OptionRobot.com Scam Review

OptionRobot.com is a trading robot which was re-launched on March 16, 2016. It’s actually not a new system. It was created 2 years ago which makes me wonder how come I’ve never heard of it before. At first, I thought I’d ignore it, but when I started receiving dozens of requests to review it from my subscribers, I decided to write a quick review in order to share the information I have about this software with you. As you shall soon see, the Option Robot is a unique software, not at all similar to the scams I usually review. So can you really attain to an 83% winning rate or is OptionRobot.com a SCAM? I wouldn’t recommend signing up before reading my objective review!

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OptionRobot.com detailed review

OptionRobot.com offers a free trading software which works on 100% autopilot or semi-automatically. Although it’s free to use Option Robot, you will be required to sign up with one of the recommended brokers in order to do so and to fund your account with a minimum of $250. The brokers that are available with OptionRobot.com are Banc De Binary (EU-regulated), StockPair (EU-regulated), BMB Option, OptionWeb (EU-regulated), OptionRally (EU-regulated), Cherry Trade, GOptions and Options XO (EU-regulated). They advertise an average winning rate of 83% and they offer a free $1,000 demo account for those who would like to test the signals before investing real money. Since OptionRobot.com is Internet-based, you won’t be required to download anything and will be able to use the app using any type of computer or mobile device.

Available expiries with Option Robot include 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Although not every expiry is available with every broker. With StockPair you can use all expiries, except for 90 seconds, 2 and 3 minutes. With the other brokers only the short-term expiries are available. In terms of trade amount, with StockPair the minimum trade amount is $20. With the other brokers, you can invest as low as $5 per trade. The robot works with the following currencies: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CAD and with these indicators: Trend, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index), Stochastic Oscillator, Williams & CCI (Commodity Channel Index). If you have no idea what all of this means, then OptionRobot might not be the best choice for you, as I explain in this review summary. Or you can start learning about technical analysis if you’re interested.

The software utilizes different strategies and technical indicators in order to generate signals. The people who are behind Option Robot claim that the best strategy and its settings depend on your balance. If you deposited between $250 to $1,000, then they recommend using the classic method with an expiry of 5 or 30 minutes. Trade amount should be $20 with only 1 trade at a time using either the RSI or the MACD indicators. When your balance becomes higher than $1,000, you can start using the Fibonacci method with the same expiry and also increase your trade amount to $25-$50 and take 2-5 simultaneous trades. If you reach a balance of more than $5,000, they recommend using the Martingale method and increasing your trade amount up to $500 per trade. At this stage, you can also take 3-8 simultaneous traders.

Support is available via email (contact@optionrobot.com).

Is OptionRobot a scam?

If Option Robot is a legit binary options software and not a scam, then how come it is offered for free? No explanation is provided, which means that the creators of OptionRobot.com are paid solely by the brokers they work with.

Here’s some more information that I found that might help you reach a decision regarding the OptionRobot.com software:

  • The domain OptionRobot.com was created on March 14, 2014, 2 years ago. They are very popular on social networks, especially on Facebook and Google+. They are also quite popular in general with an Alexa global rank of 785,268, especially in Belgium, where it is ranked 10,352 with 17.7% of the visitors coming from there.
  • The website is not blacklisted by Google SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog or MalwareDomainList, which means it is safe to visit and is not used to distribute malware or Trojans.

Testimonials from real traders

Please let me know if you have any experience with the OptionRobot software and I’ll include your testimonial in this review.

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To sum up this review

I have neither tried OptionRobot.com, nor did I get any testimonials from traders who tried it. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend using Option Robot.

29 thoughts on “OptionRobot.com Scam Review”

  1. OptionRobot.com, started using it today. So far dissapointend, out of 5 trades= won 1 lost 4. I wonder whether these reviews are legit when it comes to analysing these robots…

  2. I’ve lost 250 dollar in just 4 hours trading. What the hemmm. In demo mode, I only loss 1 session out of few sessions for few days. I think robotoption is manipulated system to simply steal money from trader.

  3. I’ve lost 250 dollar in just 4 hours trading. What the hemmm. In demo mode, I only loss 1 session out of few sessions for few days. I think robotoption is manipulated system to simply steal money from trader.

  4. i downloaded it and it has never functioned. sent who knows how many -emails to support, they haven’t returned one!! i have talked to other traders who claim it works, just not fro me i guess. it would be nice to get some support on this robot.

  5. Firstday I lost 10 trade in a row, then one successful trade.. Started with $250 deposit and try it out. After 12 minutes I have $85 left in my account. So I reviewed optionrobotcom again . Now I find a report that says optionrobotcom is a sicam. How can there be so many positive articles stating optionrobotcom makes money? I am not having a good experience. I believe and state that option robot is a scam. Stay clear!

  6. I tried to open an account with 24options and was advised that they don’t support Australian Clients. On the same review site two alternatives were recommended HIGHLOW and PORTER FINANCE in conjunction with optionrobot. Where to now?

  7. I invested on two occassions with optionrobot.com and lost my money. The demo worked good (the hook). But the real money mode with the brokers and I lost. I went with binarytilt and optech. Both were disasters. Te demo results do not reflect the real mode results.

  8. I have lost £.132 from my deposit £.250 during a day. From 18 trades only 6 were in the money. I tried different time but it did not help. Their demo account is false. Nothing common with a real one. Stay away from optionrobot.com: daylight robber.

  9. Stay away from OptionRobot.com. From 18 trades only 6 were in the money. I lost more than a half of my deposit. Daylight robber!

  10. I have lost more than a half of my deposit during a day. From 18 trades only 6 were in the money. Stay away from OptionRobot.com!!!

  11. I signed in to option robot and after practice in the demo account,made a Deposit of 300usd to my real account,and turned on to auto trading,after a few minutes they took all my investment away with a broker called stock pair,infact I feel so bad and scam,because the demo account was different from their real account.infact I have lost all my investment just yesterday 5/10/2016,

  12. my name is kweku wiafe,i signed in to option robot few months ago,afterthat,i practiced and did a review search to avoid being scammed by the robot, by some blog promoting option robot,including scam investiger recommending,so i made a deposit of 300usd in to my broker account linking to stockpair and turned on to auto trade,within a short time all the money disappeared from my account,leaving 6usd within a second,when i consulted stockpair,they told me to consult option robot,when i consulted option robot,i was informed it was a wrong robot setting,meaning my investiment is gone for ever,the demo practice is diferent from real account,i wonder why reputable blog did not take the time to try real account before promoting it,i can surely say that option robot is a scam,their demo account is different from real account,do not deposit money or invest in it,theywill steal all your money in the name of regulated broker,be warned its ascam.

  13. People please use this setting am giving you. Just off every indicator and leave only STOCH, Classic not Martingale or Fibonacci. The best time to have a maximum winning is around 400pm London time. Start with 5$ then winning you see you are winning you can put it to 50$ just as you like.
    This is the setting am using and is giving me good result.
    Try it and call me lier if it didn’t work for you please.

  14. Hi

    Can you please advise me firstly on your opinion on Stockpair and secondly Black Box Robot which is linked to Stockpair?
    Thanks in advance

    1. StockPair is a great broker. Don’t know much about BBR, unfortunately, as I didn’t get any feedback about this system. Maybe someone who is reading this can enlighten us?

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