Martingale Trading Pattern

I found this old video (from 2012) depicting a very interesting binary trading pattern, which I believe may still be quite relevant today. Therefore, I decided to share it with you guys.

The video is a demonstration of a 60 seconds binary pattern with which an account can be grown from $251.83 to $6757.50 in just one week. It might also be one of the safest binary options trading pattern there are! The reason for that is that this trading pattern puts an emphasis on regaining back lost funds instead of trying to secure huge winnings. The pattern might look a bit tedious, but the steady and consistent profits it generates make it totally worth the work!

Keith Jones, who is presenting this video, is trading with the TradeRush broker, which used to be a pretty good SpotOption broker, but is no longer very popular plus they are not regulated. This specific binary trading pattern can be used with most of my recommended brokers.

This binary trading pattern is based on the fact that since prices fluctuate over a 5 point decimal base, as long as you make 5 trades close to one another, you are guaranteed 100% to win one of those trades. According to Keith, “if you continue to do this on a regular basis, you will find the profits mount up pretty quickly, I mean, between 80 and 150 dollars an hour I’d say most people can do.”

Required Features To Use This Binary Pattern

How This Simple Binary Trading Pattern Works

To use this simple binary trading pattern, first, choose an asset for which the payout is 70% or higher. Then, you can place the first trade in the direction which most people are taking. For example, if for the EUR/USD, 42% of traders believe it’s going to rise and are therefore placing a CALL Trade, while 58% of the traders are placing a PUT trade because they believe the asset is going down, then you would need to place a PUT on the EUR/USD together with the majority of traders with a 60 seconds expiry.

  1. Place a $5 sixty seconds trade on an asset with a 70% or higher payout.
  2. If you win the trade, start all over again. Place another trade according to what the majority are doing with a $5 trade amount.
  3. If you lose, place an additional trade but your trade amount should now be $10 to cover your loss. If you win, go back to $5 trades. It’s very important to immediately place a new trade after losing a trade.

The idea behind this binary trading pattern is very simple. You want to cover any losing trades with additional trades that have higher trade amounts. So if you lose a $5 trade ,you would then need to immediately take another $10 trade. If you win it, you get back the $5 you lost plus about $2 (if the payout is 70%). If you lose a $10 trade, you then need to immediately place a $15-$20 trade to recover your loss and gain a profit. If you lose the $20 trade, your next trade amount will be $30-40, and so on and so forth.

With this method you will be making between $1 and $1.80 per minute of trading. It seems not to be much, but remember that it’s an extremely low risk method of trading binary options.

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How Did The Pattern Work For You?


  1. Hello there,

    Admin, please
    Does this strategy still works till now with you?

    I wanna give it a try on the IQoption platform.


  2. Hi l need only trading basic skills
    That could possibly help me learn trading within 3 days thank you in advance

  3. Was going good from only a small balance £5

    Got up to £35 then got hit with

    1 2 4 8 16, so pretty much wiped out my account, I could see that the pair direction was down, yet traders mood was up. I should have stepped out when I could see the overall trend of down and I now only trade to step 3. If I have not recovered my loses by then, let it go and start at 1 again.

    Some common sense of when to follow traders mood is also a good idea and dramatically increases the win ratio.

  4. Have tried this on an IQ options demo account on EURUSD when there was no high impact news and the market was ranging. It did work and never lost more than three in a row. Maybe this was just luck. Would I try it on a live account? Probably not.

  5. You guys are right. This is some kind of altered Martingale strategy. The original Martingale strategy works like this:
    For example, you invest a 1 $ CALL and you lose. You then immidiately buy a 3 $ PUT option right at the beginning of the next candle. Should you lose that trade as well, you buy a 8 $ CALL option, and so on. That way, you not only compensate your former losses, but make a profit if the markets are not totally behaving in an errating fashion.
    A trade row could look like this: 1 – 3 – 8 – 18 – 40 – 88. That would sum up to an account balance of 156 $. I already traded a longer trade row, but you put more and more pressure upon yourself if you do that and keep losing. I lost several of those dreaded 7th trades which almost blew my account. Then I stopped martingaling and now I joined Mike’s Trade Group. :)

    In my opinion, it’s NOT trader sentiment that’s important. Remember, you can lose trades with 90% traders on your side of the trade. What can make Martingale a success is a clear trend that you can follow. Never martingale in neutral trading ranges. If you check whether there’s a clear trend that you can follow, you might give Martingale a chance, but try that strategy on a practice account first. My account went up 700 $ in a matter of 2-3 days, and I thought this keeps going on and on. Very naive, and in fact it didn’t. With Martingale you win small (in our example, ca 1 $ per minute). If you want to make your starting bet 2 $, your balance should be at least 1,500 $. With a clear trend, should always win your fourth bet of a trading row. If you don’t, stop it and find another asset with a clear trend of the past ca 5 minutes.

    Successful investing and good luck to y’all!

  6. Hi.Can i apply this strategy with IQ options?,And then again can i apply this strategy on weekends with currency OTC’s as on week days?

  7. The Trader popularity is the key to this strategy. So you need to use the same broker as Keith or find a similar one. If the trader popularity is not accurate then possibly it will not work. One would need to test it.

  8. Keith is a scammer who has had a number of YouTube channels over the years, promoting junk auto traders for broker fees. Has had a number of surnames and was most recently working with Ben Newman as trend expert/option expert which has packed up. Ben is now working as “bullish”. Complete and utter scam artists – stay away from anything this bloke talks about.

  9. Hello Sir ,

    I have 140 dollars in my account , could i use this strategy with smaller amounts for example gain 2000 dollars in a week? Thank you

  10. It is indeed similar with the martingale strategy. I’ve been using it in Casino’s.
    To lower your risk of ending up in a big streak of losing is to start betting after a streak of red/black(call/put in this case) reaches 3-4. Though you will make little less money but it certainly decreases your chance of losing big money and keep an eye on big market events to avoid long streaks so it will be much safer way.

  11. Hello,

    I would like to hear and see more on the 60 second trading option I saw above please.
    I am very interested to know more.
    Thank you,
    Doug King

  12. If you really want to trade you need to learn. This is a martingale method and it will kill your account before you know it because sentimental charts are easily manipulated by brokers.
    My advice? Please stay off it.

  13. I tried on demo account and its almost working. I am with IQ option so they have 6 digits after decimal but the video says it works with 5 digits after decimal. Can you tell me is it still ok.

  14. You sooner or later will blow your account as there is no statistical proof (and it will never exist) that you will win latest at your 5th trade investment. That will happen even if you pre-select your entry point, e.g. making a CALL or PUT only when you would expect a reversal after having left the Bollinger Band range 2.0 std. dev. Try it out on demo and you will see!

    1. I did a test of two hours with a demo account and following the instructions of this strategy with initial amount of € 5 I had the total loss of € 1000 to eighth straight loss

  15. This is martingale and it’s a system commonly used by sports betters. It’s a horrible system and you will eventually end up losing because you’ll run into a losing streak, and the amount you will have to bet will be super high, especially if you are just randomly calling and putting like in this example. The only way you could do martingale safe would be maybe following the group, especially Rene, who almost never goes otm 2 times in a row. But it’s proven that the best strategy for betting or investing is doing a flat rate percentage of your bankroll, such as 5%.

  16. I don’t really get something here. Do you place the next trade in THESAME direction of the lost trade or you still follow the traders sentiment chat?

  17. That is a good strategy with strictly care of good money (risk) management. It is similar with the martingale strategy. I just want to make suggestion about the amount of trade, that is more steadily with $25 trade after the second bet; so that the risk formula can be $5–$10–$25–$60–$150 for 5 raises of trade amount (for the total balance of $250). This will make the balance steadily growing. If we trade $20 instead of $25 (for 3rd bet), the balance would be decrease even we get profit at that bet (3rd bet). That would be the same thing for the following bets. And be aware of the lost balance after the 5th bet, if we loose at that bet. Easy to understand that you need higher amount of investment for the guaranty of winning in more than 5 bets. By the way, thank you for sharing the strategy. Have a good trading.

      1. According to Keith that can’t happen, but experience teaches us that rarely it can happen. In this case, you should continue 6, 7 or even more until you win. Obviously, this strategy requires a small trade amount and a large balance.

  18. Awesome!! This is perfect for me. I love Keith Jones and his videos as well he always makes good sense. Can’t wait to try.

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