Millionaire Blueprint Scam Review

Millionaire Blueprint dates back to January 22nd, 2015 so it’s a lot older than most of the scam systems we review. However, it’s also one of the most viral ones and to this day we’re getting questions and complaints from people who fell for this scam and signed up. Thus, we have decided it’s never too late to write an objective review. Millionaire Blueprint was created by a multi-millionaire who allegedly exploits a secret trading loophole and reveals it for free. We get 10 minutes to activate our membership before the clock runs down. So we’ll try to be as brief as possible in writing this review.

What is offered by Millionaire Blueprint?

On the website, you are invited to “design your destiny today” and can choose between purchasing this software for $4,999 or “register now for free 3 month trial with no credit card needed.” We are joyful to discover that the first option is “free today.” The people behind the Millionaire Blueprint say that their mission is “to build strikingly accurate software that generates money, fills needs, and solves problems.” The team, located in Ohio, consists of Walter (the founder and CEO) and 5 other people (see below). They’ve began this project back in 2007. The software is compatible with PC, Mac and any mobile device and it is fully automated which means “you can press start and it will run along in the background while you’re out doing other things!” You will normally be able to make between $3,000 and $7,000 per week using this Millionaire Blueprint’s 60-second signals. Meanwhile, the clock is already at 7 minutes.

How do we know Millionaire Blueprint is a scam?

There are so many indications that this is a scam, but just 3 minutes left! So briefly, they explain that there are just 30 spots available because “the software links with the brokers API (Application programming interface)… if too many people use the software, the brokers API may crash, resulting in loss of connection.” C’mon! Millionaire Blueprint has been around for almost 9 months now and they’re telling us they haven’t found 30 fools to sign up with them yet? How to otherwise explain the countless fraud reports that can be found about them throughout the Internet? However, most disturbing is that the Millionaire Blueprint team’s pictures were hijacked from some other website.

Should you sign up with the Millionaire Blueprint or is this a scam?

Sure! If you wish to lose $250 then be our guest. Otherwise, surely you will better use for your cash. By the way, oops! Time is up! Wait a minute… What’s this? The clock is now counting down from 60 minutes, so looks like we have another hour! We sincerely hope that we can finally end this review and that by now you’re pretty much convinced that Millionaire Blueprint is a scam. For any questions or feedback you are welcome to leave a comment below this review or to contact us.

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