CodeFibo Automated Binary App Review

CodeFibo by Prof. Louise is a binary option trading software which uses secret natural code to accurately predict future events. The Code Fibo app uses Fibonacci strategies to generate at least $6,900 per week. And now you have an opportunity to put your hands on this software. And you don’t have to pay a dime!

CodeFibo Binary Trading Software

Prof. Louise dedicated much of his academic carrier to help students from around the world to reach their financial goals. This app trades on 100% autopilot based on Fibonacci strategies which are automatically executed and generates huge daily profits.


How it works?

CodeFibo is a software that connects to a binary options broker account via what’s called an API. When you sign up with one of the supported brokers via the software sign up page, you are making sure that your new broker account is synchronized with your copy of the software. Code Fibo is not a software you download, but a web-based app, which means whenever you are, as long as you have a device with an Internet connection, you will be able to activate CodeFibo and let it make money for you on complete autopilot.

In order to accurately predict price direction, the Code Fibo software analyzes crowd sentiment. The system basically places arbitrage trades based on Fibonacci sentiment analysis, yielding an amazing 97% win rate.

Code Fibo Features

  • Automated trading mode requiring no trading knowledge, skills or previous experience.
  • Generates manual and automated signals based on the Fibonacci technical analysis indicator.
  • Manual signals are available.
  • Accessible on any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.
  • User-friendly

What to expect in terms of profits?

When on auto pilot, you can expect small increases to your balance, depending on your trade amount. The system will automatically place a number of trades each day (16 on average). With most brokers the return is around 80% so if for example your trade amount is $25 (which is the minimum), then you will make around $20 per trade the software executes.

According to Prof. Louise, “with auto mode enabled, CodeFibo will place 80 trades on average per week. With an accuracy of 97 percent, around 77 trades will close profitable.” Therefore, with a $25 trade amount, your weekly profits would be $1,465. As your balance grows, you’ll be able to increase your trade amount. When for your trade amount reaches $150-200, your weekly income could easily reach $7,000.

CodeFibo Manual Signals

Additionally, you can place an unlimited number of manual signals provided by CodeFibo directly to your broker’s account if you feel you haven’t reached your desired daily income by using the autopilot feature alone.

Code Fibo
Code Fibo

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11 thoughts on “CodeFibo Automated Binary App Review”

  1. I sign up to codefibo and was assigned ctoptions, One of their customer support told me $250 as the minimal deposit, yet another told me $350. I am confused. Also they have %5 trading rule, does it mean in order for me to use this broker I will have to make a deposit of $1000 as they are suggesting?

  2. I have been assigned these brokers by codefibo ( ctoptions, berkley capital) and snapcash ( 23traders & pwrtrade) which will u recommend and which should I stay away from?
    Berkley capital
    Rumelia capital
    Reply ASAP

    1. Berkley capital and Ctoptions are ok they do talk with you but got not much help from them for me

      Rumelia capital no good for me scam from what i seen

      this is all i know


  3. I sign up with code fibo and some how got some brokers that I don’t think I ask for
    only one switch is shown and stared with 300 down I ask about the switch ‘s and the auto part of it and they said oh that’s on our side we do it for you not sure what to think about these people they call there self’s bank capital and appears they have an office in New York.. how is when you sign up for an account after choosing what software you want like snap cash or codefibo these people cut you off
    how are you to get the software you so wish for ..

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