OptionRobot Tips and Strategy for Success!

By Tim Lanoue

The OptionRobot is not only a robust and profitable trading software for binary options but a fully automated trading system that empowers the investor utilizing the software. Whereas most binary option auto traders severely limit user-control, the OptionRobot for binary options actually allows the investor to turn the auto trader off and on along with allows for 6 different customization changes that ultimately allow the investor to remain in relative control over the physiology of the software.

Investors have the innate ability to change all of the following settings provided in the image below allowing for over 100 permutations of the OptionRobot trading software to be utilized during any one moment. No other binary options auto trader or trading software allows this sort of user-control and most certainly not half of the auto traders out in the industry right now have success rates reported nearly as close to 70 to 80% such as the OptionRobot has been reported at from over 30 of our subscribers and throughout my last 6 weeks of utilizing this software.

OptionRobot Tips - Settings

8 Winning OptionRobot Tips

One imperative lesson that I have learned through my time in the binary options industry would be that there is typically always a way to improve the accuracy of a binary options trading system or software. What many newbie investors fail to realize is that the creators behind most of these trading systems lack the incentive to re-calibrate their system and software around 6 to 8 weeks down the road after the launch of their own trading software so ultimately the accuracy and effectiveness of a software decreases over time, or at least historically and statistically speaking.  With this truth in mind, it comes down to the investor to become resourceful and figure out the best ways to optimize your software to the best of your ability. Below are some tips that I always implement prior to using the OptionRobot trading system for binary options:

Tip #1

Perhaps the biggest tip that I can provide you all to apply when using the OptionRobot trading software would be to avoid press releases and major market reports when planning to invest with the automated software.  One note you should keep in mind would be that there are no trading systems or software that can accurately interpret the affects of a market report because many of the assets being discussed become volatile and behave in a manner that cannot be gauged effectively by the software. To check out when all market reports are going to be released you can do so by visiting our Fundamental Analysis page.

Tip #2

Another tip that could greatly improve your success rate with the OptionRobot trading software would be to make sure that you are not investing during any neutral market trends. When using the OptionRobot trading software I have always found that I generate the best success when there is a strong bullish (upward) or bearish (downward) market trend for the targeted assets that I have planned for the software to invest on my behalf.

Tip #3

A third tip that I have found to increase my success rate by a percentage or two would be to make sure to select low volatility currency pairs to invest with. So currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd and even the Usd/Jpy (see Tip 5 below) which isn’t typically classified as a low volatility currency pair but is still effective to invest with. The reason why we want to stick with more low volatility currency pairs would be because they are less prone to change directions due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the market.

Tip #4

Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects among newbie binary option investors would be to apply a proper money management strategy. Typically I recommend investors starting out with a passive style of account management which requires the investor to place 3 to 5% of their trading account balance per investment and once you become more accustomed to the OptionRobot then you can slowly move to a more aggressive style of account management which requires between 7 to 10% of your investment account balance per investment.

Tip #5

Do your best NOT to overtrade, you only need 3 to 7 investments per day to effectively supplement your income through binary options since the return rates are so high. One statement that I preach quite a bit to newbie binary option investors would be that investing binary options is like a marathon not a sprint!  Do your best to limit emotions, don’t get greedy and let the software do its work and the results will follow!

OptionRobot Tips - Stop Over Trading!

Tip #6

Although this tip is not always practical it is effective when used correctly which would be to trade like currency pairs to correlating market hours.  So if you are investing during the New York trading session I have always found that investing the Eur/Usd and Usd/Cad to be the best assets of choice to invest with whereas if you are investing during the Tokyo session than you may want to stick with the Usd/Jpy as your targeted asset. For those of you who prefer the London session I would recommend investing with the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd and Usd/Chf.

Tip #7

One of the great features about OptionRobot.com would be that investors have the ability to remain in control of every aspect but the signal placing aspect which can be expected with an auto trader. What I have found to work quite effectively and to help develop proper money management skills would be to set Max Simultaneous Trades to a value between 1 and 2. Remember, we aren’t trying to be greedy here and by setting the maximum investment amounts to a low value number investors can practice and increase money management skills.

Tip #8

The last tip that I can provide you guys prior to diving into the recommended OptionRobot settings below would be to avoid the Martingale method of trade offered by the OptionRobot. The Martingale style of trading destroys all principles of proper money management and should never be applied with the OptionRobot or with any strategy based outside the OptionRobot trading system. I have seen the Martingale trading strategy destroy newbie investors accounts within a matter of 4 total investments and in as little as an hour, never apply the Martingale style of investing to your binary options investing!

Recommended OptionRobot Software Settings

There are a few different setting options that I use with the OptionRobot depending on the time of day that I invest but the most effective set up that I’ve come across when using the OptionRobot trading software is reflected in the image below.

OptionRobot Tips - OptionRobot Best Settings

As you can see in the image provided above I tend to stick with 2 minute expirations for the software to use while utilizing the Fibonacci method of investing. Next, I make sure to solely use the MACD, RSI and Stoch indicators while setting my Max Simultaneous trades between a value of 1 and 2. Next, I choose a couple of low volatility currency pairs that I tend to invest with during the New York trading session which would be the Eur/Usd and the Usd/Cad that way I can make sure I am following Tip #3 and Tip #6 listed above.

Now, for those of you who are investing during a different market session such as the London or Tokyo trading session you can keep the same set up that I am using here but just change the currency pairs to a couple of currency pairs that correlate to the market session that you are investing with. In all honesty though, the most important factors to consider when using the OptionRobot trading system or any system for binary options would be to follow the tips provided above along with making sure that you keep your emotions in tact, don’t make yourself susceptible to losses just because you may have the beginnings of a losing day or because things aren’t going the way you hoped.

Take one investment day at a time and if you lose more than 2 or 3 investments for the day then just stop investing that day, clearly the markets aren’t behaving and to be honest you can’t win every investment day.

One last recommendation that I can make to you all would be to make sure to avoid investing during intra-trading hours as well, I have not tested the OptionRobot during intra-trading hours since I tend to avoid those hours when investing so I am unsure how effective this set up is during intra-trading hours.

Why Choose OptionRobot for Binary Options?

For those of you who are relatively new to binary options or just looking for a profitable auto trader for once then I would encourage you to check out the OptionRobot for binary options. Unlike most other binary option auto traders that greatly limit user-control the OptionRobot allows you, the investor, to change the physiology of the software and remain in near complete control. You can decide when to turn the auto trader on and off whereas most auto traders that end up becoming scams don’t even offer that option leaving you with only the sight of your funds disappearing and quite a sour taste left in your mouth.

OptionRobot Tips and Strategy – Conclusion

I’ll be honest, when I first came across the OptionRobot I figured it was just another binary options auto trading scam. However, the one characteristic that caught my eye in regards to the system would be how it didn’t claim to make any outlandish income gains, how the site didn’t incorporate any scam marketing widgets that we most oftentimes see with scams and how there wasn’t some moronic pitch video that showed a bunch of fancy cars and photoshopped bank account images.


As many of you know by now we are a fairly active community here so if you have any questions, comments or feedback to share, please feel free to leave them in a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you within a 24 hour period!

As always, thanks for reading everyone and make sure to stick around for more of my strategy, scam reviews and educational articles to come!

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  1. Hi,
    I did registration for IQ Option through your affiliating link and make a deposit
    I sent data through your mail and Facebook, and I sent friend request also.
    Kindly if you please add me to Mike’s signal group, thanks.

  2. Hey Kenny,

    BDSwiss is regulated and a great broker so I would definitely recommend that you sign up with them. Let me know if you need any additional help and I am sorry for the late reply! You can always email the webmaster here as well at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com if you need quicker and better assistance!

    Hope you have been well!

    Tim Lanoue

  3. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for all the tips and strategies. I’ve been following every comment and discussion. Its been a while that i got the option robot , i was paired with BDSwiss but unfortunately, i didnt have the $250 hence i kept demo-trading and demo-trading…i’ve even made $40k a particular time while demo-trading; although i know it may not be the right trading condition but it looks promising.

    However, i now have my $250; can i still go ahead to fund my BDSwiss account through the option robot? or is there any update?
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hey ALL…
    Yes, I’ve followed Tim’s Tip’s, Strategies & Setting’s & have done pretty well with Option Bot. I have traded a few Trades, on all the different Markets to see which one I like better. I’ve had success on All 4-of them, some more than other’s, so I keep some pretty odd hours! Lol…

    I’ve used Dinero Libre since I’ve started with OR a few months ago & all has been well! As far as “New’s” goes, just mainly be concerned for the 2-3 headed Bulls, that’s when you’ll want to steer clear of investing till 20-30mins after the 2-3 headed Bulls new’s has past.

    I’ve also had some success with “Pro Binary Bot”, almost identical to Option Robot & BinBotPRO, but I’m not real crazy about the only 2-Broker’s tied to BBP…BinaryMate & Fin Rally. Basically, same Company. I believe Fin Rally (old Finpari) actually owns BinaryMate. They have the same Platform, same Functionality but I agree with the other guy that mentioned they have Technical Issue’s & need better Tech’s working their Issue’s! However, I had Technical Issue’s with BinaryMate & Raised Hell over it a couple of different times & they have ACTUALLY put a couple Hundred dollars at a time back in my Broker Account.

    But, I’ve had NO Technical Issue’s at all with Dinero Libre to date.

    Have a great weekend ALL!

    Michael Anderson

  5. Hi Admin,

    I am from country India, Can I registered with OptionRobot.
    If yes than which broker you would recommend ?

    Venus Singhvi

      1. Many thanks for your prompt reply,

        Kindly let me know which trusted Automatic software available for india ?

        Venus Singhvi

      2. Hi Admin,
        But I am able to registered in OptionRobot, even online support also suggest also told that we accepted clients fom India & recommended BDSwiss ?

        Please verify with OptionRobot.

        Venus Singhvi

  6. Opened account with Options Robot. Deposited $250 with Dinero Libre, despite the mixed reviews of that company. Opted to go with an unregulated broker because the only regulated ones open to Americans is Nadex, which sucks so much scrot.

    Tagged into the Asian session with a focus on Pacific based currency pairs utilizing RSI, Stoch and MACD as the indicators. Money management is at roughly 5% exposure. 5 min expiry.

    Open Amount: $250

    Close Amount: $275

    Return: 10%

    Trades: 15 trades, 10 wins, 3 pushes, 2 loss

    ITM: 86.6%

  7. I signed up for epix trader forex version but since Tuesday i deposited, the EA haven’t executed a single trade till date, what is happening please

  8. But why are you commenting about the OptionBot 3.0 scam on this OptionRobot Review? They are two different systems, mate.

    1. Hello Admin / Tim,

      Please can you delete my previous post, as I made a terrible error, and I am so sorry. I had so many pages opened at the same time, that I was not reading the correct page.

      One thing though Tim, have you used OB3.0 and if so, can you give me the link to your review?

      Many thanks and once again, sorry for my mistake.

      Stephen Smith.

      1. We have not used OptionBot 3.0 and wouldn’t recommend anyone to try it or any other automated trading system for binary options.

      2. Hey Stephen,

        I have not tried the OptionBot 3 or OptionBotPro versions.
        I have been working on developing new trading strategies and educational articles for you guys!
        Hope you have a great weekend and sorry I couldn’t have been of more help to you!

        Tim Lanoue

    1. Brilliant start to the week!
      Wasn’t sure how marketings opening would be after NFP on Friday but I did well still.
      5 investments out of 7 won, I’ll take that and a nice $89 profit! :D


  9. You might as well close down OptionRobot. It is doing many things the wrong way around! I watched the manual Put and Call choices against TradeView’s graphs and I was quite annoyed with its choices for Put or Call. I also have quite a few indicators too on TradeView. In retrospect I can see many decisions by the robot are wrong! OptionRobot is useless in auto. I got my $250 deposit up to $300 at one stage and ended up with $37. Now I’ll have to try and salvage what’s left with Mike’s manual signals but I’ll first have to figure out how 24option’s platform works…

  10. Hi Tim,
    I have signed-up with optionRobot and i am with 24Options. I am going to trade london trading hours and what is the best setting you could suggest?
    i want to target only 2 winning trade a day.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Theepa,

      Due to regulation issues I no longer use the OptionRobot system.
      Although I know there is a great amount of feedback about settings in the comment sections of all the OptionRobot trading articles posted. I know Adriana who had a guest post had good success with these settings according to her article.

      “Went back on with Giorgos comment from 16 of March setting which had been Method Classic, expiry 5 minutes, Indicators: Trend, RSI, STOCH, Max simultaneous trades 1.”

      Whatever you do please make sure that you invest smart, follow my OptionRobot tips on my other OptionRobot Strategy article and ask any questions if you need any help!

      Hope you have a great rest of your day and a better rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  11. I have tried Option Robot and was totally wiped out in 20 minutes

    I had NO Control – out of 40 trades 55% failed leaving me with $6 in the account

    Suggestions or comments
    Gerry from Canada

    1. Gerry,

      Which broker did you get started with since you reside from Canada.
      As I mentioned one of the best advantages about OR would be that users can turn the system off at any moment, the fact that you placed 40 trades in 20 minutes is absolutely ludicrous to be honest. It appears to me that you did not follow any of the tips provided in the article above so my first recommendation would be to read the article again and write down the tips so you can know how to effectively apply them.

      Second refer to the comments above and below where some of our subscribers have been kind enough to share their settings and feedback with us. It is evident that you didn’t follow any of the tips above besides many a couple so I implore you to read all three of the OR articles on this site, learning from the free resources provided to you here on this site and come back and try again with a much more solid foundation that will help you recoup your losses and allow you to supplement your income.

      I never enjoy hearing about subscribers losing money but this one seems to be on your end and I think you acknowledge that truth as well by saying you had no control. Due to this though I realize that I perhaps need to compose an article on psychological trading tips which I think I will do within the next few days.

      Sorry again about your losses and I hope this has been a valuable learning experience for you.

      Have a great rest of your week my friend.

      Tim Lanoue

      1. I was with Lion as a broker – when I was contacted I said I wanted to use the Option Robot and was asked for my PW – so I gave it and the man said – everything is set up – I said What do I do what should I do – Nothing was the reply – the robot will do everything

        from there I just saw the $ go down and down I had NO settings NO stopping nothing
        I was not told what I could do to stop things or anything
        Oh well – $250 down the drain
        I wanted some control of settings but did not have it

        1. Hey Gerry,

          For future reference if you ever come across a binary options broker that is willing to trade on your behalf NEVER allow them too. Once you give them consent then the management of your funds are in there hands and I have NEVER once seen a good outcome when brokers offer to manage funds for traders. In fact, when I first started out in this industry I lost over $2,000 due to my stupidity and believing that the brokers were really looking out for me. You need to understand that binary option brokers make their revenue when investors lose investments, although some claim that when you make money they make money also but that is a lie.

          Never, ever allow your management of funds to be given to the brokers or other individuals. Granting access to other individuals to invest your accounts is not only illegal but also results in the same loss of funds when a broker manages account funds. I am sorry to hear about your experience and next time when you sign up with a system or any broker in general make sure to only register and deposit with regulated brokers.

          I am not familiar with this Lion broker but chances are they are not regulated.

          Only invest online with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside.

          If you need more assistance you can always contact the admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com.

          I hope you have a good rest of your week and I’m sorry to hear about what experience.

          Tim Lanoue

  12. I kind of wonder if last week and this week are a bad time to use a robot, considering the turmoil in the markets. My sense is to wait until end of this week. Anyone agree with me?

    1. Hey Phil,

      I think you make a very good point there.
      The markets have been exceptionally erratic lately.
      Although most people don’t want to wait that long because they treat trading online as a hobby and not a business I think this week won’t prove good for most traders unless they are using a number of confirmation methods, strategies and manual investment modes.

      Thanks for your insight, it is always appreciated!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Hello Diaz,

      What time did you invest and which time zone?
      No press releases were current I trust?
      Sometimes you can’t win all your days, on Monday you need to be careful as well with the week opening up. The most reliable days to invest tend to be Tuesday through Thursday.
      Lesson your trade amount as well, 14 trades in one day is twice as much as I recommend usually.
      Are you using any confirmation methods too?

      Hope you had a great weekend and have a better rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

        1. Hey Diaz,

          What settings did you use?
          You do know there were four press releases concerning the Euro as well at 8:00 GMT yesterday, correct? The Italian Industrial New Orders (YoY), the Italian Industrial New Orders (MoM), Italian Industrial Sales (YoY) and Italian Industrial Sales (MoM). Which broker are you with as well, I hope it is a regulated one. You using manual too or just automated? It is quite obvious that manual generates the best success rates.

          Hope you have better success today.

          Tim Lanoue

  13. Hi all!
    Did anyone try the “copy” feature of OptionRobot? I just noticed it the other day and thought I’d ask? If you tried, how did it work and what was your results?


  14. Hi TIM,
    Well I finally got signed up with OPTION ROBOT, after playing with the settings in practice mode for a week where thousands of dollars in profits AND 75-90+% ITM TRADES were flowing. (I knew that was not the reality obviously but hoped for the best as I began for real). So, NOW after 4 days of trading with a $250 deposit I am down just over $50 and the TRADE LOSSES have been more than 2/1 OTM each day. NOW THE BOT SITE WILL NOT LET ME LOG IN telling me I am using WRONG PASSWORD. When I clicked for new one yesterday and then click through to Dinero Libre I get the following notice: “404 Page Not Found The page you requested was not found.” So, I chatted with CS 24 hours ago and they said they would investigate, fix and email me. Today it is not fixed AND THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME so I contacted them again and the guy said it would take 24-48 hours again. I then told him I was already promised a fix and I was perturbed and he shut down the chat! I am NOT HAPPY. PLEASE ADVISE ME HOW TO PROCEED. THANK YOU. DAVID

    1. Hey Dave,

      Please contact our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com he will be able to help you out much more than I am. I don’t like the sound of what you are experiencing though, I take it you applied all the necessary tips and multiple different settings to adjust to your losses? I’m also insinuating that you used confirmation strategy as well since that has become recommended an excessive amount of times in the comments so which strategy mate? Regardless I don’t like to hear about subscribers losing money and having experiences they can’t really explain so perhaps our admin can assist you more.

      Hope you have a great day and take care!

      Tim Lanoue

  15. Hello Tim, Tim when using Trader Choice and Market Sentiment in conjunction with Option Robot, what time setting do you use? I do not know what these settings mean,past time,present time,later time,or what,I do not have a clue.Thank you Tim. Don Power

  16. Hello Tim, Tim when using Trader Choice and Market Sentiment in conjunction with Option Robot, what time setting do you use? I do not know what these settings mean,past time,present time,later time,or what,I do not have a clue.Thank you Tim. Don Power

  17. Hi Tim,

    I opened a demo account a few days ago and I saw pretty good results. I live in London and I use Fibonacci system.
    But there is one thing which is blocking me to start in a real mode….I made some researches online before to open a demo account and….I found someone stating that the option robot is a
    Scam because the demo account is manipulated to make the customer happy to open an account with real money…..this people also stated that this manipulation occurs providing different (fake) prices than in real market, just to be sure the trade wins in demo account….
    So reading this review (?) scared me……
    Please ….what do you think about it?
    Also because I know that Watchdog is a very reputable website for reviews…..

  18. Hi Tim,
    Congrats for the good work .I ve been watching some live accounts on You tube on Optionrobot with the below settings : Method Classic, expiry 5 minutes, Indicators: Trend, RSI, STOCH, Max simultaneous trades 1-3 .I tested my self on the demo with great results .What’s your opinion?

  19. Hello Tim,I took your advise and contacted Admin and I guess that my situation is resolved in this sense that [they are cheats and liars].Well I then went to bank NAB they could not help or advise me in any way,so I took the gamble and deposited $ with them,guess what yes they do not accept Binary Options.But I found another way an International Travelers Card,deposited $250 US on the card and guess what again I successfully had Option Robot and Stockpair ,whacko I am in. But again I followed your settings completely and something is amiss for I was down to Zilch $ in a flash.No 1 attempt EUR/USD $20 a loss another shot $30 EUR/USA a loss another shot again a loss,I stopped and tried again that same night guess what no, a win I went USD/CHF tried again same settings another win tried again a loss then another loss then turned the computer off it was quite late,this all happened on the Friday when when I was successfully on line with Option Robot let all settle down for the weekend and I tried again on Monday night ,it was a disaster after three losses in a row shut down my computer tried again Tuesday night a couple of wins a loss a win a loss,now I only had $18.50 left,refinanced Robot again yesterday I am not game enough to try any more at the moment for I am already down yo $160.Tim I really do not know how to use the Economic calendar ,do you know if there is a video on line showing the correct usage of the calendar.I forgot to mention at the start of this message,that I did thoroughly look for any bad vibes about Binary Tilt I seem to recal maybe I am wrong that you said that they are OK,well I have since found that there are different brokese from Option Robot to other forms of trading and through the wrong advise from the other form of Broker not the Robot one that he is a definate scammer,He enen asked me for my credit card details and he would try from his end,I declined.Sorry for the short story Tim I do not know what to do. Don Power

    1. Many Brokers do not support the Bot. They use it, become a recomended Broker, like Binary Tilt do, they take your money, say they will switch on the Bot, never do, then they bombard you with “Allocated Account Managers” to get you to invest thousands of $’s with them, they tell you, their “expert account managers” will make you much more than the Bot, if you invest thousands with them. Welcome to the Scam Merry-go-round, run by ALL the “Recommended Brokers”.

      1. Hint the reason why it is only recommended using regulated binary option brokers that are legal to invest with.

        I have noticed that this site is strict with this statement and so should everyone else be.

        Sure you can still get by with using non-regulated brokers but to make sure you are safe it is recommended to only use regulated brokers.

        Especially with all the regulatory agencies enforcing this present day.

        The Scam “Merry-go-round” does not get incorporated by regulated brokers, they are much more sensible and although BinaryTilt has gone extremely downhill lately it doesn’t mean that others will too though.

        I say play it safe and get started with a good system or service and a reliable broker.

        Like me for example, I have used OptionRobot with 24Options for the past 4 weeks, $803 account profit with just under a 71% winning percentage.

        Do I wish it was higher? Of course I do, who wouldn’t but it has worked well for me.

        Lastly, mostly everyone knows to ignore those calls because every broker will try to get you to accept a deposit bonus but most of us know that if you do your money is locked in until you reach a high volume of trades, this is why binary options can be risky if you don’t get started correctly.

  20. Hi Tim
    Thank you for your review on the optionrobot. I will follow your tips on how best to use the software, I will post my results end of the week. I funded my 24option acc with $250

    1. Hey Lindiwe,

      I hope you are well today and that is a relief to hear!
      Make sure you follow all the tips above and browse some of the setting feedback in the comments on this article and the other OptionRobot article. I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week and please make sure not to overtrade as well!

      Tim Lanoue

  21. I am in the US, and after reading the comments, decided to try the OptionRobot website by pressing the button above. The page that came up said: “This offer is not available in your location.” I’m sure there is nothing you can do about it, but I thought I would put this in so others won’t feel left out because they can’t get it in the US.

  22. Hi Tim,

    I posted a follow-up question to you yesterday and my post has disappeared so I will post it again.

    My real question from my previous post is why did Option Robot – even though I had my trade type set at Fibonacci, the frequency set at 1 trade at a time, and my trade risk set at $10. per trade – place 2 different trades with a $50. risk and 1 trade with a $25. risk? It appears to be malfunctioning!!

    I’ve e-mailed the broker Dinero Libre twice and support at Option Robot twice and haven’t gotten any response to my question from either of them. Hopefully you can intervene here and provide or get an answer for me because at this point I’m starting to think Option Robot is just another scam.

    1. Steven.
      It was your Dinero Libre broker, they have your password and access to your accounts. Get out of it and enter a Licensed broker.
      It happened to me about 2 years ago, with another robot. I am now with licensed BDSwiss…


  23. Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your response! I guess my real question is why did Option Robot risk $50. on 2 trades and $25. on 1 trade when I had my risk per trade set at $10. and I was trading the Fibonacci approach?

  24. Hi Tim,

    Started trading Option Robot today, 10:30 EST to 11:30 EST here in the U.S., using Dinero Libre as my assigned broker and following all of your recommended settings (Macd, RSI, Stoch, and EUR/USD) exactly including choosing Fibonacci as the trading approach. I also had my trade amount set to $10. and frequency was set to 1 trade at a time since I only deposited $250. in the account.

    Over the course of 16 trades (I know you only recommend 7 – 10) Option Robot entered 2 trades where my risk was $50. a trade and 1 trade where my risk was $25. for the trade which is Martingale trading approach as I understand it – not Fibonacci. Since I had my trade risk set at $10. per trade what is going on!!

    By the way, Option Robot had 8 winners and 8 losers so I lost $45. today.

    1. Hey Steven,

      Yeah 16 investments within a 1 hour investment period if quite a bit more than what I would recommend any investor to partake in to be honest! That can easily be classified as overtrading my friend but make sure to go through some of the other comments above and in the other OptionRobot article, there is a large amount of great feedback from people sharing their settings.

      What also is highly recommended and encouraged now would be to implement a trading strategy or market sentiment your investing to act as a sort of confirmation prior to executing your investments. This would require you to place your trades on manual with the OptionRobot but not only will you be able to filter out some of the less accurate signals but you also learn first-hand how to apply strategies, learn technical and fundamental analysis along with become more experienced.

      I am assuming that you followed all the tips above as well, no press releases and so forth? Because according to the economic calendar founded on the Fundamental Analysis page of this website there were 2 press releases today at 10:30 A.M. EST with one concerning the USD dollar with could have effected your accuracy since you invested with the Eur/Usd.

      Other than that I would recommend applying a good strategy as a confirmation, do your best to wait 10 to 15 minutes after a press release at the latest and make sure to not to overtrade.

      I hope this helps you out some and have a great rest of your day and an even better weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  25. Hello Tim,
    I signed up with option robot days back, i chose 24option because i have a lot of good things about them. After the registration i discovered that my option robot account is linked to my 24option GBP account instead of USD.
    I want to make a deposit in dollars as reflected in my 24option account but i am a bit scared since option robot is showing my account balance in pounds instead of dollars.
    I contacted option robot because the issue is from them but they still have not replied me and it has been over 24 hours now…
    Think you could help?

    1. Hey Danladi,

      How are you doing today?
      This certainly does sound like an issue but this is an issue that would be handled best through the 24Options broker account.

      The OptionRobot is only a software that is linked to your 24Option account so I would contact them to try to get it converted over to USD if that is what you are wishing to achieve. Now if that is what you have gone through already then please send an email to our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and he will be able to help you out much better than I can!

      I hope we get this resolved for you and that you have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  26. you may be right . . . i was trying to check them out when i came across your video . . . . i have been trading in their demo account using the robot . . . . but i made $20,000+ in 2 hours . . . . that seems a little far-fetched . . . and makes me a little leery . . . . but you are saying that option robot is not the same as the other 2 and not a scam???

    1. Hey Gentry,

      As we have said numerous times the OR demo account does not partake in broker manipulation or interference. It is simply a tool to provide investors with a better feeling for the system before they get started with it, you will notice that not even half the rates will match up to real broker rates. Now this can be caused by other variables mentioned above but overall just know the demo account is ONLY intended to help you get a better feel for the system! Not provide you with expectations on how well you will do the system!

      The other system known as “Binary Options Robot” is a scam, the OptionRobot is not a scam.
      There are so many binary robots out there so be careful but the OptionRobot software is legitimate.

      Feel free to leave another comment if you need additional help and have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  27. Hi Tim,

    I live in Canada and have read on other sites that there currently aren’t any binary options brokers in Canada. Is this true? If so, does that mean I won’t be able to use OptionRobot? I’m very new to this and am trying to do as much research as possible before diving in, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hey Lynn,

      I will only ever recommend traders to sign up with regulated binary option brokers and with you residing within Canada I do not think any have been made available to you yet unfortunately. Our admin may know more whether or not you are able to use the OptionRobot with you residing within Canada or a reliable broker for you to get started with, please feel free to email him at: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com.

      Sorry I wasn’t able to help you out more and I hope you have great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  28. Hi Tim, it’s off the subject of OptionRobot, but could you check out Nuvo Finance please. Paul at Prestige Binary has been recommending it to new traders.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      How are you doing this weekend?
      So I personally have not tried out the Nuvo Finance but I have heard some decent reports on them.
      I know that our admin is waiting to publish a new trading system that entered the binary options industry that is a social trader though, you would probably be best off waiting for the social trader since I heard that it is a semi-automated, fully automated and social trading compatible software that you would probably benefit more from than the Nuvo Finance that has mixed reviews my friend.
      Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  29. Hey Tim. Nice to met you and coming across your post. It’s great and I appreciate the time of you coming forward with this information. I was just wondering if you have a strategy with just starting with the minimum of $250?

  30. Thanks, Tim. I have nothing to do with these high pressure “managers”. I am going to add funds to Nadex acct. and try Richard Neal’s “golden signals”. I have an account with ‘BinaryOptionAutoTrader’ linked to Finpari. I may add funds to that if everything works out.Thanks for your help, Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      Glad to hear that you will be getting started with a CFTC Regulated binary options broker. That is the only way I feel that investing is safe for you, especially if you reside within the United States. I have used Nadex several times, if I were you I would try their demo account as well to get the hang of the platform before trading live with the system just because it shares more of a Forex interface than the traditional binary options interface due to it being an exchange rather than a broker.

      Best of luck investing and please let me know how Richard Neal’s Golden Signals are as well, I have never used them so I am curious! Have a great rest of your weekend Terry!

      Tim Lanoue

  31. Tim, in regards to DineroLibre, when I call with a question, all I get is a “manager”, who tells me how bad auto traders are, and I should deposit $1000 or so with him so he can make me “big money”. If I join OptionRobot or BinaryRobot365 and link to them, will I get harassed? I never got a good answer from them about the 15 trades of $25 each prior to withdrawal, but I assume I would be o k since you and others are using them. Thanks, Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      Ignore that manager, take it from me who has lost thousands of dollars to these broker “managers” who promise you the world and more. They will try to tell you that when you make money that they make money as well but that certainly is not the case and not TRUE at all. I received a called when I had gotten started with OptionRobot but I told them I wasn’t interested to deposit more and to remove me from their calling list. That should work for you and yes, many of our subscribers are experiencing pretty consistent investment results so you should as well. I have no move onward to testing out a different system at the moment but my results are still inconclusive for the time being. Have a great rest of your day and an even better weekend!

      Let me know if you have any questions and take care Terry!

      Tim Lanoue

  32. Hi Tim,

    I have two questions for you. When I try to deposit funds on the BBot of $250 it reads as “250,00$” on the page. Is that the way it always is? If not I certainly don’t want them trying to charge my card 25000! Secondly, have you used debit or credit card for deposits and withdrawals?
    Also, have you withdrawn funds again with no problem?
    Thanks Much,

    1. Hey Dave,

      By BBot do you BinaBot or OptionRobot?
      Send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com please I certainly do not want to see you get charged $2,500 opposed to $250! Lastly, our admin has not reported any withdrawal issues but they do take up to 4 to 5 business days to be received but other than that just make sure to follow the tips provided above please, float around the comments on this article and the other OptionRobot article as well since there is a lot of good custom settings feedback and you should be good to go!

      Have a great rest of your day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  33. Hi Tim,
    I looked at Binary Robot365’s settings page today and it is exactly the same as Option Robot’s to the last detail. Are they one and the same organisation? If not, what do you think of BR365?

  34. Hi Tim,
    I am not so good at english so please try to understand what I am saying, thanks a lot
    After reading carefully 2 articles about OR, the review and the tips articles, I understand like this
    Step 1: Setting the robot like you recommend (the same as screenshot)
    Step 2: Choose the time frame that fit to asset EUR/USD, USD/UCA so we choose NY & London time (get away from press release)
    Step 3: Set around 5-10% of balance per investment, and 6-7 investments per day, loss 2 so stop and wait the next day
    Step 4: So… just turn on the button “Auto-trading”

    I understand the right way or not ? Because I see some comments they said they put investment manually? Not auto by the robot ? and they see Price action bars so they put manually ? Why dont they use the robot ?
    Please help me to figure out those steps, thanks a lot
    Hope you have a great working day !

  35. Hello Tim,

    I have signed up for the OptionsRobot but while trying to do the settings like yours, I discovered that there is no longer any 2 min options, nearest is 90 seconds, then 5 minutes.

    So, which time settings is better of those two?


  36. my thoughts on optionrobot so far

    it is a decent system but could use improvement..

    got startd with it on tuesday
    3 for 5 = losing day
    4 for 5 = winning day and recooped my losses and had a £5 gain
    thursday i got a lil bit more done
    8 for 10 = winning day and over £100 gain
    friday i did two times tho and learned more
    3 for 4 = early morning £57 gain
    looked up penny millionaire strat and used manual with optionrobot
    7 for 7 = £248 gain
    i advice u all if u aren’t doing well to try those software strats with optionrobot

    worked great for me

  37. Hi all!
    Made my second trading session with OR today. Since there was announcements on the USD tonight I traded EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP. Trading time 18:00 – 18:30 CET. I looked at the charts and thought there was some good movements on the respective pairs. I used the settings as recommended by Tim in this post above. My results: 2 WIN / 2 LOSS…and then I stopped since 2 losses was my limit. Any idea what I was doing wrong tonight because I seem never to get above 50/50 in general?

    This whole thing feels like a lottery so any help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Par,

      Send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and ask him for my email address.
      I will help you out with the system because you seem to be among one of the few subscribers of ours who aren’t generating consistent profits with the system. I would like to learn more on how you are using the system and I’ll see if I can critique you in some simple manner you may have been overlooking incidentally.

      Hope you are having a great day and I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Tim Lanoue

  38. Hello Tim I hope that you had a very good and an enjoyable weekend.Well Tim as I wrote in the last message[12/02 2017] I am now with Binary Tilt but that is all I have tried and tried unsuccessfully to be united with Option Robot,last Friday I did receive a message from them letting me know that they try to make contact in approx 24 Hours that was 72 Hours past and they will not respond to my pleading messages I do not know why.The account manager at Binary Tilt said he tried but advised me to do so I accepted and with no luck.I said to the manager I think this is all done wrong that is join Binary Tilt through the Option Robot site,he does not agree.Tim I am completely at wits end I have never experienced so much garbage before I have tried since the 2 nd. of this Month to be with Option Robot but it most certainaly appears to be out of reach to me.Tim do you have any answers please.Thank you Tim. Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      Send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com please.
      He should be able to help you out with this ridiculous situation that you are experiencing!
      I hope you have a great rest of your day Don and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  39. hi tim, 2nd day with option robot 5min expiry, stockpair, 8 ITM out of 9. so far so good. dont know why last time software traded simultaneously. but i understand now finonacci setting can execute trade higher than 20$ if previous trade lost. my account now has doubled from 250$. i did my trading eurusd, audusd melbourne afternoon but did looked at the candlesticks before turning auto on.

    1. Hey Debbie,

      Great results!
      Thank you so much for sharing them with us!
      Glad to see you are also seeing success with this system, once you get the right settings and learn to invest when the market conditions are optimal it makes matters much easier!
      Keep us updated on your success please and keep up the good work!

      Tim Lanoue

  40. Hello Tim.

    Hope you had a good week-end, Im sorry but Im still not clear about a couple of things, it seems to me that there are two settings for the robot, automated and manual, Im sure they are not the same, I have seen that a couple of traders are doing manual trades as well as automated, the thing is, if there is a manual button, does it only show when you make a deposit and go live trading because on my demo it only has a start and stop trading button, waiting for updated settings before I deposit money into stockpair.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey Tezza,

      How are you doing today? I hope you are doing well!

      That is correct, the manual investment mode becomes available after you go live with the software.
      The demo account mode is more or less just an interface so you can learn how to customize the OptionRobot settings and become more efficient with the software prior to going live with it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  41. Hi Tim, thanks for all your support.

    I have one question for you.

    At what specific time do you trade with OPTIONROBOT?

    I know you said New York session but please tell me what time you do it specifically.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Eric,

      I hope your day is going well and no problem, I am glad that I can help you guys out!
      I will be having a unique and educational article published here tomorrow so make sure to stick around for that!

      Moving forward, I typically invest during one or two times when I am using the system during the New York trading session. If the markets look to behaving then I typically invest from 6:50 A.M. EST – 8:50 A.M. EST but if the markets don’t appear optimal or there are going to be numerous press releases early in the morning I look towards investing during 1 P.M. EST to 3 P.M. EST.

      If the market conditions aren’t optimal at all then I get up around 6:30 A.M. EST the next morningand try to get some investments in during the European session until it merges with the New York session. The time of day that I invest truly depend on market conditions, when market reports are going to be released and global fundamental news present. I hope this answer has helped you out some and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week Eric!

      Tim Lanoue

  42. Hi Tim,

    I tried the bot today, i got better results in the manual mode. Is it the same for you or your strategy is only based on the automated mode ?

    Thank you

    1. Hey Raf,

      Manual mode typically yields better investment results because you can get in at a better entry rates. I would’ve been surprised if that role was reversed but nope that is common my friend!
      Hope you have a great rest of your a day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  43. Hello Tim, I have signed up today and after sorting out how to set it up let it run on demo to see how it works. setup fib, 2mn, 10 stake, max 2
    I used the setting in your instructions above (2nd Chart) with usd/jpy let it run through 23 trades ( out of trade hours) just to see how it worked, out of the 23 trades, 15 won 2 tied and 6 lost with a total win of $102 But on 2 trades it changed the stake to 25 immediately after a loss? which then won.
    Q if it does this on demo in fib will it do it for real mode?
    I have lost a lot of money on robots in the past and cannot afford to waste even more!
    will be testing this at different times during the coming week to get a better feel for it.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Sorry for the late reply, oftentimes I can’t see all of these comments or I just zoom right past them!
      Anyway I hope your day is going well and are you solely using the system on automated when running your demo? No it should not fluctuate your trade volume at all when you go live, you are the one who is control and you manipulate the software to whatever settings you deem worthy.

      It has been reported that better success rates are achieved when using the software on manual because investors will just wait for a better entry rate or they will incorporate a strategy to strengthen the signals generated. I know a couple of our subscribers have been killing it, I mean like made over $600 in a week by using fibonacci, manual investment mode and applying price action trading strategy which is on our channel and some were even applying the strategies I created for Penny Millionaire and were yielding great results.

      There are so many variables and options with this software it is kind of hard to suggest any “one” particular setting to anyone but overall reports have been phenomenal. Please feel free to leave any other questions that you may have and have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

  44. Hello Tim,how has life been treating you mate all fine I hope.Tim referring back to the 7/2/2017 I said Stockpair was not available in Australia well good news the account manager rang me and corrected the statement and said it is in Aus but my bank ANZ does not approve he has a lot of Australians who have had this problem and he advised that there is no problem is they go to the NAB bank.Now I do not have a functioning account with Option Robot as yet but good news Binary Tilt contacted me and finally accepted me and I now have an account with them,I said to the account manager that I wanted to be united with Option Robot he said no problem and with that knowledge I deposited $ with Binary Tilt.Now it turns out that there is a problem he can not connect me and told me to contact Option Robot,I have unsuccessfully tried with 5 emails and the support site.the problem is when I try to connect Binary Tilt on the Robot site the wording comes up wrong email address or password,I get a new password still not accepted and by getting a new password it then affects Binary Tilt that is it is the wrong password.Tim I will finish now for this just goes on and on.I will most certainly let you know it I ever have success.Or I should have mentioned Option 24 same problem could not deposit guess that is also a bank issue.Thank you Tim and I think it is time to say I hope you had a very fine and enjoyable weekend. Bye for now. Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      I got an email from our admin concerning your situation and how it has been just about resolved. I am glad to hear that everything will work out well for you and if you need any more help in the future please feel free to contact us again. Have a great rest of your day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Dan,
      I have had the same problems with Binary Tilt, they use, connecting you to the Robot, as an excuse to get you in their system, then they bombard you with phone calls and e-mails from “your appointed account manager” who you never asked for, but they have NO intentions of running the Robot through your account, they want you to invest thousands, with their “experts” and they have told me, “Fxxxk the Robot”, they are scared of losing their jobs, and commissions.

  45. Hi Tim,

    On freestockcharts.com, what time do you recommend for the charts’ settings ? You can choose between 1min, 2 ,3 5,10 ….
    I got it on 2 min but it’s may be too short no ?

    Thank you for your help

    1. Hey Raf,

      If you are using a 2 minute expiration I would float between the time frames of 2, 3 and 5 minutes. If you switch to one minute you can get a better understanding of the more immediate and micro approach to everything but I enjoy using time frames that are all around my expiration times that way you can get a better understanding of the current market conditions. I hope you have had a great weekend and I look forward to hearing back from you!

      Tim Lanoue

  46. Immediately I switched to demo mode and used the exact same setting. To my surprise I started making money. I’m disheartened Tim. Please help my friend. Please!

    1. Hey Gerard,

      I hope you are doing well today and let’s see if we can figure this out for you.

      Are you referring to your results from yesterday or today?
      Because 4:30 P.M. EST has yet to happen but there are numerous press releases being released.
      Further more, as mentioned a few times above the OptionRobot demo is much different that the live mode, it doesn’t partake in broker manipulation and interference it is mostly there so you can get a better feel for the software before you go live with it.

      In addition, if you have $10 investments and you have loss that much why didn’t you stop overtrading? Always stop after 2 consecutive losses my friend or apply a better money management strategy my friend, everything you need is in the article above. Were the results that you achieved with the software yesterday or today? Because we had some pretty neutral markets around 2:30 to 5 P.M. EST yesterday.

      Please email our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com if you need more assistance please!

      Tim Lanoue

  47. Hi Tim
    Im feeling very despondent about OptionRobot. In settings I selected MACD, RSI, Trend and STOCH. I also chose to trade with $10 at 2m (using a max trade of 1) per trade with EUR/USD, USD/CHF and GBP/USD as I was trading New York and London. I traded for about 1 and a-half hours. I began with a capital $216 and now I’m sitting with $125. What did I do wrong. The software doesn’t seem to do what it does in demo mode. Please help! Should I continue with OptionRobot or can you recommend another which has better results.

    1. Hey Raf,

      Still hard to find a more reputable and reliable broker than StockPair to invest with though my friend.
      They have been around since I can first remember and with them being regulated I see them being around for another 5 years as well. Not a fan of their raised minimum deposits that is for sure though but sometimes for extra quality you need to dish out more, that is common in everyday life I feel like.
      I hope you all are having a great day and an even better rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  48. Hello Tim.
    Hope you are well. I have finally got into StockPair but I could not sign up through your link which is what I would have prefered, no options came up for a broker and no matter what I tried I always got Not Available in your Country,(I live in France). so I went to the main option site and after about 10 attempts I got into StockPair, Now I have found out while reading through these comments that there is a manual button for trading, but I dont have it on mine, everything else is the same, but support dont seem to know about it either, any suggestions to help me

  49. Hi Tim,
    Thanks so, so much for your blog and tips. I previously read reviews about OptionRobot and many were negative but many of those to my realisation were made in early 2016. I was ready to give up and forget about binary auto-trading. You have made me a believer in this software.
    I have 2 questions:
    1. Starting with a low capital of $250, what would you recommended settings be?
    2. I’m interested in trading with London and New York. When would the best times be?

    1. Hey Gerard,

      I am glad that I can help you out my friend!

      I will be publishing a lot more educational and informative articles pretty soon so make sure to stick around to learn more and better educate yourself on how to become a better investor!

      Depending on your broker and your minimum trade allotted I would stick with a 5 to 10% account balance per investment, using a max trade of 1, classic or fibonacci style and implement a variation between the RSI, trend and MACD indicators. You can swift through all the comments above as well there is a lot of great feedback to be considered my friend!

      Lastly, I am not sure when your availability hours are but I would just recommend avoiding press releases and making sure to apply all of the tips provided to you in the article above prior to investing. If you are able to invest during the New York and London trading session then I would say you are in the advantage since these are both great market hours to invest during.

      Please let me know if you need any additional help and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

      I hope you are having a great day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  50. Hi Tim
    Can you recommend what currency pairs to trade during the Sydney/Tokyo sessions using Option Robot?
    Advice appreciated

    Regards Chris

    1. Hey Chris,

      With you investing during the Sydney/Toyko session I would recommend using the Usd/Jpy as your main currency pair of choice since that is the one present during those hours. If you have the ability to invest with the Eur/Usd or Aud/Usd I would also recommend those pairs. Do yourself a favor though and before you bit the bullet make sure to implement all of the tips provided above please and you should be good to go my friend!

      Feel free to ask any more questions that you may have and have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Tim
        Thanks so much for tips and advice.
        It’s good to see others doing well from the robot and like you I would like some more insight into their trading methods. Very interesting.
        Thanks for all you work and input.
        Regards Chris

      2. Hi Tim.
        Thanks for the helpful reply.
        It’s good to see that others are being successful with Option Robot.
        I have been following John’s signals on Michael Freemans FB page but living in Australia the time frame is a bit arkward.
        Regards Chris

  51. I tried option robot today and set the settings as recommended, maximum trade = 1. But twice the robot executed 4 trades simultaneously then 2 trades simultaneously. It did not seem to follow the setting so i stopped it.

    1. Hey Debbie,

      Please send an email to our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and you will be better assisted.
      Out of curiosity did you select more than one currency pair? Let us know and we will get to the bottom of this immediately.

      Hope you have a great rest of your week my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. hi tim, i tried optionrobot again today in london morning for about 30 min. using 5 min expiry. trend, cci, %R, classic. with stockpair. got 4ITM out of 6. i shall see again tomorrow.

  52. Received my first withdrawal after 5 business days with the DineroLibre broker, I was scared I was not going to receive it at first to be completely honest! Free withdrawal though which was nice and I got my whole $626.

    Total account gains to date over 17 trading days = $350 flat to $1,914.50 (minus $626.50 withdrawal)

    Settings Incorporated Are Below
    Trades (4 max w/ Aud[Usd, Eur[Gbp)
    Indicator (Trend, CCI also %R)
    Time (60 second with several 2 min, I like to change it up if I see doji candles)
    Method (Mostly Fibonacci Retracement Method but Classic also)

    Hope this helps you all out, it has worked very great for me lately.


    1. Hey J.N.P.,

      If you have the time could you email our admin with your set up that you have been using along with some screenshots that we could possibly use in a future publication released here. You have had more success with me and I would love to learn how you are implementing the formation of doji candlesticks into your strategy…that is something so micro and simplistic I am fascinated by that idea to be honest.

      Thank you for sharing your feedback and your custom settings and have a good and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  53. Hi Tim,

    Thank you i didn’t know freestockcharts.com. I will definitely use it.

    So the best thing is to select assets that have huge upward or downward trends thats right ?
    As i live in France i will trade on London session so the assets i selected are: EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and AUD/USD.

    My chart on freestockcharts.com is set on a 2min timeframe (should i choose 10min ?) so i will select the assets (between the 6 i listed above) with the biggest upward or downward trends to invest on optionrobot.

    My trading strategy should look like that:
    1. checking the economic calendar to see when there are no bulls (or 1 max) in order to invest during the right hours.
    2. when i found when to invest, go to freestockcharts.com to check which assets have the biggest upward or downward trends (still between the 6 listed above).
    3. apply your tips (max 2 simultaneous trades, 90sec, fibo or classic, MACD, RSI, Stock indicators and classic money management which i know pretty good as i am an old poker player so overtrading won’t be a problem).

    Does it look good to you or am i completly wrong ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Have a nice day


  54. signed up 5 1/2 hours ago and been KICKING ASS!!!!!!
    31 for 42 ITM trades with EurUsd on manual trading and doing turbo reversals!
    total account balance has risen from $350 to $821.40, needless to say im kicking ass and taking names! and yes i know i was kind of overtrading i was just feelin’ this system?!! will stop for tonight after 2 more bigger trades ;D ;D

    thankz optionrobot!!

    1. Hey Big$$$Tradez23,

      Can you please provide us with some more information on the reversal strategy that you are implementing while using this system? I am glad you have had quite a bit of success, over 40 trades is a lot in one day to be honest but if it works for you then more power to you!

      Hope to hear back from you and have a great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. congratz Big$$$Tradez23

      im in da same boat as you are!
      4 total days with software, $500 account balance has turned into $1,331.85 with an average of 13 trades every trading day. success is at 69% and i am killing it with the fib retracement method and eur/usd n eur/gby currency pair! how you killed it today 2!


  55. Hello Tim.
    I hope this email finds you well, I am with StockPair trying out the demo at the moment with different settings, I understand that the demo doesn’t really give a true reflection on live trades, so how do I know if I have a good setting or not,
    Im waiting to see your report on one member who is doing really well, I hope it wont be long, but I will follow your steps when I go live, just curious about the demo/live robot difference.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hey Tezza,

      Just utilize the tips provided to you above and go through some of the many comments on this article and the other OptionRobot article and you should be able to develop a solid custom setting foundation that is optimal and performs effectively for your investing endeavors.

      We have had many subscribers who are reporting great earnings with the OptionRobot so I am looking forward to hearing more about their settings as well! Hopefully I can use their settings and create a new OptionRobot strategy article that will highlight the top 3 custom settings along with provide some re-enforced tips that should always be followed!

      I hope you are having a great day and feel free to leave a comment if you need additional help! I hope you have a great rest of your week Tezza!

      Tim Lanoue

  56. Hi Tim,

    I have funded my broker account – 24option. But the balance in my OptionRobot account still remains $0.

    Can you please advise. Thanks

  57. Tim I have just received an email from Stockpair reading we no longer accept Australian credit cards,looks like I will now try 24 Option, Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      Please keep me in the loop in this regard.
      I am most eager to hear about your sign up since I know you have had one hell of a sign up process thus far! Looking forward to hearing back from you and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  58. Hello Tim,Tim I thank you for advising me on 24 Option,or Stockpair,I decided on Stockpair for their minimum deposit is $20 where as 24 Option is $24.I have filled out the required fields and have tried many times to deposit money.But each time I try the message sorry something went wrong and looking further I read Error Null Point Exception is noticed.I have tried to contact support,tried chat site no answer,looks like option robot maybe out of reach for me,do you know of any Australians who may have had this problem I am confronting.I have looked at Penny Millionaire but I do not think I am smart enough to try and use it.Thank you for your patience. Don Power

  59. Well this is quite upsetting! I Deposited $250 into Brokers Acct & started using my OptionRobot. I was doing pretty well until I noticed that it started placing Trades at $50ea. & it did 4 of them. I Won 2-4 but the kicker was when it placed a $100 Trade! I’d read all of the Strategie’s, took notes & had my OptionRobot set up for $25 per Trade, a Max of 1 at a time, my Method – Classic, Indicators…Trend, cci & %R. And was only trading three pairs, EUR/USD, USD/JPY & EUR/GBP.

    I “Opened” a Trouble Ticket / sent an email to Support, but of course I haven’t heard back. I’m sorry for sounding negative, but it’s very dang Frustrating for the damn software to “open” a Trade at anything over $25!!! I was No where near ready to raise my Trades yet, I hadn’t built up enough Profits & NOW I’ve been wiped out!

    Do you think anybody will really get back to me? Is there anything I can do? Probably not. Just when you think you’ve got things going in the right direction, with all of you all help & then something as crazy as this happens & cleans me out!

    Thanks for all you guy & gal’s do!
    Upset Michael Anderson

    1. Hey Michael,

      If what you are saying is true please send an email to our admin at: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com. I have never had the software upcharge the amount the investment was set for and neither have any of our subscribers.

      The ONLY thing that I can think of that would have caused this would be if you forgot to change the style of trading actually to Classic or Fib; the only logical explanation that I can make of this scenario would be that you had the Martingale style selected by accident. Because if you had your trade value set to $25 and you loss an investment then it would automatically have your next signal set at a value of $50 and then if you lost that trade it would then place another $50 investment then if it lost it would try to recoop all of your losses with a $100 investment. (This is why I strictly encourage everyone to AVOID Martingale strategy to begin with because it throws away all proper principles of money management). Now I am not saying that you didn’t do that but that is the only thing that I can think of to make sense of this situation. Please send our admin an email and we will try to get this resolved ASAP for you!

      I hope you have a great rest of your week Michael!

      Tim Lanoue

  60. Hello.
    This is to all Traders that use this software and live in France, Im having a really hard time getting accepted by brokers in France, can anyone out there help me.
    Thanks all.

      1. Hi.
        Thanks for the help, but there seems to be some confusion about France, I have finally got into Stockpair with the option Robot, I have questioned them regarding the situation and they have said that nothing is banned from France, so perhaps that might help others in the same situation. they did mention though that it is be to check with the broker you use.
        Thanks for your time.

  61. Hi Tim,

    My name is Oneida, I am in USA, read your review about OptionRobot, I want to open an account but in USA, Nadex is the broker for binary options and do not accept automated trading.
    I am really sad, I can not find a trusted broker that accept US clients, so I can use OptionRobot with your settings.
    Is there any recommendation you can give me to register to OptionRobot from your link and have a trusted broker?
    Your advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Hey Oneida,

      With you residing within the United States the only broker that we can recommend to you would be Nadex. If you have any further questions you can feel free to email us: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com. Sorry to hear about your troubles and hopefully we can help you out further!

      Tim Lanoue

  62. Hi Tim!
    I did try to sign up for a new PennyMillionaire account, but they do not have any brokers for me since I am located in USA. What should I do?
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Best regards,

    1. Hey Michael,

      Unfortunately the Penny Millionaire system is not available for US day-traders. If you are looking for a semi-automated system and an auto trader to supplement your income with I would recommend the OptionRobot software mentioned in the article above. The feedback we have been receiving has been absolutely amazing and our subscribers are generating an average profit between $230 – $645 per week with this system. It is available for traders from every demographic so with you residing within the US it wont be a problem either! Our highest earning subscriber pulled a ltitle over $2,700 last week alone with an outstanding 83% success rate, needless to say I’ll be showcasing his technique and settings very soon for everyone to benefit from!

      Make sure to use the “Open An Account” button provided to you in the article above though to make sure you are designated to the correct OptionRobot software, there are many rip-off systems similar to this and I don’t want you to get started with the wrong system! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help getting started my friend and I look forward to hearing about your success!

      Have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Thank you very much for your help, Tim! I did study/write your setting instruction carefully. $250 is too expensive for me to invest/trade due to my low income. I will try to save the money for investing/trading $250 with OptionRobot software.
        Best regards,

        1. Hey Michael,

          No worries my friend, I know that the exchange rate difference between other countries compared to US Dollars is quite a substantial leap at times. Let me know if you need any help when you are planning on getting started and I look forward to hearing about your success when you are able to get started!

          I hope you had a great weekend and I look forward to hearing back from you!

          Tim Lanoue

  63. Hi Tim,

    As you said in your article, i use the economic calendar of investing.com website. I just have a small question about this.

    On investing.com, there is a small window on the right side of the screen with 4 categories “Indices, Commodities, Forex, Bonds”. Forex is what we are interested in.

    It might be a stupid question but anyway, is it better to invest on currencies that are highlighted in green ? Or in red ? Or it doesnt matter and it is not a good indicator.

    May be selecting a time when there are no bulls on the economic calendar + using this data could help us better ? I have no idea.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. Hey Raf,

      How are you doing today?

      I hope your week has gone well and just so you know we have an economic calendar on the site here which can be viewed here: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/fundamental-analysis/

      Now I wouldn’t necessary say it is “better” to invest on the currency pairs that are green or red, the coloring you see is the current movement of the asset. If the numbers reflect a green color then you know that there is an increase in the value of that currency pair and as you may have guessed if the color is red it is reflecting a decrease in the value of the currency pair. So it doesn’t necessarily serve as an indicator on when to invest but just helps you understand the current movement of the asset or security in question. Solid question my friend, I am sure it will help others who were wondering as well!

      I would just recommend to invest when there are no bulls current on the economic calendar and just remember those values are showcasing the current movement of the asset or security. I hope this has helped answer some of your questions and that you have a good weekend my friend.

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Ok thanks a lot for your help Tim.

        Your answers are always so useful.

        I have just one last question, you speak a lot about avoiding to invest during potentially flat (neutral) markets opposed to when there is a strong trend present.
        Where can i see these trends ? I guess its a bit different than the bulls on the economic calendar.

        Thank you

        1. Hey Raf,

          How are you doing this weekend? I hope you are doing well and in order to see market trends you will need access to a charting solution like freestockcharts.com. I’ve been using this charting solution for years now and it has everything you could possibly need! Just load the charting solution up, choose your targeted assets, change the plot style to candlesticks then you can analyze the present and historical trends of the assets and securities of choice.

          Let me know if you need further assistance and I hope you have a great weekend!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Hi Tim,

            Thank you i didn’t know freestockcharts.com. I will definitely use it.

            So the best thing is to select assets that have huge upward or downward trends thats right ?
            As i live in France i will trade on London session so the assets i selected are: EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF and AUD/USD.

            My chart on freestockcharts.com is set on a 2min timeframe (should i choose 10min ?) so i will select the assets (between the 6 i listed above) with the biggest upward or downward trends to invest on optionrobot.

            My trading strategy should look like that:
            1. checking the economic calendar to see when there are no bulls (or 1 max) in order to invest during the right hours.
            2. when i found when to invest, go to freestockcharts.com to check which assets have the biggest upward or downward trends (still between the 6 listed above).
            3. apply your tips (max 2 simultaneous trades, 90sec, fibo or classic, MACD, RSI, Stock indicators and classic money management which i know pretty good as i am an old poker player so overtrading won’t be a problem).

            Does it look good to you or am i completly wrong ?

            Thanks a lot for your help.

            Have a nice day


  64. Hello Tim,Tim you are correct in saying Option Robot is Australian approved it is some of the Brokers attached attached to the program who are not approved Binary Tilt is definitely Australian approved this is the reason why I tried to have them and they come with favorable recommendations and as early as last November I was with them and as I mentioned on the 1/02/2017 I withdrew the balance of my account for it was a disaster I can’t recall but I think it was Bina? something or other, this is probably the reason why have my account pending.The Brokers listed with Option Robot are—B D Swiss,Markets Trading, Dinero libre ,U Binary,FM Trader,Opteck,Empire Option,24 Option,Binary Tilt,Tradorax,Stockpair,Stern Options,Plus Option,WM Option,Binary Market Capitals World,Binary Capital Markets Europe.—I have not tried them all for I am wary.Maybe Tim if it is no bother you may if you recall the safe ones to try. Thank you Tim. Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      Do you have the ability to get started with StockPair or 24Options by chance? If you are unable to use BinaryTilt then that is that obviously, I’m just trying to help you get started with the system. I haven’t heard any negative feedback though about any of these brokers that the system is with, I don’t think the system nor these brokers would put their reputation at risk if neither of the two were legitimate.

      Let me know if you can get started with StockPair or 24Options my friend and hopefully we can get this all resolved for you by the end of this weekend!

      I hope you had a great week and have a better weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  65. Hi Tim,
    I noticed on the optionrobot platform that there is a button for manual trade. Would you reccommend that and how do you use it and it is better than auto ? I thought optionrobot is fully auto ?
    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Hey Nick,

      It is a newer feature implemented into the software my friend! I was actually considering composing a new article on how best to use the OptionRobot when using a manual investment mode but I was going to wait until next week until I published another educational OptionRobot article! I was thinking about showcasing the best four feedback OptionRobot settings that we have received so that you guys have the ability to apply a few different custom settings to optimize your OptionRobot investment sessions!

      The OptionRobot can still be used as a fully automated trading system as well but if you want more user-control then I would certainly recommend doing the manual. Again, I will more likely than not publish another article for OptionRobot next week!

      Thank you for your great question and I hope you have a great weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hello Tim,
        Thank You for your comment. I do hope you will post some tips on the manual trade feature.
        Anyway, I just want to share my experience in using optionrobot. I realized that if we apply all your strategies and also paying attention to the chart, it can really make a lot of difference. When there is a sudden spike up or down eventhough the software is giving one signal, it’s better not to take it because it can change direction so fast, especially during the last few sec and we can actually lose a winning trade. I also realize that Monday is not a very good day to trade, I only had a 50% ITM but today so far i have 5/6 ITM or 83% and I’ve decided to stop trading for the day to avoid overtrading.
        Thanks again Tim for your tips and for also replying our questions always.

  66. Hey Tim again.
    Thanks for your above reply. I found it very useful.
    Although I have one last question:
    Is there any certain dates (NFP friday, 4.July, holidays) to avoid trading, or we should trade since it is more volatile and there are less neutral trends?

    Hope you are having a great and productive day!


    1. Hey Aleksander,

      Glad that you found the reply useful my friend!

      Good question as well and I have always found that investing during the major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and so forth tend to make market conditions less than optimal and quite volatile.

      However, just because market conditions become more volatile during NFP, July 4th and other holiday times it doesn’t always make for “better” investment hours. I have actually found it more difficult to accurately predict the future price of an asset when it comes to these sort of market conditions so although there may be less neutral trends it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is better to predict during those hours. Now if you have strong indication that the future direction of an asset or security will head in one way or another then I would go ahead and say go for it because you can also make a killing with profits during these times as well. There are just so many variables that play into this equation really such as scheduled press releases, current market conditions, and global economic factors that we have been experiencing lately to definitively answer this question for you.

      I hope this has helped you out some and that you have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  67. Hello Tim,Tim in reference to my earlier correspondence to you 17/01/2017 at your time 5.07 AM,I mentioned that I would like to use Binary Tilt and Option Robot for it has been recommended and it is available in Australia and each time I tried to use Option Robot with Binary Tilt it was overshadowed by 1 ore 3 others that is it was impossible to get Binary tilt.You mentioned I think 24 Option I could not get that as well I thought about this situation for a while and decided to go straight to Binary Tilt and tell them I would like to have you and Option Robot I explained the situation of not been able to log on,they said no problem.I was now happy having this information I deposited $250 sent all relevant documents etc,but as I had a previous account with Binary Tilt and I had a bad run with them for the person of Jake Lewis never contacted me again so I withdrew what money I had left.Now with having a new account and promised hook up with Option Robot my account was not active and I have tried on maybe 10+ attempts to contact them they refuse to respond,I also have tried there chat site 3 or 5 times you are a certain number in line an agent will be with you in 3 quarter hour or so I have waited each time up to 3 hours with no response,they have asked me a lot earlier for details on a card which I no longer have, I have given them to phone number of my ANZ Bank and the branches I could go to.Tim what should I do looks like Option Robot is out of reach for me,I can not recall who you told me to use but at the time I looked it up and said Don you are not smart enough for this.It is a pity but what would you advise Tim. Thanking you sincerly, Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      If I missed a comment I apologize Don, there have been a large amount of comments lately so keeping with them or overlooking one of them is a definite possibility. Mhmmm… that seems like a little bit of a sticky situation that you are n there my friend. Last I heard the OptionRobot was available for Australian investors and for any other demographic out there so I’m unsure why you are experiencing so many complications? You have been our first report of a difficult start up scenario, have you taken the time to contact our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com? He could probably assist you more than I could but since you are asking my advice I will still gladly provide it to you.

      Before I divulge my advice though, which brokers become available to you in the drop box after you sign up with the service? I am curious to know which brokers are being offered to you and if BinaryTilt is being unprofessional and essentially blowing you off I would just avoid them as well, just make sure you get your withdrawal if you made a deposit with them.

      If getting started with the OptionRobot is such a pain for you then perhaps what you need to do is just choose a different system like the Penny Millionaire. Although it is a semi-automated system many of our subscribers have seen really good results and the feedback has been great about that system.

      Although it is not automated (which is what you may have been searching for) you can increase your knowledge base as an investor by getting started with the Penny Millionaire and implementing the two different strategies that I have posted for that system. To be honest, my best success has come with the Penny Millionaire and perhaps your sign up process will go much smoother this time around!

      My only worry is to get you started with a reliable and proven system such as OptionRobot or Penny Millionaire and making sure you get started on the best route. You’ve been a fairly active part of our community lately so please let me know or send our admin an email and we’ll do what we can to get you started out my friend!

      Have a great rest of your day and let’s get this resolved for you!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Don, you are wasting your time with Binary Tilt, they are not interested in switching on the $250 Bot, they will bombard you with personal “proffessional account managers” who will make you money if you invest $5000 – $10,000 a measly $250 makes them no money.
      To save you time and headaches funding accounts with Debit cards, go to the Post Office, ask for a “Pre-paid Currency Card- Cash Passport, Mastercard”, then transfer the funds you want to use, from your Bank Debit/credit card, into the, “Cash Card”, use that Card number, it works every time.

  68. anyone else having a little bit of trouble with martingale?
    last thursday i went 11 for 14 itm, friday i went 5 for 6 itm, monday i went 4 for 6 itm and today i went 3 for 5…so today was almost my first worst day but i am puzzled if it is becuz i tried da martingale style 2day. anyone else have bad experience with da martingale style? otherwise my results r better than good but just need 2 know whether to avoid martingale or not!

    thanks and much luv


    1. Hey DeAndre,

      I would avoid the Martingale method of investing at all costs my friend. It is one of the most overrated and ill-founded strategies implemented for online investing. It throws away all forms of money management and if you the results that you achieved before were what? 20 out of 26 before you implemented the Martingale style, that is almost a 77% success rate, I would say if it’s not broke don’t fix it my friend! When you switched to the Martingale method you bumped your reported success rate down to just over 74% so I would advice you just to keep doing what you were doing beforehand and not apply the Martingale method no matter how appealing the empty promises are with that method!

      That is just my advice though, you can choose whichever route you would like! I wish you the best of luck and your continued success with the OptionRobot my friend!

      Have a great afternoon and a profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  69. Hi Tim,
    I posted earlier that I was having all first trades OTM and
    Second trade 3/4 OTM following your recommended setting, no major impact news, 1 max trade, money management, indicator(macd,rsi and stoch),trade only low volatility pairs and 90sec(stockpairs has no 2min trade). I was disappointed but I still believe in you so I relook at my strategy and decided to give it another go today trading sydney/tokyo hour and realized that I missed out looking at the chart so I make sure I only trade when there is a strong trend in addition to previous strategies. And I got 3/3 ITM. I also decided to stop and not get emotional to overtrade and I must say i’m very happy and believe that taking small steps is the way to go.
    Thank you again Tim for all your support and hope that this will help other newbies.

    1. Hey Nick,

      Sorry to hear about your previous experience with the system. I am glad that you found your mistake of investing during potentially flat (neutral) markets opposed to when there is a strong trend present. Absolutely Nick, taking small steps everyday is the best way to increase your success and skill as an investor. You made a great correction and I’m glad you were able to find the fault of your first couple of trading sessions then also deciding to stop and not to get emotional and overtrade was another GREAT step to accomplish!

      Most newbie investors would’ve kept investing and that could’ve ended detrimental so to be honest, I’m quite proud of your ability to find your mistake then to correct it while making responsible decisions by following my advice! I think you will continue to do great and mature as an investor so keep it up Nick!

      Thanks for your comment and feedback, they are much appreciated!

      Tim Lanoue

  70. Dear Admin,

    After reading the positive comments above & reading two of the Option Robot system articles here I gave it a shot today. Traded during London, used 10% per investment since I did minimum deposit with stockpair broker and made $172.50. I insinuated this was going to be another scam to be bluntly honest, went 7 for 9 so I’m happy, thank you for the reviews.

    For those of you who will ask I traded 1 max trade; 2 min; fibo; %R & Stoch; aud/usd & usd/chf

    I hope this helps you guys out some.

    Thanks again for your recommendations & review.

    Brock J. Atherton

  71. Hy Tim
    First off thanks for your work, i really think this blog is a gold jam for any young trader.

    I have a few questions though (sorry if they are repetitive)
    1) how does fibonacci money management work? And what stakes did you trade with to get 2800 profit?
    2) How much before and after any news we should avoid trading?
    Thank you


    1. Hey Aleksander,

      Thank you very much, I am glad that you enjoy our blog!

      Moving forward, “fibonacci money management” isn’t a thing really. I think you are confusing two different elements there and combining them into one. Fibonacci is the method of investing that you choose when using this system; in other words it is a style of trading that requires the implementation of the Fibonacci technical indicator.

      Money management can work in two different ways. You can take a Passive money management approach, which is where you place 3 to 5% of your account balance per investment, so if you have an account balance of $300 and you invest at 5% that would be at $15, however with a minimum deposit of only $250 most investors have to resort to the second type of account management which would be Aggressive. An Aggressive money management approach deals with 7 to 10% of your account balance per investment so if you have $250 in your account you place investments at 10% of your account balance which would be $25.

      I started out with a passive money management approach then after my first week with the system I started to feel much more comfortable so I started bumping up to 7% then moved it to 8% then finally up to 10%. Remember though my profits were throughout a 6 week period, so a good amount of investing and only investing during optimal market hours while applying the tips above are main contributing factors to my success.

      That is a great question there! I would advice to avoid investing up to 10 minutes prior to any press release and up to 30 minutes after depending on how volatile your targeted asset appears after the press release.

      Thank you for your great questions and I am sure others will benefit greatly from them!

      I hope you are having a great day and a better, profitable investment week!

      Tim Lanoue

  72. Thank you Tim for the awesome tips!
    Manually traded on my own broker and used OptionRobot’s Demo auto-trade entries as signals + your settings + Charts.

    Landed 7/7 today. Hope this will be consistent :D

  73. Hello fellow traders!
    I’d like to ask if anybody has really tried the Option Robot for real with Tims suggestions above? If so, did anybody make any money with it? I will hit the “ON Swithch” today for a few hours (or so) on the European market. I tried last week but the robot did not take any trades. Probably because my account wasn’t fully verified by the broker.
    The reason I have hesitated is because of past losses with all trading softwares I have tried, and I lack a little trust. But I will take the plunge today ;-)
    I find the biggest problem to be when to trade. According to the economic calendar there are news almost all day long, every day, and it’s a bit tricky to find good windows to trade (I’m in Europe so that would be my timeframe of choice)

    Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the results later..

    Happy trading!!!


        1. what settings are you guys using?
          i went 4 outta 5 itm trades today using settings above but only using eur/gbp and rsi indicator
          used 2 min expires, 1 max trade n 8% of account on every investment w/ no news

          ronaldo robles

          1. Hi ronaldo, I used the setting as recommended. I tried again trading eur/usd during NY session and got 1 itm and 3 otm. Now I don’t dare to trade again.

  74. Hi Tim,
    I opened an account with stockpair today and started trading with optionrobot , following your tips. I traded 2 usd/jpy and 1 aud/usd and all ended OTM. They all started ITM but after about 20 sec, went OTM. I’m very disappointed. I put the setting to max 1 trade, USD20, 90sec with MACD,RSI and Stoch. There is no major news in the economic calender and trading hour is 5:17 according to Stockpair time. When I was in demo, the performance was around 80%.
    What’s the problem ?

  75. hi Tom

    I am observing something with Binaryoption robot when the time expires mine will be in profit but its not crediting its deducting. Any one observed that?

    1. Hey Lionel,

      Are you using the demo account or the real mode? If you are using the real mode can you let us know which broker you are using my friend? I haven’t had those issues nor have any of our subscribers so I’m curious what the reason to this would be! Thank you for your feedback and I hope you have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

  76. Hey Khanyisa,

    I hope you are having a great weekend and thank you very much for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated!

    Now to provide you with my advice, I would just make your registration easier by making sure to click the “Open Account” button above to ensure that you are actually being sent to the updated version of the OptionRobot then choose whichever broker you would prefer.  I know when this system first emerged in the industry the performance was unsatisfactory so I just want to make sure you are being sent to the updated version.  I have heard many mixed reviews about the Lexington Code but I’ve actually had solid success with the Penny Millionaire system along with over 3 dozen of our subscribers but that was after I created two different strategies to use with the system.  I am sure you have seen those articles on our blog here since you’ve been a fairly active member community lately!

    So all-in-all I would just make sure to sign up through the article above to ensure you are being sent to the correct version of the OptionRobot then please make sure to follow all of the tips that I have provided to you above! We have received very good feedback with success rates ranging between a low 70 to high 80% success rate when our subscribers implement the tips that I have provided to you guys.  So follow the tips, don’t overtrade and keep your emotions in tact and success will follow my friend!  Please don’t hesitate to leave another comment if you need more help and sorry for replying late, I tend to take more free time off during the weekends!

    I hope you are having a good weekend and I look forward to hearing about your OptionRobot success! Thanks for being an active member in our vastly growing community!

    Tim Lanoue

    1. thanks for your advice Tim, for sure i wil sign through your link and folllow your tips.I,ll start to use the robot in mid Feb , and i wanna chose the broker that has the expiry times you recommended and i want to striclty follow your tips, but ill keep u updated when im ready to use the robot profitable

  77. Tim, still thinking about brokers and money management as I only want to invest $250 at this stage. I could use Opteck or 24Option which have bigger min. trade sizes of $24 and $25 with 90s. expiry times, but that’s 10% of account. Alternatively, Binary Tilt have $10 min. trade size and 2min. expiry which would suit me better. Are they an ok broker?

    1. Hey Andrew,

      I hope your weekend is going well my friend and yes, if BinaryTilt is an available option to you they should work just fine for you. I have heard a good amount of feedback about them and I know several of our subscribers who are using this system are with this broker and they have been killing it lately. Withdrawals take up to 5 business days I’ve been told but other than that they should work great for you Andrew!

      I hope you are having a great weekend and please feel free to leave another comment if you need help getting started my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  78. Hello Tim.
    Tezza here again, thanks very much for your reply, well, I have clicked on the sign up link above and Im not sure how to proceed, in the left box are two brokers under OPEN AN ACCOUNT, Stockpair, and DB swiss, but on the right hand side under Log In there is a drop down box with about 12 different brokers
    why two different drop down boxes?
    Thanks again for your Help.

    1. Hey Tezza,

      No problem, I am glad that I can help you out! I hope you’re week is going great and I believe the two drop down boxes are just showing you the brokers that are available to you and the other brokers that are compatible with the software. If I were you I would select the StockPair broker for you if you are allowed depending on your demographic and all you need to do is fund the account, apply the tips I provided to you above and you’ll be good to go! Please keep us updated with your success and if you have any other questions before you start with the OptionRobot please don’t hesitate to ask!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hello Tim.
        My Goodness! Dont you ever rest, never come across anyone on the internet to respond so well as you, Fantastic job, well Tim, just one more question before I jump board, I will deposit 250 to start, but I think the minimum trade is 25, so that makes 10% of my money instead of the recommended 5%, with your settings and a few trades a day, is 10% still safe, with Stockpair.

        Thanks again for your time

        1. Hey Tezza,

          Thank you Tezza for you kind words, they are always welcomed!

          Now to answer your question I don’t see that being a problem at all with you getting started with StockPair and applying an aggressive money managament approach if that is the only option available to you. I would just make sure to apply all of the tips that I have provided to you above, make sure not to overtrade and do your best to keep your emotions in tact. Then once you start generating a good amount of income you can decrease your 10% down to 8%, 7% then 5% if you wanted to get back in line with a more passive money management approach.

          With you having Stockpair as your broker too you will be in great hands since they are one of the most reliable brokers in binary options. Please feel free to ask any other questions if you need help and please make sure to apply all of the tips and recommendations provided above then provide us with your success and feedback!

          I hope you had a great weekend and have a great rest of your day!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Hi Tim.

            Tried to sign up for a broker but the drop down box doesn’t seem to work, I am in france, and Stockpair and db swiss came up last time I looked, when I did click stockpair from the list on the other side of the page it said broker not available, but they are world wide so they should do France.

            Thanks for your time Tezza.

            PS, Important, please everyone, do not pick plusoption, they are a scam outfit and will take you money, took me for over $1000, never had a penny back.

  79. Hello,
    I switched on demo today at the London open.Only EUR/USD;MACD+RSI+STOCH;amount 20 and Max Trades = 2.About 1,5 hours and it took 45 trades and all were WINS — is it realistic or someone manipulate with me?I don´t believe such without losses trades!?Or I am thinking wrong?
    I am little bit afraid of open live account!

      1. Hey Toomas,

        Yes, essentially what Par just said my friend. The demo account does not share in broker manipulation or interference so you can expect much different investment results as well. In addition, if you ever did go live with the OptionRobot like many of our subscribers have done please make sure to follow all of the tips above, overtrading and not using proper money management seem to be the two most detrimental practices that can result in a blown account if not kept in tact.

        So if and when you do go live please follow the tips above, keep your emotions in tact and please report your success back with us. Many of our subscribers have been experiencing between a 69 to 81% success rate on a weekly basis by implementing the tips above so there is no reason why you should not either!

        Have a great weekend and thank you for your feedback, you as well Par!

        Tim Lanoue

  80. Hi again Tim, can I just finally ask if you can select other brokers to use from the list after the initial one you are assigned with. Thanks.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      I have that if you tried signing up with a separate email address that sometimes you will be allowed to pick an alternative broker. Please let me know if this worked for you otherwise you may not able to change the broker that you are assigned depending on your demographic. I hope you are having a great day and a better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  81. Hello Tim:
    Thank you very much for your fast and complete reply to my question. I expect to register with the OPTION ROBOT in a few days. I will use your tips. Best regards.

    1. Hey Martin,

      That is great to hear, please keep us informed of your results as well please.
      Implementing the tips above along with keeping your emotions in tact are the most important aspects to keep in check along with not overtrading! I hope you are having a fantastic day Martin and an even better week! Let us know if you need any help getting set up!

      Tim Lanoue

  82. Hey Tim…
    Thanks so much for the great info & the Tips for us to follow as well. That’s a good 3-pages of notes I took & will implement them all, especially keeping my emotions in check! I’m about to Sign-Up thru your link on here, make a Deposit tomorrow & depending on the Economic Calendar will determine if I do any Trading. Congrats on your 6-wks profit’s! Nice to see someone’s getting it right!

    I’ll let you know how it’s working for me.

    Thanks for all the work & effort you put into this information. It’s very much appreciated!

    Michael Anderson

    1. Hey Michael,

      You are absolutely welcome my friend and I am glad that you enjoyed them!
      Please let me know if you need any help with the set up and I’ll be around if you need any assistance!
      Just make sure to keep your emotions in tact, implement a sound money management strategy and please provide us with feedback with how you perform with the software!
      Have a great rest of your week and I look forward to hearing back from you tomorrow!

      Tim Lanoue

  83. Hi Tim,

    First of all big up to you for your awesome work. It helps a lot.

    I just have a little question about the economic calendar. If i follow your tips, the best investing days are the one where there are not many bull figures thats it ? It is pretty new to me so i don’t understand well this calendar.

    Thank you for your help

    1. Hey Raf,

      Thank you very much, I am glad that I can help you guys out! That is correct, the best hours to invest would be when there aren’t many Bulls highlighted in the economic calender.

      The more Bulls there are highlighted the higher the volatility prediction is for that market report. I do my best to avoid investing during any news releases and I’m especially careful to avoid investing when two or three Bulls are highlighted on the economic calender!

      I hope this has helped you out and that you have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

  84. Tim!
    I was thinking of trying out OptionRobot live today during the European session. Between 11:00 – 13:00 GMT seems to be a good window with regards to the economic calendar. What is you opinion on that timeframe?

    Of course the other parameters will have to cooperate, like a good trend etc, but I’d like your input on the economic news issue. It is my understanding that “3 Bulls” are to be avoided (if you use investing.com)!?

    Thanks for your kind support :-)

  85. Hello Again Tim,
    I tried the demo with your strategy yesterday, and scored 10/10. I have been assigned BD Swiss as broker. Do you have knowledge of them? I left a message on the OptionRobot platform to enquire if I can use the dropdown and choose my own broker, but they have not responded. I’m planning to go live next week, as soon as I have my “broker fears” sorted.
    Also, I would like to get in touch with fellow South Africans using the platform; I suppose it will make me feel less “lonely”. Can you perhaps assist?

    1. Hey Vernon,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply to this comment Vernon, I was inquiring about BDSwiss. In regards to BDSWISS I have actually heard several good things about them so I don’t think you would have to worry about them in all honesty. I think I could get you connected with some other South African subscribers of ours as well so let me know when you get started please and I’ll make an inquiry with our admin about getting you in some contact with our fellow South African subscribers!

      I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for being patient and an active member of our community lately!

      Let me know if you need any assistance my friend and I look forward to hearing about your success!

      Tim Lanoue

  86. Hi Tim
    great article, thank you. I am considering using stockpair as my broker, do you know what their minimum amount per trade is? I know they require a minimum $250 initial deposit but doen’t see minimum trade amount on their site.

  87. Tim Lanoue,

    Thanks for all your research and information it is much appreciated. I am most interested in utilizing the Options Robot. So, I went through the click through to the bot site and was given the “choice” of one broker-Dinero Libre. I chatted with CS and was told there was no other one available. Then I investigated a bit and I just found the info below while researching Dinero Libre. I would think that this should be of concern to all of us, especially with the “fallout” taking place in the industry currently.

    PLEASE ADVISE if there is some way around this to choose another broker or if Dinero Libre is truly OK and safe or perhaps getting ready to go Ponzi on all the recent investors. Thank you. If you say its safe I will give it a try but cannot afford to lose a few hundred dollars to a scam foolishly.

  88. Hi Tim, I tried the start of the Tokyo session on demo with USDJPY 1 trade, settings as yours, and had 4 wins and 1 loss. Strange that although I changed settings from Martingale to Fibonacci, the trade after the loss was Martingale! Still I’m happy with the results.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Thank you very much for your feedback and in all honesty those results aren’t much different than the live mode. The sole reason why I don’t recommend using the Martingale method of investing would be because essentially it throws away all forms of proper money management. It if based upon a believe that you can “always” get your money back but that is certainly not the case. Regardless, glad you are happy with the demo results and I look forward to hearing back from you about your real results. Glad you are applying the tips provided to you above my friend, they are effective when used correctly I’ve experienced!

      Have a great rest of your night and take care my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  89. Hey J.J.

    If that is the case then you certainly did not follow any of the tips provided to you above.
    You need to stop after 2 losses, max simultaneous trades needs to be set at a value of 1 or 2, there were press releases ALL throughout the day concerning the Euro, GBP, USD and AUD and you should never invest with a software during those hours. In addition, I have only had two losing days where most of our subscribers are generating success rates between 67 to 81% on a weekly basis, I don’t think you followed any of the tips provided in the article above or the previous article my friend.

    Please send our admin an email at: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com so we can learn more about what caused those losses and please provide screenshots as well because you have been the only report of a blown account and we need to verify that it is authentic, hope you know you can turn the auto trader off at any moment too. If it took only hour hour as you said you were easily overtrading or not following a proper money management strategy to achieve the results that you say you did.

    Hope to learn more about your situation, I am sure the admin will let me know so thank you for your feedback all the same!

    Tim Lanoue

  90. Hi Tim, thanks again for all your hard work on the tips and strategy. I may be missing something but can you actually change the settings in demo mode. I changed them as per your settings but it made no difference and trades were taken in the martingale style one after the other. I may also be in the 90s expiry time. Have registered again and Stockpair was my new broker, no 2min. expiries.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      No problem my friend, I am glad that I can help you guys out!
      Yes, you can change the settings in demo and in real mode, that has always been an option but you need to change the method of trading from Martingale to Fibonacci or Classic. I prefer to have it on Fibonacci opposed to Classic but certainly do not have it on Martingale, especially if you plan on going live with the software. You should just be able to hoover your mouse over Fibonacci and click on it and it will change then just make sure to follow the tips provided above and you’ll be on the right track.

      Glad to hear StockPair is your broker, they are a very reputable binary options broker so you should see great success with using the OptionRobot and with having them as your broker of choice my friend! We can work with 90 second expirations as well, that shouldn’t be a difference, just follow the 8 tips provided above and you should generate a cumulative weekly success rate between 67 to 81% and please make sure not to overtrade and use a proper money management technique!

      Let me know if you need anymore help and I look forward to hearing back from you with your success!

      Tim Lanoue

  91. Hello Tim.
    Thank you first of all for your info, I have a question regarding Brokers, is it correct that when you sign up for the software a broker is assigned to you, I am very nervous about this, I have been scammed and apart from a few brokers that I know I am reluctant to join one I have never heard of, 24 Option is great, if I could join that one then there is no problem.
    Thanks for your time. Tezza.

    1. Hey Tezza,

      How are you doing today?

      I hope you are doing well and yes, that is most oftentimes the case when it comes to getting started with a binary options trading system, software or service.

      I’m not sure if 24Options will be available for you depending on which demographic you reside within but if you click on the “Open Account” button provided in the article above to ensure you are at the correct OptionRobot site and not some rip off one you and sign up you can see which broker you are given. I personally haven’t had any issues but I know many people would prefer brokers like StockPair and 24Options but depending on where you reside that may not be an option.

      Otherwise most of the brokers recommended are a bit newer and I have yet to have any issues with DynamicOptions (which used to be offered) and DineroLibre. I’ve heard good things about BinaryTilt, Empire Option, Tradorax Partners and FMTrader as well which are some of the other brokers synced with the software. Honestly though I don’t think you need to worry about it because I don’t feel like these new brokers along with the highly reputable 24Options and StockPair would risk their reputation of their trading platform on a software that wasn’t profitable and beneficial to newbie and experienced binary option investors.

      Let me know if you have any issues when signing up please and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Tim,
        Tell your readers not to bother with Binary Tilt, they have no intentions of switching on “Option Robot” or any of the other Robots that they are “prefered broker” with.
        This is how they get get their foot in your door/account, then you are bombarded with “expert advice” and your “allocated account manager” who want you to invest thousands, and will slag off ALL the $250 Robot accounts, they tell you they are not safe, but invst $10,000 with us, and you will make money, the Sharks in the tank, eat all the herrings.

        1. Hey Kevin,

          I have only ever recommended getting started with regulated binary option brokers.
          The OR does offer a few regulated brokers but if you aren’t able to sign up with them then obviously don’t sign up with their system, use your wits and put yourself first and don’t put yourself out on a limb.

          In addition, I just end up blocking broker calls to be honest, it is very annoying and they claim promise after promise but let’s be honest, the safest our money is would be still in our control. Again, only get started with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside, it has been as simple as that for a long time now.

          Don’t become a herring, become the shark and invest with regulated brokers, good softwares, services and strategies and become the King (or Queen) of the vast ocean of binary options!

          Tim Lanoue

      2. This Binary Option Robot is heavily promoted as “the Best” auto trading system, but judging from your mail bag, and my own usage, to get any reliable results, don’t run it on Auto, sit in front of your P.C. ALL day, and make your investments manually.
        I don’t now consider this system to be “the Best Auto Robot” what it now ammounts to, is a Signals, indicator system, which you have to watch all day, and if you ever leave it alone, set on Auto, the next time you check, later in the day, all your money has gone, gobbled up by the “Best Bot” on the market.

        1. Kevin,

          Should only take 1 to 2 hours a day to use the OR with substantial investment results.
          You don’t have to sit in front of the computer “ALL day,” the only time you do that is when you are applying more medium to long-term trading strategies that develop signals over a 2 to 8 hour duration, that is what I tend to due although I have everything set up to deliver me alerts now it wasn’t always that simplistic.

          I consider you all rather fortunate to have the ability to sign up with trading systems and signal services that are proven and consistent, when I first came to the industry all there ever was BS signal services that stole your money with a hefty upfront price tag. In addition, turn the system off as well, atleast the OR has that ability along with the ability for you to choose which settings you want to incorporate, other systems don’t even provide you with that option unfortunately.

          I do agree that OR has become more of a Signal Indicator system due to traders having the best results with manual and using strategies as confirmations but if it delivers results then I don’t see why it matters you know. Binary options are meant to supplement your income, not replace it really, or atleast that is what I find to be most common among traders who have never invested before and still have a day job.

          Tim Lanoue

    1. Hey Martin,

      The OptionRobot for binary options is a fully automated trading system so those results are real-time, fully automated OptionRobot results and feedback. The OptionRobot has no manual entry mode otherwise it would be a semi-automated and a fully automated trading system.

      The implementation of the tips that I have provided to you in the educational article above certainly help as well to achieving success rates such as the ones reflected from our subscribers and many investors currently using this software. So if you get started with the software please make sure to utilize the tips provided to you above so you can see similar if not better investment results!

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  92. Tim , the “open account” page only gives me “DineroLibre” as broker. Is that my only choice ? And do you know anything about them ?

    1. Hey Terry,

      When I first got started with the OptionRobot I was with Dynamic Options but due to a regulation change I was refunded by DynamicOptions so I went ahead and funded an account with DineroLibre since they were my only option at the time. I know several other of our subscribers have gotten started with DineroLibre and they haven’t had any issues.

      I have received two withdrawals from them and it took 3 business for the first withdrawal and 4 business days (over the weekend) for my second one so I have nothing to complain about. I was considering doing a broker review on them next week possibly but with the large amount of new trading systems flooding the market I think I’ll just be busy exposing new scams on this site next week needless to say.

      Overall though you should not have any problems with DineroLibre. I haven’t experienced any difficulties with them nor have any of our other subscribers with the feedback that we have been receiving, I know they are a relatively new broker in the industry so hopefully they will become one of the ones like 24Options that sticks around for a respectful and long amount of time!

      Please let me know if you need any help getting started with the OptionRobot and if you have any questions my friend!

      Have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Tim,

        I saw your comment about not having concerns with Dinero Libre at the start of the year. Are you still satisfied with them? Any issues keeping you from making withdrawls, now that it has been a few months in?


  93. Hi Tim,
    Great tips. I just have two questions; 1- stockpair doesn’t offer 2 min, so is 90sec okay ? 2- Will it be more accurate to use more or all the six indicators ?
    Thanks again for the useful article. I hope I will be successful in the real acc. I’m still on demo and are there any of your fellow traders from Malaysia which is where I’m located. It will be nice to compare notes with them.

    1. Hey Nick,

      Thank you very much, I hope you benefit from them one way or another!
      Yes, I would say that the 90 second expiration offer would work just fine and if we need to further tweak your set up with having that 90 second expiration opposed to the 120 second expiration we can do that as well, I love tweaking and perfecting strategies and trading approaches so that shouldn’t be a problem for you or anyone else out there with the 90 second expirations.

      Secondly, one may think that but I have found just using the MACD, RSI and Stoch indicators to be the most effective combination in all honesty. I have had varying results and with all of the testing that I’ve been doing it has been more statistically accurate to use these three indicators together than all 6. Of course, you are more than welcome to try them out, just please make sure to follow the tips provided above and if you do try out all 6 please inform us on your success so we can have more available profitable investing options known to all of our subscribers interested in this system!

      I know we actually have quite a few Malaysian investors and subscribers who are active on our blog as well, I would have to do some tracking down through our emails but I can try to find some for you who are using this system. I know a couple who were planning on getting started with the system tomorrow, they were just waiting for this strategy article to become published first.

      You can compare notes with many of us as well, I know Malaysia would have different market hours but it doesn’t hurt to compare notes with varying demographics to perfect how best to optimize the OptionRobot my friend. Especially since we’ve been receiving a large amount of great feedback and support lately!

      I hope I answered all of your questions for you and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week! Please keep us up to date on your success with the system when you get started, many others can benefit from your feedback!

      Tim Lanoue

  94. Oh, I came up with another question also. The autotrader seems to rip through the investments really quick! It took 8 trades in like 10 minutes or so…? It lost the first 2 in under 5 minutes and according to trading rules I should have stopped already there. No fun at all :-(

    Am I missing something here or is the software really that bad? (again I know I’m on demo…but with these results I do not dare to test the real mode)


    1. Thank you Tim!
      First I re-registered and selected 24Option as broker. I have heard good things about them. I now have 2 min. expiry.

      Secondly I changed to EUR/USD only. 1 trade at a time only, and the indicators you suggested. I now see only winning trades in demo. I know this is not for real but a definite change since I used the older login I had from before.

      I think I will try EUR/USD only to start with when going live later today or tomorrow.

      I use the economic calendar on investing.com. I’ll look at the one you have published on this site also.

      Thanks for now. I’ll be in touch.


      1. Hey Par!

        24Options is a great binary options broker, they’ve been in this industry a little over 5 years now and they offer some of the highest return rates so I think you would love them in all honesty. Yes, the correction of your Max Simultaneous Trades to 1 was a wise move and making sure to invest only the Eur/Usd was a great move as well, many of our subscribers who have been seeing more success than I have with this system have been just investing the Eur/Usd currency pair, I’m beginning to notice a trend that the Eur/Usd is the most profitable asset to invest in binary options I feel like. Why that may be I honestly can’t tell but I’ve noticed this here and there throughout my 5 years in this industry.

        The economic calendar on our website is the one from Investing.com as well my friend so you can do whatever you like! Please keep us up to date with your performance when you go live and please don’t hesitate to leave another comment below if you need further assistance my friend! Glad that I could help you out and I hope you have a great rest of your day!

        Tim Lanoue

  95. Hello again!
    Not sure if this is any indication but I tested the settings you suggested on demo. Using 2 currency pairs as suggested for the european session (EUR/USD and USD/CAD) and 90 sec (only option I had). The pairs I used are trending a bit, one bullish and one bearish, wich I thought looked good in MT4. Also no important news according to my economic calendar. So far I have 4 losses and 4 wins. Not very reassuring at all :-(((

    I know this is on demo but the demo usually is better than the real thing so…well…not sure how to interpret these results?


    1. Hey Par,

      The answer and feedback you are seeking to this comment are in the comment below.
      Thank you for being an active part of our community and we truly appreciate your feedback!
      Have a great rest of your week and a profitable investment day!

      Tim Lanoue

  96. Hello community!
    Thanks for the strategy Tim :-) I’ll get right to it…will report back with results once I have some to share. A question though. I had an account since before with Optionrobot and Stockpair. I never funded the broker account though since I only wanted to test the demo. It seems however that there is no 2 min expiration in my settings? 60 sec and 90 sec only? How do I know that I have the correct version of the software? Or are these parameters set by the broker? I’d like to mimic your settings as close as possible since I have never really made any money using trading software, so I hope this will be a first for me. What do you think, should I re-register to be sure to get the calibrated version (it is a web-app after all so it should not matter right?) or just maybe change the broker to get the 2 min expiry?

    All the best!


    1. Hey Par,

      You are more than welcome, I know you were patiently waiting among with many others so I am glad that I could provide you with the tips to better your success. You can verify that you have the correct version of the software by going through our website, I know there are a few knockoffs of the OptionRobot since it has been upgraded so you can just venture through and click the “Open Account” button provided in the article above. Then you will have access to the correct OptionRobot and demo account access as well.

      Parameters could be limited by broker selection as well, if you are stuck with only 60 to 90 second expirations when using the OptionRobot then let me know because you would make for a special case my friend since I don’t see any other expiration times other than 1 or 2 minutes. If I were you I would definitely re-register with the improved version and sign up with one of their recommended brokers, they should offer the expirations that you are looking to apply.

      Let me know if you need any additional help and I hope you have a great rest of your day my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  97. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the strategy. Can you please just elaborate a bit more on what exactly you mean by intra-trading hours?

    1. Hey Vernon,

      Intra-trading hours would be the hours between the New York and Tokyo trading session where neither trading sessions are active. So between the hours of 5:00 PM EST to 7:00 PM EST, which equates to 10 P.M. GMT to 12 P.M. GMT I am pretty sure.

      Most of the times the markets are quite flat, otherwise known as neutral so we should avoid investing during these time frames.

      I hope this has helped you out and have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Hi Vernon , trade jy nog ? Ek stel belang om te hoor van jou sukses met die robot. Watter tye jy trade en watter settings en indicators en op wat presies jy trade ? Kontak my gerus. Pieter


      1. Hey Andre,

        BDSwiss is CySEC Regulated so I would say that you are safe with them.
        Whenever you come across any system, service or broker just make sure that the broker they recommend to you is regulated before you commit. Operating under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No. 199/13) I would say you are safe.

        Tim Lanoue

        1. Hy Tim,

          I was thinking to start trading with the Option Robot and i also have an account with BDSwiss but they sad i cant connect the Robot with this broker anymore fro Spain wher i live… so i went through there web page and there recomended brokers and they are “Dinero Libre ” (new broker not regulated) and Binary Tilt (also not regulated) … question: How can i get a trustworth Robot and a trustworth Broker at the same tme for Spain ? The other company (Bin Bot) also have a non regulated broker for Spain ( binary mate )
          thanks for your support


          1. Hey Eduardo,

            I am relieved to hear you say that you are only looking for regulated brokers to invest with because that is the only way you should invest. Finding a regulated broker with a reliable service is difficult because to be honest, most of the systems and services offered in regards to binary options are scams and regulated brokers don’t want to risk their reputation. Although I am not the best person to answer this for you since I am unfamiliar with Spain and investing regulations in your residing area perhaps the webmaster of this site can better assist you.

            If I were you I would take the time to visit the free educational resources provided on this site before you decided committing with any service. In the meantime though, if you want more assistance than I can provide I would recommend contacting ObjectiveBO@gmail.com.

            Sorry I can’t be of more help do you Eduardo!

    3. Hi tim Used the option robot settings u recommend took my 250 account to 112 need help getting it back up any suggestions or another setting would b nice

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