Gold Digger Scam Review is an automated binary options trading system that puts an emphasis on the gold asset. Why gold? Gold is the only asset that stands the test of time, while currency collapses are quite common. With gold, there is a steady long-term increase of value which isn’t affected by financial crisis. Time and time again gold proved to be the safe haven investors were looking for. We’ve seen several robots targeting the gold asset, but they were found to be scam systems. Please read this objective review to find out why we believe that Gold Digger is different and is NOT a scam.

What is offered by Gold Digger?

To join, you need to invest a minimum of $250 with one of the supported brokers. The Gold Digger software is free to try, but for every winning trade, you’ll be charged a 1 cent commission. You will not be able to withdraw more than $9,000 each week. Your deposit will get inflated by 40 times, so let’s say you deposited $250, the actual account balance you will be trading with will be $10,000. This allows the software to make you returns of thousands of dollars per each trade and therefore you won’t need to trade more than just a few times weekly. The GoldDigger software works in 3 stages: First, gold, silver and different currencies quotes are gathered directly from the banks. It identifies the common patterns when the big banks are significantly moving the price. Second, Antony, Ronald and other professional traders analyze the pattern and the signal and decide if it is a profitable opportunity. So unlike many other trading software and scam systems, the signals in Gold Digger are generated by humans, and not automatically. Finally, the signal reaches your account and the trade is automatically made. This is a fully automated money machine, which works on 100% autopilot. The actual profits you can expect with Gold Digger are 180-450% of your investment per week. The support team is available 24/7 via email ( or phone (+44 20 3289 0062).

How do we know Gold Digger is not a scam?

Gold Digger was developed by two Russian rocket engineering scientists and technical analysts, Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk, who discovered a way to profit by trading gold using binary options. They spent many years trying to develop the best trading software. In 2006 they created the GPS Forex Robot, which is a groundbreaking forex software that “in 9 years NEVER had a losing month!” In 2012 Antony and Ronald released the first version of a Commodity Robot which focused on trading several profitable commodities, such as Gold, Silver and Oil. Copies of this software were no longer available 11 hours after the launch. Luckily for us, they didn’t stop there and after 3 years they have moved to the binary options market and produced the GoldDigger trading system, which can make you as much as $2,500 every week. Antony and Ronald, the creators of GoldDigger, had even notarized the results of their trading system by a 3rd-party German notary (Notariat Schmidt) because they are well aware of the fact that many scam systems add fake results to their offers. They have also designed a poll for their users which enables you to gain some insight into the experience of users who tried the GoldDigger trading robot.


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  1. Dear
    Nice REVIEW. I enjoy it. Could you please reduce the top blue lines? Not user friendly for android mobile.
    I got final call from gold digger to trade with GPS TRADER/NEDEX/BLOOMBEX,etc. These make me confuse to choose,but I prefer to join with Gps Trader. May I ask you
    1 How to deposit? To account of Golddigger or the brokers? The methods, I only have Bank ATM CARD. Not have Credit card/Visa-master debit card. I cant use bank wire transfer. Do they have e-money account like Skrill/Webmoney? Or, if I have none e-money account, can I send money via online money changer to to them?
    2 System. I am affraid to trade by myself caused by EMOTION. Here, to trade by AUTO/ROBOT/semi/manual?
    3 A softwre found by a professor at Univ of Michigan. Can you tell me its name? Thanks for help

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