Mike’s Auto Trader Review, Demonstration

Mike’s Auto Trader by the legendary trader Michael Freeman is not a new software. It has been around for over two years, making it the most established automated binary options trading software. But is it also profitable?

Mike’s Auto Trader Reviews

When I searched Google, I found several reviews indicating that Mike’s Auto Trader is a legit system, not a scam. For example, in EasyTradingSignals.com they write: “This is the only truly no-nonsense 100% verifiable Binary Options signal service and community that I have come across thus far.”

BinaryOptionsGorilla.com states: “Making money with Mike’s Auto Trader is definitely attainable! This is an outstanding trading service that although it’s semi-automated you will be able to generate a reputable sum of money consistency on a daily basis. Frankly, we highly recommend using a semi-automated software in order to understand better the principals behind the binary options market and to gain a huge advantage on many other traders who chose to trade on complete auto pilot. So, our answer to that question is definitely yes, Mike’s Auto Trader is highly profitable software!”

According to this Mike’s Auto Trader Review, you can easily make $3,150 per month using Mike’s Auto Trader with an initial deposit of $500.

Mike’s Auto Trader Videos

But what proof do these reviewers have? Can we trust that they are not just trying to sell us their products for a commission? I don’t know about you, but I need additional proof before I spend my hard-earned cash!

Therefore, I searched YouTube for real live demonstrations of how Mike’s Auto Trader works. I was able to find a lot of junk, but also this series of video reviews by a nice gentleman called Louis. You can watch it here:

As you can see, it looks quite legit. Louis deposits $250 into his account. He signed up with GTOptions which is a great broker, EU-regulated. Louis used the software extensively. After 4 days, in which he took 10 signals, he had already more than doubled is investment with an ITM rate of 72.5%. Check out his Win/Loss Chart:

Mike's Auto Trader - Louis
Mike’s Auto Trader – Louis

In his final video, Louis shows how the success rate of the software leveled out at around 75% ITM. After 150 trades, his balance was already larger than $3,000!

Based on the above reviews and videos, I’ve decided to risk my own money and test Mike’s Auto Trader on my own! I will share my results with you toward the end of this review. But first let’s take a look at some of this software’s features.

Mike’s Auto Trader – Introduction

Mike’s Auto Trader is a web-based semi-automated binary options trading platform which uses sophisticated auto trading scripts to generate trading signals automatically. The claimed ITM rate is 80% but as I already mentioned, the real number is probably closed to 75%, which is still a great ITM rate and more than enough to make money.

What Mike’s offering is not merely a trading software. It is also a community of traders, both newbies and experienced. The chance to interact with other traders in invaluable if you want to become a successful trader and develop your trading edge.

Signing up with Mike’s Auto Trader is completely FREE and for the same price you will also gain admittance to his private signals group on Facebook. The benefits of joining the group are great and I will elaborate about it later. All that is required in order to join Mike’s Auto Trader is to fund an account with one of the supported brokers.

Michael Freeman

Mike’s Auto Trader was created by Michael Freeman or Mike, as I like to call him. Mike is one of the leading traders in the binary trading options market. He owns one of the most viral YouTube channels on binary options with hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of subscribers. His channel includes broker and software reviews, strategies, general advice and much more. He has also been providing signals and education for years now.

Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group On Facebook

His signals group is one of the most popular signal services in the binary options industry, supplying FREE signals to more than 10,000 traders at the time of writing. His team is always ready to help with any questions related to binary options trading. Michael developed his Auto Trader because of requests from his followers. At first, Michael was the only signal provider in his group. Some traders could not use his signals due to time zone differences. The Auto Trader was supposed to give a solution to such traders. Nowadays, by the way, the group has many signal providers, allowing anyone to receive signals no matter where they are located.

If you’re like me and you don’t get along with Facebook too well, you will also be able to receive the signals via email or SMS.

Mike’s Charity Project

Michael Freeman is also a philanthropist. He has raised over $100,000 to charities around the world. In fact, Mike’s Auto Trader is part of his charity campaign. As he explains in his introductory video to using his software, he used to require a donation before he would give out his signals software or grant access to Mike’s signals group on Facebook. Today you are not required to donate, but of course if you are willing to, Mike would very much appreciate it.

How Does Mike’s Auto Trader Work?

Mike’s Auto Trader is a web-based software so no downloads are necessary. You can login and trade wherever you are, as long as you have a mobile device or a computer with an Internet connection. The software is semi-automatic which means you will be constantly receiving tons of signals 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. The great thing about Mike’s Auto Trader is that you don’t have to go through the all tiring process of logging into your brokers account, identifying the asset you’re working with at the moment, setting your trade amount, etc. Mike’s Auto Trader does it all for you in one click. Just choose your signal and authorize the trade. The minimum trade amount with the software is $25.

My Own Experience With Mike’s Auto Trader

Once I found a few reviews and videos that seemed legit and were showing how Mike’s Auto Trader really generates profits, I decided to risk $250 which I deposited with GTOptions, one of the brokers available with the software. I immediately got a call from GTOptions who were very helpful in assisting me through the verification process. Within 20 minutes of funding my account, I was already looking at an active copy of Mike’s Auto Trader.

Mike's Auto Trader
Mike’s Auto Trader


My main concern was that this is semi-automated so I need to be careful with which signals I go with. However, I wanted to make sure this software is a good fit for newbies as well as experienced traders, therefore, I decided I’ll just take as many signals as possible without thinking. Just clicking on as many signals as possible and seeing what happens. I was surprised. I didn’t believe it would actually work! Take a look at how my account looked like the following day:

Mike's Auto Trader - My Results
Mike’s Auto Trader – My Results

As you can see, I tripled my account and went from $250 to over $1,000 in just one day of using this software! Is that not amazing? And hey, although I am an experienced trader, I made it a point to not do any analysis or even look at the details of the trades I’m taking. I was just taking the first signals that appeared in the software. This is a true money-printing machine. Now, I don’t know if it’s beginners luck or whatever but my ITM rate was above 90%, which is beyond spectacular. It’s definitely one of the best systems I’ve ever used.

Warning And Advice For Mike’s Auto Trader Prospective Members

The performance of auto traders can vary greatly on different days and hours. The markets are influenced by many factors, some of which cannot be taken into consideration by automated trading algorithms. This is one way being a member of the signals group can contribute to your success with Mike’s Auto Trader. Remember, if you experience a losing streak, don’t panic. It’s always possible to lose a few trades, but after a few dozens of trades your success rate will eventually level out at around 75%. Keep in mind that unexpected news releases can cause a drop in performance so it would be worthwhile to follow a binary options news release calendar.

Review Conclusion: Mike’s Auto Trader Is Freakin’ Awesome!

If you are a binary options trader, Mike’s Auto Trader would definitely be one of the most important tools in your trading arsenal. The system provides very high quality signals and with the access to the manual signals service, it is really a useful bundle. Don’t hesitate. Get a FREE copy of Mike’s Auto Trader and thank us later by leaving a comment below this review!

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Next, we would like to find out which software is better – Mike’s Auto Trader or BinaBot?

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    1. With Mike’s Auto Trader, you need to manually approve the trades and cannot just leave it running. There’s no “autopilot” mode. For people who prefer trading on autopilot, Mike designed Neo2.

  1. I was not able to get to Mike’s Auto Trader? Was able to fill in steps one and two but nothing took me to a broker page and no error message. How can i get signed up with the platform.

  2. Hey Folk’s… Michael Anderson here & I really enjoyed your Review of Mike’s Auto Trader! Since it’s not completely set to run on Auto-Pilot, I believe you’d mentioned you had to Approve the signal’s that were populated on the screen? And it sounds like you just went for it, whatever were sent to you? What Time Expiry was it you were using?
    I’ve signed-up with NEO2 – they gave me Glenridge Capital – Minimum is $350, I’ve got CrunchTech – CTOptions – $250 Minimum & SnapCash Binary – Rumelia Capital. Do you know anything about this Broker? Could you please inform me on my questions above?

    Thanks much,

    1. Sounds like you’re in the US? Unfortunately, GTOptions is not available in the US at the moment. Glenridge Capital, CTOptions and Rumelia Capital are all legit brokers, but since they are not regulated, I’d be extra careful not to deposit more than the minimum, not accepting bonuses and not letting them manage your account.

  3. Hello,
    I am a member of “Michael FREEMAN Manual Signals” for many months. After reading your article, I decided to incrire me at “Auto Trader Mike” but unfortunately I did not succeed. I have returned my name and my address Mailet my phone number but nothing happened. What should I do? I am French.

    Thank you in advance for your answer

    Cordial greetings

  4. I hope and wish that this one will work for me.I used so many trading softwares but none worked. I used Dow jones, NEO2, Lie detector millionare, Binary option robot, i forgot the one used by optionbit. And all these resulted in my huge loss

  5. Yes…That’s correct, I’m in the US. And I do stay away from the Bonuses & letting them Manage my Accounts, for sure! Yea, the Minimum with both Rumelia Capital (SnapCashBinary)& (NEO2) Glenridge Capital is $350 & CTOptions is $250…I have them with my CrunchTech Software. But, my CrunchTech has never really worked right. It could also be that at the time, I hadn’t “Verified” my Account with CTOptions. However, the software did go out on it’s own & picked 1-Trade for me outta the blue & it WON!
    I’m wanting to Fund my SnapCashBinary tomorrow or save $100 & use my CrunchTech & CTOptions! BUT…I’d really like to use my SnapCashBinary!!!

  6. Whenever I fill in the registration and hit submit, the page just reloads and does not take me to a broker page or the next step. Can someone assist me with this?

  7. Hi. I am a member of Mike’s signals group on Facebook, but is it possible to follow the manual signals from his auto trader without signing up? The thing is, I really don’t want to part with another $250 and have to set up an account with another broker.

  8. Hello friend, I’m trying to sign up for Mike Auto Trader several times and I did not succeed. What happened?

    Many thanks from now on

  9. I recently joined Mike’s Simi-Autotrader but when I tried to get into a trade an error code poped up. What do I do about that?

  10. Is there a way to pick the better deals in Mike’s system? Or we just should do it the way you explained: keep clicking on the next available signal?
    In other words, is there a training for Mike’s Software?

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