HFTFinance System for Binary Options is a SCAM!

By Tim Lanoue

The HFTFinance System for binary options is a deceptive binary options trading scam! After receiving a large amount of inquiries and complaints in regards to the legitimacy of the HFTFinance System created by John Williams for binary options we couldn’t wait any longer and we had to expose this deceptive trading system as one of the most ridiculous binary option investing scams of 2017. Throughout the duration of this scam review we will completely debunk the HFTFinance software for all its worth and shed some light behind the marketing tactics utilized by the scam marketers directly responsible for this fraudulent online trading system.

HFTFinance System

The HFTFinance System, otherwise known as the High Frequency Trader Finance System, is without a doubt one of the most pathetically put together binary option investing scams that I’ve come across. The implementation of scam marketings widgets is overly apparent, the pitch video is absolutely pathetic and is clearly a green screen and the promises made by hftfinance.com will never be met, we can assure you that!

Among the first scam marketing widget utilized by these scammers would be the notorious “Spots Left” widget which in this case is displayed as the “Free Licenses left” widget. This is a common scam marketing widget utilized by fraudulent online scammers because it rushes the person viewing the website while watching the pitch video to hurry up and sign up with the system essentially before there are no free licenses left.  Oftentimes we also see this widget implemented in the form of a backdown timer which also causes the viewer who is looking at the website to hurry and sign up before “time runs out.”

Another marketing tactic utilized by these scammers would be the number of people who are “currently viewing this page.” A funny thing though about all of these marketing widgets is that if you simply refresh the page all of these widgets will reset to their originating value, this is the easiest way to tell if a system such as the HFTFinance System is complete garbage and full of you know what.

So now that we have exposed the technical frame work of this moronic online trading scam lets go ahead and move forward with further debunking it for the few cents that it is worth. As you can see in the image provided below, the HFT Finance scam places an average of over 2,500 trades every investment day for their users on complete auto trader and they claim that their success rate to date is an average of 98.6%. Not only are these two of the most ludicrous figures a software website can guarantee but it is completely unrealistic and definitely fits our criteria of a binary options trading system that sounds too good to be true!

Another red flag that I came across as well would be that the system claims that each investment is concluded within a matter of 2 to 3 seconds whereas we know that the shortest expiration time offered by any binary options broker is a minimum of 30 seconds.

The fourth red flag that I came across as well when further investigating this binary options trading scam would be how it claims to have over 12 months development built into the application of this software however as we can see in the image provided below the domain itself was created less than a year ago so not only do these two factors not match up but it also just goes to show how lazy these scam marketers were in the development of this online trading scam.

The last couple of red flags that I came across when debunking this binary options trading scam would be how they claim in the pitch video how investors can generate a profit between $15,000 to $27,500 per day when using this software. Now for those of you who didn’t take the time to view the website don’t worry, you truly aren’t missing much… Besides a really bad green screen prop, a few poorly edited photoshopped bank account images along with of course a few fancy cars and the attractive woman that we see in about 99% of all the other binary option investing scams that we expose on here.

HFTFinance System Review Conclusion

No matter how pathetic a binary options trading scam like the HFTFinance is put together it doesn’t make it any less dangerous especially to newbie binary option investors who don’t know better so it is with this truth in mind that I ask you all to please share this scam exposure article. The more feedback and shares we have the more our community can thrive and the less number of newbie binary options investors can fall victim to this absolutely ridiculous online trading scam!  We can assure you the only result that will arise by signing up and getting started with this trading system would be the loss of your hard-earned money!

As always thanks for reading everyone and please feel free to share any feedback, comments or suggestions that you may have below!

Lastly, make sure to stick around for more scam reviews and educational binary option day-trading articles to come!

For more trading tips and information on how to avoid getting scammed from Tim Lanoue, please check out his 2017 Binary Options Investment Guide.

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  1. If there would be any law to protect the innocents in north america, all these scam artists would go to jail.
    But not in North America…..the law protect the crooks, you call this democracy,honest …what kind of people is North America………?????

    1. Hey Mxo,

      I am just a guest blogger here who writes scam exposure articles, educational articles and beneficial reviews that are highly reviewed and rated by the public. Our admin who allows me to post can help you out my friend, feel free to send an email to: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and if you need any extra assistance he will get ahold of me and I’ll do what I can to assist you as well. I hope you are doing well and have a great rest of your evening!

      Tim Lanoue

  2. Sí ESTAFA,TEN GUARDADO CO TRADEXTRA SON ESTAFADORES, pero de clase!!!Losiento que e puesto todos mis ahorros en tradextra, pero no tenía esta información y lo agradezco ! Clando Tego dinero voy a poder en 24opciones porque son personas que dan cara,ablan y esplicando!!!
    Pero por mi suerte entre en LA FALSOS DE TRADEXTRA,QUE TE DEJAN SIN NADA Y SIN SABER COMO Y QUE PASO!!!Ten cuidado con tradextra!!!No se pero ahora me toca trabajar duro ahorrar y entrar en 24opciones! Porque creo y estoy sigura que voy a ganar con esto!!!

    1. Hola Dimitrina,


      Siento oír que usted fue estafado por ese corredor, nunca me inscribiría con un corredor que no está regulado ni licenciado! ¿Estabas buscando para empezar con el corredor 24Options por casualidad? Háganoslo saber para que podamos ayudarle y podemos presentar un informe también para los inversores para evitar que el corredor de TradeExtra, así como para hacer un caso más público para usted. Háganoslo saber y haremos lo que podamos para ayudarle!

      Tim Lanoue

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