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Michael Freeman revolutionized the binary options industry in many ways. In this short review, I would like to point out one of them. Before Michael Freeman binary options consisted of just a few brokers – AnyOption, TopOption, Banc De Binary and a couple of others. Mike’s YouTube channel made binary options very popular and many new brokerages were formed. Mike was also one of the first traders to provide signals. Eventually, he became too busy and he hired professional traders to provide his group members with quality signals. Today Mike’s group is one of the most popular signal services in the binary options industry.

Here’s one testimonial which was posted in the Michael Freeman binary options Facebook group on August 21, 2016:

After being in this group now for over 9 months I really like to thank you for changing my life. When I found this group 9 months ago I was really at the end of my life completely broke and living on the street. I didn’t know what to do and how to come back on my feet again. After getting start money of Eur 250,– earned with small jobs over a month I started with a auto trader which and burned my money down to 50 euro within 3 days. Michael gave me the change to join this group. From that time on I spend 15 hours a day to learn about BO and following the signals from Snir and Afzal in the beginning. With a lot of up and downs I have manage to bring up my account back in a way that I could take a weekly profit which made it possible to meet a room and get normally food on a dailly basis. This took me around 6 months to achieve with a lot of help from all your admins and the videos on your you-tube channel. 6 Weeks ago I finally reach the point were I can say I can for sure life from BO and have the money to support my family. It is for sure not the luxuries life we read about all over the place but it is enough to pay for food and a roof every day. I hope I will be able to keep this up and being in a position soon to be able to join on a dailly basis your webinars. For me it is very clear that hard work and learning will pay out very well. But the most beautifull thing is that the admins in this group teach us a lot and in the mean time bless us with a lot of ITMs. Ones again thanks a lot for this life changing oppertunity Michael freeman and admins

The Michael Freeman binary options group would be the best choice for ANY binary options or Forex trader. If you’re a newbie who is just looking for quality signals to make some money with, then you can just follow our admins’ signals. If you want to learn how to trade on your own, you can attend the webinars offered by the signal providers. If you are a pro, you can share your signals with the group and earn a nice wage on top of your winnings from binary options trading.

Michael Freeman Binary Options
Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group On Facebook

Here’s a thank you video Mike received from the women he and his group members have been helping through his donation initiative:

And here’s what Michael Freeman posted in the group after he received this video:

Greetings fellow day-traders, so our charity initiatives for the last years left such an amazing impact, my favorite organization is A Little 4 A Lot, as I know the Doctors who are involved in taking care of the women who suffer from Fistula and integrate them back to society so they can have a decent life.. Those who know Fistula know what I mean and you are welcome to read about it. Today they sent me another thank you video, but it’s a thank you for all of you in my eyes and I am sure they know that I am just the guy who coordinates most of the donations. God Bless every single one of you who donated $25, because trust that unless you decided on a random unknown charity, your money went to a good place and helped, and by the way, to a greater extent than if you donate to a large and well publicized organization that gets a lot more than we could raise.. so we really did and continue to do an amazing job .. Besides the beautiful community that we created that was absolutely needed in this semi-filthy industry, this is the project I am most proud of and I will share this video probably on YouTube and over the weekend so you can see how thankful the women in Kenya are, I just want to adopt all of them! Show them there is a better life, far greater than they can imagine, but reality also thought me that sometimes it’s the people who live a simple life who really get the grace of god in ways that those who were financially blessed would possibly never get to experience. We’re all blessed one way or another. Let’s continue to have a great week and I’ll be back with the video, and as you know, when I upload a video on YouTube , there’s always a competition involved and it’s always organized so we won’t have any issues and it will go smooth I am sure. So stay tuned for this weekend folks and god bless every single one of you!

Still not sure if you should join the Michael Freeman binary options signals group? Read this interview with one of our first members.

Michael Freeman Binary Options signals group today

Today, August 21, 2016, we have 4 professional signal providers as well as many others who are not admins. The stats of our admins are updated weekly. Currently, Rene Gz who trades during the NY session is in the lead with a 87% success rate. Afzal Ahmed from Canada has is right behind him with an 85% ITM. John Mukunju is at 84% and Snir from the US who mainly provides signals for Nadex and forex has an 82% win rate.

Here’s what one of our members wrote about the webinar offered by Afzal and Snir:

I am writing this post since a read a lot of people asking how good would be the NFP session and if it was worth the 25$. Definitely so from my perspective and I think that all that were in it today would say the same. I would like to congratulate Snir and Afzal Ahmed for todays Special NFP webinar! It was a really profitable webinar for all attendees, including me. Since I am a newbie in binary options I am really gratefull for all the work all Admins do here. If you are new to the group and/or binary or not, I could not recommend more their daily webinars and the NFP specially! I did all ITM today in the NFP, that means 100%, and I am looking forward for all coming for sure! We can’t become better people if we do not apreciatte every deed and every person that makes us better, we dont owe averything to ourselves, definitely we are where we are and who we are because of the people around us. Much appreciation to you all, Thanks Afzal Ahmed, Snir, John Mukunju,Rene GZ!

I’ll end this review with another testimonial from one of our traders.

Hi Guys. I joined last week. I cannot believe the support that everyone gives. Finally a place where your not being scammed and real people help each other. I have been using a binary options site where they have been trying to do is get me to deposit $10,000. They said that it will secure my money. Well i know too well now. Just say no. Do not make large deposits.Thanks to Michael Freeman’s information, admins and members information, i have learnt to say no ;)

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To join the Mike’s group, please click here.

What’s your experience with the Michael Freeman binary options group?


  1. Good Day Good People

    Im from South Africa and trying to register with high low brokers via your link but could not find South Afirca in the High Low registration form , Is High Low not permitted in SA? Please help.


  2. I just joined and wanted to know how to get the signals for Nadex. Are there people I should send friend requests to? When Guy sent me the acceptance email it contained a list of potential ‘friends’.

    I’m very new to this and appreciate the help.

  3. Hello michael, Please can you add me to your group on facebook. I have read about you and I’m impressed with your reputation. I’m a trader and I’ve lost so much money in trading binary options. I want something that will make money for me.

  4. Hi, during what session are the signals mainly posted. I am located in Europe and trade mainly during the London session. Thanks

      1. I have just donated to your favorite charity. How do I proceed to get in on the Facebook Group and receive the signals? Thanks.

  5. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your fantastic job and assistance you and your team have been providing. Very much appreciated. I am new to Binary Options and have been following you and other here keenly as I have quite a bit of experience with FX trading. I have been testing the demo for past 2 days now and the results have been incredible. I am talking +90 ITM with only Auto Trader. Considering this is obviously a demo account, would you say (of course, without any guarantee) that this may be a fair representation? I am asking this because with my experience in FX, where i trade with an ECN brokage, my strategy and plan on demo (at least for 3 months before trading live) very much represents my results in live. I hardly noticed any significant difference. With your experience, would you say this practice on demo is representative with OR? Many thanks

    1. No. The demo doesn’t operate in real market conditions. Its only purpose is to get acquainted with the platform.

  6. Hello all together,my name is Hans and i live as permanent resident in Norway.Since several weeks now i study you excellent side and information to get a grip of Binery Option
    and to find the right broker to invest .I already decides to since up with Mikes Binary option signal group on FB if they world take me in.
    So i find out that Mikes group had also Daweda and Nadex exchange on offer to open an account.On the Nadex website I found out today that they accepted also several European Countries like Norway and also Germany,where i am a citizen from .But registers and taxpayer in Norway.So it seems to me that Nadex has more trader as Daweda and more possibilities.
    Since I am a newby to binary options They also have a demo.
    Now my question,would you Nadex also recommend for me as a newcomer from Europa or do you thing it is more just for US citizen for same reason .Also someone perhaps would be so friendly to shear his or her experiences with Nadex in this forum.I have the feeling that with the help of your FB Signal group it can be a right decision for me to do, since the do not have a robot.I would really appreciate your advice and say many thanks in advance .
    Now i wish all people a very good day and many good trades. Hans

    1. I only recommend Nadex for US traders. If you’re in Europe, I recommend going with an EU-regulated broker. However, you may try their demo and if you find that Nadex trading is convenient, then by all means, trade with them.

  7. I have joined Iq options and would like to test the waters on a demo account first, but would like a good signals service. How can I join Mike’s Facebook Group? I live in Kenya.

  8. Hi

    I have sent two Facebook messages and friend requests to Johhny and Afzal. I would like to be added to the Facebook group for signals, please. Currently trading on Binary.com real account.

    Kind regards

  9. I am a beginner and wants to know if mikes autotrader is working in the Philippines and hoping i can join your group

  10. Hi!, I made a donation last month. Secondly i opened up an account and i was directed to omega options as my broker, I funded my account and submitted all the necessary documents but all in vain. I have failed completely to use your software as every time i try to trade it shows failederr 48948. Am so confused please I seek for your help, Am in Dubai too and connecting me to your Facebook signals will help me a lot. Thanks

  11. Hi Michael,

    Please can you offer assistance as to what I do next to use your software. I registered today through mikesautotrader.com, I was directed to the broker 72Option where I funded the account. I received a phone call from David Hoffmann senior account manager who said a financial advisor would be in touch this afternoon, this didnt happen. What I would say is that I have access to my account on 72Option. Do they have to activate something so that I gain access to mikes auto trader or is there something further that I need to do.

    Many thanks

    Colin Carey

  12. Hi I am new to trading and would like to join can you advice me which one is available in Guyana ,South America ..thanks

  13. Hello I already made the donation I communicated via Facebook with Daniel Miller but I do not receive an answer. They could help me please.

  14. Hi,

    I am from Nigeria. I know that we Nigerians are mostly treated as outcasts online, but I’d still like to ask if it is possible for me to join Mike’s FB group.

    Michael Ogbonnaya Odo

  15. I have been trying to join Mikes Facebook group but the link to sign up with Markets World says forbidden. Can someone please help me with this because I am use to Markets World and am currently using Trade Thunder. I don’t have any experience with Nadex.



  16. I have been trying to join Mikes Facebook group but the link to sign up with Markets World says forbidden. Can someone please help me with this because I am use to Markets World and am currently using Trade Thunder. I don’t have any experience with Nadex.



  17. I am a beginner and would like to start doing trading. I’ve been doing research for months but still haven’t find any suitable platform to start with. I live in Qatar. Can you please suggest me somewhere i can start as beginner and go further.

    Thank you.

  18. Is monthly profit guaranteed with mikesauto trading from the 250$ that is the minimum?
    When I registered was given a broker who when I searched about it I found that it has very bad reviews, apparently it is not even licences, my worry is how can mikesauto link me with such broker cs I feel my money is not safe, and what happens when what I’m promised is not happen, no profit.

    Thank you

      1. Please mike give me your contact on facebook and I don’t like facebook but joining because I love investing. My broker is Stockpair.com

  19. Good day
    I really love the positive comments here. I would love to join mikes signals but I don’t do Facebook. I already have a trusted broker.
    Pls help me how is it possible to get the signals if u don’t do Facebook

    Thank you, a response will be greatly appreciated

  20. I just found out about mikes auto trading binary option in youtube and see a lot of positive feedback from people. I really want to join this mikes auto trading but unable to register. Can someone help me how to join this system? Really need help for making side income.

        1. Hi Nurul,
          I’m Aevan from Malaysia too.
          Would you mind utk berkenalan?
          Cuba contact I di kosong satu sembilan Nam Nam tiga sembilan dua lapan lapan.

  21. Hello Jacob,
    I would like to register with binarymate and trade Mike’s fb trade room signals. I read that you can get the signals via text and email and was wondering if you can help me with that process. I don’t have fb and really don’t want it for certain reasons. I have no problem with registering through your link and even donating. I just need to know what we can do.

    Thanks in advance,


  22. I’ve been invited but can’t get past the post you have not been invited, don’t know what to do next. Really want to join the group but keep running into walls that stop me. I have been down the autotraders road and looking for something better. Warren

      1. Hello Anna . I like to join the Michàel Freeman Binary Options Group on Facebook if its possible . You know i,m 57yrs old now but i,m broke , pennyless . I,ve had that this group has help’d many people like me before .

      2. Hi,
        I am Looking to get invited, I am extremely new to all of this binary options stuff so really don’t have much of a clue what i am doing, would love to find somewhere were people tell me what and when to trade! I have already used 24options were some guys were telling me different sorts of things to trade but havnt had no luck what so ever, heavily negative !

    1. I requested to join your facebook group. Please let me know if I am able to join. If interested I am also building a nadex autotrader as a component of an app. Follow up with an email if you would like to discuss.

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