Dalton Finance Broker Review

Update: Dalton Finance will not be accepting new clients starting on February 1, 2017. Check out our favorite binary options brokers.

DaltonFinance.com is without a doubt one of the most revolutionary binary option brokers to become available for binary option day-traders and I believe it will continue to be one of the most reputable binary option brokers throughout 2016. Unlike most white-labeled binary option brokers that support a SpotOption, TechFinancials or a Keystone trading platform, Dalton Finance supports a new and innovative trading platform known as the Panda trading platform. By having access to this new and user-friendly trading platform, binary option investors can now have a one-of-a-kind binary options investing experience, while supplementing their income through this highly liquidated investing field. Please read this guest post by Tim Lanoue, one of the admins and professional traders in Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook. You’re also welcome to check out a short note from Jacob Jones at the bottom of this objective review.

About Dalton Finance

DaltonFinance.com offers an exciting opportunity for novice and experienced binary option day-traders in a sense that there are currently no other binary options brokers that can match the user-experience and flexibility provided by this broker. Headquartered within the United Kingdom, Dalton Finance offers one of the lowest minimum deposits, requiring only $200 opposed to other inferior brokers that require an initial deposit amount varying between $250 to $500. Another great characteristic of this broker would be how they only require a $5 minimum investment, unlike most brokers that will require no less than $25 per investment, making Dalton Finance an excellent choice for newbie and experimental online binary options day-traders. Not only does Dalton Finance provide their traders with knowledgeable and professional 24/7 customer support, but they also provide a trading experience unmatched by any other binary options broker.

Dalton Finance Trading Features

Without a doubt the best advantages about this binary options broker would be the innovativeness and high payouts offered by the Dalton Finance Panda platform. Unlike other traditional binary option brokers that offer an outdated trading platform, Dalton Finance is the first binary options broker to offer the new and simplistic Panda trading platform. Having access to over 70 different currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks and pair options binary option, investors can rest assured that they can invest as dynamic as they please, allowing them to implement more strategic and developed binary option game plans. There are four different styles of investing offered through the Panda platform and they are as followed: High/Low, One Touch, Range and Hyper (Turbo).

Dalton Finance Spec Table

Broker Title Dalton Finance
Founded in 2016
Headquartered in United Kingdom
Website URL DaltonFinance.com
Trading Platform Panda
Telephone Number +44-2035142372
Support Email support@daltonfinance.com
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS
Trader Demographics Accepted Everywhere!
Minimum Deposit $200
Maximum Deposit Unlimited (through wire transfer)
Customer Service 24/7, Knowledgeable and Professional
Mobile Trading Accepted? Yes!
Bonus Percentage Offered? Up to 250%
Bonus Trading Volume Requirement 30x Trade Volume

Getting Started with Dalton Finance

Dalton Finance is straightforward and relatively easy to get started with and requires only a $200 minimum deposit in order to get started. There are several payment methods accepted by Dalton Finance and they are: Debit Card, Credit Card, Visa Card, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Wire Transfer and Neteller. DaltonFinance.com offers a SSL Encrypted security system so you know your personal and financial information is kept safe as well when signing up with the broker. Mobile trading is accepted on a global level and unlike most binary option brokers, Dalton Finance offers an Android and iOS app to make investing on-the-go simplistic and user-friendly. Another great advantage about this binary options broker as well would be that traders are accepted on a global level, whereas most brokers only accepted non-US or Canadian residents.

Dalton Finance Education

Unlike most binary option brokers that offer a pathetic and non-beneficial educational center, Dalton Finance specializes and takes pride in their educational center. Once binary option investors open and fund their account, they will have access to Dalton Finance’s comprehensive educational center where they can learn about binary option fundamentals, market analysis, various profitable trading strategies, how to conduct traders live and social trading, access their intuitive binary eBook, Glossary and Webtrader, along with sign up for their live educational binary option webinars!


Very seldom do I come across a binary options broker that offers as many advantages as Dalton Finance. For once binary option investors of all experience levels can take advantage of the Panda trading platform, while learning how to effectively and consistently supplement their income through the Education Center offered by this revolutionary broker. Unlike most brokers that offer an outdated style of investing, DaltonFinance.com offers a style of investing that is unmatched and superior to all other competitive binary option brokers. If you’re actually looking for a reliable binary options broker that will continue to grow in popularity, reliability and flexibility then Dalton Finance is the broker of choice for you.

A Short Note from Jacob Jones

Thank you for reading this objective review of Dalton Finance! I asked Tim to write this review for two main reasons. First, he is a professional trader with a lot of experience with many different brokers and trading platforms. Therefore, I knew he would be able to write a professional and thorough review. Second, the founder of DaltonFinance is a personal friend of mine so I didn’t want to write this review myself so that it won’t be perceived as a favor. After all, my website offers objective reviews. I really believe in this broker and whole-heartedly recommend it. Why do I recommend it so much? Well, besides the reasons specified above here are some other great things about Dalton Finance:

  1. Since the owner is my personal friend, you will never have any issues with withdrawals, etc. If you do, you can always contact me and I will personally make sure that you receive a VIP treatment and that your issue is solved ASAP.
  2. Many of my subscribers are active traders in Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook or prospective members. Dalton Finance, unlike IQ Option, has all the expiries you will need in order to use our manual signals.

If you do decide to sign up with Dalton Finance, please let me know so I can add you to Michael Freeman’s signals group and also keep me updated on how you are being treated and about your experience with this broker. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Good luck and a happy and profitable trading week!


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22 thoughts on “Dalton Finance Broker Review”

  1. I must admit how super skeptical I was when I started, but I thought for $250.00 I would give it a try, I was impressed right away so I invested another $6,000.00. Now since my account is sitting at $18,000.00 after 5 months I feel the very least I should do is write him up.
    Thanks Mr. Anthony!

    Michelle and Family

  2. If I don’t accept any bonuses from this broker and want to make a withdraw would I have had to do a 100% turnover of my initial deposit?

  3. Hello, I am very new at this, I took a chance and signed up with Dalton a few weeks ago. Every review I have read states Dalton is not yet licensed or regulated. Is this common? My broker was a little short with me today because I keep asking questions about the legitamacy of the company. Everything I have read about binary option trading has been so negative and in the U.S. the SEC warns against it, stating many scam companies. I don’t have a lotof money and I just want to try and build up my retirement fund, so I am scared about whether or not I made the right decision. Any thoughts?

  4. 1. How much is the minimum cash that can be made with Dalton Finance broker?
    2. I am a complete novice about binary trading but so determine to know all and succeed in binary trading. I am a registered member of Dalton finance, how do I go about becoming a good trader. I need help !!!

  5. Very helpful. I signed up with them a few days ago and haven’t made a deposit as of yet because I wasn’t sure if they were legit but from my research, they seem to be.

    1. Hi i havent signed up yet.. Seems very legit in all but just wondering foe those who have signed up are u making any income yet?

  6. Have you ever did withdraw from them ? Not the deposit, actual profits?. Most of the brokers accept US citizen will not give back the profits. I have tried 5 diffrent brokers. They all scam when it comes to profit withdraw. Most of the brokers approve the deposit withdraw bcos if they don’t give back I can easily dispute that transaction with my bank.

    Please let me know whether dalton give back profits for us citizens.

  7. I would like to recommend Dalton Finance. I had lots of bad experience with brokers. Everything is so different with Dalton. It’s obvious that my account manager really cares about my success. I already withdrew twice in the few months I’ve been trading with DaltonFinance… I’m currently using Mike’s signals and also the advice of my account manager who sometimes points out great trading opportunities.

  8. Good platform, nice customer service, but withdrawal timeline is appalling. It takes em 5 -7 working days to process withdrawals, which is very very bad and it might take your bank another 5-7 working days, give or take that means it will take 10-14 working days for you to get your money…. we have brokers such as ayrex with immediate withdrawals and others with 24hours.
    If you can tell your friend to review this, he’s got a winner, else people are gonna have to look for a better alternative.
    Ayrex is not regulated but because of their platform and fast withdrawals, they are gaining great momentum, Dalton might need to reconsider their business process.

  9. Its been a couple of weeks since I signed up but Dean Rossini who’s managing my account is rejecting all my phone calls and emails. Any email to his email address gets rejected. Is there any way to get in touch with the owner? I want to resolve this before taking any legal action. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

      1. Their compliance department has ignored my request for verification three times so far. I’ve put in a fourth request as my account needs to be verified before withdrawing all of my funds from this fraudulent broker. I submitted the declaration of deposit form which was requested by them in a timely manner but they are completely ignoring all my emails. Legit or not Dalton has the worst customer service you can expect. I sincerely regret opening an account with these guys as I was initially convinced they were a trustworthy broker according to this site.

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