Best Penny Millionaire Strategy

The Penny Millionaire semi-automated software for binary options is potentially one of the best binary options trading software for the 2017 New Year. Time and time again I have come across automated trading systems that are complete scams and the only purpose they serve is to scam newbie investors out of their hard-earned money, which not only is absolutely pathetic but also reflects quite badly on this vast and rewarding industry that we know as binary options. Today though I am back with a strategy that I’ve been using with the Penny Millionaire software that has allowed me to generate a cumulative profit just over $3,070 within a 7 investment day period while using Penny Millionaire.

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Brief Penny Millionaire Oversight

Now for those of you who haven’t read our Penny Millionaire Review, I am going to provide you with a quick oversight in regards to the ins-and-outs of the Penny Millionaire software. The Penny Millionaire app, founded by Danny Forrester, is the first binary options trading software that offers compounded interest to existing segregated investment accounts at a whopping percentage of 6%.

The Penny Millionaire software is a semi-automated trading system that has an average reported success rate between 73 to 85%. It provides up to 20+ investment signals per day (although you should only place 3 to 7 investments per day to ensure you aren’t overtrading), and is positively reviewed by over 15 reputable websites and forums!

The software functions with a direct Reuter module that implements their complex Price Action Trading Strategy algorithm to ensure investors are getting the best high probability investment signals for market reversals at the best rate possible.

Penny Millionaire Investment Results

Penny Millionaire Results
Tim’s Results with Penny Millionaire

In the picture provided above is my most recent success with the Penny Millionaire software. As you can see, I had a total of 7 investments, where 6 of them landed in-the-money for today, giving me a cumulative profit of $964 with a success rate just over 85%. Today has been my best investment day with the Penny Millionaire software and I plan to continue sharing my results for all of you to benefit from and see.

Moving forward, in the image provided below you can see a chart in regards to my profit growth over my 7 day investment period with the Penny Millionaire software to date. As you can see I started with an account balance of $500 and after a 7 investment days I have experienced an account growth of almost 716%.

76% Success Strategy Set-up

The strategy that I use most of the time when I am using this system is comprised mostly of a technical analysis input with a little fundamental analysis as well. The fundamental aspect that I first take into consideration when I am planning to use the Penny Millionaire software would be to check to see if there are any market reports and press releases that could potentially hinder the accuracy of this trading software. If I see any press releases that I feel could directly or indirectly affect the currency pairs that I tend to invest with when using this software, I just void investing during those hours and wait for a more suitable investment period.

If you are unsure where you can see upcoming press releases just know you can check out all future press releases at the Forex Factory website. One truth that you need to bear in mind as well would be that the Penny Millionaire runs on a complex algorithm that integrates and functions in the price action of numerous currency pairs. Therefore, the software cannot take into account for checking for press releases that may affect the supported currency pairs. This is why it is always important to check and make note ahead of investing.

Remember, the main purpose of a Price Action Trading Strategy would be to help investors indicate, plot and take advantage of high probability reversal signals that may occur in the market.  Historically and statistically speaking, Price Action Trading Strategy has a success rate no lower than 70% which is why it is so effective when investing binary options but you also have to make sure you are implementing the strategy and taking all other fundamental and technical analysis factors into account.

Now moving forward, the technical analysis approach that I implement and rely mostly upon when using the Penny Millionaire software serves more or less as a secondary confirmation. The first thing that you will need to do would be to make sure you have access to a charting solution such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5 or

Once you have your charting solution up and running you want to make sure to select a few different currency pairs to watch and have it on a time frame of 15 minutes.

Next, you will want to make sure that you add the RSI indicator to your charting solution at a value of 9 (as seen in the image below), along with the Momentum indicator and set that indicator to a value of 10.

The last indicator that you can choose to add to your charting solution but is not mandatory would be the Donchian Channel indicator set at a period of 25 with an offset value of 1.

The main function of the RSI and Momentum indicator would be to help day-traders gauge and better understand the market momentum and volatility behind a targeted asset, while the Donchian Channel serves to help investors plot and indicate market highs and lows that help in the process of finding reversal points.

Strategy Application and Tips

Now, before we dig deeper into the application of this trading strategy there are a couple of tips that I have found quite useful to apply when investing with the Penny Millionaire trading system.

The first tip would be to make sure to only place investments that have a confidence factor of 91% or higher. The higher the confidence factor of your investment signal the stronger the investment strength is, so the higher the confidence factor is the more probability of your investment landing in-the-money. I tend to only place investments that have a confidence level of 91% or higher and that works in correlation to my strategy.

The second tip that I would recommend implementing when applying this strategy would be to choose an investment that has an investment deadline within 30 minutes of your current time. I have found that placing more long-term investments with this software to be quite profitable but in regards to applying this strategy while using the Penny Millionaire software it is best to choose investments that have an expiration deadline time of 30 minutes or less.

In the image provided below you can see the technical analysis set up that serves as our confirmation for this strategy while using this software.

The first verification indication in this technical analysis set up is when both our RSI and Momentum indicators have a probability of reversing directions. These reversal points can be plotted when there is a sharp spike in both the RSI and Momentum indicator. In order for a bearish reversal to be evident, you will need the RSI indicator to have a value over 75.00 but no higher than 95.00, whereas for the Momentum indicator you will need to make sure the value is over 100.250, the higher the value, the more likely a reversal will take place.

Now, in order for a bullish reversal to be plausible, you will need your RSI indicator to reside within value between 05.00 to 25.00 and for the Momentum indicator you will need to ensure that the value is below the 99.800 level.

If both your RSI and Momentum indicator line up in correlation to the recommended Penny Millionaire investment signal then you can go ahead and place your high probability investment as long as your signal matches the same candle type present for your asset.

So if you have a PUT signal, you will need to make sure that a bearish candle is present in accordance to your confirmation steps.

If you have a CALL signal you will need a bullish candle present, once all have been achieved then you can go ahead and place your investment.

Typically I recommend starting out with a passive money management approach, which requires you to place between 5 to 7% of your account balance per investment until you become more comfortable and get some investments under your belt. The more comfortable you become with the software along with the application of this strategy then I say it is safe to start investing with a more aggressive money management approach, which would equate to 10% of your trading account balance per investment.

Penny Millionaire Software - using a charting solution
Charting Solution for the Penny Millionaire App

One last tip that I can provide you with as well would be NOT to chase investments that land out-of-the-money. More often than not with semi-automated trading software that end up being scams they end up urging investors to double up their funds lost (similar to a Martingale Strategy) with the hopes that they can redeem the profits lost with the previous investment along with generating a small profit in the process. Not only is this one of the worst suggestions a trading system, software or service could recommend but it completely throws away all proper money management techniques that should be followed with strict discipline.  Luckily for newbie investors though the Penny Millionaire does not recommend this unethical investing tactic and it does not generate Martingale prioritized signals so you know the signals received are strictly just generated with the specialized Price Action Trading Strategy algorithm meant for high probability reversals.

What Other Blogs Are Saying

Binary Options Watchdog: “Penny Millionaire is not your everyday run of the mill trading app.  It is new and unique with awesome potential.”

Binary Options Spot:  “…we managed to convert a $250 balance into $1,900…Overall the average in the money ratio for the period is 79%, and that’s also remarkable achievement.” 

Binary Options Brainery:  “Penny Millionaire is one of the few reliable trading systems available to binary option day-traders; no gimmicks, no bullshit, just straight up results for once!”

Binary Options Sheriff:  “The principle of compound interest as explained by the best financial gurus of all time leave us in no doubt that you can make serious money with the Penny Millionaire software.” 

Binary Options Sentinel:  “…the trading performance and quality of the trading signal are top notch too.  We strongly believe an inexperienced trader or even a complete newbie will be able to benefit for this trading signal software too.” 

Prestige Binary Options:  “I’m pleased to announce my final verdict, concluding without a shred of doubt Penny Millionaire autotrader is NOT a Scam, but a profiting trading machine everyone can enjoy.”

Binary Options Governor:  “After going through all the info I am a little bit more convinced than when I heard the name first.  Feedback and reports I have been getting have been good, the website and the trading platform look good as well.” 


At first glance the Penny Millionaire software typically gets classified as another moronic binary options trading scam but for once we have come across a binary options trading system that doesn’t promise any ridiculous claims and actually delivers profitable and proven trading results.

When applying this strategy while using the Penny Millionaire App make sure to have the correct set up, follow the tips provided above and make sure not to chase any investments! When using this strategy in combination with placing investments with only a confidence factor of 91% or higher within the allotted time frame you can expect success rates ranging from 76 to 81% on a weekly cumulative basis, or at least those have been my results after my 7 day investment period with this software!

As always if you have any questions you can feel free to leave a comment below. Make sure to stay tuned for another informative Penny Millionaire strategy article to come along with many more educational articles to come!

74 thoughts on “Best Penny Millionaire Strategy”

  1. Great review but at the same time very ambiguous or confused. The show up strategy is very nice and clear for traders with medium to high knowledge in market conditions. Am I wrong?Should be important also the explain a bit the channel indicator, Am I wrong?And when you says that is recommended to take 30 minutes or less signals because are more accurate, you show 7 trades, 4 won with 5 hours plus time trading signals and 3 short term with 1 loss?If I am not wrong, please be free to teach us something more realistic, we also want to earn some cash! Best Regards Claudio.

    1. Hey Claudio,

      Great questions Claudio!
      First and foremost, you are not wrong that desirable market knowledge should already be part of your investing foundation in regards to applying this strategy while using the software. The Donchian channel indicator is not a necessary indicator either as mentioned above but the main function is shared in the strategy article above where it is mostly utilized to by investors to help identify and plot market highs and lows for targeted assets. Lastly, it is also disclosed in the article that the Penny Millionaire software is still quite successful with using more long term investments but in regards to using the strategy one of the tips would be to place investments that meet an expiration deadline within 30 minutes. I was simply sharing my success for my last investment day and I took fundamental factors into account when placing my longer investments and when I wanted to place a few more investments that were more short to medium-term then I apply the strategy. Applying fundamental analysis is one of the most overlooked yet highly successful trading applications a day-trader can incorporate into their investing strategy arsenal. Just because the screenshot of the profit generated does not all follow the 30 minute time frame does not indicate or apply an underlying tone that the strategy is any less successful. On average I have generated success rates between 73 to 85% on a weekly cumulative basis while applying this strategy to 2 to 4 Penny Millionaire signals per day, not including the 5 hour fundamental investments that I invest. I hope this has helped you out some and thank you for your great questions, I am sure they will help many other investors out!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hi Tim, first of all thank you to share your knowledge with us, people that maybe one day will become trader and even later be successful or been happy and making money; I guess the majority is here for that. I believe 100% that you are a succesful trader. I think, all of us reading your teachings, will get very exited by knowing your strategy for a long term trading, you would not waste 1100 just for fun, Am I Wrong? I know will be difficult to write all secrets for you, but lets put it this way: We want to be as good as you on predicting long trades!!!!!!!
        Best Regards Claudio
        P.S.: I will not be mad if you do not release the info, you see, you will make a lot of people happy and succesfully! Cheers!

        1. Hey Claudio,

          Thank you for your kind works, they are most welcome! Moving forward, one thing that you need to keep in mind would be that I’ve been in this industry now for over 5 years so I’ve accumulated a good amount of knowledge and have many strategies, tips and knowledge to give back and share so that all will happen in good time! I can only write so many educational, strategic and informative binary option investing articles before it becomes too overwhelming for our readers but I love and appreciate your enthusiasm! One of my upcoming strategy articles that I was going to compose actually will cover more of a fundamental and long-term investment approach so make sure to stick around for that article and many more educational ones to come! Thank you again for your input and happy investing!

          Tim Lanoue

  2. Hi I am trying to register with penny millionaire but it will not let me. I live in France is this a problem.

    1. Try using a different email address. Not many brokers still accept people from France, so you might be out of luck. If you are unable to sign up, you are welcome to join our Facebook signals group for FREE!

  3. I was try to create my account from Qatar but with penny millionaire but is not open, hope there is something wrong or its try to be selective.

    1. Hey Idris,

      Did you try to open an account through the Open Account button engraved within the framework of the strategy article above? Also have you tried signing up with a Gmail email address and signing up with the Penny Millionaire Software? It accepts traders from every demographic outside the United States so you should be good to sign up! I hope you are having a great day and please feel free to leave us another comment for an update!

      Have a good day!

      Tim Lanoue

    1. Hey Brian,

      That would be because there are very few binary option brokers that are still allowing US investors to become part of their trading platform. Due to all the recent legislation changes and the enforcement of the CFTC among USA binary option investors, day-traders who reside within the United States need to be vigilant with whom they decide to invest with. I agree it is kind of disheartening though because the software has showed quite a bit of promise so far!

      Tim Lanoue

        1. Hey Brian,

          The Penny Millionaire Software may sync with a US friendly binary options broker in the future but unfortunately at the present moment there is no indication that this will happen. The only system that I know that accepts US investors and is semi-automated like the Penny Millionaire would the BinBot which is reviewed and showcased on this binary options blog. Feel free to ask any other questions that you may have and I hope you have a great afternoon and find what you are looking for!

          Tim Lanoue

    1. Lucas,

      Even if you are a newbie you could utilize the Penvy Millionaire, just follow the tips that I provided to you above and you should invest quite successfully! If you need additional help as well just know you can always contact us here too!

      Tim Lanoue

  4. Hello Tim. Thank you for your sharing. Is there any other broker connected to Penny Millionaire? Coz the Binary Online broker which they assigned to us doesn’t have a good review, and not regulated.
    Will appreciate you advise.
    Thank you and more power!

          1. How about Binary Capital Markets are they ok broker? Coz when Im trying to login to PM, the registration appears. So I was directed to another broker.

          2. Thank you Tim. But I already deposited with Utrader. My only problem is that I cannot login to PM as they have not sent me my login details. The Utrader is saying no need to login to PM and just trade in their platform. Do PM really don’t email you once you registered with them? I emailed them already but no reply yet.

    1. Hey Kathleen,

      Sorry for not seeing this comment earlier, usually I do quite well with keeping up with comments but this one must have been overlooked! If you already haven’t had your issue resolved just know that from the time that you have posted this comment that the Penny Millionaire software has added a few other brokers to their recommended list so you can probably sign up with a different broker!

      Let us know please and if you need anymore help you know where to contact us!

      Tim Lanoue

      1. Hello Tim! Im already in the Mike’s signals group. But I don’t understand why I cannot follow the posts whenever they give signals.
        When I get the notification, it says few minutes ago but it’s actually an hour ago and the signals posted had past the trading time/expiry time. I even followed that John Mukunju coz I cannot get the notifications on time. Why is it so?
        Thank you!

        1. Hey Kathleen,

          That is strange, I typically receive the alerts within a matter of seconds up to a minute sometimes with my mobile devices.

          Depending on how you have your alerts set up along with your Internet connection may be a contributing factor as well. Like if you have alerts set up to your mobile devices instead of a computer then you may receive the signals slower but you should not have a lag as extensive are you are experiencing.

          If I were you I would look more into your Internet issue, maybe you could run an Ethernet cable as well from the back of your modem to your computer if possible as well, that typically helps increase bandwidth capacity and depending on the number of devices you have pulling on your Reuter you may only have a limited number of bandwidth with your provider which could be another considering factor.

          Truth be told, there are a large number of factors that could be causing this delay in signals but still you should not be experiencing delays that long. You aren’t looking at the posts incorrectly are you by chance? I know oftentimes the signals are posted in GMT time so depending on your time zone it may appear that they are a few hours late when in all actuality the signal could just be a few minutes old. Are the rates completely different?

          Let us know and we can try to help you out to the best of our ability.

          I hope you are having a great day and take care!

          Tim Lanoue

  5. Hi, which broker should i use for penny millionaire? newbie here. the site is redirecting me to, any advise please? thanku

  6. Hi there admin, may i request to be added on your fb signals please? sent a message to anna on fb as well. just discovered binary options over the weekend. wanting to try out penny millionaire and also start catching up on knowledge to support semi or auto trade. hopefully get some extra income on BO. i would also appreciate getting tips from the expert /guidance to begin with. been reading up on helpful info on your site. thanks for that. i am wondering though why IQOptions & bancdebinary closing down?

    1. Banc De Binary are closing down because they have gained a really bad image. IQ Option is not closing down. They just closed down their IQ Robots platform. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

  7. yes i did, maybe i should wait on approval then

    question with penny m. the signals are for specific broker, why is that? can that be used on other broker?

  8. been using this auto trader and the strategy now for over 4 investment days and have turned my $300 account to $1,434.25… i was doing a bit of overtrading but the markets were not trending and overall i am very satisfied with the software thus far! will keep you updated and comment again on friday with my success!


    1. Hi akio, which time expiries do u usually go for wth PM? it geberates 1minute trade signals which displays late, maybe need to get a faster pc & internet for that.

      1. Akio! Great investment results my friend!

        When you comment later this week could you make sure to include the settings and any other particulars that you were using when utilizing the Penny Millionaire software please!

        Thank you for being honest too, it isn’t always easy to admit when overtrading but I am certainly glad that it worked out well for you because I know from experience that it doesn’t tend to play out to well so congrats on that aspect as well!

        Tim Lanoue

        1. wow, i wasn’t expecting this much talk here n especially after my comment… im glad that i came back here to share my results i almost forgot to before i was heading to bed…ok today was my 7 day and my ending account balance with optionstars is just $2,108.65 so my income is $674.40 from my last comment here… i also opened a second accnt with utrader after i received a $375 withdrawal from optionstars (took 4 days btw) n funded it with $350 and by apply tims strategy but placing round 9 to 16 investments per day at 12 to 15% accnt balance my utrader accnt is now $682.20… *i usually do 2 min options debbie*…overal i think if my math is rite i have a profit of $2,490.85 with over 140 investments placed…been averagin about a 72 success so i mean not 2 bad i think…will come back nxt wk with another update for u all if you want!


  9. Hi, I did what I thought was a lot of reading up on Penny Millionaire and after reading a lot more positive feedback (including yours ) than negative, I decided to try it out. They requested me to open an account with Binaryonline which I did after reading about them. BUT don’t think I did enough reading as then found out they were not regulated and had more negative feedback than I realised.!!
    I am now worried that because they are not regulated my document info I had to send them is not safe. IS this the case?
    Also now that I have opened an account , I cannot get back onto Pennymillionaire to trade!! Binaryonline just say I have to contact Pennymillionaire, which I have by email , but with no success!
    Do you have any contact numbers for them? as I now have an account open with an unregulated broker which I can’t use!! Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank You.

      1. Hi Debbie
        I tried that link and it just brings up a window to sign up to another new broker!
        The login button doesn’t work either! :(

        1. Hey Sara,

          Try this link please:

          Let us know if this has resolved your issue or not, if not I will get on with their support team to resolve the issue but that link is the link I always use to log into my Penny Millionaire account!

          If you need additional help feel free to email our admin at:!

          I hope you have a great rest of your week and a better weekend!

          Tim Lanoue

          1. Hello guys. I have the same problem. The login button doesn’t work. Now when I tried to open that link Tim gave, but they’re asking me to deposit at Binary Capital Markets. Im trying to swipe it (as Im using ipad) so I can go through the login but it doesn’t go.

          2. Hi Tim,
            Thanks for your email.
            Daniel suggested I join Michaels VIP group and I have tried to sign up , but not received any response.. So can you advise how I can do this successfully..
            Many Thanks

          3. Hey Sara,

            Have you received a reply yet for joining Mike’s FB Group?
            In addition, I would have suggested getting started with both the Penny Millionaire and with Mike’s FB Group, I have found that both are a pretty powerful combination to have as long as you implement the strategies that I have shared for this system and following the admins with a proper money management strategy!
            Please let us know and I hope you have a great day!

            Tim Lanoue

  10. Hola Tim : pertenezco al grupo de Mike y aunque no soy novato en opciones binarias y tampoco soy joven en edad me interesa operar sobre una base que me dé seguridad. Me interesan mucho las señales de Mike, pero con John tengo que operar de noche, no es así con el resto de los administradores que envían señales ya que lo hacen en otros horarios. Tengo IQoption como broker y estoy usando las Bandas de Bollinger y el RSI para hacer todas las operaciones en DEMO.
    ¿Puedo conseguir el Penny Millonarie solamente y usar las señales para operar en IQoption ?? además de seguir haciendo lo mismo con las señales de Mike ??.
    ¡¡ Necesito de ingresos de forma urgente, soy un jubilado argentino !!
    ¡¡No entiendo como se interpretan los informes de forexfactory !! saber eso me ayudaría a determinar en que pares invertir y en cuales no.¿ no es así ??
    Con saludos cordiales,

    1. Hola Atte,

      Espero que te vaya bien hoy y no veo ninguna razón por la que no pueda ayudarte a mi amigo! Creo que invertir en línea a través de opciones binarias es una gran avenida a tomar y cuando usted tiene una cuenta IQOptions corredor creo que está en el camino correcto.

      Creo que si tienes el software Penny Millionaire, podrías usarlo muy eficazmente junto con Mike’s Signals. Sólo me aseguraría de implementar la estrategia que compartí con usted arriba y usted no debería tener ningún problema, entonces mi amigo, no dude en dejar más comentarios si necesita más ayuda!

      ForexFactory también es básicamente una fuente de noticias fundamental, si usted ve cualquier lanzamientos de prensa importantes que son lanzados cuando usted está planeando en usar el millonario de penique que no invertiría durante esas horas mi amigo. Sólo asegúrese de seguir la estrategia anterior, ten cuidado con los comunicados de prensa y serás bueno!


      Tim Lanoue

  11. hi admin for PennyM, i hve the following choices as brokers, who should i go with?
    UTrader-i believe this is scam
    Appreciate your input. thanks

  12. hi admin and traders

    got started with the PM when i first read the scam review here n i funded an account with options stars who i wasn’t familiar with and read some interesting stuff about them to say the least but overall i can’t complain. i went 3 out of 4 signals monday itm, tuesday i went 8 out of 11 itm, and this morning b4 work i went 6 for 7 itm so im quite satisfied at the moment. i requested a withdrawal of $337 and i called my bank to verify that the funds were sent out since i was concerned i wouldn’t get my money but my bank has tracked the funds and it should hit my account by friday, ill come back friday with a verifying coment to let you know if i get my money and my rest of the week results!

    oh yah b4 i forget.. settings that i use are confidence factor of 95%, only the eur/usd n aud/usd and during no news releases as tim said to do!

    -hope this comment helps some of u make money w/ the system :)

    lívia peralta

    1. Hey Livia!

      Thank you very much for sharing your results with us!
      I know our community of subscribers greatly appreciates it and thank you for the settings that you use as well, I am sure that comment will help a lot of people make money with the Penny Millionaire system! Looking forward to hearing back from you on Friday if you return with a comment and have a great and profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  13. Hi Tim
    No not received any emails or links to confirm joining the group. Any assistance would be appreciated
    Many Thanks

  14. Hello Tim,

    What is the best time to trade with PennyMillionare app, Trend or non-trend and volatile or non-volatile market?


    1. Hey Kratai,

      Many of our subscribers have reported the best success when there is a strong bullish or bearish trend present and preferably during times when the markets present low volatility. To further add on to this it is also quite helpful to avoid press releases made to the public because oftentimes these reports can directly or indirectly affect the volatility of currency pairs. To check out when all market reports are going to be released please feel free to visit: Let me know if you need any further help and I hope you have a profitable rest of your week!

      Tim Lanoue

  15. Hi Tim is PennyMillionare operate in china? if not would you recommend a broker and system that works well for traders living in china ( a system which is in your circle? Thanks.

    1. Hey David,

      How are you doing today?
      You know I am not 100% sure but I think the system is compatible for everyone who resides outside the United States so you should be good my friend! If not you could always consider trying to sign up with the OptionRobot system. Please feel free to leave another comment if you need additional support and have a great rest of your day!

      Tim Lanoue

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