Skype – he ignored all my contacts so I withdrew the remaining money and asked my bank to arrange a chargeback. This took a couple of months but eventually I got all the money I had withdrawn. (October 2016)

Vision Binary

I’d like to report this so called broker. They bullshit that they can help me to make lot of money, and ask me deposit capital as much as possible. I only deposit US$300 as test, and they keep phone me to deposit more, I refused. Then they just closed my account without return my capital. This is just like robbery. (July 2016)

What about you? Were you scammed by a binary options broker? Let us know please!


  1. Hello there People
    I too have had similar problems with Zurich Prime but I was able to get my invested capital out!!
    And I have taken it upon myself to enlighten fellow victims against scam brokers and also join hands with others alongside the appropriate authorities to fight and recover as much as we can from Zurich Prime, Citrades and the rest of these scam brokers because they have really taken a lot of us investors for granted.
    Contact me let’s join hands to get back at this scammers.

  2. Stay away from Starling Capital I lost 11k can’t even on their website or get answers from emails. They are a scam stay clear.

  3. I started investing with Starling Capital in March I believe. I started with a $10,000 investment. All I had. I eventually ran it up to $140,000. I wanted to withdraw $40,000 and keep investing the rest. I had did all the requirements that I was told about, but then a different manager told me I couldn’t withdraw any until I did at least 300 more trades. I got them done, but lost $100,000. Last I knew I had $40,000 left, but now they say they can’t let me withdraw because of a 3rd party involved. Which I have no idea what they are talking about. And just this morning I found out I couldn’t even log on to my account. It says the site is down. Now I can’t get any info, nobody is answering any emails, no phone calls or anything. Is there anything I can do to at least get my investment back? Or am I just screwed like it feels like.

  4. Hi, do you did it this year ? I have a comrade which tried recover something months ago, so I don’t know if he succeed with it… buy can you tell how are you get your funds recover ? Thank you for attention

    1. It’s seems to be a scam! And even if it isn’t, it’s not a regulated broker so you should not send them money.

  5. My wife traded with Titan trade. The normal pep talk to invest more for better trades. Invested $2500 and she fell for the bonus trick. It went well for awhile got up to $17000. All went quite for awhile and after +-3weeks Titan trade deducts $5000 for penalty’s for not trading . Got hold of them few days later, got new broker . She requested to draw $2000 .The new broker lost all in 3 trades. Got $99 in account.

  6. I recently advised you of an issue with PLUSOPTION and advised that they be investigated. Your action was simply to post my complaint to this site. On reading through other comments on this site however I find that other people have already complained to you about PLUSOPTION – but you do not appear to be taking any action to investigate to have them shut down ?Please see
    Frank Warren says: January 27, 2017 at 12:30 am and also
    Amy Jackson says: April 12, 2017 at 7:05 pm
    If you are genuine then please send me email contacts for these people so we can act together to resolve this.

  7. I have been robbed of my life’s savings by RB Options. I have been very low and they took advantage of
    that and talked me out of my savings, giving me false hope of increasing my savings to help me buy a property that I desperately need as I have a mother with disability and Alzheimers and the rented place where we live is totally unsuitable. I was so desperately saving and now I have nothing left and I can’t work as well as I have to look after my mother. This has left me in financial ruin. I had no experience of trading at all, they did all the trading and my funds just started to disappear. When ever I spoke to the guy call Adam and told him my concern, he would simply say to me, don’t worry you will be getting hugh profit.
    Now he talks differently and simply says there is nothing he can do to give me my money back.

  8. Option 500
    Be aware Option 500 is a nasty brutal agressive SCAM. After loosing sugnificant amount money by my account manager from Stockpair another broker promised me to recover all my losses and sigh me in without my promission with Option 500. The name of this account manager is Sean Goldman (please remember this name and never deal with him,caouse he will act like your best friend but if you don’t invest every week money on your account and we are talking about big amounts of money, he will become your 1st enemy). I invested 5000euro into my Option 500 account and Mr Sean Goldman was trading on my behalf, he promise me that all my looses will be recoverd and I will have nice amount of money on my account. I’ve lost with Stockpair a lot of money becaouse of my account manager who I was trading with… but now I know. To these whom reading this please do not trade and trust any account managers they are like a snakes in the grass or sharks in the deep sea,they only want to see you broke and invest more money,until you have nothing. That’s what happens to me.
    Lets get back to Option 500 and Mr Sean Goldman who asked me do not trade on my own but let him trade for me and after mounth my account had 48924.00 euro balance.
    I was called and been asked by Mr Goldman on the dayly and weekly bases to add up more money to my account but the answer was always the same I’ve got no money to invest I’ve lost it all with Stockpair. And that what the brokers doesn’t want to hear. Well i got sick and tide to be hassled sometimes nicely the other times agressively and decided that’s enough i want to withdraw what i have on my account. But how stupid was I am to think that withdraw will take place. Once i placed the withdraw request i got e-mail that the Option 500 recieved my reques and my account manager will get back to me shortly. And he did, Mr Sean Goldman was absolutely mad at me for the fact that i want to withdraw my money which how he says he earned for me and tryed to stop me from doing that,but I insisted on withdrawal. Next I got the phone from Option 500 head banker who simply told me if i want to withdraw my money I have to put 25% of my entire balance to the 3d party account and then I will get my money within roughly 5 working day. To put 25% which is 12000.00 euro to the 3d party account and then wait and hope that I’ll be able to get withdraw to come through. Put 25% of entire balance on 3d party account???….I’ve read all Option 500 terms and conditions regarding the withdraws but nowhere stated anything like that. What a SCAM. I still have e-mails stating that withdraw procedure and ready to prove to anyone who abject.
    Please save yourself time money and energy by NEVER dealing with any account managers and only invest with the regulated brokers. Never with OPTION 500. I’ll do anything in my power to expose these nasty scamers and make the others aware of them. Protect your capital and stay away from Option 500 and Sean Goldman.

  9. I have made an withdrawal request with FM Options. After 2 weeks, I have not received my money back and my account was terminated. I have sent an email to the customer support. They told me they have tried to contact finance department but up to now I still have not receive my money back. Are you able to assist? Thanks

  10. I was scam by, nobody should have anything to do with this broker, George Glikos was my manager they are worst than lucifer but God is Greater than them.

    This site( ) is very helpful, I feel so loaded with things that will hinder me from being scam again, after going through this site.

    I have question you(TIM), I would like to explain to me by INTRA-TRADING HOURS? because I don’t have experience in trading.

    1. I heard from a couple people that they were giving a hard time with withdrawals. That was last year. Don’t know if they have mended their ways since then. They do however seem to be regulated in Vanuatu.

  11. I traded with Olimp Finance. I initially invested £250.00, after few sessions with my account manager, the account was increased to £600.00 I was then pressured to invest £22k. After 3 months of trading, the account increased to £52k. I will have 2 to 3 sessions with my broker. My problems started when I placed £30k withdrawals. Few days later, I discovered that my emails to my broker “Daniel Sage” bounced. When I confronted them, they lied to me saying that he was offsick, but when I sent screen shots of bounced emails, they finally informed me that “Daniel Sage” resigned. I was allocated a terrible account manager whose mission was to deplete my whole account. As we had £52k in the account he asked me if we could place 3 risk free trades of £5k each. I said no. This broker ” Anthony West” was going from heavy losses to heavy losses. I complained to management but this was not taking into accounts. After a lot emails and phone calls they processed in piece meals within 3 months an amount of £19k. And soon after became unresponsive and begin to coerce me to trade without actioning the withdrawals. I still have £29,512 in my account and Olimp Finance is refusing to distribute my profit. I did not take any bonus nor a risk free trade. As I asked to withdraw they have closed my account. OLIMP FINANCE is not regulated anywhere and was blinded by the winning trades performed by the broker as the platform was already rigged into their favour. Once they push you to perform trades on your own even the best trader on the planet will not win a single trade. PLEASE AVOID THESE GUYS AS THEY ARE BIIIIIG SCAMMERS. They all using alias such KARL TERRY, KARL BOND, ANTHONY WEST, ADAMSON ETC…I am going to pursue these crooks until I get my money back

  12. There is a scammer trolling Mike’s Facebook page. Within five minutes I’m signing up for Mike’s page I received a solicitation from a person calling himself Alex Crawford with Magnum Trades. I asked them about their licensing and they sent me two copies. After checking with CySEC the licenses are fraudulent. CySEC has initiated an investigation into Magnum Trades. They may be doing business as Babel Trades. They are both scams and should be avoided at all costs.

    1. I can’t find this person in Mike’s group. However, please make sure to report him to Facebook as a fake profile.

      1. This person is obviously impersonating someone named Alex Crawford. Judging from sentence structure and use of the English language, the name is more like Alexi or Sergei or Yuri. He says I have accumulated $13,420.00 from an initial investment of $1000.00. I wanted to make a withdrawal and he says I will have to pay $2000.00 free before money can be released. I requested he deduct fee from my profits and send me balance. He said can’t do that….against company policy. In the Terms and Conditions on their web site it says; first of all they charge no fees or commissions for trades. It goes on to say that fees can be deducted from account balance. I point this out to Alex (?) and he says it must have been a typo or glitch. Helluva typo or glitch. He also has what appears to be females from Mike’s group contact me to try and convince me that all is well. I saw on here once where someone could help you get your money. Does anyone know anything about this.

  13. I tried to do sign up with the ” Canuck Method of Trading” with Jake Mason/Jason. The first rime I was connected with 23Traders and deposited $250USD. I soon received a call from a “broker” asking me to invest more money as there was a big news out that Oil was going to be a great investment. I deposited another $500. towards that as he was certain that this was a safe investment, and he was wrong and I lost the $500.
    Then I got a call that the silver mines in South Africa were closing and that the price of silver was going to go up. I needed to invest more money and he could only get a contract if it was over $2000.00. I told him I did not have that kind of money, and he asked me to wait online while he talked with the finance department. They so helpfully gave me a bonus of $700 to help me meet the required amount.
    That was a successful bid, and made good one that, so I put in a request for $1500. withdrawal. I never heard anything about a withdrawal and when I would call them they said that they needed more banking info.
    Foolishly, I made further bids and investments with him, and when I realized that this was not making me money, only losing money, I sent them a long letter stating that I wanted my initial money returned as they promised me that I would not lose my initial investment up to $5000. within the first 2 weeks.
    My broker said he was so sorry that I was losing money, and would have a more experienced broker who worked with helping clients recover lost money contact me. I received a call from another broker who asked that I deposit more money so that there would be enough that the contracts for investing could be guaranteed. I refused to invest more money, as by that time I had invested $5000USD. I told him I would not invest anymore and that we would only work with the amount that was remaining which was a little over $300USD. In a matter of a couple of days the remaining money was lost. I tried many times to get them to refund the money, but with no success.

    In the meantime I was doing more investigating re: binary trading. The Canuck Method still came up as a good software for doing binary trading. I signed up with them again, and this time got connected with Markets Trading. I deposited the minimal amount of $250 USD as they requested with the promise that that it was guaranteed for 3 weeks. I immediately received a call from a broker, Dave Collen. He was very friendly, telling me about his family etc. and his financial background. He asked that I invest more money so that I would have $1000 for safer investing as they could guarantee the initial investment. After asking him several times to help me get connected with the Canuck Method of trading he did tell me how to set it up. With no further assistance from them I soon lost the initial investment.
    Before the 3 weeks was up I asked for the $250. USD to be deposited back into my account. I was told that “someone would contact me as soon as possible” and no one would call. With the live chat I would be told that my message would be passed along, when I would phone, I would be told that my broker would be notified and would contact me, when I asked to speak with a supervisor, there never had one there.
    This went on for months, and I still have not gotten my money returned to my account.

    Has anyone else had trouble with either 23 Traders or Markets Trading?

  14. I’d add Binary Tilt to this list. Deposited £200 at the end of January and decided not to trade and withdraw my money. I requested a withdraw on 8 February and am still waiting for the funds. Usual story of emails and phone calls not being answered. I live in the UK and am not sure if my bank will issue a chargeback unlike in USA.

  15. BINARY ONLINE Brokers, Avoid like the plague, if you have made a deposit with this company using a credit card or Visa and you are having difficulty getting a withdrawal, get in touch with your bank who issued the card and they should be able to carry out a “Chargeback”
    I am still in the process at this time, getting my €250 deposit back, they tried every trick in the book to delay giving me a withdrawal for this amount, so I had to use the chargeback method, even then BINARY ONLINE are doing their utmost to hang on to as much of my cash as they possible can, they first allowed me a withdrawal through the chargeback of €193, so I went back to my bank again, a few days later I received a further €25, so now I am in the process of chasing the remaining €32

  16. Has anybody any experience with broker 72option. I registered with mikes auto trader and was expecting the option to select a recommended broker from a list, instead I was automatically directed to this broker with which I opened an account, thinking its recommended by mikes auto trader. I then tried to access the auto trader site to start trading and still each time I am sent straight to 72option, I cannot access auto trader. I now don’t know if this broker is legit.
    Has anyone experienced something similar?

  17. Donald,
    I will say I am happy to stumble upon your website.Great content.
    I was going to fund CTOption as broker , is it a decent if not good broker ??
    haven’t read any complaints on CTOptions above.

    pls reply

  18. Beware of Starling Capital !
    Many of the stories posted here are mirror images of my experiences with them.
    The best advice is to stay away from all unregulated Brokers Period !
    If it sounds too good to be true…..
    Don’t give up if they have taken your money post it here and at Ripoff report and harass them all day every day.
    Bottom line is these bogus operators need to be exposed and delt with accordingly !

  19. Hello,is anyone trading with Dalton Finance. Iamhaving issues with their signals, they just seem wrong morethan right. Many times I get a better result when Itade the opposite of the advice given in their daily trade advice. What the heck how could they get it so wrong so often? Do the brokers have an invesment in the outcome? Iam still faifly new and trying not to loose all my funds, like everybody else. I know Dalton owner is a personal friend of Jacob and/or Mike Freeman, so guys please whats up with their analysis? I am US and recently opened demo & live minimum acct with Nadex, still learning as a newbie reading all tutorials etc…I joined Mike’s signals, have not traded yet hard todowhile working fulltime. Any advice helpful.

    1. I don’t recommend using signal services provided by brokers. My best advice would be to follow Mike’s signals! Please contact us via Facebook if you need any help with that.

  20. In June of 2015 I deposited $15,000 U.S. with

    Eclipse-Finance through Citi Bank, Singapore wire transfer,

    recipient Billion-Million International Limited, Kowllon Bay, Hong Kong.

    Eclipse-Finance offered Top-Binary-Signals as a managed account.

    My account was successfully traded up to $64, 560. The very next

    day my account according to Eclipse was “hacked”. My account was at 0.

    Daniel Wright, COO supposed head of Eclipse subsequently offered

    a compensation plan of $5180 real funds and $91800 of “bonus” funds.

    My account was then over a period of several months traded up to $547, 660.

    The next day my account was “hacked”. Then Daniel Wright, COO sent an email saying if I invested another $5000 Eclipse-Finance would have “professional” traders trade that amount and I could make weekly with drawls. Of course I declined. Before that last email he said Top-Binary-Options was insured for $50,000,000 and would in a few months make a settlement restitution with all of it’s managed accounts. Of course they no longer respond to emails or phone calls.

    What criminal organizations can I report too in the U.K. and U.S. to start an investigation into this fraud. There are others world wide, I am sure, who have been defrauded.


    Tom Swapp

    San Diego, Ca

    i had 475.00 in account,and when i wanted to withdraw the whole amount they only refunded 250.00,which was my original deposit, sent them many emails but do not respond, do not use them because you will never receive any funds that you accrue, real scammers, someone who lives near them should take care of them,,this is my experience with these SCAMMERS…..




    Capital Bank Markets is a SCAM-broker. I have a horrible experience with Capital Bank Markets.

    Funding a trading account with $300 through a CBM affiliates-signals-product-vendor whom I suspect must be CBM’s comrade-in-scam, the product failed to work as expected.

    Trying the signal product on another brokers demo platform and discovered it didn’t work as expected, I did not start to trade on CBM trading platform.

    Meanwhile, the signals system has been deactivated by the vendor. Then, I requested for a withdrawal of my deposited fund but Capital Bank Markets did not respond neither to my ID-documents submission nor act on my withdrawal request in the last ten (10) weeks.

    They are yet to respond to any of my several ‘reminder-emails’ as well.

    This ought to be a pure refund case but they are deviant to refund my money.

    No response to calls or emails.

    My advice to fellow traders is to stay away from Capital Bank Markets brokers.

    Once they have your money, they will ignore your emails and calls. Be warned!!

  24. Caution: do not pay the Secured Options. 23/11/2016. do not give me my money back since. Do not choose this broker because it is unreliable.

  25. After i fund the broker,, account, I did not receive the link from
    to access the dashboard.
    What are your suggestions?
    Thank you.

    1. The only way to use the software is to fund it directly from the software website. Since you funded via the broker, they will probably not care to help you sync with the software, so you can either withdraw your funds or keep trading manually with this broker.

  26. I am a 65 years old from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got into binaryonline thru a web page called theaussimethod that was declare fraud by scam alert web page-
    They asked me a deposit of $250 I did that with all the compliance papers. Then they gave an account manager by the name Viktor Bogrov from Russia. He did some investment for me and got me a profit of more tan 300%. I got excited but did not know that I was walking into a trap.
    A week later he asked if I wanted to make big money and he asked me for more money, I told him I have only a Little money saved, a Little over 5.000 dollars.
    He asked that money promising I could make over $1.000 a month so innocent of me I send $ 5.600 thru my Mastercard credit card to them.
    He did some investments mostly on currencies and commodities, lost some, won some and then I did some investment in currencies and got to $ 8.448,70.
    Then I wrote to you asking about Binaryonline and you told me that they were unlicensed and to stay away from them…but it was already too late.
    I asked to send me my money and it began six month back and forth communication in wich they never deposit a penny even thought I have send them 24 mails requesting to withdrew my own money.(I have copies of everything)
    Then another man came in called Victor McGregor from the finance department with a Russian or Bularian accent with a script and a strategy to state that they send me $1.000 to my credit card, sending me fake tracking numbers. I checked with my Bank 6 times and they told me the money never arrived. I send them the Bank statements and the still insist that they send it.
    So could you help me to get at least the $5.800 that I invested with Binaryonline.
    Thank you so much for what you do, helping people like me from these
    Unscrupulous people. Don´t ever give your money to Binaryonline. They are professionals in fraud and deceiving people

  27. PLUSOPTION is a scam. Very attentive service by an articulate “broker” …… UNTIL money was deposited. Then …… everything went silent. Telephone numbers in UK and elsewhere advise “the number is not connected” or “the number has been disconnected”, or just ring out.
    Their website is functional for making deposits but the withdrawal function is VERY obscure and simply dysfunctional. It is not possible to withdraw one’s OWN funds from one’s OWN account.
    Regarding emails, on the rare occasion that I get an answer (curiously, the above “broker” has gone missing), it is either no response or a vague generalisation that is obviously a stalling tactic.
    So, what is the corrective action that is necessary? Acting as an individual is very difficult and VERY expensive. Perhaps we should join together and send an “enforcer” to resolve our problems.

    1. Hello

      I am also experiencing problems with PlusOption and have now been told I have two “contracts” against my account that I need to sell in order to be able to withdraw. Apparently I agreed to these platinum contracts when I first opened my account with Martin. However at this is not true and I only deposited £250 with Martin so very confused.

      The selling of these contracts is achieved through placing two low risk trades as advised by the financial advisor. The trades must be for the entire money £5k I wish to withdraw so I must risk all my funds in order to get them back. Ludicrous behaviour

  28. If they are not regulated, you cannot complain to the regulator, however we have provided a link for a reliable charge-back service in the beginning of this page.

    Last year August/September I invested some money with them. They took some long term trades out by accessing my account from the London end (I had no experience with long term trades and was actually away in the bush at the time where there was no signal). The trades all lost and I was wiped out.

    I complained to their legal dept. but they just ignored my emails. Then I complained to CySEc as they had said that they were registered with them. CySec confirmed that they were not registered with them. Then I appealed to the Cyprus Ombudsman who said he wasn’t able to take up the case with Option Rally as they were registered in Belize. I wrote to the regulating authority in Belize who replied saying that Option Rally was once registered with them but no longer. Another interesting aspect was that there were a number of Option Rally companies registered with CySec but not the particular one that I had registered with. Mine was TCM Investments trading as Option Rally – yet another cover to hide behind.

    Is here anything I can do to retrieve my money? As far as I am aware it’s not legal for any BO company to take trades out on behalf of their clients. How is it allowed that a BO company can access their client’s platform from a remote server?

  30. Hi Just want to confirm that my own experience with OFM is the same as the one already in the line here.
    Same tactic manuevers and I am now waiting to see if a low witdraw will be executed or not, probaly not I’m afraid.
    Conclusion: OFM is a scam broker!!

  31. Sorry, but no apology should be made to Inside Option whatsoever! They are fully aware of what they are doing and that is scamming the public to fund their own inside trading scheme.
    They have no legitimate addresses to contact or even visit them personally. Once they have your money they simply ignore all efforts of communication with a fingers up attitude!
    I personally would like to see them burn in hell!

  32. Vision Binary is a scam. 1200 usd later …. no response when I want to withdraw my profits.

    and they go out of their way to convince you they are zionist jews operating out of Israel.

    FUCK BINARY OPTIONS – never coming back. thankfully forex makes money faster.

  33. There is no reason for a binary option company to refuse a withdrawal though. It is your money , not theirs! I am having issues getting my money out or even acknowledgement that I exist!! No thanks. I wish I had never tried binary options. I have been foolish, and gullible

    Has anyone managed to get their money out of this binary trader? I have a good balance in my account but can’t get hold of anyone by phone, email or directly on their web site. They appear to have disappeared off the radar altogether! I would be interested to see if anyone has managed to get their money out and if so, how!
    Central options web site is still inviting people to join them even now! Thanks. One very disappointed trader.

  35. Stay away from Optionbit broker, they scammed my deposit which I made to trade with Swarm intelligence. Harvey is the analyst there who told me that he will help me to make money but I lost the entire deposit and didn’t even get a chance to trade with SI. I sent several emails to SI support but got no response at all.

    1. Hi Jackie I am also trying to get my money back from option bit. David mores Ben Goldman who through aggressive and misleading information scammed me fortunately , on one occasion took opposite trade which won there’s lost so it reduced my losses approx losses £1500
      Balance trying to get back

  36. Trade Thunder, does anybody know if it’s going forward with their banking/withdrawal issues? It’s been months and nothing happens. I’ve got one reply saying that they intend to pay out profit and that the withdrawal issues they have are soon resolved. No update after that. I see that some re-view sites are blacklisting them now. The platform is not too bad, so it would be great if this broker would work.

  37. Hi all, I have had a very bad experience with Banc De Binary Options. I have tried to resolve with their compliance team, but of no use. They are truly cheaters. I have all the proof to show how they snap money of innocent investors. Infact, they use their so called senior accts managers and lure the money and instantly they will drain it with multiple trades instantly and then call back after couple of days and put blame on us and say, you were slow in doing etc and then tell you to deposit more money assuring that he will help you recover and get you more. Same story again and you will be completely drained. I have lost around 10K likewise before I could realize anything. So my sincere advice is never do any business with this big scammer BancDe Binary. I have all the email communications and copies of the trading platform to prove.

  38. Central Options
    I have been trading with this binary company since July and I am now trying to withdraw my money from this binary broker for the first time and all of a sudden no-one is about; The Account manager has disappeared. The emails are all returned. The Telephone number has been bought by another company! I have lost nearly £50,000 and I am devastated and so worried. I have reported this as a fraudulent crime as the service is obviously not delivering what was promised. Not releasing my money is . Any advice as to how I can get my money back? Thanks Jo.
    PS I feel so stupid to be taken into this scam!!

  39. This is my second attempt to try and get a company Titan-Trade named and shamed.
    They have duped me out of my life savings (£55k) promising great returns and not delivering.

    Please reply if you can help me in my plight?

  40. Joined and funded account. After realizing that the site had 2 us phone numbers that did not work, nor did the live chat button, I sent them an email. A week later, I didn’t receive a response. I then requested a withdraw and did not receive a response. I sent three emails to three different email addresses listed and one was a fake email address. A week later and several emails, the company has still failed to contact me. If anyone knows how to contact this company, please let me know.

    1. They are now a ghost trading site. We have all lost. All the stories on this web site are exactly what I experienced

  41. I have been scammed by Binary tilt, the person who was managing my account placed series of trades without my consent . When I contacted them they just ihnoee my calls


    ALL the things you are not suppose to do when you first start into binary trading I did!. I signed up with BinaryBrokerZ first with just the initial USD$250 which they gave a matching bonus of $250. They then pressured me to add yet another $250. I did. Again they add a bonus. Soon they suggested a Managed Account! Cost USD$20000!

    I was handed over to a Mila Romanov. I said I would not deposit that kind of money being unsure about them still. But I did manage to invest USD$5000. Then she pressured to invest as much as I could while she watched my every keyboard stroke with to include while I was in my bank account. Yep dumb me! So all told I ended up putting USD$9600 in her less then capable hands.

    So we started doing trades my account went from $9600 to >$26,000 in mere days! But it was confusing because really much that was bonus $ from them. Some $14,000! Then I was given just one trade and suggested to place $1000 3x on a PUT w/12 hour trade time. Yep dumb me! Guess how that turned out? She was always pressuring me to deposit yet more. Asking me to increase my daily limit on my bank account, while she would wait on the line then get back and ask if I was successful in transfer more funds. I finally told her $10,000 in the account was enough. Mila was like Well I ONLY handle big account and the min is $20,000! She is VERY heavy handed.

    I had tired to ilicit information from her about the bonus and how long it took to earn them etc she would always EVADE the questions. I would write emails, send SMS, leave SKYPE and call Customer Support trying to get in touch with her. So after the BIG lose I elected to cut my lose. I had already done withdrawal of some USD$800 (to be honest the next day after I was pressured to make that large deposit I was suspicious and asked to w/draw funds) She said Oh yes w/drawal all you want to make certain I felt comfortable. That threw me off. But I decided to w/drawal 25% of the account OR USD$6500. The day after I placed this request I had a couple of days of wins/lost with that big $3000 in just one trade. I ended up getting ONLY USD$800. I called to state I had requested $6500 so what happen? I was told I had only requested $800 as if I was the one who made the mistake.

    Tired of never being able to get in touch with Mila tired of the Customer NON-Support and dealing with them in general. I tried to w/drawal the balance of my account >$2500. It took me 2 weeks of literally begging, making near daily calls, even carrier pigeon joke). Nothing from Mila. Customer NON Support always promised she would call and they would tell her or they can only refer me since they had no control over what a Account Mgr did. They were really no help at all even when I would request a Supervisor. None was ever avaialble.

    You see at BinaryBrokerZ in order to get the w/drawal you are REQUIRED to have your Account Manager request to Finance Dept for the w/drawl. By contract YOU must make a verbal request of your intention to your Account Manager for any w/drawls. CATCH 22. IF your Account Manager plays hard to get and avoids you like Ebola your funds will just sit there.

    So I called and called and called and called and sent emails and SMS you name it. Nothing!and in just 1 day spoke with 3 Customer Reps – Mark, Edward and so other chap. Spent some 2 hrs on phone with Mark going round and round and arguing company policies related to closing my account. Edward first side Mila was sit in the room with him then he backtracked after asking my name and said Oh she is not here.

    I asked for Supervisors numerous times. FINALLY I got SKYPE from Mila only to say she was busy and a Manager would contact me. About a day later this Manager (Emma) called. Yes she was able to aid me and the funds were released. But I will never do something like that again. I since learned.

    Managed? For sure they will manage to keep as much of your money as they can.

  43. The so called crook VIP broker Danny Right at AllGoTrade has refused my withdrawal request and traded my account without my permission and opened two long term trades so that I can’t get my money. The last trade he made after I told him not to was a losing Oil call trade with a 12 month expiration time. He said I would have to pay him $100 to $400 blackmail money for him to approve my withdrawal request which I refused to do. He then canceled my withdrawal and opened the 12 month option WITHOUT my permission. AllGoTrade are SCAMMERS and BLACKMAILERS they will not approve any withdrawals! Their support was no help at all and they wanted me to deposit more money also. Stay away from the AllGoTrade SCAMMERS especially Danny Right!

  44. Hi, I read every time that there are people who can help us with the back getting it lost money. Unfortunately, so far none of heard. Can these people who steal our money, then just continue? Victim of Titan Trade posted 15-09


    1. Unfortunately, many times they find ways to steal money “legitimately.” For example, they will give you a bonus but it’s really a trap that prevents you from being able to withdraw money. You are welcome to contact us privately if you want our opinion on your specific case.

      1. I would like your advise?Last year I’ve opened an account with BINARY ONLINE and deposited the required amount of S250USD online.They requested afterwards a scanned colored copies: 1.Proof of Address (certified valid copy of any of your utility bill e.g:Electricity/Water) 2.Proof of ID document 3.Proof of payment (We also need a colored copy or high quality picture of your Credit card/Debit card whereby the:( 12 first Digits of the Front of the card are hidden /CVV (3 digits number) on the Back of the card are hidden. 4. Investment Testimony Form (ITF) The Investment Testimony Form (ITF) should be filled out with all your deposits made along with.It was my first time and with no knowledge of trading I opened this account last year. but on the same day when I did the deposit I decided that i’m nolonger interested and send them a communication to cancel and close/terminate my account with immediate effect and requested a withdrawal. I immediately got harassment calls from Danny Lyons (Account Manager)/ Ben Wilder bullying me to trade further. He confirmed he has given me a bonus and I can’t withdrawn. This was never even discussed with me because I’m new in trading and just wanted my money back. They find ways to steal money “legitimately.” For example, they will give you a bonus but it’s really a trap that prevents you from being able to withdraw money. I went to my bank and immediately they reversed the money back into my account after I showed them proof that I’ve cancelled in November 2016.To my shock in January 2017, I got a chargeback on my bank account of Binary Online of
        R3 436.25.

        My bank (Standard Bank) did a investigation and gave me feedback from the merchant (BINARY ONLINE). “The merchant provided prove on the 13th February 2017 and your account was debited again. This agreement was between you (our customer) and the merchant and we (the bank) are merely the payment mechanism and we do not have a mandate to debit the merchant again. The merchant should be contacted directly resolve this matter”.

        I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN MY OWN BANK (STANDARD BANK) and am unhappy with their response who could’t protect my account from Binary Online chargeback who find a way to steal my money “legitimately.” By sending my bank the same proof that they requested from me to opened this account with with them (Binary Online), my ID/Proof of Address: Utility Bill/Proof of payment /card and copy of back and front/ Investment Testimony form) when I deposited the money. The merchant is using the same verification documents against me when this was a requirement upon opening an account with them. Also note, I went online and read a advert that interested me, and taught it looks great to invest money and so easy but when I wanted to withdraw my deposit it became so difficult than depositing the money. As a person with no knowledge of trading I was not even aware of a bonus that I will get or even asked for a bonus but the merchant automatically add a bonus to my deposit of 250USD.


        1. Hi, do you have fb account can I discussed some sort things in you..
          I was sign in also in Binary Online today .. and same like your I do the same things but they just get my account 16 number in my atm and the 3 digits at the back of it.. what should i do? I dont have any knowledge about trading and its my first time about it…

  45. j-b-morris@hotmail .com
    1/6/16 STILL NO CONTACT.

  46. I had traded that’s call Binaring broker it was recommended by I was deposited 200$ then my broker called me to deposit 10k then he was recommended few shares and I traded my account balance 30k. He told me that deposit 20k more for secure trade then I dopisited. At the my deposit amount 32k then request withdrawal. He has approved 14k and he told me to deposit another 50k and I said I can deposit 20k. So total I deposited 42k and withdraw 14k. In my account 210k.i requested withdrawal of 10k he didn’t approve I was send the email, phone call no answer. 26/9 I received phone call from him and he told me to deposit 10k more. I said no. He ask me to trade I said no, you approve my deposit he said that will not approve in you are not deposited. I said no way. After one hour I was open my account and I seen only 2k in my account and all lose it. He was traded and lose it.
    So my money 33.2k lose.
    Please advise how to recovered.

  47. I need to make traders aware of a company called Titan Trade.
    They have conned me out of my life’s savings!
    All was going well when I invested £3,000 with them and they were producing good returns via a trading app Pro active trader MT4.
    So I invested another £6,500 again seemed to be alright good returns from the pro active trader app?
    I then invested with them the last of my life savings £45,000 as they promised returns of up to 60%!!!! How gullible am I?
    It all started to go wrong when I asked to withdraw funds….they said I had a credit to cover of $68,000 and this would need to be repaid before I could get any funds out!!….As the app showed a good profit around $200,000 I said why can you not take this from the profits built up…..then the broker Bruno Gold suggested I pay the 68k of and the all profit would be mine……alarm bells started to ring…..then Bruno Gold disappeared and a new broker Charles Goldsmith took over…….again I asked the question about withdrawal of funds….surprise, surprise….same outcome.
    Now they do not answer my many emails and it has all gone quite.
    I need this Company Shut down to stop other people losing their money.
    Please…Please…leave feedback and join forces to shut down these bastards.

  48. Please assist

    I deposited 500USD with UBO,but they have not allocated any bonuses.
    I requested a withdrawal, and suddenly I get this from them.

    > >> >
    > >> >> All funds can be only be withdrawn when the preceding stipulation has
    > >> >> been
    > >> >> fully met and fulfilled; this includes the original deposit and all
    > >> >> other
    > >> >> subsequent deposits


    I do not have the money to trade
    And it does matter as the document says any bonus withdrawals.. as
    there was none allocated when I requested the withdrawal, I made no
    profit, and no trade was done on bonuses. Also, you failed to mention
    this to me.. why am I only now hearing of it?

  49. So how do I get my initial investment back? ( see email from 19.Sept 2016 at 12:08 am).
    Would the bank be able to help and in what way?
    The question still remains whether PWRTRADE is using scam tactics.

    How do I get my money back?

    1. Hello Patrick.

      I too have been scammed by PWRtrade. They stole my £250 deposit the day after I requested a withdrawal. Have you managed to get any further with your complaint?

  50. Hi,
    I am new to this game of being scammed. I put some monies with PWRTRADE and they do not get back to me at all in spite of emails, SMs, chats etc:
    I too was pressured into giving over hard earned cash and at the start all was well, then all was not well.
    They have a very convincing webpage and all seems like a real professional legit company.
    The broker is in London and his name is Michael and was quite aggressive when getting monies off me. Also I told him from day one that I have no experiences in trades and that the $ 250.00 was enough to start trades with incremental amounts, but before I knew it, it was gone up to $1000 then he offered a bonus of $1000 so now I have lost in total $3250!
    What and where can I get help to expose this scam?

  51. BinaryRoom 365 is a scam. I opened an account with BinaryRoom 365 and started trading. A few days later I was contacted by a broker, Jonathan James and convinced to invest enough to have a “Silver account”. He helped me make several winning trades and my balance increased nicely. He then convinced my to upgrade to a “Gold account” and the account would be managed by him. Again I agreed. After upgrading, the trades were pretty good, but not as impressive as before. My broker told me if I wanted the really good trades, I would need to upgrade to their “Platinum plan”. This time I refused. I was contacted by his analyst “John Myers” who tried to convince me to invest the additional money. Again I refused. Now I was angrily handed over to junior broker “Matthew”. He spent several days trying to convince me as well. Finally Matthew made a series of winning trades and my balance increased nicely. He then called me and basically told me I was obligated to invest additional fund for his efforts. When I refused, he got very nasty on the phone. I advised him, I no longer wanted anyone from BR 365 to access or trade my account. Five minutes later, he made a series of trades, down to the last dollar in my account, all losses. My account was left with .95 in it. Please, DO NOT invest any money with BinaryRoom 365. The brokers are very nice and very convincing. When you refuse to invest the additional money, they get mad and rip you off.

  52. BinaryRoom 365 is a scam. I opened an account with BinaryRoom 365. The broker convinced me to invest enough to open a “silver account” . He helped me make several winning trades and my balance increased quite nicely. He suggested a managed account. I agreed and deposited enough funds for a “Gold Account” which they were to manage for me. Once again many winning trades. I was then pressured to invest additional funds to upgrade to a “platinum account”. I was told with the platinum account I would get the really good trades. After I refused to invest additional money, I was then handed off to a junior broker. All he did was try to convince me to invest additional money. Again I refused. The broker then went into my account and made several winning trades. He called me back and insisted for these winning trades I was obligated to invest more with them. Again I refused and directed him to stay out of my account, as I would be the only one making trades going forward. Five minutes later, he went into my account and made a series of trades, all losses, that left my account with a balance under $1.00. The brokers at BR 365 are very convincing and very friendly while trying to get you to invest more money. After I refused, the broker “Matthew” got so nasty with me I hung up on him. Please don’t make the same mistake I did and invest with BinaryRoom 365. For over a month, all they did was pester me to invest additional money. Ultimately I came to realize what was going to happen, unfortunately they already had my money…….

  53. i started trading with mike’s facebook group and i find my broker trades capital
    is not good something wrong with this not showing real price strike rate then i decide to leave broker i request for withdrawal then you will not believe what happens someone is start trading with my account i don’t know who
    my balance is decreased i contact costumer support and then they
    told me my account manager also can trade my account i don’t know
    how the hell is account manager i get a email from costumer support
    and tell him to stop but he not stopped again i contact support
    the told me accounting department is closed for today he will accept
    your request as soon as possible my balance is now almost
    zero i made a video that proof their system change price strike rate
    when try to trade can someone help me to get my money back ?

  54. Porter Finance
    I deposited $1k and was doing OK but not going anywhere. My so called account manager said that if I deposit $9k I would qualify for a $5k bonus and as I was considering a decent deposit anyway I though, what’s the harm. Once I deposited the $9k he did a ‘risk free’ session with me and we added $2k to the account. They then withdrew another $6k from my credit card without authorisation and it was only when I got nasty on the phone and threatened to close my account that they refunded the money. This was explained away as a technicality to do with minimum balance for my level of account which in hindsight, should have been my red flag. The trading sessions happened 3 more times with 1 session losing $2k so my account was $4k up in a few weeks so going well but all the while he was trying to get me to add more money and saying he could grow my account faster with a higher balance. I then stated that I had no more to deposit and therefore under no circumstances would I be depositing more money. The trades then went up in value and I increased my account by $5k in one session which looking back, I think was supposed to wipe me out as I was no longer of any use as I was not going to deposit any more money. I stated my concerns with his trading method but when he said my trades with him were risk free, I allowed him to continue.

    The next 2 days saw my account completely wiped out again on the basis that the trades I was placing were all risk free. He has stated that my account balance would be restored but all I received was another bonus agreement that I’d receive $7k bonus if I deposited $7k and had to trade 60x the bonus value before being able to withdraw anything.

    1. Follow up to Porter Finance complaint.

      I tried to email the Account Manager who drained my account and surprise surprise, the email bounced back. Porter Finance are a 100% scam, stay well clear.

  55. I opened an account with EmpireOption and started trading there. I have deposited $250 there. I have not been able to withdraw my money. When I contact the customer support, they ask me to contact the Finance Manager who is in charge of handling withdrawals. I tried reaching out this so called Finance Manager several times, however, he never responds to me. Once he picked up my call and when I mentioned him about the withdrawal, he hung my call. It is very clearly evident now that these people are looters. Never ever invest your hard earned money here. They will loot ever dollar you invest here.

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