Binary Options Price Action by Afzal

Afzal, one of the top performing admins of Mike’s Facebook Signals Group, not only has an incredible success rate ranging from 80% and higher, but also has shared a number of profitable and reliable binary option trading strategies within the reputable Facebook group. Unlike most binary option trading strategies that are newbie friendly though, this strategy shared by Afzal is more geared towards experienced binary option investors or those of a highly intellectual level. Price Action trading strategy is one of the most consistent and successful trading strategies applied by more veteran or experienced binary option investors.

Binary options price action strategy demonstration

Perhaps one of the best advantages associated with this variation of Price Action trading strategy with Afzal would be that it requires zero use of technical trading indicators. However, this is still a technical analysis based trading strategy so access to a charting solution is a must. Another advantage in regards to Price Action Trading Strategy would be that it can be used on essentially any time frame, although it is recommended by Afzal to stay between a 5 minute to 30 minute time frame. A PUT signal is generated after a few conditions are met, but must first be established by the creation of a support level which is an “imaginary” level where price bounces off and heads in the opposite direction. In order for a PUT signal to be placed, the formation of a support level must be created. Then we need to wait for price to break our original support level in downward direction. Next, we need to wait for price to retrace back up above the support level once more and then finally in order to place a PUT investment, we need to wait for the price of the targeted asset to break our support level again in a downward direction. Once those three conditions have been met, you can place a PUT investment that has a correlating expiry time relatively close to the time frame that you are watching your asset. Resistance level PUT investments are also included in the video shared above so if you would like to see this strategy in action, please feel free to.

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