Best EUR USD Strategy by Snir

Snir’s Best EUR USD strategy is one of the most effective and consistent strategies to date within the binary options trading industry. Snir is among the top three performing trading admins for Michael Freeman’s manual signals group on Facebook who has shared and generated over 600 in-the-money trading signals for this elite Facebook group. Not only has he helped thousands of members profit with his signals but he has also shared many trading strategies, such as his best EUR USD strategy that generates a success rate on average of 76% or higher.

EUR USD strategy demonstration

Now this is a technical analysis based trading strategy so the use of a charting solution such as Free Stock Charts as seen and used by Snir in the video is highly encouraged. One of the best advantages of this binary option trading strategy would be that only one technical indicator is needed, opposed to many, which oftentimes clouds the charting solution, making it more difficult to see signals. The only technical indicator we use would be the exponential moving average set to a period of 60 and the required time frames can vary between 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

In order for a trading signal to be generated, we wait for the formation of a candlestick formation known as the engulfing candlestick, where a candlesticks “engulfs” the entire body and wick of the candle previous to it. If the engulfing candle is bullish then we look into placing a CALL investment that correlates relatively near the same time value that our time frame is set on. If the engulfing candle is bearish though, we then look towards placing a PUT investment near the same expiry time of our time frame. To see this EUR USD strategy live in action, please feel free to watch the video above.

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  1. Hello!
    This looks promising. However I did not understand the “retracement” he spoke about in the video? Can someone in this forum clarify this strategy a little more for me?



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