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Copy Buffett Software is one of the most popular binary options auto traders I ever saw. It’s not a new software. It has been around for several months now. For the past 6 years or so, the company who has been developing the Copy Buffett Software had been following the trading methods of the richest investor in history, Warren Buffett. They learned that to trade successfully and profitably, the easiest way is to copy the BEST!

Most systems start becoming a lot less profitable than they were in the beginning after several weeks. Is Copy Buffett still performing well or has it crashed yet in terms of performance? Can you still make a daily $1,978 with the Copy Buffett Software? Are all the old reviews that can be found in Google and YouTube still claiming that it’s the most profitable software ever still relevant?

My Initial Experience With Copy Buffett

I have tried Copy Buffett in the past. The strategy I used was to activate the robot simultaneously with three different brokers. In my experience this increased the success rate significantly. When I just started, I used just one broker (Banc De Binary), and the results were good. Not great. The ITM rate was 75%, so for every 4 trades it took, I lost one. However, positive reviews kept appearing, claiming a much higher success rate. So I had to try it again. That’s when I added a second broker, OptionBit. I find that even if sometimes I lose on one of the brokers, I win with the others, making this a very profitable strategy. The overall ITM rate when I was using the software with just one broker was 75-80%. Adding a second broker improved it slightly. The third broker made all the difference and increased my win rate to an amazing 91%.

What Is Copy Buffett Software And How Does It Work?

Copy Buffett was invented by a start-up company led by someone who obviously admires the famous billionaire investor Warren Buffett. I can understand him. If you don’t know who Warren Buffett is, a few introductory words would be in place.

Who Is Warren Buffett?

Warren Edward Buffett is an American investor, considered by many to be one of the most successful investors in the world. He is also consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest and most influential people. In fact, according to Forbes, Warren Buffett is the third richest person in the world in 2016 with a net worth of almost $61 Billion! Before him are only Bill Gates who opened Microsoft and Amancio Ortega who owns Zara. Not all of us can invest an operating system or design clothes, but who can’t trade binary options?

Warren Buffett - Copy Buffett Software
Warren Buffett

What Does Warren Buffet Have To Do With Copy Buffett Software?

Absolutely nothing! He probably doesn’t even know that a software exists that bears his name. The idea was to copy Warren Buffett’s trading strategies and tactics and to apply them into binary options trading which is an investment venue available to anyone, anywhere. Even if you don’t have much to invest, you can still trade binary options. Not more than $250 are required to begin. The software itself is FREE!

What Are Some Of Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategies And How Are They Implemented In The Copy Buffett Software?

Warren Buffett was first and foremost a value investor. Value investing is an investment paradigm derived from Ben Graham and David Dodd’s ideas. He once said: “I’m 85% Benjamin Graham,” referring to the influence of value investing on him. The basic idea is quite simple: Buy an asset that appears under priced by some form of fundamental analysis. Then, when the price goes inevitably goes up, you can sell for a profit.

To emulate this idea, the creators of the Copy Buffett software had to introduce something that almost never exists in most automated trading apps, fundamental analysis. Most binary options trading robots simply make a few technical analysis calculations to decide which assets to buy and when. However, if some real life event has an influence over the market, the software has no way of knowing it. The robots operate ideally in normal market conditions.

The Copy Buffett software can only function when its manually fed fundamental information from the back office. There are professional traders who constantly monitor the markets, conducting thorough fundamental analysis. When they recognize an under priced asset, they immediately send a signal to the software to generate a CALL trade. PUT trades are generated when the analysis team locates an over priced asset.

More Details About Warren Buffett’s Investment Approach

First, Warren Buffett takes a passive approach to investing. Rather than looking at the stock charts all day, Buffett prefers to lay back and let his money work for him. Therefore, the Copy Buffett system is fully automated and signals are triggered only when the team of expert traders recognize an under priced or an over priced asset.

Second, Warren Buffett has never in his life made investment decisions based on emotions, such as stress and fear. When you’re trading with Copy Buffett, you won’t be making the mistake of involving emotions with trading since the software does everything for you! The team of signal providers are trained in detaching their emotions from their trading decisions.

Thirdly, Warren Buffett has always been a math genius, allowing him to make effective and calculated decisions which lead to record breaking profits. Using the Copy Buffett software obviously eliminates your need of being great at math since the software does all the calculations on 100% autopilot.

Copy Buffett Software Features

Copy Buffett is FREE to use. Of course, you need to fund your account with a minimum of $250 to get started. Every investment requires an initial amount of money to work with. The software will automatically generate signals and apply them to your broker’s account. You only need to choose your Trade Volume, which is your trade amount. So if your trade volume is $25, you will be investing $25 on every signal the software generates. A winning trade means you’ll make $20 on top of your $25, bringing you to a total of $45. A lose means you lost your $25.

Copy Buffett software is an online app so you won’t need to download anything, You will be able to login to the software wherever you are, via a PC, a Mac, a mobile phone or any other type of device which is connected to the Internet.

Copy Buffett Software Platform
Copy Buffett Software Platform

Best Time To Trade With The Copy Buffett Software

The software will notify you when are the best times to trade (see the red background in the above image for an example of how it does so.) You should generally follow the recommendation when possible, but if you are unable to trade at those hours, don’t worry about it. The software is perfectly capable of producing great results around the clock!

Advanced Settings

More experienced traders can adjust the strength settings. The higher the value, the higher the winning rate you can expect, but there will be less trades in general. A lower value will increase the risk but generate much more signals.

The software includes a News Feed which is very useful as a learning tool to understand how and why are signals created. To remind you, the software will generate a signal when it recognizes an asset which is either under or over priced. This usually happens due to fundamental factors, such as news releases.

Manual Trading

If you prefer to trade manually, Copy Buffett also provides manual signals. You can use those signals with the broker platform you signed up with through the Copy Buffett software or with any other broker or demo account you happen to possess. Manual trading is a bit more complicated so if you’re a newbie, I’d stick to trading on 100% autopilot.

Is It Really FREE?

At first, they wanted to give this software out for FREE for just 30 days to allow people to test their software before they buy it. The retail price of the Copy Buffett Software is $1,970. Those who got in to the trial group were allowed to continue using the software after 30 days in exchange for 5% of your earnings. Honestly, I think they just changed their minds or something because the software is definitely free. I’ve been using it for much more than 30 days and still hadn’t received any message about having to pay or share my profits. My guess is that they could probably not even imagine how much money they will be making. Why would they need 5% if they can make 100% on their own, right? So, currently the Copy Buffett Software is available with NO PAYMENT whatsoever.

Troubleshooting Registration Problem

If the software is not accepting your email, most likely you’re in a country where the software is not supported. The list of unsupported countries is long, unfortunately, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t put my hand on it. Therefore, I’ll provide you with a partial list.

Copy Buffett Software is NOT available in most countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, Kenya, etc., except for South Africa, most countries in the Middle East (e.g., Egypt, Palestine, Iraq,) Bulgaria, India and Pakistan. And probably many more countries I’m even not aware of.

If your country is not in this list and you’re unable to sign up, try using a different email address. If it still doesn’t work, use a different browser, a different computer or even a different IP address. Nothing works? Try again later. Maybe there are currently no available spots.

Copy Buffett Software Review Conclusion

The Copy Buffett Software is one of our favorite binary trading software. We like it mostly because it’s unique. There are real traders generating signals live so you’re not working solely with a robot. The win rate is maybe not as high as Code Fibo or BinaBot, but it’s high enough to generate consistent profits. To this day I still keep the Copy Buffett Software ON, and I’m still happy with the results and profits it constantly creates for me. I would definitely recommend the Copy Buffett Software to anyone who is looking to make money with binary options trading! Warren Buffett Style!

Can’t decide between going with the Copy Buffett Software and Code Fibo? Read my Copy Buffett Vs. Code Fibo Comparative Review.

P.S. A Note About Using Multiple Broker Accounts

As I hinted in the beginning of this review, I have found a way to increase my winning rate dramatically. I’ve achieved that by added two broker accounts. I signed up with them just like I did when I just started. My success rate plummeted to %91. At that point, I realized I’ve found a gold mine.

What About You? Have You Tried The Copy Buffett Software? Are You Going To?

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  3. starling capital hear about a lot of bad things about them and how do I change broker and which ones are better and iam from Canada thanks

  4. My experience with Starling and Copy Buffet appeared total scam.
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