OptionRobot Review: Best Binary Software?

Is the OptionRobot for binary options just another binary options auto trading scam or is there more than what meets the eye with this new binary options auto trader? Fortunately for us, this is NOT another one of those auto trading scams that offers unrealistic guarantees or implements pathetic scam marketing techniques that are oftentimes utilized by online trading scams to rush newbie investors into signing up quickly! In fact, this is the first binary options auto trader that works with reliable and proven binary option brokers such as StockPair and 24Option which both have been top rated brokers in this industry for over 5 years.

Brief OptionRobot Oversight

The OptionRobot is the first binary options auto trader that works with reliable binary options brokers and relies on the implementation of up to 6 different technical indicators unlike most binary option auto traders that claim that their software generates signals from some “complex” algorithm. Now as many of you have experienced by now, most binary option auto traders that claim that their software functions from a complex algorithm typically doesn’t perform to well, in fact, they oftentimes perform at half of the guaranteed success rate that they are advertised at and that is on a good investment day!

OptionRobot’s Signup Page

Unlike every other binary options auto trader on the market, the OptionRobot doesn’t have any unrealistic guarantees that are promised to the investor saying that you can generate profits of over $100,000 per week or over $1,000,000 per month. Another great advantage about the Option Robot as well would be that they accept traders from every demographic!

Another unique feature about the OptionRobot which we will cover more in-depth a little bit later on in this review would be that although this is a binary options auto trader investors still have more user-control over the system in comparison to other binary option auto traders on the market.  More often than not since most binary option auto traders are scams they severely limit their investors user-control but with the Option Robot you can choose when your system invests, you can turn the auto trader off at any moment, you can dictate which style of investing that the software implements and you can choose trade sizes between $5 to $500.

In addition, they offer a free demo account prior to actually starting out with real funds unlike most other binary option auto traders. This greatly improves the credibility of this software and allows the user to become better acquainted with the system prior to committing their hard-earned money.

Is OptionRobot another automated trading SCAM?

No, for once there seems to be a reliable auto trader for binary options.  Not one that limits user-control but actually enhances and increases it along with allowing the investor to vary the software’s chosen style of investment along with actually have the ability to turn the auto trader off.  Another advantage about the Option Robot as well would be how investors can configure the software to use expiration times ranging from 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes along with up to 1 hour… no other binary options auto trader offers these huge advantages and trading features! Not to mention that you can have a free demo account prior to having to get started with the OptionRobot trading software!

How does the OptionRobot software function?

The OptionRobot is quite a bit different than other competing binary option trading softwares in the sense that it actually generates winning investments and utilizes up to 6 different technical analysis indicators that have proven to increase investors’ success when applied correctly.  Among the 6 different technical indicators would be the popular RSI indicator, the Williams indicator, the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) indicator, the Stochastic indicator, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and lastly a trend following technical indicator.

OptionRobot Technical Indicators

In combination to the many different technical indicators utilized in the OptionRobot trading software, investors have the ability to switch different styles of investing from the Classic System, Martingale System (not encouraged by OptionRobot, but effective at times) and the Fibonacci System which is the system that I prefer to use in combination with the Classic System.

OptionRobot Trading Features

What really separates the Option Robot from other competing binary option trading systems would be numerous and empowering number of trading features that it offers its investors. I have been in this industry for over 5 years now and I still have yet to come across a binary options auto-trader that allows an investor to switch between three different styles of investing, choose their expiration time, set a max limit on investments placed, dictate which currency pairs and indicators you wish to utilize along with being able to turn the auto trader off at any moment. There has not been one binary options auto trader to offer half the features that the OptionRobot does which is why it is so effective and being used on such as wide scale.

OptionRobot Settings
Notice the control this software offers its users

Another great advantage about the OptionRobot as well would be that it offers 24/7 customer support in the form of live chat and email. Every time that I’ve had a question about how the software functions or how to change the software’s settings the support team has been extremely quick to reply and seem to possess a solid foundation of knowledge of how the system works which makes the support just that much better. So not only do you have more trading features and support than any other binary options auto trader on the market with OptionRobot.com but you also have the ability to invest with reliable binary option brokers which is seldom an opportunity presented to day-traders looking to get started with a reliable auto-trader for binary options!

OptionRobot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is OptionRobot.com?

The OptionRobot is a browser-based binary options auto trader that places high probability investments directly to your linked broker accounts. It greatly enhances the investors user-control by allowing them to incorporate up to 6 different technical indicators, up to 3 different styles of investing, choosing with currency pairs they would like invested, vary your investment amount along with allows you to turn the auto trading off at any moment. This is the first binary options auto trader that still allows the investor to remain in control!

Is OptionRobot another online binary options trading scam?

No, although as with any investment, there’s a chance of losing money, especially if you don’t know how to configure the software properly. However, the OptionRobot is the first binary options auto trader that offers a Free Demo Account and keeps the user in control! Any other binary options auto trader severely limits the users control and doesn’t allow the day-trader to utilize half of the trading features along with generate half the success rate of this trading software.

Can OptionRobot be used on the go with tablets, cellphones and other mobile devices?

Absolutely, that is one of the best features about the OptionRobot! All you need is access to the Internet and you can utilize the OptionRobot virtually anywhere from any mobile device!

Does the OptionRobot offer a free demo account?

Unlike 99% of other binary option auto traders, the OptionRobot offers a free demo account!

Does the OptionRobot have reliable binary option brokers for investors to choose from?

Opposed to other binary option auto traders that only offer complete garbage binary option brokers, the OptionRobot allows investors to utilize reliable binary option brokers like StockPair, 24Options and many more! Depending on where you reside will dictate which broker is available for you to use with the OptionRobot trading system.

How is OptionRobot more effective than other competing auto traders?

What truly separates the OptionRobot from other competing binary option auto traders would be that it empowers user-control and actually generates winning investments. Investors have the ability to choose up to 3 different styles of investing, up to 6 different technical indicators to implement, have investment amounts ranging between $5 to $500 and maintain the ability to turn off the auto trader at any moment! Not to mention that the OptionRobot is highly reviewed and available in every country no matter where you reside!

How many investment signals can I expect on a daily basis with OptionRobot?

Depending on the style of investing and the currency pairs you choose to authorize, the OptionRobot typically generates anywhere from 10 to 30 investment signals per day. In all honesty, the OptionRobot can generate up to 40 and more investment signals per day although I don’t recommend investors to place more than 5 to 10 investments per day otherwise they can fall victim to overtrading which oftentimes leads to bad investment habits in their future investment endeavors.

OptionRobot Automated Trading System Review Conclusion

The OptionRobot auto trader for binary options is truly a hybrid among other binary option auto traders. There are no other automated binary option trading systems that allow near the amount of control over their investing software as the OptionRobot does for their investors. Not only is the OptionRobot the highest rated binary options trading software for binary options but it is also available for anyone no matter how much experience you have or where you reside!

Investors have the ability to implement three different styles of investing, invest up to 8 different currency pairs along with authorize which indicators and styles of investing they wish the software to use on their behalf.


Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to stick around for my upcoming OptionRobot tips and strategy article along with many more educational articles to come!

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  1. Hi Tim,
    am totally new to binary option investing, and I just stated Demo account. and sow some positive results in demo mode.
    I am live in India , what times are best in India. broker is appointed for me is BD Swiss. pl guide me everything is correct.. ? what would be settings for me to ‘optionrobot’ because I have no idea
    what they mean etc.
    Narayan Ghadge

  2. Hi Tim
    Thank you very much for all the work you do to provide us such good information.
    I am totally new to binary option investing, and I just wondered if it were possible
    for you to put down in writing the settings for ‘optionrobot’ because I have no idea
    what they mean etc. I live in Australia and what times are best etc.
    I would like to hear from you,
    Douglas King

    1. Hey Douglas,

      How are you doing?
      I hope your weekend is going well and with you being a newbie to binary options I see no reason why I couldn’t help you out! Although I am unsure which settings would be best for where you reside I do know of a couple of articles that could certainly help you out and further educate you on the OptionRobot!

      Article 1: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/

      Article 2: https://www.binaryoptionswatchdog.com/optionrobot-strategy-guide-tips/

      I hope this helps you out some and have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

  3. i sign up for optionrobot using bdswiss as my broker. the payout is as low as 64% i tried to withdraw my money uptil now as you read i have not been able to withdraw my money. on the withdrawer page they fail to display account to transfer to. i have contacted custom care no response

  4. I wanted to share this personal experience for which I posted at another site as follows:

    Why hasn’t someone mentioned the fact that Dinero Libre requires a $5,000 Deposit for OptionRobot for US traders? Also regarding Binbot Pro, they are liars and deceptive. They have a promotional video that shows a US Trader deposit $250 and in one hour or more has $766 using the Xprofit Robot and withdraws it to his WellsFargo Bank. I deposit $250 to find out that the Xprofit Bobot is LOCKED unless you deposit $1,000. So I use a lesser Robot called US Strong V2 or something close to that name. That Robot lost more than five or six trades in 30 minutes so I stopped it. Then I create my own Robot with their Indicators. It did better but still lost too many trades so I stopped it and began to trade on the regular platform of my Broker Binary Mate.


    I then notice that when the Indicative price gets as low or lower than previous and is a good time to CALL, (because I trade support and resistance) their system constantly will not allow my Bid. After many consecutive events as this, I complain to the Live Chat. Another person chimes in and says Yea, It’s happening to me all the time too. THEN they would not accept and blocked my American Visa Debit Card when attempting a Quick $100 to my account. They have partnered with ENTROPAY and my bank blocked ENTROPAY, as they should, from accessing my account. I received a call from Binary Mate instructing me to call my Bank and allow ENTROPAY to be accepted. I stated, I will not! I have no idea who ENTROPAY is and that our arrangement without a blemish has been my Visa Bank Debit Card and I will not continue with you as your Client. If that’s not enough, I checked my account online and saw where Binary Mate still took $100 form my account, yet it is not made it to my Binary Mate Account so my Bank is doing a reversal request. This incident was 04/19/2017 and as of today 04/20/17, I have not been given the $100 Credit at Binary Mate Account, but that is OK because we have now parted ways!! By the way, ENTROPAY appears to be used by the AISAN Country’s Gaming Industry and mentions a 4.95% transaction fee. I hope this helps, as it is been my personal experience. Good luck.

  5. 3 for 5 monday
    5 for 6 tuesday
    8 for 8 today (wednesday)
    account gain ~138%
    %R -Eur/Jpy – $25 to $50 – Classic – Manual – Market Sentiment Confirmation if 51% or higher


    1. 2 for 4 thursday
      4 for 7 friday
      4 for 5 monday
      6 for 6 tuesday (today)
      account gain ~91%
      Stoch – RSI – MACD – $25 to $50 – Classic Only – Auto – No Press Releases – Before NY or London Session


      1. Hi Alex,
        Did you trade during Tokyo session? what expiry time did you use?

        I did trade today but it didn’t go well….

        Thank you.

      2. Alex,

        I have used Internet Explorer and Google and cannot find any mention of anything close to ABG Robo Trader. Can you provide more info please?

        1. Stephen/Theepa

          ABGRoboTrader is just my username for this site. My results are with the OptionRobot.
          Whether ABGRoboTrader is actually a think or not IDK I just made ABG off of my initials and I wanted a unique username, that is all.

          Theepa as it says in my comment I did it before the opening on the NY and/or before the opening of London. Depends on the market conditions at the time. 2 to 5 Minute expirations depending on market volatility. Ensure you pick high/lows points and try to trade during those times. Helps you get the best signals.


  6. Hi Adriana you have very good comments on option robot I have opened an account with them and practesing on demo account with stockpair as broker i am about to go live but saw the comment of the person saying it is a scam please help before i go live

    1. Howdy John!

      I do know that some of the brokers offered by OptionRobot are not regulated. StockPair on the other hand is regulated so you should be safe.

      I have been using this system profitable for over a few weeks now and follow all of the tips on the other article. Adriana results are utterly amazing, I have not been as profitable as her but will take her feedback in her publication to heart!

      My biggest piece of advice I would share with you would be to not trade around press releases, the software goes all whacko and can’t handle it or read it right or something. Performance is way off when that happens and I know a friend of mine who traded during the NFP and lost her whole account in 4 hours.

      Since then she has made up for her $250 and has a balance a little over $600 with optionrobot she told me last week. So yeah, watch out for those dang press conferences if you can mate!

      I apologize if this was not more helpful to you.

  7. Hi
    I tried a copy of a trade of the best of 17/17 100%, now at this moment, I saw your settings, I was enthusiastic, and I ran the autotrade …. result …. 1 win, 5 losses of 6 trades.
    In good time without news ….
    Can you believe ? …try you…

    1. Hi Leo,

      When did you have the one win 5 losses, is it when you tried “Better settings Fibonacci RSI + STOCH, with 2m; 1 or 2 at a time”? Did you try what you copied, the 17/17 100%? What was the result? I’m new at this. I’m trying to find settings that would have an average of 70% or higher success rate on auto trade. Please help me. Thank you.

      1. Bonn
        I copied exactly the settings of the “17/17 100% copy”.

        If you do not make profits with Fibonacci RSI + Stoch, it will be difficult with other settings …. RSI and Stoch + candles, exactly copy the currencies of the Charts … Candles is to take a look at the charts … to know the moment Correct click … put or call … study candles very well ….only, so you can have a 90% chance of success; When the manual signal appears in the Software, check the candles of the bollinger, then you will know if the Soft is giving you the correct signal put or call in the Exact moment. I would also like to have a Soft with a good job, and get out of the computer and go walk in the Park.
        The problem is exactly the right time to mark the expiration. A delay or an advance you will close beyond or within the time of 60 sec, 2m, 3m or 5m;

  8. Hi guys
    I’ve been following the signs of the optionrobot, along with the graphs of the IQoption platform.
    Some optionrobot puts it at the right time, and some it puts at the wrong time.
    When he gives you the manual signal, you go to the platform you trust, examine the charts or candles, and then you will see; If it will give to apply; Or not the (put / call) button;
    Only then can you make a profit. Do not start Auto Trade. Better settings Fibonacci RSI + STOCH, with 2m; 1 or 2 at a time. Currencies for each market.

  9. Hi there!

    I was wondering if anyone was using this in the United States and if they were assigned Dinero Libre as a broker and how they fared with using them? Also what is the minimal amount necessary to open an account with them?

  10. Today when I logged in I saw new settings that include “copy” I hope these could be reviewed in next articles, greetings .

  11. It looks like Option Robot is starting to wane like most auto traders do after a short period..Is anyone still having good results?
    I have been following this cautiously for awhile and wondering if the results are still good before I get in..Any info is appreciated.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      I’ve continued to have a good amount of success still along with several of my friends who I have helped get started with the system. The lowest success I have gotten with this system was 68% and my buddy had a 67% but it was still profitable. We tend to be above 70% most of the time though mate!


    1. Hi Lindiwe,

      Well I only invest really during the Tokyo session as I said in my last comment but those are the settings that I have found to work the best for me while using this system. /i think a big part of your issue was using two totally different indicators that are meant to generate different sort of signals and maybe not using manual entry rates. I see a lot of comments too that say use a strategy as a confirmation to, I personally have not tried that yet but it seems to work quite well also maybe you could try doing that to. Sorry that I can’t really help you out more than that :(

      Wish you all the luck and a good day Lindiwe!


      1. Joseph
        Incredible as it may seem. JPY; At the time of USA / London market
        Hours between (Tuesday 14) 12:00 to 12:51 GMT total 51 minutes of EUR / JPY, was 16 trades total with 6 loss and 10 win = 0.625% … had 4 loss continuous; That was in Classic + MACD + RSI + STOCH. If I stopped, on the second loss, as Tim recommends, I would have 0.7142% 10win / 14trade.
        Then the afternoon was bad, so my earnings fell to 0.49%….I wanted to trade; (Test) with other settings…
        Important to stop, with gains; Go away and go get coffee, go out with your girlfriend, turn off your computer …come back tomorrow.
        (Could not paste the history, of the option robot.)

  12. Hi Leo:

    What settings did you use?
    Try my settings above, I have got good results that way.
    What hours did you invest as well, I hope you know that economic calendar is in GMT so unless your time is in GMT or you converted it you may have thought you avoided the volatility of a press report but you may have been investing during it primetime release. You should only trade w/ manual as well, you can get the best entry rates that way, which is the difference b/t losing and winning!



    1. Hi Joseph
      My main settings: Classic + MACD + RSI + STOCH.. $1; and trade max 1
      I reviewed the Economic Calendar in my schedule. I expected to finish the dollar and Euro news. The two trades together; USA and London .. As the result was not good, I was changing … I removed RSI, then removed MACD, and what got a little better only with STOCH … Then I changed to FIBO and repeated the indicators … Result Total 0.49% on average.
      Tomorrow I will try for the last time (a little better) FIBONACCI + MACD + RSI + STOCH, look for “non-neutral market” (may be the reason for failure); In the USA / London operation … usd / jpy … usd / cad … usd / chf … eur / usd … eur / jpy…..Divided into 2 pairs for each trades.


        1. Hi Leo,

          Ditch the Usd/Jpy and Eur/JPY if you trade during USA/London operation.
          I have seen Tim say in his other article along with many other comments saying to stick with “like assets during correlating market hours” so what this means in my interpretation would be that if the a currency pair isn’t among the main currencies traded during one of those operations then don’t invest with it. Or atleast that is my understanding which I believe is correct. Also just like Lindiwe is going to start doing make sure to start doing only manual, yeah ik it sucks but if it makes back your losses and you good money that extra effort will go a long way like it has for me. I guess maybe try to use a strategy too as well as a confirmation but I would recommend from a little bit of a more experienced stand point to choose a strategy that is similar to the indicators you are using for the OptionRobot. So like if you are using reversal indicators use a reversal strategy or if you are using a trend strategy use the trend indicator with OptionRobot, follow what I mean?

          Atthough I have only done that a few times it has always worked out solid for me but then again I never have had problems yet, my worse day was a 50% with my best being a 100% and I’m up $2,300 in a couple of weeks so I’m just going to keep doing exactly what I am doing.

          Sorry I can’t help you more buddy since I trade during Tokyo session :( wish you the best!


          1. Joseph.
            You trade in the Tokyo market….OK
            You said it above, for me: Do not market eur / jpy… usd / jpy, because JPY is not in USA / London.
            How do you do in Tokyo, because in this market, you do not have EUR and USD?
            (   Later, I’ll write to you … and … Lindiwie … about my strategy … with smartness … which I’m studying. )

          2. Hi Leo,

            Perhaps you misunderstood one of my comments above.
            “I’ve solely used the MACD and RSI, 5 Min, Max 1, Eur/Jpy with manual during Tokyo with fibonnaci and my results have averaged just over 70%. Today was 4 for 6 which I will take happily.”

            I also later said, “Ditch the Usd/Jpy and Eur/JPY if you trade during USA/London operation.” This was in a different comment. I try to use correlating currency pairs during market sessions as well because that is when they are traded the most.

            Hope this helps clear things up some for you mate!


  13. Maybe it was not our lucky day Leo, because other users claim it works for them. Am sticking to manual trades for now, to recover my losses.

  14. Lindiwe…..Same thing to me; I made several recommended settings.
    Every 5 to 10 traders in a row, I would stop, and make other settings; I repeated 6 to 7 times the settings .; All the results were negative;
    On the basis of 0, 48% … Very away from 0, 75% … There is more, I respected the Economic Calendar, running away from the 3 bulls etc …

  15. Not happy with this software! I adjusted settings as follows: Indicators Trend, Macd, Rsi, at 60s, max 2 trades, Classic. Within 10 minutes 4 trades placed, all lost! I then adjusted again to 5min, max 1, only selected Eur/usd and usd/cad since it was the usa session. 2 trades placed, both lost! I immediately switched off auto trade. I am beginning to think this is a scam software, really. Am going back to manual trading!

    1. Lindiwe,

      Why would you use technical indicators that work against eachother?
      The trend following indicator and the MACD/RSI indicators are essentially opposites of eachother.
      Why would you use an indicator that predicts a continuation in the trend while the MACD and RSI are mostly used for reversals? You need to use like indicators my friend if you want to generate a profit. I’ve solely used the MACD and RSI, 5 Min, Max 1, Eur/Jpy with manual during Tokyo with fibonnaci and my results have averaged just over 70%. Today was 4 for 6 which I will take happily.


      1. Hi Joe, when you say: “with manual during Tokyo…” do you mean you’re NOT using OptionRobot? Do you ever use it and what is your pinion about it. I assume you know how to trade manually better than a robot. But for most of us I suppose a robot will be better. I’m now going to study Tim’s Tips here: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/

        btw the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email’ thing doesn’t work.

        1. Hi Leon,

          When I refer to manual I mean the manual mode w/ OptionRobot.
          It is the only software I have experienced success with besides my own trading strats.
          I don’t have nearly the success with automated as I do with manual and that is because the entry rate difference I have noticed.

          I have signed up for it Leon but once you do you get another email from the site where you have to confirm your follow so you need to subscribe to the site in order to get comment updates.


  16. Thank you for a very interesting review of options robot Tim. You have a truly warm and sincere manner of sharing and responding. I read a while back that Options Robot was a scam – think it was on BinaryScam Advisor. Your review gives me hope as I am an absolute novice trader but i want to get this right and earn money desperately. Can i do so successfully from SouthAfrica and what r the opportune times to trade. Who would be a good broker? sorry for all the questions. Am also now signing up to receive your emails and join this community. Thank you all.

  17. I’ve been watching this Robot making money on DEMO like crazy and never making any losses!? Isn’t that weird? It is supposed to be like 70 to 80 % successful. Is the demo a hoax?

    1. The demo account doesn’t operate in real market conditions. Its only purpose is to allow you to get acquainted with the software platform.

  18. Hi Tim, Thanks for all you do here. I still need a bit of help and input from you and so I Thank You most kindly for your response.

    I wrote the following to you on Feb. 23, 2017: “When I try to deposit funds on the Options Robot site with my CreditC/DC of $250 it reads as “250,00$” on the page. Is that the way it always is? If not I certainly don’t want them trying to charge my card 25000! Secondly, have you used debit or credit card for deposits and withdrawals? (How long does withdrawal to CC typically take?)

    You told me to write admin and I did receiving an email suggesting using NADEX since I’m in U.S. However, MY PURPOSE was and is to use the auto trading of Option Robot as You and others have found it so rewarding.

    I HAVE TRIED TO DEPOSIT A FEW MORE TIMES SINCE FEBRUARY 23, and they do not go through. So, PLEASE INDICATE how to deposit (and HOW NOT TO get caught in the bonus trap with multiple trades required for withdrawals.)

    1. Hi Mary,
      you did good.
      Can you let me know what setting did you use and what pairs did you trade and when did you trade please?
      did you use auto-trading or manual?

      i have funded my account but i haven’t start trading yet.


      1. hi theepa

        i jus follow the tips on the optionrobot strategy article
        i used both modes to get those results
        i played around with the cci/trend and rsi/stoch most of the time
        been makin profits of $95 to $165 per week
        nothin big but small steps can take u to big destinations :)

  19. Hey
    I just registered with OptionRobot.com and it automatically linked me to SternOption when i wanted to link to StockPair and Plusoption. When I attempt to change that it says I am inputting the incorrect email address or password or it reverts me back to trade with Sternoption… very frustrating and now someone from there company persists in trying to call me every 5 minutes.


  20. where are you guys looking?
    i am with O.R. and i can see the rates
    i also use a charting solution too and do a little pats to go with it but i still see rates
    btw 3 for 4 were winners today for me, 75% success

  21. When I place a trade in the robot, I don’t see the live prices. Has anyone experienced this? I only see the final result after the timeout.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    1. Do you see green on the money and when its red out of the money. For more hel contact optionrobot support right at the software interface.

  22. EPIC DAYYY!!!
    CCI and TREND
    100£ a trade
    7 trades outta 8 winners!
    balance from 993.25£ to 1,421.75£!!!
    thanks to whoever recommended using strategies as confirmation worked out GREAT!!!

      1. Hi /Par,

        I tend to use the market sentiment with also snir’s short term reversal strategy, they are under the education page on this site. 5 trades outta 7 winners today, may invest tomorrow may not, very content with my results this week so far!!

        Another fantastic day!!

  23. You say limit to 5-7 trades per day. – How do you do this, where is the button to do this?
    I want to limit the amount placed to 8% of capitol, how do you do this?
    With Classic – it’s $20, with Fibonacci it’s- a minimum of $20, how do I set it to 8% mode?
    You say turn off W/no News, how do you do this? do you mean turn off the robot manually?
    Also, if only 5-7 trades daily, how can I can I pick out best trades, over 90% success rate?

  24. Great 1st Week With The OptionRobot!!!
    Followed All The Tips & Feedback In The Other Article = $203.30 Profit
    I Know It Is Not Much But It Is Progress All The Same!
    Thanks Objective Binary Options!


  25. Thanks Tim for your tips finally I can trade binary options with more winning trades than losing ones, I made some changes to your system:
    -I trade just EUR/USD and GBP/USD
    -London/New York session
    -MACD, RSI and %R
    -Classic, Two trades max
    I hope to move to fibonacci soon.

    1. Hey Co Trader,

      Thank you for providing your feedback for everyone to benefit from!
      There are so many combinations available to one individual it is sometimes hard to narrow down which ones may work out the best. Not to mention the large amount of variables to take into consideration as well! Thanks for your feedback!

      Have a great rest of your day and a profitable rest of our week!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Hi Tim,

      I tried Fibonacci on demo mode starting with $ 50.00 per trade but it won’t let me. $ 50.00 per trade only runs on classic. I did not bother with martingale as you have advised.
      I think they need to fix this so we could try out our settings on demo before going live.

      Thank you.

  26. Thanks admin i have already signed up with option robot and was asigned to the following broker (BinaryTilt) well is this broker ok and verified i havent made any payments yet.

  27. Hello Tim

    I have a very basic question. If option robot can perform as well as you say, why would the broker allow it anywhere near their trading site? I mean, doesn’t the broker lose whenever the robot wins? And if the robot is winning even just 70% of its trades, isnt the broker losing in the long-term? Or are they just betting that most traders will Not use it properly?


  28. Hi , Tim. I have been trying to reach youo with a problem . Mr. Sanchez at DineroLibre, has told me in order to make a withdrawal, I would need to have 15 $25 trades first. The ‘demo’ dashboard at OptionRobot does not offer $25 trades. How do you make withdrawals? I don’t want to fund an account with DL if I can not get any OptionRobot earnings out. Thank you, Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      I will send you an email reply in a little bit, I have been extremely busy lately.
      None of our subscribers who have been paired with DineroLibre when using the OptionRobot have experienced any withdrawal issues to my knowledge. Mr. Sanchez may have been explaining if you accepted a broker deposit bonus because those come with withdrawal conditions that require an investor to generate a certain volume of trades beforehand executing a withdrawal. Oftentimes these conditions come at a rate of 15x, 30x or even 40x the accepted bonus amount.

      Now obviously you can’t execute withdrawals on the demo dashboard or in the OptionRobot software interface itself. You will need to log into your DineroLibre broker account that is synced with the OptionRobot once you have gone live with the system in order to execute a withdrawal my friend. But all withdrawals need to be executed through your synced broker account.

      I hope this helps you out some and I’ll reply to your email momentarily.

      Have a great rest of your day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  29. Today was my first day with this wonderful and absolutely brilliant system!
    Went 7 for 7 at 20$ per trade and profited $109.41!
    Now I dont expect my rest of week to be this grand but so far i am one happy customer!
    Sophie Erwin

      1. Hi Tim,
        I used all sort of settings with using demo account and opened an account with 24Option but they are not accepting £250 investment. they want £400 minimum deposit. so i have opened up an account with binaryonline. I am in the process of completing COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES. once i finished i will start trading.

        What do you think about binaryonline?


        1. Hi!
          Maybe I can throw my 25 cents into this!? I have been using BinaryOnline for about two months. Aside from the fact that they, like everybody else, will call you and ask for more money they have been good to me. I have also withdrawn money from them without problems.. Just thought I’d chip in :-)


  30. Hi Tim,
    i have opened a demo account with OptionRobot and would like to upgrade and already have a broker 24Option.com but the system is not allowing me to link with them i am only getting the option to open an account with Trader.com so can you help.

    best regards

    1. Hey Victor,

      How are you doing today? Hope your week has started off well and if you already have an account with 24Options.com you won’t be able to register and go live with the OptionRobot. You may be able to if you try to sign up with a different email address than what you are using with 24Options then fund your account but you need to go through that process so the software syncs properly with your assigned broker. You may not have the option as well where you may be stuck with Trader.com but I believe if you tried what I just suggested above it should work out well for you. Let me know if you need any more help my friend or send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com for more assistance!

      I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better week! Keep us updated please!

      Tim Lanoue

  31. I’m waiting for your latest setting hints you have announced for this week.
    With this i will start entering procedure for the robot ! I must be sure that it work properly since
    i have lost too much before with several scam robots and brokers !

    1. Hey Walter,

      I will talk with our admin this week in regards to getting a possible second OptionRobot strategy article posted here. I was waiting for a little bit more feedback from our subscribers though so I could provide you with detailed custom settings to use but perhaps people can’t wait that long. Regardless it will be coming soon though, I hope you have a great day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

  32. There is something fundamental that I don’t understand: why would the broker agree to let this
    option robot trade on their accounts? I mean, doesn’t the broker lose money when a trader
    wins? And if the robot has such a high wind rate, isn’t the broker suffering a correspondingly
    high loss rate? What am I missing? Is there something about the broker’s business model that
    I don’t understand? Please enlighten me. I want to believe in option robot, but right now I can’t.

    1. Hey Richard Brown,

      Great question and I am glad that you asked it since this is somewhat of a “grey area” when it comes to understanding broker payouts. So unlike exchanges or in the Forex market when you are investing with binary options you are investing against the predictions of other traders and the broker. Just because a system, software or service is created and synced with a broker does not always necessarily mean that the system will be a reliable choice or a proven choice.

      As you have seen throughout the OptionRobot articles that I have posted there are over a 100 different permutations that are available with the software and obviously different settings yield different investment results. Not everyone is going to use the same settings you can bet and everyone isn’t going to achieve the same results. In addition, not a large amount of investors are using the software when compared to the whole pool of investors that are with a broker. Maybe a fraction as high as 3 to 4% of a brokers investors are actually using the synced software because most of the other 96 to 97% of investors in all honesty don’t know about it, aren’t comfortable with giving up some of their user-control or simply lack the access.

      You can bet that if more individuals were to know about the system and reached a cumulative pool of let’s say 10% of the total investor count then I believe the broker would either prohibit the software to be used on their platform after a certain set date. Most of these brokers with the system are quite reliable and have been in the industry for quite sometime, when I first got started with the OptionRobot I was synced with EmpireOption but due to the investor pool reaching too high of a percentage we had forced withdrawals from the broker then I had to sign up with a different broker. There were several subscribers of ours who experienced this but atleast the full account balance was refunded and all we had to do was fund a separate broker account.

      That is the most common practice used by brokers and systems/softwares/services they allowed to be synced with their platform. If the broker starts losing too much money due to too many investors using their platform and software they execute full withdrawals and prohibit the use of the software on their platform further or until the investor pool decreases to a value between 3 to 4%. Because remember, typically users who use this software are only a small group out of the pool of investors who are using that desired trading platform.

      I hope this has helped clarify your question some for you my friend, I know it is a rather confusing one and as mentioned above a rather “grey area” in binary options. I hope you had a great weekend and an even better and more prosperous week!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. same here… when users wins = broker loose, and broker never loose.. or they are going out of business, belive me! So I do not uderstand why they accept using this robot that makes so much wins. I am very skeptical as I have seen so many fraud in this industry over the last few years.
      (BTW: i already post this article 3 days ago but neve saw it pubblished)

      1. Hey Bobby,

        I told you everything that I know in the comment above.
        Once the investor pool gets too high then the softwares either get prohibited for usage or they continue to be in usage because the investor pool is small (3 to 4%) in comparison to the total investor pool currently using the broker.

        Hope you have a great rest of your day and I’m glad you found the other article. If you want to stay current with all of our latest scam reviews please feel free to subscribe to our binary options newsletter near the top right hand side of this page. Have a great rest of your week my friend!

        Tim Lanoue

  33. This is an absolutely amazing site with many amazing articles, I’ve learned so much!!

    I’ve had great success with this system and sent the admin an email at ObjectiveBo@gmail.com with the feedback, will you be making another OptionRobot strategy? If so I give you permission to post my feedback results and settings that I use for everyone to benefit from! I see this is a very giving community and I would love to be part of it!
    Looking forward to your reply Tim or admin and have a great rest of your week, I know I will! 39 trades placed this week with 32 wins means I’m taking my wife out to a nice dinner, she won’t be expecting this!!

    Thanks everyone and I love this community! Good weekend to all and God Bless! Samuel

    1. Hey Samatinvesting,

      Our admin has confirmed with me that your strategy and feedback as been received and it is greatly appreciated! I am considering composing a third OptionRobot article for you guys that could be published later this week perhaps that will go over the best optimal settings that we have received from our subscribers.

      We have received an exponential amount of positive feedback and I can’t wait to share with you all some of the settings that we have found to work best but that will happen in due time! I got a couple more strategy articles for you guys this week along with another great one that I am hoping will be published this week!

      Anyway, thank you Samatinvesting and everyone else who has been extremely helpful and have shared your feedback with us and for everyone to benefit from! I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a prosperous and great week ahead of us!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Hi there Samatinvesting,

      Would you kindly share your settings with us so we could take our entire family to dinner too?

      Thank you.

  34. Hi,
    For the OptionRobot, if I notice a major market report coming on that day, do I stop trading altogether that day or wait an hour or so after the report comes out before I can resume trading?

    Since I want to limit my trades, about how many trades are generated on an average day (no news events) in the NY season for Eur/Usd and Usd/Cad? Same question for Usd/Jpy asian session.

    Any withdrawal issues with Deniro Libre? Any withdrawal method that you find is the fastest and most reliable for you?

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Bob Elmer

    1. Hey Bob,

      I would say give it a 10 to 15 minute break ahead of the market report along with a good 20 to 30 minutes after the market report has been released. If you were to avoid investing all on days that a major market report were going to be released to the public then I feel you would be placing investments only one day per week since the amount of press releases are quite numerous.

      With you wanting to limit your investments on any given investment day I would say the amount of trades generated within a 2 hour investment period for both of those currency pairs in those desired trading sessions would suffice to a value no more than 12 for each but I would recommend only placing around 3 to 7 cumulative investments during any one day to prevent overtrading.

      Personally I have not had any withdrawal issues, I’ve executed 6 withdrawals from them now and although it takes on average 5 business days to be received I receive them. Many of our other subscribers who reside within the US and other neighboring countries who are able to use the software and broker combination also tend to receive their withdrawals on the 5th business day but no problems other than the 5 day business day have been reportedly thankfully. I have not tried any other method other than a direct wire transfer either but I have heard a few subscribers receive withdrawals in 4 days when using a credit/debit card or another payment portal but I can’t recall exactly which ones there were using.

      I hope this comment has helped you out some Bob and feel free to leave any more questions that you may have! We are a fairly active community and we are here to help each other out so whatever you need just know we are here my friend!

      I hope you have had a great weekend and hope you have a profitable and good week of investing!

      Tim Lanoue

  35. Hi. I’m really interested on this robot. I am already using a demo account, but I would like to change to a real account. I know you receive a lot of feedback from customer around the world. Is it possible that you publish some statistics about the people that are using the robot (settings, Trading times, %positions won, etc).

    I think they could be really helpful to many people as to minimize doubts about this being a scam.

    By the way, I noticed that in the demo, the prices don’t match the ones in metatrade. Is the robot using some other data source like etoro or something similar?

    Thank you

    – Heriberto

    1. Hey Heriberto,

      We have over 300 cumulative comments with this OptionRobot review and our other OptionRobot Strategy which can be found here: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/. I know quite a bit of feedback can be found in those comments although I totally understand where you are coming from.

      Although I know the demand is growing quite high I am just waiting for a few more feedback submissions from our subscribers and I planned on publishing a third OptionRobot strategy article that will showcase a few of the best settings, the statistics along with more tips that should be implemented with using the software.

      In regards to the demo account, I know that the demo account does not partake in broker manipulation and interference so the values reflected are not going to be the same. In addition, MetaTrade is a charting solution is it not?

      Oftentimes I know that charting solutions such as FreeStockCharts, MT4, MT5 and ThinkorSwim tend to pull their data from live Reuters which are different than the ones pulled by brokers so oftentimes the rates reflected are not the same and more often than not a charting solutions values shows cumulative price averages opposed to raw, derivative price values oftentimes reflected on a binary options trading platform.

      Anyway, the feedback and strategy article is coming VERY soon for the OptionRobot and I am glad that you thought about it as well. I hope you have had a great weekend and please feel free to leave any other questions that you may have! We are a fairly active and friendly community so I know all of us would be willing to help you out if you have any further questions!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Hello Mr. Sokolov

      Very good results; I’ve been averaging around a 75% in berween Tuesday and Thursday but whenever Monday and Friday rolls around I’m only around 69%. Are your results from middle of week too? Profit to date is a little over 800£ in 11 days, I need to make more thought but the 100£ max trade cap stops me :( wish they move it to 150£ to 200£

      1. HI SASHA



  36. yanno ive been in this industry a long time n i have yet to have the win amount like i have with the optionrobot system

    four days with 43 winning trades, wish i would’ve found this system years ago

    1. Hey luvinglife4all,

      Glad to hear about your success with the OptionRobot!
      Could you send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com with your feedback please so we could possible publish it in our upcoming third OptionRobot strategy article!

      I hope that we hear from you soon and please keep us updating on your success with the system! Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope are doing well!

      Tim Lanoue

  37. Pleasantly surprised with this system! First day with this trading system and it freaking crushed the markets! 18 for 25 were winners!!!

    So pleased I visited this review, hats off to this software!

  38. Hi, DeniroLibra says to withdrawal , I need 15 $25 trades. The demo on OptionRobot does not have $25 trades. It goes from $20 to $50. How do you get a withdrawal from DL ? Also, my questions / comments seem to disappear . thank you, Terry

  39. Ok I would like to setup an acc. with stockpair (I already have an account with 24options). However I see that best results are made with 2min. expire. Stockpair doesnt have 2 min. expire. What settings would you guys reccomand for stockpairs? (1min. exp or 5min)


    1. Hey Bobby,

      I know we have received good feedback with the 5 minute time frame from our subscribers implementing all the tips on the other OptionRobot strategy and not overtrading. I would recommend giving the 5 minute expiration a shot if I were you. Although I still prefer to use 2 minutes unfortunately that option is not available to you but the 5 minute one should work out great for you.

      Hope you are having a great day my friend and that you have an even better weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Hey Danish,

      I have been with Dinero Libre and haven’t had any withdrawal issues, typically it takes me 4 business days to get my withdrawals and other times up to 5 business days with them. Just letting you know ahead of time but many of our other subscribers have not had any complaints against that broker.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions and I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better week!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hi Tim,
        Thank you. Perhaps a separate article on settings and GMT timing might be of benefit. Since my first comment on this post, I had signed-up through StockPair and tried it OptionRobot twice with very poor results of 52% ITM and 47% ITM. The risk was too much, so I had given OptionRobot a rest as a result. I would love to give it a better opportunity without losing my investment!


        1. Hey Waldo,

          Since we all reside within different demographics and invest during different time zones I have been debating about which method would be best for a new article. I was thinking about contacting the most successful of our subscribers from all corners of the globe and I planned on putting their feedback in a future article after we received enough feedback. You made sure to follow all of the investment tips in the other OptionRobot article correct? No neutral trends, not investing during market reports and using like currency pairs for the market hours you invest during?

          You have been the second report we have had on below a 60% success rate out of over 50 so I would like to learn more please about your situation. Please send our admin an email at: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com with your settings you used and I’ll do my best to compose another OptionRobot strategy article for you guys!

          Have a great rest of your day and an even better week my friend!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. hi tim
            i am also with stockpair and have not had success with optionrobot at 60s or 90s settings. Also one time it executed trades more than my max serting of 2. i used the demo account also and money got lost. i was trading usd/jpy tokyo time fibonacci setting. i will try out again using 5min expiry and maybe use classic setting. i also live in melbourne so prefer trading tokyo time.

          2. Hey Debbie,

            How many currency pairs do you have selected? What time of day are you investing? How are the market trends and are were there market reportshare present? Usd/Jpy is know traditionally as a high volatility currency pair, do you have other currency pairs that are available for you to invest during those hours that may be less volatile than the Usd/Jpy?

            Please let me know or our admin at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com so we can help you out Debbie!

            I hope you are having a great night and an even better weekend!

            Tim Lanoue

      2. Hi Tim!

        I am interested in running optionrobot in real mode. The only thing stopping me was wanting to see how DineroLibre was as a broker. I am in the U.S. by the way. From what I see it looks pretty positive. Does anyone from the U.S. have good settings I could receive including you Tim if you don’t mind. Please help here!


        Richie Wills

  40. what the settings that some of u better investors are using if u don’t mind divulging?
    i want better than 69 and 70% success. made a profit a little over 1k but i want more
    got started with dinero libre. got my withdrawal opened a second account with empire option and deposited but some of u are getting 75+ success. although i am still profiting i want to make the most i can in the shortest amount of time i can

    let a brotha know please

    yaheem j

    1. Howdy Yaheem,

      You performing results with the option robot are quite swell, I don’t mean to be negative or rude but honestly I think you are doing rather well with your trading. I’ve made a little over $3,000 with this system over 4 weeks now with the opteck broker and automated investment mode and my outcome is about the same as yours. My success rate hasn’t peaked above 73% with my worst day being 40% but I apply good money management so my losses were minimum. This week I’m at 70.35% and hoping to finish the week out on a high note. Yaheem, keep your head up and just keep plucking away at it and your profits will keep rolling in like mine have! Don’t get too nancy like I use to in the past and do not overtrade, it is your enemy!!!!! Hope this has helped you out some mentally!

      Vincent Montgomery

      1. hi vincent, can i ask though when u turn on autotrade how many minutes u let it play? coz in my case i have put in the settings but it would generate signal one after thenother which is quite scary as it would keep playing and might mean losing money easily

  41. Is it possible to try demo without deposit on broker? I tried to register on 24options and stockpair, but I cannot log in to my account. What should I do?

    1. It’s possible to try the demo. Make sure you don’t already have an account with those brokers because you won’t be able to use the software with them if you already have an account.

    2. Hey Heriberto,

      Just as our admin stated yes it is possible, the OptionRobot does come with a free demo account. However, just keep in mind that like with most demo accounts that are offered for free, the OptionRobot demo account does not partake in broker manipulation and interference. So the results that you achieve in the demo account will vary from ones that you would see in a live investment scenario. To further add to our admins comment you just need to try signing up with a new email address then it should work well for you. Feel free to leave another comment if you need more help!

      I hope you have a great rest of your day and a better week!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Bobby,

      If I compose a fourth article for the OptionRobot after receiving more feedback about desired settings that are included with screenshots I will make suer to incorporate them into the framework on the next article. We have had 200 comments combined in regards to the OptionRobot that are mostly positive and the feedback we have been receiving at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com has been very good as well.

      To be honest though I don’t think many of these investors don’t know how to post a screenshot and if they did they couldn’t do it in this comment otherwise I would’ve posted several of them by now and I am sure many others would have too.

      I hope you have a great day and a profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Hey Bobby,

      I have no control on when comments are published, I only write educational and informative articles and expose new trading scams that enter the binary options industry because I have found this to be a very active and growing community so I thought I could best help you guys out here.

      I know our admin has been very busy lately with all the feedback emails that have been received along with helping our subscriber base out. If a comment isn’t published right away don’t worry, he isn’t always around just like I’m not. I wish we could be but it just doesn’t work that way my friend!

      Hope you are having a good week and take care!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. yo bobby

      try these settings they work for me!
      usd/chf & usd/cad
      2 minute-classic-CCI/RSI/Trend
      Max amount of investments is 1
      apply sentiment analysis
      been doing this for over a week now and made a little over $480 with these settings

      hope this helps u out mayne


  42. Curiose What currencies and time you a trading and offrire course expire time, settings and broker. Do uou have screenshoot od you trades?

    1. I agree Bobby, I would like to learn more about your settings, time of day, which broker you are using and documented success just so that I can apply your feedback in a strategic article for everyone here in the community to benefit from. Please let us know when you get the chance and I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  43. Got started with $1,300- went 6 for 7 Friday- 5 for 7 today- balance is now at $2,108.70!
    I lost so much money on lexington code I’m glad to make that back AND MORE!
    The first auto trader I’ve ever profit with!
    Will post tomorrow with results.

    Marcus M. Rose

  44. generated a profit of $234.17 with 15 out of 19 ITM trades!!!
    i LOVE the optionrobot! i LOVE this site!
    god can’t wait until tomorrow when i get off my midnight shift!!
    don’t even plan on sleeping, sleep is for da weakkk n poor!


    1. Results have been above modest over a duration of two whole investment weeks.
      Week One Showcasing 40 for 53 trades were winners (PROFIT: $547 even)
      -Week One Tactic Since We All Are Sharing: Eur.Gby, Manual, Classic
      Week Two Showcasing 49 for 61 trades were winners (PROFIT: $1,246.30)
      -Week Two Tactic Since We All Are Sharing: Eur.Gby, Manual, Classic
      Sending my strategy to admins email, hopefully they will post if for everyone of u later this week or next week

      With Much Love,

      Arthur Cunningham

  45. Sorry guys but I cannot suggest to use this robot. I just replicatede 3 trades opened from the robot on my real platform. All 3 are hevaly OTM while on robot all are winners. So there is defenlty something wrong.

    1. Hey Bobby,

      Can you please enlighten us further on this scenario that you just encountered?
      If you are referring to the Demo Account that you are comparing the losing to winning results then you need to remember, as mentioned several times above, that the demo account for OptionRobot does not partake in broker manipulation and interference. In other words the results with the OptionRobot demo account (any many other systems demo accounts) are simply not real and the purpose of these systems is to help potential investors get a better understanding of how the platform works in a live investment situation.

      In addition, the rates that the OptionRobot software could be pulling from is a different broker account than the one you are currently using possibly. There are many fluctuations in the values and derivatives used among different binary option brokers that result in the rates reflected. Furthermore, if you are considering on using this system in a real life investment situation make sure to avoid press releases while using the system. I noticed that at the time that you posted this comment there was a press released being released along with another one right at 9:30.

      We have shared the dangers of investing during market reports above throughout the comments above and in our other OptionRobot Tips Article which can be found here: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/.

      To learn when more press releases are going to be publicized please feel free to visit: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/fundamental-analysis/ and you can see all the future press releases to come.

      I hope you have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  46. Hello Tim.

    My name is Oneida, I am in the US, I read all your review about Option Robot, you mention that can be used in US, problem is to find a broker that accept Auto Trading.
    Most of the brokers for binary options are registered out of US and not accepting US clients.
    Nadex is the broker located in US and registered, but do not accept Auto Trading.
    Can you please help me to find an honest broker that accept US and Auto Trading, so I can open an account with Option Robot and the broker of your recommendation?

    I will be waiting for your response.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hey Oneida,

      Just as I posted a reply to your other comment, the only broker that we can recommend to US investors would be Nadex. For further questions please feel free to email us: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to further assist you!

      Have a great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  47. With reference to post of TIM H ON 1/16/2017. I have been seeking assistance since early fall to get my $250 returned from EMPIRE OPTIONS. After viewing OPTION ROBOT for several weeks, trying their system, etc. I endeavored to try it out. I went in through the OPTION ROBOT SITE and the ONLY broker I was offered was EMPIRE OPTIONS. My deposit did NOT go through onsite and their rep phoned me and assured me that he would put it through manually and I would have INSTANT ACCESS TO OPTION. Now months later he has my $250 sitting in my account,
    has changed the password and does not respond to phone calls or emails, AND I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE OPTION ROBOT SOFTWARE TO USE! Yet, I see Empire is still
    operating which makes me question JUST WHAT IS GOING ON??? I have contacted OPTION ROBOT direct (since I have had both emails and phone calls go unanswered AT EMPIRE) and they cannot help.
    Please help me and pass my experience on to others. At this point I want a refund as EMPIRE HAS PROVEN TO BE UNTRUSTWORTHY. Thank you.

  48. I’ve traded with barkley capital and now going thru a dispute with them for they do not want to reply email or phone so anyone out there just an precaution on signing with these guy.im sure glad to know that option robot is offered in the u.s. i been searching and waiting for a long time so tim I’m all ears on your info and education tips my friend for I’ve been successful with binary options just never been able to withdraw my profits .thank you for just being around to help us out. Ron.

    1. Hey Ron,

      Sorry that I did not see this comment earlier my friend! Glad to hear that you have been quite successful for binary options and if you do get started with the OptionRobot please make sure to follow the tips provided in my other article and invest wisely! Looking forward to hearing about your success my friend and have a great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  49. Hey, Tim , I need help, but not with optionrobot. I have BinbotPro, with BinaryMate. Can you help me with the settings for “create my robot”? I want to add funds to my BM account in March, and I would like to use the new robot, part of the upgrade. Thanks , Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      I am not familiar with the BinaBotPro unfortunately my friend so I am unsure how much I could assist you. Just out of curiosity why would you get started with the BinBotPro system when we have so much positive feedback on the OptionRobot software? Let me know more about your situation, what your investing goals include and we’ll try to get you set up on the best route possible!

      Thanks for your time and have a great rest of your weekend!

      Tim Lanoue


    1. Hey Aneta,

      You have had some really great results lately!
      Better than me actually, can you share your settings with us please?
      I am sure we all could benefit by knowing the settings that you are using.
      Hope to hear from you soon and thanks for sharing your feedback with our ever-growing community!

      Tim Lanoue

  51. Signed up a few hours ago had 13 wins and 4 losses, very steady and consistent growth so i’ll continue to use this software until it no longer works well for me

    1. Hey Tyrese,

      I would normally advice someone who places 17 investments in one session to be careful because you would be overtrading but if you went 13 for 17 then I’m not going to tell you any differently.

      Congratulations on your success with the system my friend and please keep us updated on your success!

      Tim Lanoue

  52. Good results Scott,

    I am looking to sign up with Option Robot, your number of trades a week are about what I would be aiming for, thanks for sharing your settings, I have 2 questions though, which broker are you using and what were your trade sizes?

  53. Hello Everyone!!

    Been with the system now for 2 1/2 weeks and I wanted to share my results:

    Week 1: 22 out of 30 investments were winners: 10% per trade
    Profit: $392.35
    Week 2: 29 out of 41 investments were winners: 15% per trade
    Profit: $603.20
    Week 3(this week): 13 out of 18 investments are winners: 10% per trade
    Profit: $311.50

    -60 second expiry
    -3 max trades
    -Eur.Usd, Usd.Jpy, Eur.Gbp
    -trend ind, cci ind and %R ind

    I shall post again this Friday with end week results!

    Finally making money back that I lost awhile back from other systems (jarvis formula and finch ltd).


        1. Wow I sure am glad I subscribed to get comment alerts!!! I was going to leave my results on Friday but I didn’t realize it was this active here! Anyhow, hey everyone!!!

          I got started with StockPair as my first broker but I just funded another account with the Opteck broker today after I received my withdrawal earlier this fine beautiful morning! Hoping to seriously take my option robot trading to the next level for the rest of the week and all the coming up to still happen!

          :Hello Khanyisa, beautiful name by the way! I trade from 21:00 SST to 24:00 SST before I go into work, hope this helps you and stay beautiful!
          :Helloooo Menno, i use StockPair and I just got started with the broker called Opteck to use both
          :Helloo Ian! I use StockPair as you may have read and with Opteck which I am finishing setting up. I use trade sizes between 50 to 100 now but if I don’t feel that sure about it I just use 20.

          Hope this can help you all out, I’ll comment again after my second shift if there are more questions to be had!


          1. Hey Scott,

            Thank you for taking the time to share with us your settings and your current OptionRobot setting. Because of subscribers like you our community will continue to grow and flourish so thank you again for being part of our community! Please keep us updated on your success if you find the time and I hope to read more comments from you in regards to your success!

            Have a great and profitable rest of your week!

            Tim Lanoue

    1. good on you scott! thanks for sharing! i have not started this as scared of losing more money. can you also share if you turn on auto robot on specific times only? thanks

  54. I have finally made an investment through OptionRobot for the Broker StockOption. I went with StockOption due to the rather good reviews I have seen by them.

    The OptionRobot is behaving MUCH DIFFERENTLY… I initially decided to use the indicators, 5%-7% trades and stick to maximum 5 trades. Before I hit the ‘Auto-Trade On’ button, I thought…lemme just try it again on DEMO. We know the DEMO provides $1,000. I ended up with $320.
    I ran it yesterday morning, earlier afternoon and last evening (GMT+2). The best I’ve been able to get was $920 from the $1,000 (negative growth). I thought then, lets leave it…maybe the market is flexing, I’ll try today again. Now, running the DEMO again and I have $768 from the $1,000 (negative growth).
    My metrics:
    All 6 indicators
    90 seconds
    Amount: $40
    3 simultaneous trades
    Excluding EUR/JPY & USD/CHF (trending right now)

    Tim, I’ll wait on your guide to see how you achieve minimum 70% success.

    Best regards,

    1. Hey Waldo,

      Glad to hear you got started and I’m quite glad that you started with the demo mode prior to investing because with your settings there is an obvious reason for your negative demo account growth! Please refer to my other OptionRobot article I had published yesterday, this is the article that you need to know which tips to implement, which correct settings to use and many of our subscribers have been reporting very good feedback with that set up so please refer to that article and I’ll await an update from you! OptionRobot article link: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/

      As always let me know if you need any help and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!
      We are in this together my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  55. Hello Tim,Tim I sent you an email which was answered by Daniel,if you read the message which is all about Option Robot and Binary Tilt.It looks like Option Robot is not available in Australia can you please advise if it is and if so how can I link it with a reputable broker,as I wrote I really like Binary Tilt, FM Trader and one or two others kept highlighting but none of those are Australian approved.Also all other than Binary Tilt had minumun trades starting from $24 where as Binary Tilt started from $10.Incedently there is one other I noticed and it is Australian approved and that is Black Box Robot,if all else fails would Black Box be ok to use Tim Thank you. Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      That is quite strange because the OptionRobot should be available to all demographics, so perhaps if you attempted to sign up with an alternative email address you will be able to link it with your desired broker. With those not being approved brokers where you reside you may not be able to use them unfortunately, however I would certainly not recommend getting started with Black Box Robot. We have received quite a bit of complaints in regards to the performance issue with that auto trader not to mention some inability to withdrawal complaints as well so I would not recommend them at all.

      If the OptionRobot isn’t recommending a broker of your liking you could perhaps check out the Penny Millionaire trading system that I have reviewed? The performance has been consistent and a bit more profitable than the OptionRobot but it does require a little bit more work on your end. Let me know what you are thinking and if you need any additional help my friend!

      I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  56. Hey William,

    I haven’t heard that saying but I like it quite a bit, I will have to make sure to remember that one. I’ve been bitten close to two dozen times now throughout my 5 years in this industry but I am okay with it as long as I know others will benefit from not getting bit as well. Especially the novice investors, even though when I know a system is more likely a scam I still test it out to verify that my suspicions are correct.

    Anyway, since you are asking for my advice here I would always recommend getting started with a semi-automated trading system over an auto trader any day. No matter the success rate difference, the ability to have user-control (which the OptionRobot offers the most out of any other auto trader out there) is still of utmost importance in my personal opinion and from personal experience. Not to mention the Penny Millionaire has yielded a higher success rate than the OptionRobot to date, has much more positive reviews and reports varying between 67 to 75% success even when not using the strategies and tips that I have shared for you all.

    So to clearly answer your question I would get started with the Penny Millionaire through our Penny Million Strategy article. Then if you utilize the strategy in the last article or in the “Best Penny Millionaire Strategy” article you should see a success rate ranging between 67 to 81%, the more accustomed you get with the software the better and you should start seeing better results as well. Of course if you had any questions on how to best use the Penny Millionaire too I could always help you out with that as well since I am quite familiar with the system now and know how to best utilize it!

    Let me know what you decide to get started with mate but when it comes down to it I would do the Penny Millionaire still, I’ll be here to answer any questions that you may have as well and you can always feel free to email us at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com for further support my friend! I hope this comment has helped you out some and feel free to leave more comments if you need more advice William!

    Thank you for your comment and have a great and profitable rest of your week!

    Tim Lanoue

  57. Are we getting any closer to that strategy Tim? :-P
    Sorry to nag, I’m just very restless to get underway with my investments ;-)


    1. Hey Par,

      The strategy article should be published tomorrow or on Wednesday my friend!
      There have been some new scams that emerged within this industry that we are trying to take care and further expose so things are going a little bit slow but it will be here tomorrow or on Wednesday bud!

      I hope you are having a great week and I love your enthusiasm my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  58. Hello Tim,
    Thank you for your honest review on option robot. I’m now using the demo and it seems to be working well with 80% itm. I’m using all 6 indicators, 90sec, $20 per trade and either classic or fibonacci. It is taking trades almost within one after another ( even with 6 I dicators , is that possible ?)
    However, I’m now confused because other wellknown bloggers are claiming that it is a scam, once on real acc,performance will drop drastically.
    Please advise.
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Nicholas,

      How are you doing today?
      Yeah, I believe many of the performance issues from when the OptionRobot was first launched has been corrected, I know it was classified as a scam for quite some time and by other reputable binary option blogging sites but since they have updated the settings of the indicators along with the mechanism that the software uses to deliver signals it has been much more profitable lately. Although I never used the OptionRobot when it first emerged within this industry I cannot say for its performance early on which must have been poor due to some of the older reviews I have seen. This is perhaps the only auto trader that I’ve used over my past five years in this industry where I have actually generated a profit over a period of 6 weeks. With you seeing 80% ITM that is great as well, that is actually better than what I am seeing and most other subscribers of ours have reported success rates between 69 to 76% usually so that is great to hear you are doing so well!

      Great job avoiding the Martingale style of investing as well, I feel like that is where most newbie day-traders get in trouble with in general online investing and when using this software since it throws away all aspects of proper money management. Yes, that is possible as well, you can change the amount of Max Simultaneous Signals you can receive at one time from 1 to 8, so you may have it on a different number.

      However, if things are working that well for you I wouldn’t fix or try to correct what you are doing necessarily either, you know? If it’s not broke don’t fix it, or atleast that is how I would almost consider your situation at the moment! Thank you very much for your feedback and please keep us up to date as well with your performance!

      I hope you are having a great and profitable investment week!

      Tim Lanoue

  59. Hi Tim

    As a newbie, i have just tried lexingtoncode which i feel does not work. The signals i got are all long expiry which mostly ended up losing. So probably not for me.

    I would like to try OptionRobot as autotrade with the many settings available like minimum investment of 5$, times to trade, expiry, etc theres more control. and if i can leave it running. y itself.

    so looking forward to your tips on OptionRobot.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Debbie,

      I hope your weekend is going well and I never had much success with the LexingtonCode myself so don’t feel bad about that! With you being a newbie I would almost recommend you to the Penny Millionaire trading system over the OptionRobot (as long as you don’t reside in US), due to two main reasons.

      The first reason being that it is a semi-automated trading system so you remain in complete control, although with the OptionRobot the user-control is empowered ultimately you don’t have as much control with the OptionRobot as you would with the Penny Millionaire.

      Secondly, with it being a semi-automated system you have an ability to hone and improve your investing skills. The strategy that I shared last week and my second one which will be published during the beginning of next week will not only increase your foundation to becoming a better investor but will give you more of a real binary options day-trading experience.

      Ultimately though, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages over one another! I’ve found the Penny Millionaire to be more profitable to date but I’ve also found the OptionRobot to require less work on your end. In the end, the decision is ultimately up to you and it is just a matter of if you have the time to do the investing and if you want to learn in the process to take your online day-trading to new levels for the future. Or atleast that is the way I see it Debbie.

      I hope you are having a great weekend and thank you very much for your comment, you have been a fairly active part of our ever-growing community lately!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hi Tim!
        Weekend is going well for me. Thank you, hope yours is going great too. I really appreciate what you’re doing on this forum – sharing your expertise for free and having the energy to reply to every question. I’m grateful.
        I started looking at binary options trading only last weekend and been reading every content on this site for knowledge and tips. Few sleepless nights but I’m determined to be successful at this. ^_^ I only know basic trading stuff but zero on technical analysis. I only started learning when I saw your post on Penny M which was the start of my pursuit on BO.
        By the way, I live in melbourne australia. The reason for looking at an auto-trade software is to have an investment that would generate somehow positive cashflow without the need of hours spent on it, with me being a working mom, time is so little. Thus, I am really looking forward to trying out OptionRobot, signed up for it and just waiting for the strategies you are about to share. As I’ve said I tried lexington code, but just lost my money so I stopped it.
        Going back to Penny M, I agree that this is a profitable software when used properly. I tried this and tried to follow your strategy but maybe due to being a newbie, I was still not thinking objectively and emotional, so I won some, lost half. I need more practice on learning your strategies. Can I share my Penny M result to you over your gmail account and share me your thoughts?
        The good news with Penny M was I used it also to trade FOREX, mind you I know nothing about pivots/TP/etc, but I just followed the signal generated from Penny M and trade the currency as per the signal (no TP/no SL), then once I get profit and even before the expiry time, I would close my trade. I won 500$ in a day using Penny M. And to think it is my first time doing manual trade! I have one trade though USDJPY left open due to it was losing, on monday hopefully it goes the other direction.*crossed fingers*
        So pretty exciting times. Understand I can’t be too excited. Discipline is an important skill in trading.
        I’ll just send over email a few other details. Thanks Tim.


        1. Hey Debbie,

          Thank you very much, yes my weekend went well! Thank you for your kind words as well, I love giving back my knowledge and helping others out so they can achieve their goals when investing online in this difficult and opportunistic industry we know as binary options!

          With you being relatively knew to binary options perhaps you could benefit by visiting the Educational Tab that we have on our website, there is a good variety of educational on there that I know you could benefit from. I will be adding quite a bit of educational and informative articles as well to that section throughout the upcoming months as well so it is always a great learning experience, might as well take in all the free market and binary options knowledge that you can in my personal opinion!

          Being an emotional investor can be one of the hardest habits to kick when investing, especially after you have worked hard to earn the money that you invested with. It took me quite some time to be honest to learn how to disconnect my personal emotions with binary options investing but once you get there you and have enough discipline I think you will only become a better investor in the end. Just do your best to follow a proper money management strategy, don’t chase trades and let the strategy and software do their job!

          Absolutely, you can share with me your Penny Millionaire results, just send an email to ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and the admin will let me take a look at it and I can reply accordingly my friend, I would be more than willing to help you out! Yes, Penny Millionaire is also applicable to Forex with it investing currency pairs but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for Forex since Forex tends to usually deal with more long-term investments whereas binary options are more short-term than Forex typically and you don’t have to worry about Stop-Loss strategy tactics as well.

          Thank you for sharing your results with us as well, $500 in a day is a great profit to generate, just make sure you aren’t overtrading and that you follow a proper money management strategy and I say you are doing great! Regardless though, that is a great profit and I am glad you are seeing success with this software like many of us have been! It is nice to finally have a software that delivers a profit for binary options, especially when most of them just end up losing your money to begin with!

          Thank you for your comment and for being an active part in our community lately! I hope you are having a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!

          Tim Lanoue

  60. Tim,
    I was reading a review on the main page from Nov.2016 and the admin. was saying Option Robot is a scam!
    Now you seem to have good luck with it and works for you..So which is it?

    1. Hey Dennis,

      Just as another person asked about that post I am going to put the same reply that the admin put.

      “admin says:
      January 16, 2017 at 11:09 pm
      If we wrote that it’s a scam somewhere (as far as I remember, our original OptionRobot review was inconclusive) that was before we learned about Tim’s strategy with this software which we shall soon publish for everyone to see.”

      I have “good luck” with the system as well because I know the best way to utilize trading softwares such as the OptionRobot, when the best times to invest are and when to certainly avoid investing. I’ve seen a good amount of success with the OptionRobot but I still wouldn’t recommend it over Penny Millionaire or other binary option trading systems that are semi-automated and all the investor to remain in complete control. The OptionRobot just happens to be the only auto trader that I’ve seen success with over a month’s time, every other system I try out that is an autotrader I end up losing my money on so I was glad to find a reliable one for once.

      I hope you are having a great weekend and thank you for your valid question!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Tim
        Thanks for clarifying that and I will look forward to your review and upcoming trading strategy regarding Option Robot..

  61. im not one to usually try out auto traders after losin over 6 thousand with them but ive always been a fan of this blog because they actually seem like they want to educate and help people so i tried out this optionrobot, deposited $250 w/ dinerolibre n followed Tim tips from above and a few of his from his penny millionaire strategy article n i averaged 71% success from this tuesday until today!

    brought my $250 account to $781.93 and executed a withdrawal for $281.93 that my credit card company tells me will arrive on tuesday. i will make sure to come back here a post that i got my funds but all seems good right now so I’m happy, finally making some money back that i lost!

    thanks for all your comments you guys and for this site, you guys actually recommend good softwares unlike most other websites!

    aleksandra m

    1. Hi!
      I’ve been in the same place loosing a lot of money on autotraders. Would you mind sharing your settings with Optionbot? Like what indicators, timeframe etc? Also what times have you been trading? How many trades per day in general and have you just let the auyotrader run or have you changed the settings after each trade? Anything you can share to help us in the forum become more profitable would be great!

      Thanks :-)


    2. Alexsandra,

      Thank you very much for sharing your success with the OptionRobot!

      I know that many people were curious about the success and the more reports that we have shared the more certain everyone viewing this review and comments can be so thank you. Glad to see as well that my tips have helped you out as well, they are simply just fundamental tips to apply prior to investing, I’ve learned over the past 5 years that it is oftentimes that little things that get looked over when investing online with binary options!

      Make sure to stick around for more good reviews and educational articles to come my friend!

      Have a great rest of your weekend and take care my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  62. Tim,
    I really appreciate the tone and courteous manner of your responses and comments, and I cannot wait for your strategy for Optionrobot to be posted. Just 2 questions:
    1. Do you know anything about BBB Markets?
    2. Is it safe to assume that if one follows the signals of the admins of OBO, like I do, you will at least have a similar, if not higher, success rate than with the Optionrobot?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Vernon,

      Thank you for your kind words and I am glad that I am able to help some many of our subscribers and readers, my knowledge for binary options is just wasted solely upon myself so to be able to share it with hundreds and thousands of other readers it is truly worthwhile!

      Now moving forward, BBBMarkets is a relatively new binary options broker but I do know that they offer a really innovative and unique trading platform. There are highly reviewed across other reputable binary option websites, they offer higher and more competitive payouts than other binary option brokers and they have a wide array of assets that you can choose to invest with. Overall though I believe they are a safe broker otherwise we would’ve had numerous complaints by now which we have not which is always comforting for us because it is one less broker we need to blacklist!

      Secondly, if you follow the advice of the admins here at OBO I see no reason why you couldn’t generate success rates varying quite closely to ours. You have to bear in mind that we have been investing binary options for quite sometime, I’m a little over 5 years now, so I have much more experience than investors who just have gotten started within the past couple of years. I know market conditions inside and out, I know all the micro investment approaches and over 25 Japanese candlestick formations which create the foundation and backbone of Price Action. The list goes on and on really so I think with time, truly committing yourself to learning and becoming the best investor you could be that you could see success rates similar if not higher than ours with not only the OptionRobot but in all other investment avenues you may take through binary options day-trading!

      I will continue to keep up the good work and thank you again for your kind comment!
      Have a great rest of your day and a better weekend and take care!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. Hey Tim,
      Thanks much for the quick reply! Yes sir, any suggestions you make, I literally take notes & plan to implement them in my daily Trading.
      I’m really looking forward to all your input on how you use the OptionRobot, Settings, Strategies, Currency Pairs, Expirey Times, Trading Times, etc.
      I retired at 53, I have all the free time I need to trade & really enjoy Binary Options Trading! I follow you all daily & truly trust in what you say. And want to learn to become a better Day Trader. And appreciate the work you & the others do to help us all!
      I’d sent an email to OBO Friday explaining on how I got into PM, BUT Not yet used it & wont until I hear back from you guys on your thoughts, so please give it a read & your thoughts on it.
      Once l read your info/input on how to use OptionRobot, optimal settings & strategies, then I’ll get started with it! And Thanks for your insight on the Best Trading times for me, New York & London Markets! It’s duly noted my friend! As I said, I’m free to Trade at any time daily!!!
      Looking forward to your information on OptionRobot!
      Thanks much as always & have a good weekend,
      Michael Anderson

  63. Hey Tim…
    That’s truly some awesome work you’ve done for us all in regards to OptionRobot! I’m going to Sign-up thru your link. Some kind folks got me in Penny Millionaire & uTrader as my Broker, but I want to try this one first. I’ve heard great things about PM, folks in the US don’t have access to it, but I was one of the first 100 that signed up & they set me up even though I’m in the US, so I gotta give it a try next! But, I’m really looking forward to reading your article/info on the best settings to choose for OptionRobot, currency pairs, strategies, etc…

    I’m in the US & what times would be best for me to look at Trading? Please inform.

    Thanks for all the hard work due diligence you put in for us!
    Michael Anderson

    1. Hey Michael Anderson,

      I hope you are doing well today and thank you very much for your kind words!
      Thank you very much as well, please let me know if you need any help getting started with the OptionRobot as well my friend, I’ve been having great success with it lately and I think with I have my strategy article published next week here for our community to benefit from many other investors will start seeing the success that I have been lately!

      Just as our admin said, the PM is unfortunately not available in the United States, so please let our admin know more about that present scenario.

      Lastly, with you residing within the United States I would recommend investing during the New York or London Trading Session. It truly depends on your availability hours and when you are able to invest but both the New York and London trading sessions are solid investment times and allow low volatility currency pairs to be invested, my only recommendation to you would be to avoid investing during any press releases and major market events!

      I hope this has helped you out some and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend, I’ll be around if you need any more help as well! Feel free to comment us whenever you need help my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

  64. Hello Tim,

    How are you? Please let me know the following:

    1. What expirtation time do you use?

    2. What indicators do you use?

    3. What is the max simultaneous trade ?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hey Sonia,

      I am doing quite well, thank you for asking! How are you doing today?

      1) I tend to stick with the 2 minute investments just because I have learned that 60 second options are quite susceptible to market volatility but I have experienced success with 1 minute options too!

      2) I tend to use RSI, MACD and Stock indicators when using this system as well.

      3) One simultaneous trade is what I typically apply.

      Extra Note: As you may have read within some of the previous comments posted above and at the end of the article above, I am going to be finishing up a binary options trading strategy to implement with the OptionRobot trading software. The strategy will be published on here next week and will including many more of the particulars along with several tips that will allow you to truly maximize the success of this auto trader. Just following some of the answers to the questions that I provided to you above will not do the trick if you are looking to use the OptionRobot on a more consistent basis, just a forewarning before you get real active with the system!

      Stick around for the article and as always if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below my friend! Have a great rest of your week and a better weekend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Good to hear I for one could use help from those that know.
        I’m of the opinion that if you surround yourself with smart people and take of their advice you’ll end up being a better investor because of it.

        1. Hey William,

          Very wise words there indeed my friend!
          I’ve always abided by the saying that you should surround yourself with good people.
          People who aren’t going to drag you down but pick you up, encourage and share similar interests to help achieve your dreams.

          I think without a doubt that if you dedicate yourself to this community, read our informative and educational articles and engrave the words of advice to memory shared here on this blog that you can certainly become a better investor!

          Thanks for your comment and I look forward to hearing more from you!

          Tim Lanoue

  65. HI Tim
    as i was reading through all the comments i realized this is a very active community which i like
    thank you Tim for sharing so much info and some strategies as well Its good to know there are active traders who use the software as well share there success as well as there failures as well it all helps us to become better traders. I did use the robot in demo mode on the US session using 250$ and i ended up with 425 total using currency pairs mostly usd/cad, usd/chf and usd/aus in 9 trades losing 1. i have never tried indices yet but would like to learn to trade them as well especially Gold and perhaps silver, Im still using the demo account and will continue to do so until i feel im ready to trade live, i need to devolop my own strategy. Again thanks Tim

    1. Hey David,

      I hope you are doing well today and thank you very much for your kind words! We are a fairly active community and we are only growing which makes it much more beneficial to other investors who are interested in learning what we have to offer and wanting to take their investing to the next level!

      I am glad that I have an outlet to share all of my investment and educational trading strategies to you guys as well, they are wasted solely on me but if others such as yourself can benefit from them then it just makes it that much better!

      Just so you know I will have my own OptionRobot trading strategy published here within a few days time, I am just finalizing the strategy and making sure everything is perfect before I share it all for you, perhaps you could give the software a shot with my strategy when you are ready to go live my friend! In addition, I’ve been wanting to work on some commodity oriented binary option trading articles as well that will cover important fundamentals, complexities and strategy approaches as well and maybe I can even get them up next week with approval from the admin if that would interest you?

      Anyway, when you do decide to go live please share with us if you are willing to your success with the OptionRobot along with the settings and tips that you used in order for your results okay!

      Thank you very much for being part of our community and stick around for more great reviews and educational articles to come!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hi Tim,

        Really looking forward to seeing the overall strategy you would implement for this Bot!
        I’ve taken your advice and first check which currency pairs are trending, and if any, I exclude them from my selection.
        I’m planning to Go-Live next week Thursday.


        1. Hey Waldo,

          The strategy is coming in hot next week!

          After my investment results tomorrow I will finish tweaking and perfecting the software and next week it will be published for you all to take advantage of next week!

          That sounds great as well Waldo, let us know if you need any help with getting started and please inform us of your success next week as well when you get started!

          Have a great rest of your week and enjoy your weekend!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Hi Tim,
            Your guidance is highly valued!
            What is your definition of over-trading, though?
            I see it as ‘getting greedy’ or giving the broker too much of one’s capital all at once…


  66. Hi Tim ; I’m really impressed with your report-review of Option Robot.com
    , It turns out that I have it, related to the Broker Empire Option, which has a headquarters in Argentina. I used it several days in a Demo set up as 1) fictitious credit of USD1,000, 2) with all currency pairs, 3) with a single operation at first, by sight, 4) without the% R, 5) indicator with Investments of $ 10 per see and then increasing and investing 10% as marked by the Investor’s Law, as it went from USD1,000, 2,000, 3,000 etc. etc.
    After reading your Report-Revision-Conclusion, I started it again for several hours and I am very excited about how it works, I started with USD1,000 and in several hours of continuous use I have managed to add up with around 400 operations of 90 seconds Each the sum of (up to this time) $ 38,450. I am dazzled and I can not decide if this is true or is fiction made by the Software to be Demo. I opened an account from your Web for the Option Robot.com
     And led me to a new Broker that I could apparently use from Argentina, BDSWISS. What do you think of this Broker? As I said, I have already associated the Binary Option Robot to Empire Option, which I do not like much, because the page has to be refreshed every time to see updated balance data and finished operations, it is a lot of work to do And waste of time, do not you think?
    But before starting with the Broker that is definitely and with the Robot.com Oprtion
    , I would like to tell me what would be the most convenient times to operate in general and especially with the robot ?, what should be known before you start using it. That would have to read to know which currency pairs to remove in the Configuration to the Robot. I already learned something about how to configure it, I also like “Classic” and Fibonacci, although I also tried “Martingala”. It is that with the Demo you can do any test, it is fantastic unique among the robots.
    Tim, I would appreciate it if you answered me even in your language, with a translator I will try to understand you.
    Best regards
    Jorge Pedro Arroquy (I belong to Mike’s group)

    1. Hey Jorge,

      I am going to make this easier for you and leave one comment in English for you and the same comment but in Spanish for you. One thing that you need to remember and as we have said a few times in the comments above would be that the OptionRobot demo account does not participate in broker interference and manipulation meaning that there will be differences. The demo account pulls its value from different sources whereas when the live OptionRobot is in affect and you have your synced broker the system is reflecting the same rates that the broker is pulling from the Reuters.

      Now I would advice you NOT to expect these type of results or anything close to that when using the real OptionRobot account in a live investment situation. The worst success that I have experienced with the system so far has been 71% while my best daily success has been 100%, overall though my cumulative generated success rate is just under 75%. When I have my OptionRobot strategy published next week for you all you will be able to use the software much more effectively and see success rates ranging between 70 to 85% depending on how well you apply my strategy, the current market conditions and if you take considerable fundamental factors into consideration prior to investing.

      All-in-all though, do not expect those same type of results from your demo account to your live account when using the OptionRobot. The OptionRobot is the only auto trader that I’ve had success with over the past 6 months but just like with every other software, system or service you need to use it cautiously and make sure you are optimizing the software to the best of your ability! Glad to know you are learning more about how to use the system though even if it is in demo mode, the more comfortable you are with the system prior to actually investing the better off you will be my friend!

      I hope this comment has helped you out some and I look forward to hearing back from you! Have a great rest of your week and weekend my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Thanks TIm portu answer, I am very grateful for it.
        I am going to be attentive to your new revision. Recommendation to use it successfully, I subscribed to your recommendations with my mail, but will I receive your new recommendation in the mail or do I have to return your page to find it?
        Thank you Tim again I am very happy to know your huge work.

    2. Hola Jorge,

      Voy a hacer esto más fácil para usted y dejar un comentario en Inglés para usted y el mismo comentario, pero en español para usted. Una cosa que usted necesita para recordar y como hemos dicho unas cuantas veces en los comentarios anteriores sería que la cuenta demo OptionRobot no participa en la interferencia del corredor y el significado de manipulación que habrá diferencias. La cuenta de demostración extrae su valor de diferentes fuentes, mientras que cuando el OptionRobot en vivo está en efecto y tiene su agente sincronizado el sistema está reflejando las mismas tasas que el corredor está tirando de la Reuters.

      Ahora te aconsejo que no esperes este tipo de resultados ni nada parecido a eso al usar la cuenta de OptionRobot real en una situación de inversión en vivo. El peor éxito que he experimentado con el sistema hasta el momento ha sido del 71%, mientras que mi mejor éxito diario ha sido del 100%, en general, aunque mi tasa de éxito acumulado se sitúa por debajo del 75%. Cuando tenga mi estrategia de OptionRobot publicada la próxima semana para usted todo usted podrá utilizar el software mucho más eficazmente y ver las tasas de éxito que se extienden entre 70 a 85% dependiendo de cómo usted aplica mi estrategia, las condiciones actuales del mercado y si usted toma Considerables factores fundamentales antes de invertir.

      Sin embargo, no esperes que el mismo tipo de resultados de tu cuenta demo a tu cuenta real cuando uses OptionRobot. El OptionRobot es el único comerciante de autos con el que he tenido éxito en los últimos 6 meses, pero al igual que con cualquier otro software, sistema o servicio, necesitas usarlo con cautela y asegurarte de que estás optimizando el software lo mejor posible ! Me alegro de saber que está aprendiendo más acerca de cómo usar el sistema, aunque aunque esté en modo de demostración, más cómodo estará con el sistema antes de invertir realmente lo mejor que será mi amigo!

      Espero que este comentario lo haya ayudado a algunos y espero tener noticias de usted! Tienen un gran descanso de su semana y fin de semana mi amigo!

      Tim Lanoue

    3. Thanks TIm portu answer, I am very grateful for it.
      I am going to be attentive to your new revision. Recommendation to use it successfully, I subscribed to your recommendations with my mail, but will I receive your new recommendation in the mail or do I have to return your page to find it?
      Thank you Tim again I am very happy to know your huge work.

      1. Hola Jorge,

        The strategy article that I will be posting for the OptionRobot will be published this week my friend but it will be in a new post. If you want to stay in the loop with all of our latest articles, reviews and publishings you can click on reply for this comment and below where it says “Post Comment” click on “Notify me of new posts by email.” If you click on that when you go to reply to the next comment you will receive a confirmation email that you do want to receive an email for our posts so that when I do post the OptionRobot or any other educational article in the future you will receive an email you can just click on it and be redirected here! I hope this has helped you out some my friend and I’ll include a Spanish answer below for you! Have a great rest of your week and take care!

        El artículo de estrategia que voy a publicar para el OptionRobot se publicará esta semana mi amigo, pero estará en un nuevo post. Si desea permanecer en el bucle con todos nuestros últimos artículos, comentarios y publicaciones, puede hacer clic en responder para este comentario y debajo de donde dice “Publicar comentario”, haga clic en “Notificarme de nuevos mensajes por correo electrónico”. Si hace clic en eso cuando vaya a responder al siguiente comentario recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación que desea recibir un correo electrónico para nuestros mensajes para que cuando publiqué el OptionRobot o cualquier otro artículo educativo en el futuro recibirá Un correo electrónico que sólo puede hacer clic en él y ser redirigido aquí! ¡Tenga un gran descanso de su semana y tenga cuidado!

        Tim Lanoue

          1. Hey Ed,

            All you have to do if you would like to see new comments posted to this article would be to leave a comment and under the “Post Comment” you select “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” Furthermore, if you would like to become part of our subscriber list and stay updated on all of our future reviews check the broker below that says “Notify me of new posts by email.” Then post your comment and you will receive two emails that will ask you to “Confirm Follow” and once you confirm you will be all set to go!

            I hope you had a great weekend and make sure to stick around for many more educational and informative articles to come!

            Tim Lanoue

          2. Hey Darcy,

            They are coming this week!
            Make sure to stick around and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss them!
            Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope your day is going splendid!

            Tim Lanoue

  67. H i , Tim! I am going to join BinaryRobot365 tomorrow,(Wed., the 18th) I will go ahead and click EmpireOption, since now they don’t force you to take their pick, just one from their list. If there are any issues with EO, I will go with DineroLibre. I will let you know how it goes next week. Thanks, Terry

    1. Hey Terry!

      I hope you’re well and that is great to hear!
      Just please make sure to follow the tips above in the article and you should do just fine!
      I am going to be publishing a strategy article this week as well that will further help you out when using the OptionRobot so let me know when you sign up and if you need any help my friend!
      Looking forward to hearing about your success and have a great afternoon!

      Tim Lanoue

    2. i signed up with the system on monday night and i ran it during the tokyo tradin session for a couple of hours, i limited the option robot to only fibonacci:eur/usd:2 min expiries n did a total of 4 trades at $50 per piece… now my account is at $403 n i got started only with 250… I’m not sure if these results or my advice on how i used the system in this cmt will help any of u I’m jus liken im seeing success with a binary system for once

      jose gutierrez

      1. Hi Jose Gutierrez,
        That sounds almost on par with the DEMO.
        Might you please share what your ITM/OTM ratio was?
        I ran it on DEMO last evening 22:00 GMT on all the low volatility currencies 60 second trades using Fibonacci. Using the $1,000 and 5% investment I achieved $5,125 with 84.6% within 2 hrs.
        I paused it whenever I made 3 consecutive losses throughout.

        I’m also now running the DEMO using different variants. Martingale iz the worst so far…losses can be extensive.

        1. Amazing results Jose! Thank you for sharing your results for everyone to benefit from including myself and anyone else interested in the OptionRobot! Ultimately, the more results and setting customization comments we have shared among one another the more successful we can be with this auto trader and optimize it to it’s fullest capacity!

          Yeah, Waldo, the Martingale is the worst option possible and I think it was solely included for those investors who have little experience of proper money management techniques or who still believe that it is a “good” strategy to implement. If I could find the individual who created the Martingale strategy I would give him a good piece of my mind, I tell you that! So many investors have loss their money by implementing that fruitless and undisciplined style of investing, perhaps one day we will be rid of that strategy….one can only hope though!

          What low volatility currency pairs are you running with the software? Looks like you are implementing the tips that I use when I’m investing with the OptionRobot so it is good to know you aren’t receiving far-fetched demo account results but more realistic and closer around the actually results I’ve been achieving.

          Thanks for taking the time to comment and I look forward to hearing from you!

          Tim Lanoue

  68. Hi!
    Yeah! I’ve been trying them out for about a month. Although I like the concept of the group I found it very hard to follow the admins. First they give a trade with a strike rate that you are not supposed to follow. Then they say -“wait for my entry…”…so you wait. Then suddenly they have entered and once they publish the strike rate they entered at it’s usually long gone. So you are left with the option of entering at another rate (but then you are on your own) or not enter at all. If you point this out to the admins they might threaten to block you from the session.

    I’m not saying the group is all bad. I just found it hard to actually make any money trying to follow the admins. But it might have been just me…



      1. Sounds like you were trying to follow Rene’s signals as well by the way you explained it in the previous comment, I won’t deny he has a hard style of investing to follow… Which other admins have you tried following and how has your luck been with following them?

        Our admin is correct as well, if you ever need assistance feel free to shoot an email, I know he has helped many people when I first started in the group and when I was an admin when our Facebook family was first created so you are in good hands!

        Perhaps what you need is an all-in-one mentoring program and a solid trading software that is right for you. Hope you’re well and leave us any comments if you are in need of further assistance!

        Tim Lanoue

        1. Hi!
          “Perhaps what you need is an all-in-one mentoring program and a solid trading software that is right for you.”

          – This sounds like an excellent suggestion! I’d be glad to consider anything you have to offer on the subject :-) How to proceed?



          1. Hey BR,

            Let me talk it over with the admin, I’ve been wanting to do an all inclusive educational program for quite awhile now we just need to find a means to do it and figure out quite a few other particulars so I wouldn’t expect it for quite a bit of time since I would still need to develop all of the content and so forth, so that would take time. In the meantime though I’ll be having my second Penny Millionaire strategy publish very soon along with my OptionRobot one as well which would be great options for you in the meantime and as you know and have seen we are here to help and can answer any questions that you may have!

            Thank you for showing interest and I’ll talk it over with the admin! Have a great rest of your day my friend!

            Tim Lanoue

  69. Hi all!
    Would anyone be interested in making a small(ish) trading community around, say, this OptionRobot? The idea being that we could compare trading results, strategies, etc. We could also maybe look at the days forecast when it comes to the economic calendar and so on to find the best times to trade (and when not to). If any of the admins at Objective Binary Options would help out with tips and tricks that would be awesome too of course!? The reason I ask is because i have been trying to get to grips with binary options for quite a while now and I have been scammed a lot by bad software and bad brokers. Also every time I ask for advice I get answers like -“you have to spend more time learning…” or -“you were trading during the wrong time of day…” and so on. If we help each other out maybe there is a chance that we can all get better and eventually make some money out of this!?

    Just a thought! I’m sure this could be handled by a closed Facebook group or something like that.

    Looking forward to your thoughts…



  70. i have been using Option Robot on a demo account since last year i think from September with Opteck as my broker, i havent yet opened the live account as i was skeptical of this software as i read somewhere that its a scam, thank to OBO team for endorsing this software as reliable and not scam and i believe that the main goal of the OBO team is not to mislead its subscribers, but its to educate them on being profitable knowledgeable traders. so far i am getting a lot of quality education and information on OBO and i trust the infromation they share.

    I am just looking forward to see the strategy that Tim is using on the OptionRobot

    1. Hey Khanyisa,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, most people fail to understand how much effort and time goes into these educational, informative and scam review articles! Glad to hear that you are getting a quality education for free and just know there will be many more educational and enlightening articles to come my friend! Stay tuned for more to come and thank you for your kind comment and being a loyal subscriber!

      Tim Lanoue

  71. I came across the OptionRobot auto trading system last month and did not think much about it truthfully. The demo account seemed unrealistic but after seeing and reading through the comments above I understand why now it seemed so unrealistic. I think I will go ahead and give the system a shot anyway since it says the system can be turned off whenever and that i can choose which variables it uses. I will post here at the end of this week with my results, i hope they are 70 percent or higher


    Danny McIntre

  72. I have used the option robot. First tried with demo account and made more than $10,000 in 1 hour. Very happy, i deposited $250 then lost all in one day. I contacted the customer service and the advised me to use certain best settings and best time to trade. I deposited another $250 and used exact settings as advised. But I lost all my money same day. The demo account is only to deceive people and feel make you to start day dreaming of becoming rich easily. Please do not deposit and use this robot. It’s a big scam. No matter what settings or strategy you use, the robot is designed to make you lose real money. Please do not deposit money. It is a big scam.

    1. Hey John Moore,

      I am kind of curious to know when you first and secondly tested out the OptionRobot and whether it was before they re-calibrated and tweaked the technical indicators that they implement within the software? Next, I do find it rather disturbing that you loss your entire account balance both times but what I don’t understand is why on Earth you would allow the software to loss more than 15% of your account balance per any investment day. You must’ve been having excessively large trade volumes or you were overtrading which is not only one of the worst habits an eager investor could develop but it also thoughts away all form of money management. Not to mention you can turn the AT off at any moment so why you didn’t do that I can’t really presume to tell.

      Now I understand taking an aggressive approach as well, where you are placing 10% of your account balance per investment but still it only comes out to 30% by the time you would stop investing if you were to lose all three investments. Why anyone would start with a new auto trader at 10% of their account balance per investment though I cannot imagine either, that is again a less wise money management decision which is ultimately just as important if not more important than the success of the software itself.

      A good general rule of thumb applied by more experienced investors would be to start with a passive approach of 3 to 5% account balance per investment, if you have three losing investments in a row then just stop trading for the rest of the day, it is truly that simple. Either the markets are trending, there are very big press releases being released or you a merging into intra-hour trading sessions where all three are a big no-no, especially when it comes to the application of an auto trader since they can’t interpret those type of fundamental conditions.

      We have received over 20 emails from the time this review came out of success rates ranging from 68 to 97% success so I don’t think you were utilizing the software in a way that would optimize its performance my friend. I understand your skepticism though and am sorry that you were among the misfortunate ones unknowably using the software perhaps almost incorrectly or just not during the best conditions.

      Thanks for your comment though, we greatly value it and when a follow up article is done you can see and hear more of the recent success with the system.

      Have a great rest of your day.

      Tim Lanoue

  73. Saw this software on youtube and wondered about it.. thank you for the solid review Tim!

    I will definitely be giving this auto trader a shot now that I know I have much more control!
    1 last question though, are traders from New Zealand accepted?

    Thanks, Josh

      1. It is easily the demo mode, I have yet to have that many consecutive wins when using the software with both of the brokers that I am linked with. Lowest success rate has been 71% but I have yet to have a day with over 9 investments where one was not a loss when I was first testing out how it would perform on a real account for traders who tend to overtrade.

        Certainly do not expect those kind of results, heck when I played with the demo mode I only averaged 85% success so I’m not sure how 100% over 70 plus investments were achieved but remember this demo account does not share in broker interference or manipulation so results are different. Only expect success rates varying between 70 to 85% on a weekly cumulative basis and with no overtrading occurring.

        Tim Lanoue

  74. Hi , now when I check to see which broker OptioRobot would send me to, I get DineroLibre . Do you know anything about this place ? I can get moved to Empire Option . Thanks

    1. Hey Terry,

      You would have to take that up with their support team, try to get them on live chat and you should not have an issue getting that switched to Empire Option since that is the broker that I have with them at the moment. Feel free to leave another comment if you need more assistance my friend!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Have you been able to withdraw any money from Empire Option Tim? Not saying’ that you can’t, I’m just curious of your experience since I have a lot of money sitting in accounts with other brokers that I’m unable to withdraw :-(



        1. Hey BR,

          Hope you are doing well today and yes, I have actually conducted two withdrawals to date, that was an aspect that I was quite worried about atoo when I started with the OptionRobot but I received my first withdrawal of $587.77 in 4 business days and I executed another one on Monday for $412.33 to make it an even $1,000 which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can notify you when it comes in if you would like, it won’t take much of my time and I wouldn’t mind it in all honesty.

          Although I don’t typically withdraw this frequently when I am using a good system such as the OptionRobot I always play it safe and try a couple of withdrawals early on, it is just a good habit to get into I have noticed!

          In addition, I have been down your road before numerous times and I know how frustrating and infuriating it can be, so trust me if you need some extra assistance please feel free to shoot our admin an email at: ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and he’ll do all he can for you! Chances are we may be able to help you out and hopefully you never have to go through that experience again!

          I’ll just go ahead and leave you another comment tomorrow as well notifying you if I did in fact receive my second withdrawal or not, okay?

          I hope you have a great rest of your day and take care!

          Tim Lanoue

  75. Been using this software successfully for the past week n a half!

    The best part about this software would be that they offer support, winning trading results and it does not have some stupid pitch video like most other trading systems have that are just flat-out stupid!

    To date my success has been 72% and I place about 8 to 9 investments per day.

    1. Hey BinaryTrader450,

      Thank you very much for sharing your results with us, the more results that we have shared with us the better our community and subscribers will benefit so thank you very much! I couldn’t agree more about those moronic and deceptive pitch videos as well that are on most newly released binary option trading systems, glad we could find an autotrader that actually works and allows the user to stay in control!!!

      Please keep us updated with your success if you find the time and thank you again for sharing your feedback and experience! We all greatly appreciate it!

      Tim Lanoue

  76. Hello Tim,after reading your reply to my procrastination have decided to deposit money,have tried unsuccessfully to have Binary Tilt as my broker,each time I try either 24 Option or FM Market keep highlighting.Please how do I get Binary Tilt is is an accepted Australian trader…….I mentioned that I have had in excess of $20000.00 several occasions the set up I have finally settled with is 60 Seconds…Classic…Trend…Macd…RSI…and 3 trades…$25 if I lose then $50 if I lose $100 if I lose then I take the loss and have rest for an hour or so then I repeat the process,$25 if I win just keep repeating the $25 until a loss occurs.I look at the market sentiment {green or red]the position of the candles and then follow the highest trend. Looking forward to your setup Tim. Thank you. Don Power

    1. Hey Don,

      Great questions my friend and I hope I can help you out for the most part with this reply! First and foremost, have you tried contacting the technical support team with the OptionRobot? They are quite quick to reply from my experience so I don’t image they would take long to reply but 24Options is a pretty solid binary options broker as well and has been in this industry for over 5 years.

      Do you mean that you had $20,000 in demo account funds accrued on a few different occasions? That doesn’t surprise me after reading all of the comments above and below in all honesty but try to remember that this demo account does not participate in broker interference and manipulation and I would not expect those type of results. To the best of my ability I’ve only had a success rate ranging between 69 to 91% on a daily basis but to date my cumulative success rate with over 90 investments being placed is at a documented rate of 74.19% (69 out of 93 in-the-money) and that is with applying my strategy.

      I would certainly not have a Martingale strategy or style of investing chosen when using this auto trader though as I recommended to you all above. Not only is it one of the most illegitimate investment strategies but it completely throws away all proper money management techniques which should be applied at ALL times when investing.

      If I were you I would just start out with a Passive Money Management approach where you place 5% of your total account balance per investment and if you have the rare and unlikely experience to have three losing investments I would just recommend turning the auto trader off and waiting for better market conditions. As I have mentioned above as well it is imperative to avoid investing during major press releases, during trending markets and intra-trading hours! I will cover more information for you guys along with provide you with many more tips later this week when I have my OptionRobot Autotrading Strategy article published for you! I hope you have a great day and let me know if you have any more questions!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hey Tim!

        Thanks for your elaborate report. As there are many settings one can apply it seems logical you would also be able to automatically stop trading during major news events as there are plenty of indicators out there that will alert you on that. Is this possible within the robot? Thanks!

        1. Hey Menno,

          I hope you’re doing quite well today and I hope my review and comments have aided you in one way or another. Moving forward, if you are asking whether or not you can choose to stop investing during major new events yes that is possible, in fact, one of the main advantages with the OptionRobot auto trader would be that you can turn the auto trader off at any moment! Whereas most other binary option auto traders will severely limit user control, the OptionRobot actually empowers an investors user-control and provides the user with the ability to select from the following: which assets to invest, which technical indicators to apply, which expiration times to use, which style of investing to implement, how many investments signals to have generated at one time, your investment size along with when to turn the auto trader on or off!

          I hope this answer has answered your question and I hope you have a great rest of week and a better weekend!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Wow Tim!

            Let me first applaud you for you very swift response! Wasn’t expecting that at all!!! ;)
            But I think I may have not asked my question in the correct way….. To state it more clearly : I know you can switch off trading manually, but as there are numerous EA’s out there for FX and BO that will AUTOMATICALLY shut down trading during news I was wondering if this was a parameter you can set too. So you don’t have to shut down manually during (high impact) news events….

            Hope this is more clear!


          2. Hey Menno,

            For some reason I am not seeing a reply button below your last comment so hopefully you will see this one my friend! Unfortunately the OptionRobot does not have the feature built in, in fact I don’t know of many binary option trading softwares that implement that option but in all honesty it is a great option that should be implemented! But yes, to answer your question, you would need to manually turn off the software which I mean isn’t that difficult but atleast then you know no investments are being placed.

            Hope you have a great rest of your day bud and take care!

            Tim Lanoue

  77. Hi!
    On the 29th of October you wrote “Option robot is a scam” ??? It’s a bit hard to follow your advice here? What gives???



    1. OK!
      Let’s wait and se what Tim has to offer then.

      Thanks for replying. Not everybody does when you write something less positive, so you just earned a gold star for being honnest about it.



        1. Hey Everyone!

          The strategy is almost perfected and I will have it done this weekend for you all!
          Just doing some final tweaking and making sure everything is spot on!
          Thank you for being patient and have a great rest of your week!

          Tim Lanoue

  78. just signed up with the optionrobot today! do you have any tips you can provide to me real quick Tim! i am hoping to have a success rate of 65% or higher and was thinking about 10 investments per day! please let me know cuz i’m getting started wit the software today!


    1. Hey Becky!

      Thanks for leaving the comment and absolutely!
      Just make sure to use the software with a passive money management approach when starting out, so 5% of your total account balance per investment, no more than that when getting use to the system! Also make sure to limit the asset to low volatility currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Aud/Usd, Gpu/Usd and Usd/Chf. Also if you are able try to invest when there are clear market trends such as strong bullish (upward) or bearish (downward) trends in effect. Lastly, try to keep your investments in the range of 3 to 7 investments per day, anymore investments than that and you are overtrading and it only takes one bad day to severely affect your affect…not to mention it makes for bad investing habits in the future so I would avoid that Becky!

      Hope this has helped you out some!

      Tim Lanoue

        1. Hey BR,

          The strategy article will be coming very soon but just like with the Penny Millionaire system or any other system that I use for binary options investing I take into account fundamental factors, make sure the markets are looking strong and not trending and I apply a few different technical indicators as well. I will share more with you all when I finish tweaking my current strategy that I’ve been applying to the OptionRobot to ensure that is perfect and is scaleable on an everyday investment situation!

          Thank you for being patient and make sure to stick around for when that strategy article is posted my friend!

          Have a great rest of your week and a better weekend!

          Tim Lanoue

  79. Hey William,

    Thank you for your kind words and yeah, I wish the demo account was connected with a live Reuter feed so that you guys could see the actual and expected success rates of the demo account. When a demo account is free of broker manipulation and interference it affects the reflected values, success and provides investors with unrealistic expectations. After one month my reported success rate is 75% with over 70 investments placed but I also incorporate a strategy which I’ll be sharing with you guys and I’ve been investing binary options a little over 5 years as well so I know quite a bit about market conditions, applicable times to invest and much about market volatility. For a complete novice though I would expect a success rate of 70% or higher and once they apply the tips and strategy I share it should bump that up a few more percentages as well. I am hoping more people will post their success soon so we shall see!

    Have a great rest of your week!

    Tim Lanoue

  80. Tim
    Great review however some scary comments .
    Will sit back a bit and wait to see how this plays out.

  81. Tim, I alreay have an EmpireOption account . Is there any other broker available to US traders ? Since there is no platform attached to my EO account, could I open another one with a different email ? Thanks, Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      I hope you’re well today and I believe EmpireOption is the only broker available and synced with the OptionRobot at the moment. If you opened an account through the “Open Account” button above with a separate email address though that should work out just fine my friend! I will be posting a strategy article relatively soon for the software but a few tips that I could recommend to you at the moment would be not to overtrade, don’t invest during press releases, authorize only low-volatility currency pairs, implement only classic or fibonacci style of investing and please follow a passive (5% account balance) per each investment. Just some quick tips to think about applying prior to getting started with the software!

      Feel free to leave any other questions that you may have and please update us on your success too! The more share results the better in all honesty!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Tim,
        DineroLibre is also.. OR… now the only Broker for U.S. traders. I’m waiting for a Broker to be added with less complaints before signing up with OptionRobot. Their Chat. person at OptionRobot can only state that they are looking for other Brokers. Do you have any news on this?

        1. Hey Stephen,

          I’m not sure what brokers OR was planning on putting in their assigned broker list.
          Sorry I don’t know more my friend.
          Have a great rest of your week.

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Hey Tim,
            Thanks for your reply. Since I posed the last question, I found out that DineroLiber requires a $5,000 deposit to trade on OptionRobot. Don’t know if that is due to my U.S. Residency but still beyond ridiculous. OptionBot Pro appears to be a good platform with great reviews on their resistance and support indicators. However, once again limited to one Broker, CT Option. CT Option reviews speak for themselves, with alleged money withdrawal problems. Seems as though the best rated platforms have limited and risky Brokers for U.S. Residences. Any suggestions other than NADEX?

          2. Hey Stephen,

            That is a little outrageous to be honest.
            You are only required to make a deposit of $250 with DineroLibre to use the OptionRobot software. I think I have an alternative for you as well although I am not 100% sure about them yet though. Can you send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com and he will provide you with my contact details and I can help you out based upon your investing needs. I want to ensure you get started on the right path.

            I hope you are having a good day and a great rest of your week!

            Tim Lanoue

          1. Bob
            I use MarketsWorld, but they have me loosing when I have won by one pip and in the green until it even goes away and down to trade history. Many others have had the same results. They only rob you within one pip. More than one pip would be to obvious, or so they think. Honor among thieves! Thanks

          2. Hey Bob,

            MarketsWorld is not CFTC Regulated for US traders and they have been suspending US trader accounts without prior warning. I would be exceptionally careful with MarketsWorld if you are a trader using their platform.

            Just a little heads up.

            Tim Lanoue

  82. Hello Tim,I have been playing around with Option Robot [Demo]for about a week have made in excess of $20000.00 in less than an hour on several occasions of a weekend and I think the Demo account is not a live trading account, as for instance I am also playing around with Spot Option [Demo]which is an actual live demo why I figure this is because I can’t trade currencies during the weekend with Spot Option yet I can with Option Robot,Am I correct or entirely wrong as I have been procrastinating about depositing money.

    1. Hey Don,

      How are you doing today?
      The only logical assumption that I could presume would be the cause of this would be that since the OptionRobot works with several binary option brokers from all demographics it is pulling values from a broker that was still in a timezone where investing was allowed. Another assumption and truth that should be reflected would be that the OptionRobot demo account is not like the SpotOption demo account, it is not affected by broker interference nor manipulation and does not pull a live feed directly from a connected Reuter feed like the SpotOption demo account does.

      I would not say that you are entirely wrong at all, sometimes being hesitant is the best practice one can apply prior to getting started with a trading software for binary options. I was very skeptical when I first started out with the OptionRobot, I figured it was just going to be another one of those moronic binary option trading scams that are always flooding the binary options market place and when I tried their demo account as well I grew more suspicious but since I knew the software didn’t claim any promises or guarantees, was ran off of actual technical indicators and not some “complex” algorithm and since I knew I could turn the auto trader off at any moment I decided why not give it a shot you know? Most other auto traders for binary options don’t even allow the user to turn off the damn auto-trader so they are completely at the mercy of the software and broker (which they provide you with zero mercy by the way). But since I could remain in control, I could choose which style of investing I wanted to utilize, which technical indicators it implemented and could authorize which expirations and currency pairs I could invest with the software I figured I could develop a very sound strategy (which I did and will be shared with you guys shortly for those of you who are live with the software since it is not applicable on the demo account version). All-in-all though I am pleasantly surprised by this software and this is the only binary options auto trader that I’ve had success with for over a month of investing, every other one I lose my money on so I’m glad I finally have one that works.

      Please feel free to leave another comment if you need to my friend and I’ll be around to help you out!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hi,

        1) Please let us know what’s so special this time around with Option Robot because almost all authority review websites declared it as SCAM when it was launched in 2016.

        2) Defering all condemnation that it was a scam software, I went ahead to sign for it and synced with Porter Finance broker.

        3) Not to give any chance for mistakes, I got ‘Option Robot Support Team’ recommendation on the best asset-pick and settings based on my geo-location which I followed to the letter.

        4) Behold, I had more than 90% consistent accuracy on ‘demo’ but immediately I went live, I had 40% -50% daily accuracy. I became discouraged and withdrew my change from the broker.

        5) Without any prejudice, I have the conclusion that, for marketing purposes, most auto software have two versions, one for marketing and reviews (being demonstrated with high accuracy to lure traders) and the other version for traders-signup-live-trading-to-loss.

        I remain to be convinced otherwise because of lots of traders background complaints most of which were never published.

        1. Hey Lola,

          We publish every comment here that is not spam. I would not listen to what the Live Support Team would recommend to you as a setting as well, their job is to provide you with support not invest with the software. In addition, this software was even exposed as a scam here in early 2016 but it has proven otherwise.

          We have received positive feedback from over 10 dozen investors who are part of this community or have submitted their feedback and found this review on the Internet. That means over 120 traders have reported great feedback and only a handful have reported negative experiences but after further learning more of their experience and settings we found they were not quite using the software correctly and once corrected they started doing MUCH better!

          As mentioned several times throughout the comment section on this article and on the other article as well the demo account with the OptionRobot does not partake in broker manipulation or interference. It pulls it rates from different Reuters and it is simply more of opportunity for an investor to learn how to efficiently use the software and become more accustomed with it.
          Moving forward and as disclosed several times the demo account is not meant to reflect your potential earnings with a live OptionRobot account. As mentioned on their website the average success rate with their software is 83%, not 90% or higher. Although we most oftentimes only experience success rates between 69 to 81% on a cumulative weekly basis that does not defer the legitimacy of this system.

          Furthermore, I am quite curious to know how you used the system. Your comment was from February 6th which is well within the time that my other OptionRobot strategy article was posted. Did you follow the tips provided to you in that article to better optimize your performance with the OptionRobot system? Did you avoid press releases, change the desired settings to one that I recommended or one of our subscribers recommended in the comment section below? Did you use proper money management, limit overtrading after 2 losses, and trade like currency pairs during the hours you were investing? These are all aspects that need to be covered fully before taking the software in a live investment mode to be honest otherwise I’m not surprised with your results.

          Lastly, without any prejudice, the OptionRobot should only be signed up with and used by an investor if they are going to use it properly. I understand that there are no “instructions” or a manual guide on how to use the software which is why we have provided you with what we have found to work best and many of our subscribers have been kind enough to share their settings and feedback as well. Unlike most systems that we expose as scams you don’t see any illicit marketing techniques practiced by the OptionRobot, you have the opportunity to be synced with regulated brokers (depending on your location) and most of the websites that are supporting this system are not reputable to begin with and are currently endorsing softwares or systems that are complete fraudulent operations that hire paid actors to act as their alleged CEO and provide phony testimonials.

          Now please don’t take the tone of this comment as brash or rude I am just trying to point out the facts and learn more about how you used the system. It doesn’t make sense to me on how you would achieve your results unless you weren’t using the tips provided in the other article along with using the software in a less optimal manner. Please feel free to send our admin an email at ObjectiveBO@gmail.com if you have any further questions and we will do our best to get your loss money back to you. Have a great rest of your weekend and thank you for your feedback!

          Tim Lanoue

  83. Hi
    I have just tried the Auto Trader. 20 trades placed 20 trades won.
    I bet if I go live with real money this will change dramatically and go in reverse i.e. I will lose all my money.
    Is this for real? If it is then everyone would be doing this!

    1. Hello John,

      As I’ve said a few times above, the demo account (just like with most demo accounts), is free of broker manipulation and interference. How the demo account managed to get 20 for 20 investments in-the-money I cannot begin to comprehend nor explain, I’ve merely been using this software for the past month and have experienced success which is why I share a review for you guys since I know many online day-traders were curious to the legitimacy of this software. Moving forward, I highly doubt that you would experience those type of results when using the software for real, the best day that I’ve had is 100% but that was only with 3 investments because as I said I only place 2 to 5 investments per day, no more than not otherwise you are susceptible to overtrading and more likely than not hurt yourself in the long-run. My results are based on a cumulative bi-weekly basis that way it actually provides some oversight of suspected investment success over a respectable volume of trades but please bear in mind that the demo account is free of broker manipulation and interference so don’t expect those results when trying out the software for free. I would say it is safe to expect success rates atleast at 70% or higher, depending on the strategy that you implement and which software functions and variables you incorporate!

      I hope you have a great rest of your day and feel free to leave more comments if needed!

      Tim Lanoue

  84. Hi,

    OptionsRobot doesn’t work for me – standard settings 1Min – 5 Euro
    13 trades taken: 2ITM’s – 11 OTM’s

    Any suggestions ?

    1. Hey Fetz,

      Those aren’t very good results at all, what settings do you have in regards to the style of investing chosen, which currency pairs are you investing with and what time of day are you investing? Lastly, were there many press releases going on when you were using the software, that would be a HUGE no-no in regards to using the OptionRobot when major press releases are being released to the public. That is the only factor that I think could severely damage and generate you sort of results, with it being a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr) I would not invest on this day either. Just for the main reason that no matter what software you are utilizing they cannot interpret Press Releases and Major Market Reports like investors can so I never, ever invest during press releases which we had a lot of them today which is what I am more than sure was your problem with the software!

      Please provide me with more insight because as I mentioned in the article above I have not generated a success rate below 71% and in addition, do not place that many investments during one investment day as well, I typically only recommend 2 to 5 investments per day so that way you aren’t overtrading. Please don’t hesitate to leave another comment and I’ll do the best to help you out further!

      Tim Lanoue

      P.S. Please don’t overtrade or invest with any system during major press releases!!

  85. Servus Tim Lanoue,
    this review sounds good so i like to sign up. Before going in pls. inform your recommended settings reg. trading indicators and currency pairs for best results.
    I have tried all the most famous auto robots and could not get them into the money so this would be
    a new chance to get some additional money achieved for stabilizing my income for normal ife.
    Pls. reply !
    b.rgds./W.Langen / 16.01.2017 – 12:26 h

  86. Nice article Tim. I have 2 questions for you though. First you made an article about special announcement that IQ robots will no longer be authorised from 17/01/2017 which is tommorow so what is special about OptionRobot in this regard? Secondly does this software give signals that i can use to trade on any broker besides the linked one instead of trading on your behalf?

    1. Hey Mbongo,

      How are you doing today?
      I never posted the IQOptions article, that was by James who is another online day-trader and blogger, but I did take some time to go through his article and I can reflect a bit more I believe. In regards to IQRobots no longer being an viable and authorized option this does not include the OptionRobot because they have no connection with each other. OptionRobot is ran with more reliable brokers such as StockPair, 24Options and other reliable binary option brokers. Now I am not claiming that IQOptions is not a good starting broker or reliable but in this case I know they are in no way connected with OptionRobot and the OptionRobot will be around for a couple more years to come as long as the software still performs at optimum levels and keeps generating successful investment rates.

      To answer your last question now, no I would not recommend trying to do that. As I have mentioned in a few comments above, the OptionRobot demo account (just like many other binary option demo accounts) is free from broker interference and manipulation so although the signals are credible they will not reflect the values or results that you would achieve with the software from my personal experience. Especially after you start implementing some tips and the strategy that I plan to share with you guys very soon, you will limit many of the functions and variables that the software can implement so that you can have the auto trader execute more sound and proven investments on your behalf. It is always a process but a necessary and beneficial one when getting started with a trading system as I am sure you can understand and value. Very solid question though and thank you for asking, I know many others were wondering that as well!

      I hope you have a good rest of your week and take care!

      Tim Lanoue

  87. Hi Tim, looks very nice software. My question is which broker do you have the account open?
    Because I see that you have save a lot of trades because equal open closed trades and I see you get the money back. I am using Stockpair and I lose every equal price.
    Best Regards Claudio.

    1. Hey Claudio,

      Depending on your demographic will dictate which brokers you are able to get started and invest with. If you reside within a demographic that is acceptable for StockPair then you should be able to use 24Options as well but regardless if you reside within that region you should have a CySec regulated available broker for you.

      On a more important note, if you are trying to use your StockPair account while using the demo account I would not do that. As I mentioned in a comment above just like with most demo accounts, they are free of broker interference and manipulation so you will see different results and experience much different success. Not to mention, the demo account could be reflecting values from a different broker than the one that you could be investing with as well which could also play a factor into it.

      I hope this has helped you out some and let me know if you need any more assistance, I’ve experienced some pretty good success with this software, in fact, it is the only auto trader that has allowed me to generate a profit over a month long of testing out with investing so I know some tricks, strategies (which I’ll share one with you guys soon for this software) and more tips that could greatly help your success.

      Hope you have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

  88. Thank you for your concise review!
    I couldn’t help but notice this robot also provides signals over the weekend. I’ve had it open alongside Stockpair to compare the closing periods and compare the prices… Upon initiation of the signal the prices are exactly the same, but on the robot it fluctuates remareally from the closing price on Stockpair. This was in demo mode though, so I’m wondering if they’re fiddling with the numbers in the demo to make it look ‘awesome’.
    I can’t confirm if this robot works with real money though. Has someone tried? In contrast, in demo mode I made OVER $20,000 within an hour with the funds given… a little dreamy it seems.

    1. Hey Waldo,

      What trade amount were you doing and if you were applying the software in the same way you would with a regular trading account you would never place that many trades during one investment session! Or atleast I hope not, I have realized that the demo account does provide some questionable investment results but you have to consider the fact that most investors are going to start with $250…not $1,000.

      Not to mention, only inexperienced online day-traders would place more than 10 investments per day, not around the 20 to 50 range that can be incorporated by the demo account. When I am using the account I severally limit the number of currency pairs chosen, which style of investing it takes on and which time of day that I invest with the software. In addition, I have a different trading strategy that I apply when using this software but some of the differences you could be seeing would be most demo accounts (OptionRobot included too) is free of broker interference and manipulation which could explain the difference.

      1. Hi Tim,

        Thank you for your response. I have now returned to OptionRobot to do some more testing on the DEMO side of things. My investment strategy, was pause it after 2 OTMs, and deselect the failed currencies and then initiate the Bot again afterward. The first time round I let it go ‘whack’ and pushed out 37 trades. I then limited it to a more personal scenario, where the $1000 might actually be my own, and then stopped after 13 trades (87.6%). I keep my amount to 5% ($50 amounts) on Fibonacci.

        My biggest concern is Broker interference, where the software may log my closing times and keep it OTM. Would OptionRobot pull the numbers directly from the Broker or from Reuters? The less my Broker (in this instance StockPair) knows about my currency choice, the better I would feel.


        1. Hey Waldo,

          I hope you are doing well today!

          Moving forward, I am glad to hear that you are applying your investment strategy on a more realistic investment scenario, it certainly does help with trying to get a better understanding on how successful your strategy is working. Now 13 trades is still a little bit on the overtrading side for one investment day (just speaking from personal experience here) but I am pleased to see that you are implementing a Passive style of account management, even if it is with demo funds.

          In all honesty though, I don’t think you need to worry about broker interference when using this software. The OptionRobot is going to be pulling the same rate that the broker is reflecting but you also need to remember that the brokers asset values are being pulled directly from Reuters. So they are going to reflect the same values no matter what with a slight variation from rates from different brokers but you don’t need to worry about the OptionRobot and StockPair has varying rates.

          One thing you should bear in mind as well would be that StockPair is a long-time reliable broker in the binary options industry and I don’t believe for an instant they would manipulate your price rates if that is what you are concerned with. Very seldom have I come across binary option brokers that have actually practiced those unethical tactics and they mostly involved investment amounts ranging from amounts between $5,000 to $10,000.

          Now I’m not sure if StockPair is actually knowledgeable of your potential investment either, just because the software may generate an investment signal does not mean you are going to place that investment you know? I have a few different steps that I go through with my strategy when I am using this software so I am only placing around 2 to 5 investments per day throughout a 4 to 5 hour period, I am an extremely picky investor in all honesty but I honestly don’t think you need to worry about, I haven’t had to worry about that nor have many other investors who have been seeing some great success with this software lately my friend.

          Let me know if you have any other questions and have a great rest of your week!

          Tim Lanoue

        2. Do not trust “DEMO’ i ran it on Sunday when all the platforms were shut and it still ran, not only that but the girl replying my chat on auto binary was the same as binary bot

          1. Herbert,

            As we have mentioned several times on this article and the other OptionRobot strategy article which can be found here: https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/optionrobot-tips/.
            The demo account does not partake in broker manipulation or interference, it doesn’t pull the same rates that the broker does and it is more of a way for investors to learn how to more efficiently use their software and become more accustomed with it. We solely recommend only testing out the demo account so you can learn how to change the settings then once you are ready to get in a live investment scenario then you use the software with the tips provided to you in the article above.

            Don’t run the demo account because it will provide you with false hopes and if you do solely use it to get a better “feel” for the system.

            I hope you have a great rest of your day and an even better and more prosperous rest of your week!

            Tim Lanoue

    2. I found that in demo mode before I made a deposit, the win rate was amazing. After I made a deposit and used the auto trading function in real money mode I lost most of my money within a few hours.

    3. They Fake the Results in DEMO so you can joint the as soon as possible, Once you deposit, You’will see the negative difference..:(

      1. we have known for months and have had multiple warnings that the demo account is just a tool to help you learn how to use the platform, not what to expect since they are NOT synced with real-time routers

        nothing new, use the right settings that most of us have and you can make $400 to $700 per month extra like i have been doing for over 3 months now

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