NEO2 Scam Review


Update (January 20, 2017): Neo2 is NO longer an auto trading service. Currently it’s just a signal service. The software will provide you with signals which you can manually apply to your automatically assigned broker account or to the broker of your preference. 

Michael Freeman’s original AutoTrader was launched 2 years ago, on September 14, 2014. So much has changed since then; Mike has evolved as a trader and became an industry’s leading figure, involved in many binary options projects, the most amazing one, in my opinion, being Mike’s manual signals group on Facebook, which currently has almost 10,000 traders who are making money using the signals provided by the professional traders-admins Mike has recruited. Moreover, in the past two years so many Auto Traders came and went, most of them scams, others started out as legit apps and later exhibited a drop in performance, but Mike’s AutoTrader is still one of the most popular trading software in the binary options world. Mike’s AT is not a perfect software. First of all, it’s semi-automated which means you need to know how to trade, or at the minimum be knowledgeable as to how to conduct basic fundamental analysis, in order to use it efficiently. Those of you who were newbies were advised to use the software in conjunction with Mike’s manual signals. Second, the company who designed the software for Mike did not provide ample support and was not willing to offer trustworthy brokers to members.

Since the release of Mike’s AT, we received many emails asking us to make an automated software which will benefit newbies as well as proficient traders. Well, I’m glad to announce that Mike’s AT 2.0 is FINALLY ready! Michael carefully picked a company to develop his new NEO2 software. This time his software was designed by the world’s leading developers of algo-trading apps. Their CEO and founder, which became very close with Michael during the creation of Mike’s NEO2 app, is called Dr. Jack Piers, Ph. D. I also got to know this very interesting individual and his unique story.

NEO² detailed review

As Michael Freeman explains, NEO2 is an Auto Trader which can predict “winning trends by utilizing solar, weather and environmental factors and merging the results with today’s cutting-edge binary options trading algorithNEO2ms.” Amit Gupta, president and lead programmer of NEO2, explains that the goal they set for themselves when designing the software was to create a user-friendly interface, which is basically a three-click AutoTrader, which anyone can easily use. How does it work? First, when you click on the “NEO Sync” button, the app plugs into the matrix by connecting directly to weather predicting satellites, the solar tracker Dr. Piers developed. You can then click on the “Trade Algo” button, which searches for relevant trading algorithms. When the two green lights are on, the third step is to click on the “Start Now” button to locate winning trades. The software then starts trading on 100% complete autopilot.

This is just a short excerpt taken from the NEO 2 website; make sure to watch the entire video by Mike, Dr. Piers and Amit Gupta to really understand how NEO2 works as it’s quite complex and I want this review to be simple to read and understand. I will just explain it in a very simplistic manner: Weather effects the economy. If you can predict the weather, you can potentially predict changes in the economy before they happen. Dr. Jack Piers developed the technology to predict the weather, while Michael Freeman contributed the understanding of how the weather effects the markets and the trading algorithms that generate relevant signals. Amit Gupta was responsible for hooking together both technologies in one super trading machine, possibly the most amazing binary options app I’ve even seen.

No previous knowledge in binary options trading or experience is required in order to use the NEO Square software since it is based on both fully automated technical calculations and fundamental analysis. And since it’s a web-based application, you won’t be required to download NEO2anything and it is possible to use the software with any type of computer or mobile device, such as iPhone and Android, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. It’s free to sign up with NEO2, but it requires a registration with a broker and funding the account with a minimum of $250.  

NEO2 is capable of trading on autopilot, but as I explain below, I recommend using the manual signals feature. The software will constantly generate new manual trading signals. Each signal consists of 4 elements.

  1. The Asset can be a commodity such as Gold or Oil, a stock such as Google, an Index such as Nasdaq and currency pairs such as the EUR/USD.
  2. The Strength is the likelihood that the signal is going to win.
  3. The Action is a CALL when the price of the asset is expected to go up and a PUT if the price of the asset is expected to go down.
  4. The Time indicates when the signal expires. When a new signal appears it will start counting back from 10 minutes. At this point, you can use a 10 minute expiry. If you don’t have this option, you can wait till there are 5, 2 or even 1 and 30 seconds left and use whichever expiry times available on your trading platform.

To use the manual signals you need to log in to your broker’s account. You can use even a different broker than the one you’re using with NEO2 and even a demo account. Many people ask me what would be the best way to use the manual signals. I made a video demonstrating my recommended way of using NEO2 (see below.) NEO2 provides a news section which is constantly updated with the most important news releaseNEO2s which may have an affect on the market. You should always consult with news before trading manually or automatically. Major news events can cause NEO2’s auto trader to produce losing signals.

When trading on autopilot, you will be able to configure Trade Volume (trade amount; minimum $25). You can choose your strength. The higher the strength, the less signals the software will generate. Risk indicates the number of trades you would like the software to take. The Change Broker function doesn’t currently work so if you would like to change your broker, you should visit our Guide to Changing your Broker.

Unfortunately, NEO2 is not available in the following countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Botswana, Cambodia, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia. (This is a partial list.)

My experience with NEO2

Let me elaborate on the above video and share with you my own experience with NEO2 and also give you some tips as to how I recommend using the software. Initially, I deposited the minimum which is $250 with UKOptions (which by the way is not one of our recommended brokers because none of our trusted brokers work with NEO2)NEO2. My first experiences with the software were good. By activating it on autopilot, I was able to grow my account to almost $300 in just a couple of hours. The following day I shot the above video demonstrating how I recommend that you use NEO2 – manually. When I finished my session NEO2 still showed $297.50 because the balance doesn’t get updated unless you exit the software and reenter. So I had to log in to my broker account to see how I fared that day. And here are the results:


In just a few minutes, NEO2 made me $176.35. Pretty good for a software which I didn’t even have to pay for!

The review of reviews for NEO2

At the time of writing this review, there were no other reviews about the NEO2 app. As always, I will update this section of my review when other binary options websites upload their reviews. “Review Verdict: NEO2 is a Legitimate Trading Software, 100% Scam-Free!” “Neo2 code is the real app to trade. If you’re wondering to invest your money in this amazing trading system, then you can continue without any doubt in mind.” “This software has already been tested for over 3 months before the site went live by members of Michael Freeman’s online trading group, and they have reported consistent results of 85% win rates with the NEO2 software. That is excellent, and also consistent with what some of the best binary options traders can deliver, but in an automated package.” “While the service is free to use by creating and activating a simple account, the best thing is their trading interface which is smoothly enhanced for newbies and amateurs to make profits . I have been using this system for a week, this system generated for me $1750 profits in a week for me” “The best thing that has happened to the financial assets world in the most recent times is the Neo 2. It is the best app that you can use to make a lot of money. It is tested and trusted.” “Binary Scam Alerts is wholeheartedly giving two thumbs up to the NEO2 software, App, and Auto-trader, as well as the NEO2 Management team comprising of Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gupta, and William Van loon.” “During the beta testing mode NEO Auto-Trading APP has generated up to 85% accuracy. We were granted a beta account and we had the chance to test NEO2 Auto-Trading APP for two weeks, our average success ratio is 81%!” “To sum up this short NEO2 performance review we must say that we have no shadow of a doubt that the novice trader who decides to join this revolutionary program will benefit from both worlds: outstanding automated signals + great opportunity to integrate manual trading also that will help you to understand the principals behind the binary options bible.”

Is NEO2 a scam?

Here’s some more information that might help you reach a decision regarding NEO2, whether it’s a scam or a legit app:

  • The domain was created two months ago on February 29, 2016 so it is very new. The fact that this is a new domain explains its poor social network presence and low popularity (doesn’t have an Alexa ranking yet).
  • The NEO2 website is not blacklisted by Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog or MalwareDomainList, which means it is safe to visit and is not used to distribute malware or Trojans.

Testimonials from real traders

Please let me know if you have tried the NEO2 software and I’ll include your testimonial in this review.

“Well. I’ve got some personal stats for you in regards to NEO2. I ran it on autopilot for one full week. Started with 300 bucks and ended the week with 430 bucks at 67%itm and making $25 trades. I only turned it on from 1200-1900 gmt. Yesterday was the only losing day that it produced. Off the top of my head I think it was 2/5. Also, which it’s no big deal for me, but to date, NEO2 on autopilot has only been trading eur/usd. I was also home all day yesterday and made manual trades using the manual signals. Last week I tried them one day by following the exact expiry times and I might as well been flipping a coin. It was right at 50/50. Yesterday I thought I would just give it an honest go and enter the trade right when the signal was produced with a 5 min expiry. Then I would watch the charts and if things were looking good, I would enter the same trade with 2 minutes left on the expiry. I made 50 trades manually. If when I looked at the charts and I felt the signal was questionable I would only trade $10 dollars. If the signal looked solid, I would trade $50. My account at start was $1471 and when I ended the day it was $1605 with 59% itm. I’m REALLY hoping to find an autotrader that can produce winning trades while I’m working, and so far, based on last week, NEO2 appears to be doing the job. It did better than trading manually with its signals and I didn’t lift a finger or look at a chart.” -Dirk D., August 4, 2016.

“With NEO2 I finally got good trader, that helped me with resolution of software sync, so far so good, in profit 55$ for 3 days” -Rostislav P., July 20, 2016.

“Hello. Wanted to let you know that I’ve started trading with NEO2 today. I was assigned to Barkley Capital. It has been well so far. Today was the first day and I finished with 80% ITM.” -Michael S., July 19, 2016.

“It has been 8 days since I signed up with Neo2.. I must say it is really a Legit auto trader. When i sync it to my broker most of its trades are giving me profit.”

“Jacob, I don’t know how to thank you and Mike. Whatever you guys did is working GREAT!!! Since last Wednesday, my Neo2 auto trader is now performing extremely well. I now have an ITM rate of about 92%!!! Thank you so much for your support. God Bless.”

“The software is incredible, I’ve generated with more than 7568 dollars and in just a couple of weeks so is working so nice”

“And by the way Im 9 out of 10 for the manual trading on neo2 Its amazing i can send u my result if u want all from manual trading”

“I have been using it now for about two weeks. I have it set at very conservative settings for now. It has been finding two to five trades a day for me. I have been up every day. Some days over $200. I am averaging 82% so far!”

“Hey Jacob, I wanted to say Hi and thank you. I have been in the trade group learning for a few weeks now and I am learning alot. I have also been using the NEO 2 which I am seeing some good results from. I just want to thank you for helping me get started and joining this great group.”

“my girlfriend has started last week also, she already almost doubled her initial deposit”

“I have successfully joined Neo2 and is trading. Thank you for the training video on manual trading. I followed your steps and won 3 out of 5. The auto trader has successfully traded 2/3 trades and I am happy so far.”

“I managed to get uk options by changing my email address like you suggested. Happy with the broker. Just a question about the software I’ve used it for 3 days it’s made 8 itm and 2 otm so I’m delighted with that the only issue I have is the amount of trades. I’ve watched a lot of videos on you tube and a lot of people seem to be making more trades using the auto trader. My settings are strength above 80 and risk 5.”

To sum up this review

Mike’s NEO² is definitely NOT a SCAM! It’s probably one of the coolest binary options trading apps available. Mike’s AT 1.0 enjoyed 2 years of success, NEO2 is so much better so I expect it to rule the binary options trading world for a much longer time.

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  1. Question please,

    Will I have to have the software running on my computer at all times, or is it once im logged in and connected. That is it

    Thank you

      1. I have recently signed up to Neo2 as a Beta tester and tried it for the first time this evening. I have logged in and pressed all the buttons, but the platform is not currently working for me. I have signed up to banc de Binary (the broker I was assigned to by default) and my account has been verified. I then opened my neo2 trading platform, as well as my banc de binary trading page, but the latter does not show any open positions after hitting the “start now” button on the Neo2 app, which in turn does not show any trading signals.

        I have tried the following:
        – log out and log back in
        – changed settings on google chrome to allow for plug ins, as well as pop ups on all sites
        – different browser (firefox)

        Could you help?


  2. I am being assigned

    I check this is an non-regulated Broker. How reliable is this broker and in terms of withdrawal ? Can I change my broker ?

    1. Minimum to deposit is 250 USD. And minimum to withdraw is 250. If your account balance is less then 250. You can’t just top up the balance. You have to lodge another 250 .

          1. Porter Finance will do this also. $200 minimum deposit, no matter how much you have in your account.

  3. I cleared my cookies twice and used different emails, yet everytime they assigned securedoptions to me :(

  4. Hello Jacob,
    I am been assigned SwiftOptions. Is it a reliable broker specially in the withdrawal process?

  5. is binadroid just as good as neo2 ? i can do nadex but i also want a auto system too.yes i’m in the usa. does glenridge capital work better than starling capital with neo2. if you can give a little details.

  6. Hi Jacob, Signed up to neo2 and was given Tradorax who require min $350 Is this broker ok with neo2 ?

  7. I’m using Neo2 software for a couple of weeks now and it is assigned with UK Options. The first 2 days I used it in full auto mode, with the first day I won 3 out of 4 trades and the second day only 4 trades out of 8.
    Since then I’m using it only in manual and I have to admit that I’m getting fairly good results. Usually Neo2 gives manual signals with a 10 minutes window, and I noticed that when I place the trade immediately at the start of the 10 minutes window, that’s when I get the best results. So for me Neo2 software is really good, but only in manual mode, and I will probably not use it again in full auto mode.

    1. Hi Vincent,
      When you say at the start of the 10 minute window do you do a ten min expiry trade. Just wondering what your expiry time was.

  8. Hi Jacob,
    Thanks for nice review. Can you tell me please what time window does the neo2 software operate in?
    What would be the best time in a day to trade either manually or auto?

  9. Dear Michael Freeman.
    I’m just want to know why the NEO2 can’t work in Namibia and the rest on the list.
    I am a Namibian residing in Namibia and I am interested in trade with NEO2 software.
    Hope you will respond promptly.

  10. Hello Jacob,

    do you also recommend these signals during news or should trading be avoided 30 minutes before and after news releases?

  11. My name is Linwood Tyner NEO2 keeps rejecting me and says put in another email
    address and no matter how many email address I put in it still won’t work. I have accounts with GLENRIDGECAPITAL and STARLINGCAPITAL and MORTON CAPITAL can I transfer one or all three of these accounts to trade with NEO2?
    I’m also thinking of trading from 5pm til 10am will that work better for me?

      1. For those residing in the US (military) Aside of Nadex , is Tradorax a solid broker ? Because that’s who I was assigned.

        And if I decide to change brokers would that be possible to go from Tradorax to Nadex?

        Thank you.

  12. i am from UK. i have registered NEO2 ,after registered i get

  13. Has anyone had issues with Neo2 sticking with one commodity / pair? Every trade it’s done for 2 weeks on auto has been EUR/USD. Getting better results on manual but wondering whether this auto thing is common or if it’s something to do with the interface between the software and the broker (Optionbit).

    1. I am facing a similar issue with the same broker, as soon as I hit start it immediately trades EUR/USD more times to a loss than profit

  14. Sirs i have finally gotten up and running well sort of with neo but at the expense of hundreds of e mails and now that I’ve got the all clear from banc de binary there excellent I’ve been ok to go this past 3 days although the neo2 is simply going through the motions and hasn’t made a single trade in 3 days with it being left undisturbed for 10 hrs a day can someone or give me a link to contact some of the top brass before i withdraw alltogether I’ve exausted all possibilities with neo2 support via a lady called Sarah

      1. I have been having the same issues as described above (but just started emailing support). Here is my last email to support and what I have learned (hope this helps) – they have been having some technical difficulties….

        Hi again,

        OK so I see the software appears to be working like the one time that I saw last week, but I watched a utube video on using the software and I noticed something that was different. First of all the video is only a few months old so it is pretty up to date and there are less buttons along the left side panel which I’m guessing (the software) has been updated since the video (so no problem there).

        What I see different in the video and what is happening on my screen is this: After pushing the 3 buttons in (allowing the first 2 to go green) I see the following info display in the field below: Searching for satellites…. satellites found…. searching for trading algorithms… trading algorithms found…

        And that’s it on my end.

        What I don’t see on my end and that which the video shows is the following after those lines: systems synced… searching for winning trades…

        So, my conclusion is that it won’t sync and therefore won’t search for winning trades.

        Can you advise me on this?

        I should point out that I have followed through with everything signing up to the software and the provided broker but I have not completed their compliance process for withdrawals which I believe shouldn’t prevent me from trading right away.

        Awaiting your reply,

  15. Hi Jacob,
    My name is Olwethu Mdlulwa a South African citizen and I live in RSA. I would to try Neo2, will I be able to use Neo2 in South Africa and which broker do u recommend for ppl in South Africa.

      1. they will ring you 10 times a day. and wont take no for answer, what you to send more funds, loads people had to block them

        1. I believe they have already had a class action against them. The lawyers were Giambrone Law London. They had to pay a large amount of money.

          1. Hi, I also get a lot of calls from various brokers trying to get me to part with my money. I warn them up front that I am retired and manage my own money affairs….reasonably well to date. They however insist on going through their marketing pitch, even getting their “boss” to talk to me! After half an hour or so (I’ve even taken their calls whilst fishing …..if fish not biting!) I, much to their annoyance, politly decline their offer and wish them well. These calls are from all over the world and must cost them plenty.

  16. Hello there , john here, new to this, does it work in Australia ? And have you a local broker I can connect with the neo2 software. I m in Sydney.

      1. I don’t have a Facebook account, I think I m the only person in the civilised world that hasn’t , but I ll open one shortly , or maybe can we use my partners account , either way yes I would like to talk further about joining neo2 group, please send me your Facebook details.

  17. Hi. I just signed up with neo2. I was assigned aaoption as my broker. Is this a trustable broker? I’m in Mexico

  18. Hi Jacob. I have question about Mike’s auto trader 1.0. How many minutes trade does it carry out. Is it 1min, 2mins, 5mins or 30mins. Thanks for your kind help.

    1. There are signals of different expiries with Mike’s AutoTrader. Some are 10-60 minute signals and others are even longer than a few days.

  19. Hi,
    Since I signed up with NEO2 one week ago, I only get trades with the asset EUR/USD and every day at exactly the same hours like 07:03, 09:03, 11:03……. even if I put up the risk on 8 or 10 it wouldn’t change. As I get only 1 trade every 2 hours I have very little profit. I earned 100 USD in 1 week. How can I solve this problem?

  20. Hello Jacob,

    I appreciate the time you have taken to discuss Neo2 and binary options trading with me. Neo2 successfully auto traded for me last week and I was also able to make successful manual trades from their signals.

    The software has not made a single auto trade this week and I am reluctant to use the suggested signals since I am not sure that the system is successfully synced with my broker.

    Do you have a suggestion on how I can get the auto trader back online? I would feel much more confident using the suggested signals if I knew the auto trader was working properly.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Ken,

      I had the same experience with Neo2 until I funded my account at the broker, and then I got an email with instructions on how to log in, and I got to the login page successfully.


  21. Hi I’m from the UK and I have been running Neo2 for 8 hours a work day (Monday to Friday) for 2 weeks but the software has not placed any auto trades can you help please?
    I’am clicking the 3 buttons as in the video my broker is Banc de Binary,
    can you help get it working?

    settings are : $25
    Strength is : 80%
    risk : 3

    I have look for support buttons but they don’t work when I press them.

  22. Hi,

    I was told that for the moment it’s not recommended to use the Autopilot. Is the problem solved or it’s better not to use it?

  23. Hi,
    I joined to Neo2 and I was directed to Optionbit as recommended broker. I verified my account in Optionbit so I am ready to deposit and start the trading. I should like to make autotrading. BUT here I read some issues about Optionbit. I mean too few trades, losses, too few assets (EURUSD only).
    What is your advice? Do I change the Optionbit or start?

    Thnx in advance

    1. Don’t trust aaoption. They just want you to invest more money with them. I have tried to withdraw money, and they no longer answer my emails. They are scammers. For me, it was the default option for neo2. A bad decision to invest with them. Even neo2 SW is not working profitable as expected with this broker. Only one loosing trade per day.

      1. First, did you fully verify account? Then talk to compliance dept. If nothing, file a fraud complaint with bank. Show them proof of what you have.

  24. Hi last Thursday I joined and deposited $250 with broker No specialist assigned to me yet. I am in South Africa. I wish I has seen this blog before. Can I use NEO2 with this broker?

  25. Hello Jacob,

    Spoke to Anna on Facebook today, she was most helpful. I’m a newbie & trying to figure out NEO2. Having problems with the Auto Trader through Glenridge Capital. Watched your utube vid on how to use it manually, that was helpful, so ty for doing that. Should I change brokers? And if so, who do you recomend for NEO2? I understand you guys are recommending using the software on manual. I did my homework on Michael Freeman & NEO2. So how come people are having such varied results the AT? Also should I join you & Mikes on FB? Is there anything else you recommend for a newbie? Ty so much for your time & input. Next time will be on FB.

  26. I registered for Neo2 three weeks ago and as yet it has not made a single auto trade. Can anybody help in how I get
    Auto trading working? As far as I know all setting are correct and signals turned on.

      1. Yes. All documents were sent and my account verified. I can do manual trades but no auto trades have been made. When I joined, the broker sent me a link to “Botixtrade” which he said was an auto trading robot but I don’t think it is linked to Neo2. I turned this on and it started trading straight away but not through Neo2. I turned Neo2 auto trading off and Botixtrade was still trading

          1. Thanks for that. I don’t use the auto trader, imjustbturned it on to see if Neo2 worked. Do you have any suggestions on how to get auto trading working?

  27. Several people asked you about the trustworthiness of Tradorax, but you never answered. You only keep saying US traders should go with NADEX. So – is Tradorax to be trusted, or not?

    I am registered with neo2 and was assigned Tradorax. To date my account is down to $173.75.

    How do I switch brokers? If Tradorax is not to be trusted, how do I withdraw the money from Tradorax? Please be as detailed as possible. Thanks:).

  28. Hi, My name is Graham and from South Africa. I was directed to Option stars global.
    Is this good or bad. I have not funded the account yet.

  29. Hi. I still cannot see the recommended trade signals in my Neo2. Was working last Friday. Is it a tech glitch affecting all or only me. Thanks hope it will be solved soon.

  30. NEO2 rocks!!! I’ve been using it manually for two weeks now and I’m getting consistent profits. About 81% ITM!

  31. Can someone help me here, I sent an email to support and still haven’t heard back from them regarding the software not working/making trades. I see that people have been using the program of late and it has been working for them – not sure why it isn’t for me. Here is what I wrote to them:

    Hi again,

    OK so I see the software appears to be working like the one time that I saw last week, but I watched a utube video on using the software and I noticed something that was different. First of all the video is only a few months old so it is pretty up to date and there are less buttons along the left side panel which I’m guessing (the software) has been updated since the video (so no problem there).

    What I see different in the video and what is happening on my screen is this: After pushing the 3 buttons in (allowing the first 2 to go green) I see the following info display in the field below: Searching for satellites…. satellites found…. searching for trading algorithms… trading algorithms found…

    And that’s it on my end.

    What I don’t see on my end and that which the video shows is the following after those lines: systems synced… searching for winning trades…

    So, my conclusion is that it won’t sync and therefore won’t search for winning trades.

    Can you advise me on this?

    Awaiting your reply,

    1. Hi Shawn, any luck? Sounds like you have the newer version, as do I, and mine is also doing nothing! I’m in the US. I am using Wynn Financial as my broker.

      1. Shut it off when you close your browser even if you think it’s not working (I lost $150 without knowing it was trading) and don’t set it to auto trading – do manual. ps. Have only won about 50% of the trades so not impressed at the moment.

        1. Hi Shawn, thanks for your response. I ended up going the manual route. I just kind of use Neo2 as a guide and go off of some of the brokers signals. Still trying to figure out what I’m doing, but it’s addicting! Good luck, let me know if you get any good tips. Thanks

    2. Hi, I had exactly the same experience, with no joy from Neo2 support, although their broker Tradorax seemed to be okay…..I made a small withdrawl with no problems. Not too sure if they would be so obliging if I’d requested a large withdrawl.

  32. Hi sir, is NEO2 available in Cambodia?? I am very eager to try this but they showed, Country is not supported. What does it mean?

    Please answer, thanks in advance

  33. Hello , can you tell me which are the best brokers to use with this software Neo 2 , I am in the US, thank you & God bless !

  34. Hi, I have an earlier version of NEO2 that doesn’t have the risk feature. When you click on it it gives a message that it will be available soon. I’ve noticed that it is on the setup videos and others have mentioned it in the comments.

    How do I get a later version?


    1. Can you be more specific? Who, and what happened. Did you fully verify account? Was there a specific broker assigned?

        1. Hi,

          It has been 8 days since I signed up with Neo2.. I must say it is really a Legit auto trader. When i sync it to my broker most of its trades are giving me profit.

          Though it sometimes trade one time only per day no matter how many times i change the menus on the left hamd corner.

  36. Hi admin,

    I’m vinz from malaysia, which broker works with Neo2 in malaysia besides secure option.

    Secured option have a lot of bad comment about the withdraw part is that true?


    1. Hi securedoptions have said they have to call you and comfirm your withdraw. If you miss call. They cancel your request. Asked why no voicemail. Or even a quick email(only take 5 seconds).
      This is not there policy. As they have 10k clients.

  37. I just spoke to a couple of people at NEO2. They say they’re in New York and then say they’re in London. They want me to sent them money and then they say they will tell me what broker I can use. The first guy didn’t know what Nadex was. When I told the “financial advisor” that I wanted to demo the software for a few days first, he hung up on me. Obviously that’s extremely rude and tells me that this is just a boiler room sales operation. I’ve been trading Forex and Binaries for many years, and a legitimate firm would allow a demo or sale of its software, and allow that software to be used on whatever platform I wanted to use. This NEO stuff sounds just like every other broker manipulation offer that we’ve all seen for years in Binaries.

  38. Hi Jacob
    Some months ago I joined neo2 and was assigned to secured options my account was never synced with the software and therefore I have never traded .I have been trying to withdraw my deposit but keep on getting calls from their account managers trying to get me to put more money into the account. As soon as you say that u wish to close the account they become very forceful. I have sent them various emails expressing my wish to close the account without any replies. The latest is now that they say I have a bonus on my account to which I never agreed to. Please advise me what I can do

    1. Try getting in touch with the bank that issued the credit card you used. They can claw back the money thru the merchant. Secured options are unlikely to ever return your money.

  39. Morning,
    I am unable to get Neo2 to operate/trade.
    “My” Neo2 after I’ve clicked on the Neo sync and trade Algo buttons – nothing further happens. The screen from Noe2’s video is significantly different, it “works”.

    Please assist.

  40. Hi, regarding Secured Options DO NOT TOUCH THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t shout loud enough about them. They are not a scam as per the definition, ie they have an office, they employ brokers, you can trade etc. They are THIEVES and FRAUDSTERS. A class action needs to be started against them.

    This is how they operate.
    1. You can never talk to them unless it suits them. You will never be given an extension or direct ph no. All their support is outsourced to contractors. eg. an email to support only gets a reply that they have sent an email to your broker asking him to ring you. They never ring back. If you ring any of the 3 ph nos on the website the same story – email passed on. If you use the chat line the same story-
    emailed passed on and they NEVER ring back.

    2. If you email compliance or accounts to get some help in withdrawing they acknowledge your email received but NEVER ring you back.

    3. The only time it suits them to call you is when you first join and they use all the smooth sales patter, emails guaranteeing you can withdraw funds after the trade. etc IT IS ALL LIES. As soon as you have a largish balance and you want to withdraw funds they don’t want to talk to you and all promises, confirming emails, urgency goes out the window.

    4. Sometime in the last yr they have changed there terms & conditions. The terms used to say withdrawals processed after 3 business day, now it’s 7 days. The terms don’t mention any withdrawal limit on any 1 withdrawal. They are the only broker I know of that doesn’t have a speedier service for large account bal. I had over USD 100k. Why would you make the delay longer? Are they having cash flow problems?

    5. They are con artists & thieves !!!!!!!! They push & push you to put in more funds – get a loan, borrow off friends, max out your credit cards – any means possible. They then promise if you can do your best and have a trade which they insure, you can then stay in the trader group with Ben who will get you better returns. You are then told the results of the trade, in my case USD 38k which is added to your account balance on the screen. Then when you remind them the deal was always that you could withdraw your funds the next day as agreed by email they don’t want to talk to you. All communication ceases.

    6. After a couple of days of no replies the only option is to use the withdrawal process on the website. When you do only then do you find out that they have an upper limit of 10k per withdrawal & you can only process 1 withdrawal at a time. This means to with an account bal of 120k you have to do 12 withdrawal requests which take at least 7 business to process. Thus it can take over 3 mths to get your money back. By this time if you run into problems you could be over the time limit merchants allow to claw back your funds thru your credit card.

    7. The next shonky thing they do is to remove (steal) the profit from your account. Yep, the whole 38k gone off your account balance on the screen. I was only left with the account bal before the insured trade. Again when you try to contact some one about this all you get is silence. THEY ARE THIEVES.

    Hope this info helps saves some of you from their trap.

    1. Sorry it happened. I know exactly about them pushing you to limit to get fresh funds. Im in a position with starling capital, but remaining hopeful to withdrawal $. I hope you are able to get intial deposit back with a fraud claim from bank? Were you able to withdrawl anything?

      1. Hello,

        I am a representative of Starling Capital. I regret any dissatisfaction you have experienced with us, but I am here to try and resolve these matters with you. Kindly contact me at my email, and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you, and receiving your feedback.

        Best Regards,
        Anna R

      2. Hello,

        I am a representative of Starling Capital. I regret any dissatisfaction you have experienced with us, but I am here to try and resolve these matters with you. Kindly contact me at my email, and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you, and receiving your feedback.

  41. I don’t understand, just reading a report above Secure option.
    Thieves “”
    Furter down I read a reply by you were you answer a client,That the are exselent. can you please exxsplain as I am just on my way to sign up whit them

  42. Hello ..i live in the USA and signed up with Nadex , I’m also a member of mikes manual signals on facebook , my question is that there is just one admin who provide signals for Nadex traders and he provide just one or two every couple of days do you think about about adding another nadex signal provider ? Can we apply the neo2 signals manually on nadex platform? Thank you very much

  43. Even the latest version of the Neo software still not working in india ! :(
    Can anyone tell me at least the name of one such software which can accept trade from my country, it will be highly appreciated!

      1. other than IQ option root, is there any automated trading platform which would possibly work here, in indai ?
        How about ABS( auto binary signals)? IS it available in India?

  44. Hi, I setup neo2 and signed up and deposited $250 with the assigned broker binarybook but since I made deposite neo2 is not working. no trades have been made by neo2. What do I do? Please help!!!

  45. Awesome software as can be expected from Michael Freeman, the genius trader. Really happy with the performance of NEO2

  46. Hi does anybody know if neo2 auto still works because someone told me all of the auto trading softwareS was no longer working except snapcash ? IS that true an if so why lol. Thanks

    1. You heard correctly. We currently recommend using NEO2’s signals with regulated brokers/demo accounts only, and NOT with the automatically assigned brokers.

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