Gemini 2 Scam Review – Gemini2 Is A SCAM!

“READY TO MAKE AT LEAST $12,341.37 A DAY?” Yeah? I know. Me too! Unfortunately, Gemini 2 by Brandon Lewis ( is NOT the way to achieve this goal! Surprised? This article is for you. Make sure to read this Gemini 2 review well if you intend on signing up with this software, which I believe is a SCAM! Here’s why.

Gemini 2 is another one of those offers we’ve seen in hundreds. Join a group of beta testers and gain an opportunity of testing this “amazingly profitable” system for FREE! In a click of a button, you will be able to start generating huge profits on 100% autopilot. Does it sound reasonable to you? I hope not!

Brandon Lewis and Gemini Holdings

Brandon Lewis introduces himself as the owner and CEO of Gemini Holdings, an investment firm associated with the binary options market. They have been creating successful trading tools for years now, such as Gemini2. Strange I hadn’t heard of them! The Gemini software has been making between $10,000 and $50,000 per day (!) for the last 3 years without losing a single trade. Now before Gemini 2 is launched in 2018, he needs 50 beta testers to try the new version of the software. The selected beta testers will get to try Gemini 2 for FREE! However, they will still need to fund a new broker account with a minimum of $250 via the Gemini 2 website.

Gemini 2 By Brandon Lewis, CEO of Gemini Holdings
Gemini 2 By Brandon Lewis, CEO of Gemini Holdings

Gemini2 List Of Funnies

There are quite a few hilarious features we noticed about the Gemini2 website. Want a quick laugh? Here we go:

  1. Brandon Lewis says you’ll receive money to your bank account 10 minutes after registration and that “you can withdraw money in just 15 minutes,” but withdrawals usually take at least a couple of days!
  2. If this is Gemini 2, then where’s Gemini 1? The website was registered on May 24, 2016, just 5 months ago.
  3. Only 50 spots available? As you spend more and more time in website, the number of spots goes down. But refresh the page and ta-da! Back to 50 spots!
  4. “The Gemini 2 APP is the first ever no losing software”
  5. The track record shown on The Gemini 2 website has fake numbers (we checked!) and refers to dates before the website was even registered!
  6. Brandon Lewis is the alleged CEO of Gemini Holdings. Hard as I tried, I couldn’t find such a company!
  7. Brandon says at one point that trading in the financial market takes place 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. I would expect from an expert to be a little more knowledgable about his business. Every newbie knows that there’s no trading on weekends.

Gemini 2 Settings

  • I don’t see that there’s a manual trading option with the Gemini 2 software. So I guess you can only use it on auto by clicking on the Activate Auto-trading Algorithm button.
  • Enable currencies – You can choose whether Gemini 2 trades currencies or not.
  • Enable stocks – Activates trading stocks. Seems like Gemini 2 can trade either currencies or stocks. You can select which of these you want.
  • Compound wins – Increases your trade amount as your balance increases. Hopefully it also works in the opposite way, decreasing your trade amount as your balance shrinks (which is what you should expect with Gemini 2.)

Why I Don’t Recommend Using Auto Traders

Auto Traders are a great idea. There’s no doubt about that. For example, when Michael Freeman launched his signal service a couple of years ago, he was giving out approximately 6 signals per day. He tried to spread them throughout his day, but obviously there were still traders who were not able to catch the signals. That’s when he came up with the idea for Mike’s Auto Trader. But when we started offering an automated software we came across some unexpected problems. First, the brokers’ goal is to convince their clients to invest large sums and purchase a managed account. This ensures that you will lose your money, which means the broker will make money. A lot of money. Then came Auto Traders and now people didn’t need to broker’s help. And they were actually making profits! When the brokers found out about this, they added a line to their terms of conditions prohibiting the use of such auto traders.

But the brokers still allowed those robots, some of them at least. They strategy was as following: If the robot was a scam and cannot generate profits anyway, they just let it run. The good auto traders they just deactivate. Then they start trading your account until you lose everything, believing it’s the software fault. Now, you’re in trouble. If you ask the broker, they will tell you it’s the software’s fault and point out that you were not even allowed to use the software. You broke the law, so you cannot complain to anyone!

What About Gemini 2 by Brandon Lewis?

Here’s my criterion. If someone offers you a free software that can generate thousands of dollars per day on 100% autopilot – just like Gemini 2 does – then it’s definitely a scam. If it’s a semi automated system which generates signals and then lets you apply them to whichever broker account (or even demo account) you’d like to, then it may be legit. The signals need to be tested, of course.

Is There A Way To Use Auto Trader Today?

I recommend auto traders to experienced traders who have some experience in trading with signals. The reason is that using signals can be tricky and you don’t want to make any mistakes when you’re investing real money. It’s a better idea to start practicing trading manual signals on a demo account. An ideal and FREE environment for that is Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook. I recommend opening a real account only after about 1-2 weeks of demo practice.

Review Conclusion: Gemini 2 is a FRAUD!

Gemini 2 by Brandon Lewis is definitely a SCAM. Making hundreds of dollars a day is a great achievement in binary options. Making thousands per day is just fiction. Especially on autopilot. Please stir away from Gemini 2 and invest your money in other, more worthwhile opportunities. Sign up with a legit broker that offers a demo for practice and use trustworthy signals. You may not be making thousands per day, but you will also not put yourself in unnecessary risk. It’s best to start slow and steady, even if it takes you a little more time to get to your financial goals. Feel free to consult with us regarding any question relating to binary options.

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Gemini 2 by the way did not yet make it into my scam scale, meaning it’s not as dangerous as some of these other scams:

My SCAM SCALE (Last Updated: September 25, 2016)

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  2. Push Money App
  3. Dubai Lifestyle App
  4. Terabit Trader
  5. Insured Trading
  6. Lucrosa
  7. Prizm Tech – from the creators of Dow Jones Focus Group, Ice9 and TradeFusion scams.
  8. Ice 9 Technology
  9. Cash Formula
  10. El Truco Zulander – Spanish SCAM!

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  1. I have been offered a Beta test option, do I take it?
    So many conflicting reports about this, some say good go for it, others say stay away.
    Just who do you believe?

  2. If it sounds to good to be true…..I’m a senior on ss and certainly cannot afford to lose money to a scam. Shame these people cannot be arrested and punished.

  3. What you show above is not even close to what actually comes up. I would like to cancel registration, but there is no place to do that on the app. Also, received 3 phone calls from 3 different men from the UK telling me they don’t bother with small amounts and want upwards of $5000. Also the initial, “fee” was $300 not $250. The UK men, also wanted color copies of drivers lic, (front and back), a copy of either a bank statement or bill for proof of residence, and also a form with signed signature. Not going to happen. Am hoping to cancel registration and get my money back if possible.

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