Daweda Exchange Review

Update (June 2017): Seems like Daweda Exchange is going out of business. The following message appears on their website:

“Daweda Exchange Ltd is currently in negotiations to sell its CYSEC license therefore, we are unable to accept new client account registrations or redeposits from existing account holders. If you are an existing client, whether you have a general query or wish to submit a complaint or wish to request for a withdrawal please email us on support@daweda.com or call our support team on 00357 22275000. Our website will remain operational during the sale process but no longer than the 01st of September 2017. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and our support team remains on standby to deal with your queries.”

Daweda Exchange is not really a broker, but a binary options exchange. Why is this significant? Well, as I explain in my Guidelines for Dealing with Binary Options Brokers, when you trade with regular binary options brokers, you’re trading against the house. When you lose money, your broker makes money. When you make money, the brokers lose. So why would they let anyone win, right? The US regulator, the CFTC, has recognized this fact and has outlawed solicitation of US traders to sign up with brokers such as that. The only US regulated platform for binary options is Nadex, which is actually an exchange. But Nadex is not available outside the US.

That’s where Daweda Exchange comes in. This binary exchange is EU-regulated and they are available in Europe and other countries. And they are a binary exchange so you can trade without worrying if your broker would allow you to withdraw your profits.

So are you interested in a fair, transparent and simple way of trading binary options with no slippage and no conflict of interest? Keep reading.

Daweda Exchange detailed review

Daweda Exchange is the world’s first option marketplace. They started in 2015. Their domain Daweda.com was registered in December 2014. Globally, they are ranked pretty well (#311,245). Most of their traffic comes from Kuwait (almost 40%), Spain (8%) and Turkey (7%). They are also quite popular in France, Germany and the UK.

They have decided to change the unfair terms common to binary options where you play against the brokers. The Daweda Exchange platform allows you to buy and sell options from and to other trades on the platform. Much like the real market. This way you can be sure your broker is not scamming you. They have no incentive to because they don’t lose money, when you win trades. The Daweda Exchange does not intervene in the pricing process on their platform.

Well, if they don’t profit from unsuccessful traders, how do they make money? The Daweda binary exchange charge both the buyer and the seller a low flat $0.50 fee for each contract traded.

Another great benefit in comparison to other brokers is that with Daweda Exchange, returns on your investment are 100%. So if you invest $100 and win, you get another $100. This is a lot more than the usual 60-85% returns that are available with most other binary brokers.

Daweda Exchange Platform

The platform is web-based so as long as you have an Internet device, such as a computer or a mobile phone, you will be able to access the system. No downloads are necessary. For iPhone and Android, they offer an app.

At Daweda binary options exchange when you make a trade you are basically buying from other traders who are selling an asset, or vice versa. You will be trading contracts. Each contract costs $10, so for example if you want to invest $50 in a EUR/USD CALL trade, you would need to buy 5 EUR/USD contracts. This is called an Order Slip. If you want to invest $20 in a gold PUT trade, you would buy 2 gold contracts. If you win, you get back your investment times two, minus the fee. If you lose, you only lose what you invested and the fee. If the hedge button (see below) is available, you can make sure you never lose a trade again.

Available assets include currencies – EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, commodities – oil and gold, indices such as NASDAQ and FTSE100 and stocks, such as Barclays and HSBC.

You can trade using a large number of expiries, from 30 and 60 seconds, through 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes to an hour and even longer.

Free Demo

Daweda Exchange allows you to experience their platform for free. It’s very easy to use. They offer a $500 FREE demo!


Daweda Exchange Limited are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec license number 289/16). They comply with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) guidelines, international Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

The Daweda binary options exchange is registered in Cyprus under the Cypriot Companies Law, with registration number HE 343289. Their corporate address is Grigoriou Xenopoulou 24 Nicosia, 1061 Cyprus.

Support is available at support@daweda.com.

Fax: +357 22262109.

Deposits and withdrawals

Minimum deposit is 100 USD/GBP/EUR. Different methods of deposit are available, such as credit card, bank wire, Skrill and WebMoney.

Withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours from making the request. You are eligible to make one free withdrawal per calendar month. For an additional withdrawal, you would need to pay $25.

To complete the verification process, you will be asked to provide some documentation when you open an account to enable Daweda to validate the details you have provided, which may include a utility bill (to show your place of residence), a photo ID card (to establish your personal details) and a photo of your credit card (to confirm the source of your funds).

Cashback Plan

Daweda Exchange offers monthly rebates to clients who trade in high volumes on their platform. The Cashback Plan becomes effective as soon as a real money trading account is set up. The cashback amount you will each month is a function of the age in days of your trading account and the number of contracts traded in the account. You will receive your cashback amount back into your trading account automatically. This is not a bonus. You can withdraw the cashback amount at any time.

Daweda Exchange Order Book

Daweda Exchange offers a real-time orderbook tool that allows you to view all other positions on the platform before taking an informed trading decision. In the orderbook you can see how many buyers and sellers are currently available. In one place you see all current orders on your chosen asset. It’s an invaluable tool for market sentiment analysis, which reflects the supply and demand of the chosen asset concisely and lucidly. Here’s one implication of the order book. If many people are buying an asset at a certain price, it indicates that price is a support level. And vice versa with the resistance.

Daweda Robot

If you prefer to trade on autopilot, Daweda Exchange provides one of the best auto trading solutions in the binary options industry. At the moment, they require a minimum deposit of $350.


The Hedge option is supposed to allow you to protect your trade for maximum potential results by creating another entry in the Order Book that offsets your position with a counter-trade. You then have two trades and two possible outcomes: winning one trade and losing the other and not losing any money but also not increasing your balance, OR winning two trades and doubling your profits. As soon as your original position is matched, you’ll be given the opportunity to Hedge. Your hedge order will be added to the Order Book and, when matched by another client, will balance your original position and protect your trade.

How do I trade on Daweda?

Let’s look at an example signal. One that was provided on Mike’s manual signals group.

Eur usd call 1.09930 expiry 11:30 and 11:45 gmt

  1. Choose the base asset. In this case, it would be the EUR/USD currency pair.
  2. Choose the number of contracts. If you want to invest $10, choose one. If you want to invest $100, choose 10. Every contract costs $10.
  3. Choose the direction to buy or sell. Our signal is a CALL which means to buy. A PUT signal means to sell. Confirm.
  4. Click Hedge when available to protect yourself from losing.
  5. Wait for the trade to expire.

Unfortunately, Daweda Exchange is not available in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. If you’re in one of these countries, I encourage you to read our HighLow review. HighLow is one of the best binary options brokers which are AU-regulated.

Have you tried Daweda Exchange? Please share your experience with us by leaving a comment.

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  1. Hei,i am hans,today i tried the Daweda demo,and i blow my full acc. Demo of 500 euro in about 4 hours.I was trading randomly only currency like euro/us,uk /EURO and so on.
    Without any system or chart.I came out after all with 0.43 cent at the end.There was an up and down and i did not have had any plan for risk management. this was my intention.
    I of curse have not much knowledge about binery options But still,i think that the result was positive.Because if they will have me as a new customer,there are still seems to be honest and do not manipulate there demo to lull me in.I know ,that it sounds probably stupid to you,but i see my negative success as a since,that at least the demo is reality.Also i compared there data with INVESTMENT.COM real time and it seems more or less the same.So now i look for a replay from Dawda to refund my demo to learn the right way. And further,i have no knowledge of the ATS. Further on ,I am also very interested to joint Mikes signal group,since i am a total beginner in binery.I would like the opinion of you ,the admin and fellow beginners.And now I wish all people a very happy eastern celebration.
    Your buddy Hans

  2. People please stay away from daweda exchange is just a matter of loosing and loosing again iam pulling out my last funds out of my a/c and iam told it will take 10 working days Plus I hed to verify my a/c once again in order to withdraw my funds Infact this will be the greatest SCAM of 2017 just wait and see for your self.

  3. My advise, keep away from ATS, I opened an account on the 23rd March 2017, funded my account same day, activated the ats, Friday the 24th March 2017, the ats was on $433, and Saturday 25th my account was on $516.50, Sunday lost some trades and it hit a stop-loss my was on $485.75, Monday same thing happened acc $388.50, Tuesday something happened, you guys don’t know how hurt I was because I put all my trust on that thing acc $310, that’s a $40 loss, yesterday my acc $275, so today I am withdrawing my money I will do manual trade the ats is just a waist of time.

    1. Please instead of loosing all your funds again on manual why not try to contact the admin OBO right here and join the option robot community its performing quite well with good rating. STOP With Daweda its just a mess.

  4. Having read the thread, a couple of comment observations:

    First of all Daweda does not technically provide 100% return, when compared to other conventional BO brokers. If you take into account the fee, which equates to approx 5%, it is more like 95%. Other BO brokers do not charge such a fee.

    Speaking to a Daweda rep the other day and firing loads of questions at him, he advised me not to use ATS, but to trade manually. He also said the data feeds between live and demo were the same. However in live trading there is a settlement time at the end of each expiry and is low volumes, you do not always get filled in a trade. Unfortunately there is is no magic quick solution to making money by trading, Forex or BO, you have to educate yourselves.
    I have been demo trading on a regular basis over the last 6 months and have more that doubled my account, so I think I will be funding an account shortly.

    What I have been impressed about with Daweda is that they don’t constantly chase you asking you to fund your account, sure the odd email.

    Many of the questions raised on this forum might be self answered, by setting up a demo account and playing.

    Hope this was helpful.

    I have been trading on de

  5. “Daweda” gives you access to their Demo without any investment, just sign up for free and have a look. Has anybody studied their Demo Auto Trader enough to let us know how realistic it is and if it reflects accurately how things work when you start using your own “real” money. If it is realistic then people would feel confident to have a go at it.
    I have spent several days studying and reading up on Binary Trading and Auto Traders and reading all the commentary on the Internet and seeing the totally opposing views on the whole business that any logical normal person would form the view that the whole thing is a scam. It is only after long study you will come to this definite view. Even Legit traders know that 99% of all new comers who think they will make quick easy money will loose all their deposits as quickly as they lodged them. That is the bottom line. Stick to your day job. Even the real experts loose so what chance have you.
    I would love to know what “Admin” has to say about this. Finally are Daweda and Nadex really legit and above board and very importantly do they have really honest legit Auto Traders associated with them. Thanks

    1. I couldn’t tell you in these 2 systems are legit or not but I do know Nadex has a TON of good reviews and that they are regulated and legal for US traders to use. I think Daweda is regulated as well but I am unsure if there system is legit or not since I have never used them. I don’t know if they have any AT that are with their broker either but I do know there are services that are compatible with them, although I don’t use those brokers since I prefer 24Options and StockPair and both of them are regulated. Sorry I couldn’t help you out more here mate.

  6. It is very obvious that if the people involved in OptionRobot have the nerve to make available their “Demo” auto trader to newcomers and fools like me, and to show ridiculous 90%-95% win, win, win all the time, then it automatically follows that these people are cynical robbers out to lure thousands of innocent newcomers around the World to invest $250 to start trading. The minute you start “Real” trading with your own money it disappears in minutes. To make it even worse and even more dubious you already have to have invested your minimum $250 to view this completely SCAM/FAKE Auto Trading Demo. Out of every 15 trades you will loose 10 of them. Keep far away from OptionRobot. SCAM/SCAM/SCAM.

    1. You aren’t using the right settings then, I have seen loads of great feedback on this site and other sites about traders getting good results and most of them share their feedback. Just because you don’t know how to use a system right doesn’t make it a scam Richard, wonder how your fund management was to? The demo is supposed to just help you become more efficient with there software that much is obvious, but don’t expect those to be your results because that would be ridiculous. I know this has been also pointed out SEVERAL times on this site. Until I start having losing results and more people than just you lose their money due to bad settings and poor fund management then I will always fight against you here because just about every other system is a scam in binary options and for you to say that this system is among them is flat out WRONG! I wonder if you work for one of those other scam systems or something, who knows, not like I will ever find out but you can take your feedback elsewhere it isn’t helping anyone.

      MY OR Settings: FIBONACCI/RSI-MACD-STOCH/USD.JPY-EUR/JPY./TOKYO/With PATS Short-Term strategy on this site I used a broker demo account until I got good enough with PATS turbo options then I have used it with this system and have had great results.

  7. OptionRobot is a scam. DEMO is al win, win,win. Real trading for me was 66% losses. Demo designed to lure people in and is totally unrealistic.

    1. The OptionRobot is not a scam Richard.
      Look at all the great feedback on this site and many of the other popular binary sites.
      If you use the system correctly you should get atleast 68% ITM I have read on over a dozen sites!!!
      Also I have seen A LOT of times where the demo account is said to ONLY serve as an example of how to use the software and how it is not synced with real markets or broker reuters which is why it always have diff rates and doesn’t guarantee that will be your experience. That is very clear to me and many others who take the time to read other feedback. Read more of the comments on the site before you say uneducated remarks. Sure not everyone makes profits with the system but most of them end up using it wrongly probably like you did sir.

      1. Dear Admin.
        After all u said about auto trading above, u now say it is a Scam. This is a very dramatic revelation and will be of profound interest to people everywhere. My own experience has been a disaster. Could to elaborate in detail how you finally came to this view. Many thanks.

  8. Hi Tim and Dirk
    I’m not sure if my last posting got lost. So here I go again:
    Tim, could you give us your take on what Dirk van den Berg encountered with *Daweda ATS*. I’d like to choose between OptionRobot and Daweda ATS as I stay in South Africa and as far as I know both are available to me. As someone wrote: “The only auto trader that is fully EU-regulated. Daweda Exchange Auto Trader runs on an exchange system so you’re not betting against the broker. This makes it perhaps the most trustworthy auto trader we’ve ever seen.” (Did you write that article Tim?)
    I’ve only seen good reviews here of OptionRobot.

    Dirk, I’m curious from which country you are. Sounds very Duch/Afrikaans to me.

  9. Tim, on your main Options page you recommended Daweda’s Robot over OptionsRobot provided it is available in your county. Or was it Micheal Freeman? I can’t find it now…
    But I noticed above that Dirk van den Berg had some misfortune with it.
    Could you advise as I’d like to choose between OptionsRobot and Daweda ATS.
    Your advice is highly appreciated.
    Is Daweda’s Demo Realistic or unrealistic like OptionsRobot’s? [I made many millions today on demo ;) ]
    I stay in South Africa.

  10. Hi All,

    I am interested in daweda ATS, but now i am worried after reading the last comment from Dirk, i wouldn’t want to invest into something the will just clean out my account.
    Anyone with ATS experience?

    1. Hi Jasco,

      I have not tried Daweda again. I’ve moved to OptionbBot 3. It does not have an autotrader, but it gives you sniper signals as to when to place a trade. So far it is going okay.

      Let me know if you try Daweda. I’m curious to find out how it goes. Maybe I’ll make a small deposit again to try it once more.

  11. Just a quick update. I,ve stopped using the Autotrader on Daweda. I don’t know what is wrong with it, but it is lately losing 2 out of 3 trades.

    Spoke to customer support and they said my settings are wrong. It is not!!

    Anyone else having better luck?

    1. What do you mean your settings are not wrong? Settings are something you need to adjust in accordance with current market conditions.

      1. I am aware of that. I change between Trend and Reverse depending on the market trend.

        I’ve also decided not to let the ATS trade more than 10 contracts of $10 each. It lost 7 out of the 10 trades last week. My stop-loss was set to 10 and take profit set to $100.00. I just switched it off when the losing trades started over a couple of days.

  12. Why is it that daweda retains traders money and takes centuries to refund thereby inconveniencing a trader?

  13. Can anyone show its experience with auto trader (how long they have been using it, what % of ITM, etc? I’m really interested on using it but I haven’t found any testimony to verify it works.

    1. Lots of proof that it works. Yes, it does lose some trades as well. Pretty normal. Do some YouTube searches on Daweda. As I said earlier, I’m pretty happy at this stage.

      Don’t go all in initially. Only start with one contract and 10 trades. Set stop loss to $30 or $40 initially and go from there.

    1. Pretty good. Out of 10 contracts today, 8 were ITM. Yesterday it was 7/10. I’m pretty happy at the moment. I set my stop-loss to $40.00, take profit on $80.00 and set to reverse trading.

        1. Oh yes oflate it is misbehaving even placing trades when you have not switched it on n even adjusting the stoploss feature.I advice you dont trade when offline with ATS and when it places several trades you switch it off runtill whatit is tr

  14. Sadly although option may be good, the only us broker avaible through it…is dinero libre. Which is a broker than you should not trust. Can you look into binaryoptionautotrading.com? They have finpari and binary mate available for us traders

      1. I have done the manual and ATS trading with daweda,with manual its tough the best option is the ATS,but currently having a big problem with them you place some trades they go pending and at expiry you dont get your cash back.I think they should be prompt in making refunds.Trading history cannot show pendind trades yet if you ask them for a statement of account they dont give.

  15. It seems like all of the good auto traders are strictly EU based. Are there any good Us auto traders you recommend? I know nadex is there, but they don’t have any auto trade system.

  16. Hi to all,
    I think that I am going to go with this broker. I like their Autotrader Software. You have to deposit $ 350.00 to be able to use the autotrader.
    I looked at Optionrobot as well, but I get directed to unregulated brokers. Mixed reviews.
    I looked at Penny Millionaire as well, but they direct me to BinaryOnline and Tor Options. VERY mixed reviews.

    I am so confused at the moment that I do not have clue as to which broker I must go for.
    I like Penny Millionaire because of the compounding interest, but I’m not so sure about BinaryOnline.

    Please help!

  17. Now,l’ve traded with the demo account and would like to know when to hedge ie for other taders or mine or any can do?The other question is still in demo l placed a trade,money deducted from the account and the tade remained pending,how is that?Another question,when you change the level of prices,it the trade renains pending,please somebody explain.How about a situation whereby the the call or put prices only oneis displayed or none?Would be greatful to hear from my pro traders.
    Thanking them in advance

  18. I sign up for a demo account but there is no ATS in demo unless I deposit USD250. So I can’t see how it work..rather disappointed. I believe they are more interested in us using manual trade. any comment ?
    Thank You

    1. Hello Nick,
      Please keep on practicing with your demo money and a/c till you get to know how to use there platform very well, coz its very rare to obtain a demo a/c from other binary option brokers they just direct you to there sit and after making payments they dont care what harpens to you after wards and after loosing your hard earned money they tell you oooh sorry make another payments it harpens like that but try to atlist more funds like one 1000$ we wona asign a personal coach to guide you( lies) Just practice you will be perfect. My demo a/c have reached 1000$+

  19. Hi
    I am looking to start auto trading with daweda can any one shed any light on how you set up the robot and what settings is best to use thanks

  20. …what’s da max numba of trades daweda ATS can get daily? Does it work wen user is offline? How many assets can I choose from?
    9ja bwoy!

    1. this depends on how much you expose for the ATS to trade with for that particular day. Say for example you got 1000$ you dont need to expose the whole amount, but you can set the ATS to trade with only 200$ and the rest of amount is safe.
      E.g one contract is equal to 10$ thats the minimum
      Ok 200$ is equivalent to 20 contracts of 10$ = 200$
      there is stop loss and take profit settings inside the ATS
      So set t/profits to 170$ that is 17 contracts of 10$ each=170$
      s/loss 30$ =3 contracts of 10$ =30$
      Well if the ATS makes for e.g 13 winning contracts and by coinsidence it happens that in between the ATS loosed 3 contracts remember its your stop loss limit it will automaticaly stop to the next day.
      You win 130$ you loose 30$.
      With the assets there is a fixture inside the ATS where you can choss which ever asset you confident with. But they allow only one asset with your settings.Not two or three like other robots No

        1. Yah you can but start with 100$ that is the money exposed for the ATS to trade with for that particular day. Set stop loss and take profit to your desire.
          But first do you know how to read the fundamental news and technical analisis before you chose your asset to trade with.
          Well i trongly recomend you trade with the demo a/c and be familier with the platform.
          To trade with ATS you must fund your a/c with demo a/c you cant acces the ATS.

          1. Hi Macharia,well l gave the ATS a trial and its not bad.The problem came in when their systems started hanging you place a trade money goes in pending to expiry and no refund,has that ever happened to you n how long do they take to refund?

  21. Back in the day when Daweda first opened I recall it had issues with being off the pace of the markets; up to 10 micropips wasn’t uncommon. Can anyone who uses Daweda confirm whether that’s still the case?

  22. Dear All,
    l love the saying when some BRAİNWASHED person says, do you
    have a ISLAMİC ACCOUNT or BROKER, are they BLIND also ? ?.

    How do THEY thınk ALL the ARABS are SO RICH, ıts CALLED
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    SHOW and 200% FULL OF SECRETS, dont get me started ? ?.

    Some poor people ın OVER 40 of the POOREST COUNTRIES of
    the over 40, beıng Muslim, would LOVE to have a LITTLE
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    them, havıng A LITTLE FOOD ıs there Bınary Optıon, ? YES ?

    All you people, have a good day now, and keep a eye OPEN
    for that DONKEY.

    1. @Hana: I can’t see what’s your problem with someone asking if this broker has an Islamic account or not?! If Omar feels psychologically more confident or cool to trade using an Islamic account (which is a swap free account or other formula adapted to Binary Option) he is free to do and ask whatever he wants without offending anybody. I wonder if you have ever heard of Islamic Finance in UK, in USA and all over the world?.. You can live in Arab countries all your life and you will not understand Omar question. The guy did nothing to you and was not even talking to you. There was no need to be so mean and cruel. Unfortunately these kind of stereotypes are often used by narrow minded and simplistic people.
      Make peace and relax.

  23. I have been using Daweda demo acct for awhile now, and I am interested in the auto-trader program, It says on their website that the min. to set it up is $500. How has it been going? any experience out there with it?

  24. i am from kenya,i have a question about the withdrawals do they require the two documents or simply one of them,because i have been having a problem accessing a utility bill?

  25. hi,

    Is it available in Papua New Guinea, because I clicked on the link above for the demo but it’s not going through.

  26. Hi my name is Ayanda Ndlela and I am very new in the binary options market. I have two (02) questions, is Daweda Exchange available for someone like me who lives in South Africa? My second question is how do I go about joining Mike’s FB page because I am very interested.

    Awaiting your response

  27. Hi,
    I’m from India and Just now signup in Daweda using your link.

    My doubt is, will they create any trouble in withdrwals like other brokers?
    And most of Auto traders and/or Brokers do not allow India but this accepted my signup. Can i continue with using of Demo and there with Live account.

    Please suggest me.
    Also I would like to join for Mikes signals group. I have sent my email in your fb page. Please suggest me if i’m wrong in sending my email on FB.

    Looking for your response.



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  29. Hello. I wanted to learn more about Daweda so I watched a few videos in their Youtube channel, which were basic at best. In those videos I never saw the option to choose the expiration time/date you wish. Is this something that was not shown the video, or is it not possible to make that choice?
    I also could not find the link for the demo account. All I could find in their homepage are 2 buttons (Start your trading, Open an account), and both of them ask for more information than just an email and a password, as it is advertised, which leads me to believe that this is a real account setup. I live in Greece, so it should be possible for me to join without any issue.

    Thank you,

  30. The last reply, are you sure it was me who asked the question? Just that I don’t recall saying 5000$ unless predictive text cocked it up lol xxx

  31. your earlier coment on FB you stated there is a robot and one is required to fund the a/c with 5000$ so is there a robot set up by an analist on your behalf or

  32. Hi, thank you for your speedy reply but I’m still confused ? lol.
    If I open an account with Daweda.com are you saying I still need another account for funding as in a broker account or is there another website for Daweda exchange? Help!
    I’m not trusting brokers now with the review I read earlier.
    Thank you
    Hazel Jones

  33. Hi, only just come across this site after weeks of searching through loads of binary options sites where you work against each other but I am interested in learning if Daweda.com offers auto trades and /or would I have to have a broker given what you’ve said about you win, brokers lose and vice versa etc?
    Thank you

    1. Daweda currently are not offering an AutoTrader. In order to trade binary options, you do need an account with a broker which can be a traditional binary options broker or a binary exchange such as Daweda Exchange, Nadex and IG.

  34. I tried to sign up for thier demo account but it said that “at this time your not allowed to signup from your country?

      1. i tried to open account with them but they say the same thing as bob has written above ‘the access from your country is blocked’
        I am living in Canada.zahid

          1. Hi Rob. In regards to your comment about Daweda, were you able to sign up with them. I also live in Canada and just came across their website. If you are with them, how do you like trading with them. Thanks for your input.

          2. Hi Rob, did you try to withdraw money back . Under terms and condition section 2.3.1 says USA, Canada and Israel users are not allowed to use Daweda.

      1. Hello Robert,

        Good to hear that auto trader is working and can start with 500$.
        could you please tell me the approximate ITM(like %). from how many days you are using Auto trade option in Daweda.

        your response would be more helpful.


        1. as for my P&L so its all about market’s volatility, when its more volatile I use the “reversal” (most likely to catch good trades) and I have about 78% wining success. and when the market is more quiet I am changing to “trend” and I have about 70% successes. it took me about A week to learn how to use it wisely but now I am much more confident.

          1. hi, robert
            i want to try their ATS, but can you please tell me, what exactly tells you that market is volatile and you should use “reversal” and vice versa. can you explain step by step please.

          2. hi, robert
            i recently joined daweda exchange, can you please let me know what time will be best to trade using ATS, and what currency to trade . i like to trade eur/usd using trend strategy because this pair is almost never volatile. and please let me know that how do you know when to use reversal strategy, is it when currecny start to go up and down rapidly. thanks, i hope daweda exchange ATS will make me some profit, as they can be trusted.
            your response will be helpful.

        1. I don’t use the ATS no more because I don’t get time, but if you don’t know how to use it, please refer to Robert comments, if you want to know when pair is volatile. You can go onto live charts online and check the movement of the pips/or pair price , if it going up and Dow rapidly, it means pair is volatile, this is simple way to know, otherwise you can use volatility indicators, and also look out for big news, 3 bulls means pairs will be volatile, you can check the news by going onto different trading news websites, I hope this helps

      2. Hey Robert im searching for an ATS System and have seen you know the Daweda ATS System can you give me some Tips to get Profit of it would be very happy if you Reply me :)


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