Forex Starter Guide

Welcome to our Forex Starter Guide where you will come across a vast amount of information pertaining to Forex trading. Among some of the information that will be covered on this page would be: how to find a regulated broker, verified investment services and software along with determining how to get started on the best investment path possible. We will cover the top ranked regulated brokers, the best performing signal services and software along with tips on how to maximize your time and efforts with Forex trading.

Now, just like with most professions where you come across a training phase, the training phase for Forex trading would be setting time aside to study and practice for a few weeks or up to a few months (depending how much you know about trading online). To be honest, there is a large amount of information to digest and remember, such as learning to read financial graphs, conducting market research and applying different styles of trading analysis and how to find reliable brokers to consider investing with. There are so many options made available that it is almost impossible not to feel overwhelmed, which is why we have developed this user-friendly Forex Starter Guide to help you all get started the right way!

Best Regulated Forex Brokers

The earning potential through Forex trading is immensely underestimated because of the inexplicable truth that most newbie traders who take on this industry lose their hard-earned money due to not getting started on the right path. Their unfortunate experience causes them to oftentimes decide to cut their losses short and only leave negative feedback about their experience although much more could be said and done on their behalf. You see, most people believe that investing online with Forex or binary options is going to turn out to be much simpler than it appears but unfortunately those believers are in for a rude awakening. Becoming a trader from home is just as demanding if not more demanding than many others jobs and if your work ethic is not up to par to help you develop and become a better investor than more likely than not you will fail.

Now, we don’t mean to deter you from Forex investing or trading online through numerous other channels like binary options or CFD (Contracts-For-Difference) but this is the cold, honest truth. An appropriate mental attitude to possess when preparing to take on the financial markets would be to come in determined to succeed where you won’t let anything stop you from achieving what is right in front you! The earning potential is absolutely amazing with Forex and as long as you get started with regulated brokers, proven trading strategies and systems along with a determined mindset you can and will make money through Forex trading.

Now, keep in mind that you can’t win everyday. Even the best investors in the world have losing days or even weeks. This is why the incorporation of a strict money management strategy is of great importance when trading online from home through Forex, binary options, CFDs and vanilla options. Two dangers you should always be hesitant and aware about when it comes to the realm of online day-trading would be scam brokers and fraudulent signal services.

Scam Forex brokers operate in a variety of different ways such as denying withdrawal requests, manipulating trading data, offering broker signals to slowly swindle you out of your money and ultimately just stealing your money.

Fraudulent signal services and trading software simply are gauged to providing you losses over a short or long-period of time. More often than not most deposits are lost within the first 48 hours if you get started with a fraudulent trading operation.

So how can you avoid these seemingly unavoidable trading operations and keep your money from being swindled out beneath you? Simple, you can take our recommendations since we will only ever recommended regulated Forex trading brokers that are legal to invest with (depending on your demographic) along with services and software that have been shown and proven to generate winning trades.

To be honest, if you are reading this page, consider yourself lucky! Most of you will only come across this page after you have lost money, but fortunately for you, your warrior spirit lives on and you are looking for a way to recoup some of your losses and change your life around for the better. On this page one of our main priorities is just that! We are going to provide you with the guidance you need to start making money with regulated and legal investment brokers along with only the best services for online trading!

Best Forex Signal Software

One of the most popular ways to make money online through Forex investing would be to get started with an accurate and consistent trading software or signal service. However, finding a reliable system to trade online with Forex is not as easy as it seems. To be blunt, most systems are scams which is why we have taken the time to recommend only the best and tested services at the expense of our own dollar. All of the systems provided to you below are the best performing and highest trading systems and services and you will NOT find a better alternative.

We constantly roam the online market place and all corners of the Internet searching for systems that show promise. We have many contacts informing us about new, even secret launches. If the system or service seems legitimate then we will try it ourselves to verify the results before ever recommending it to one our subscribers and visitors.

Unfortunately, the number of scam signal services are increasing in population and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are curious about whether or not you can trust a system or signal service you run across on the Internet then don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We are here to help you and everyone in our community prosper and grow together!

Best Performing Signal Services

Michael Freeman’s Secret Manual Signals Group on Facebook is one of the most successful and popular trading communities for binary option and Forex traders. Operating throughout all hours of the day, 5 days per week, this signals group has developed into the perfect starting point for newbie online day traders. Opening a Facebook account is free and your privacy is always secured. Signals are available for Forex and binary options.

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  1. bet long on Facebook this week and made great profits!
    call trade, profit of $617 this week alone
    started with $500, already doubled my account!!
    liking this so far, trading is so easy on their platform!

  2. BOTS $97. is accurate, but a little misleading. Most charges are weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. BOTS is $97. for two weeks….$194. a month.

    1. I’ve been with BOTS for over 5 months now
      I took a chance and I am glad I did
      Only successful and accurate service I’ve been with long-term


  3. Please review Oanda and FXCM forex brokers. Don’t know if they r regulated but do accept Canadian customers which is a rare breed to see each passing day. Thanks in advance and pls keep up the good work you and Mike is doing. All the best. Much humbly appreciated.

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