Rubix Project Review – Scam Exposed!

The Rubix Project for binary options is another deceptive auto trading SCAM software that has emerged within the confines of the binary options industry. Brian Morgan, the alleged CEO behind this scam investment software, does not exist and the implementation of scam marketing widgets and deceptive marketing practices are the backbone to this recently released binary options software scam. While you take the time to read this Rubix Project scam review, you will learn not only about the deceptive marketing practices utilized by the Rubix Project software but also how to avoid other similar day-trading scam software! is a SCAM!

What is the Rubix Project Software?

The Rubix Project Software is another auto trading “get rich quick scheme” that became available to all online day-traders just a little over two weeks ago, on January 10th, 2017. The main target audience for this ridiculous binary options investing scam would be the inexperienced and newbie binary option investors who don’t know how dangerous it is to sign up with binary option auto traders.

The main falsehood behind this auto trading scam would be how to claims to be an “infallible software,” essentially meaning that it never generates a losing investment. Not only is this completely untrue and highly unrealistic, it always falls under a category that we are all too familiar with which would be that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Who is Brian Morgan?

Brian Morgan is the alleged founder behind the Rubix Project App for binary options and as you can imagine he is just another made-up person. Now, one fact that I can’t bear to overlook would be the reoccurring pattern of how all these software CEOs, founders and creators do not exist on any social media websites and all their claims about their software are not backed up by true testimonials.

All the outlandish guarantees associated with these type of scams are just flat out ridiculous, just like how Brian Morgan claims thathis software has not generated one losing investment over the past 16 months! Not to mention that throughout the duration of his long pitch video, he goes on claiming that they have accumulated over $40 million in revenue within the first year of their company going public, the funny thing though is that they company is not registered and DOES NOT EXIST!

How Does Rubix Project Software Work?

Just like the majority of garbage binary option auto traders that flood the online marketplace, the Rubix Project software claims to incorporate “sophisticated mathematical algorithms and statistical equations” to create an “amazing” software that has yet to lose an investment over the past 16 months. As you can see for yourself in the image provided below, the Rubix Project is a proprietary platform that is synced with the notorious scam broker Porter Finance, which is blacklisted on nearly every other reputable binary options review site.

Rubix Project Software
The Rubix Project Platform

Perhaps the only unique feature that this Rubix Project App offers their deceived users would be the ability to switch from auto trading mode to manual trading mode, which you think would save your hard-earned money in the long run until you aren’t able to withdrawal your funds from Porter Finance. Loss of funds, inability to execute withdrawals along with unauthorized charges are just some of the nightmarish details in store for you if you decide to commit with the Rubix Project software scam!

Rubix Project App Platform

As briefly covered just moments ago, the Rubix Project system for binary options is a proprietary investment platform that is synced with the scam broker Porter Finance. Investors are given the innate ability to choose their investment size, which style of investing to utilize along with which signals to place on manual entry mode but don’t be fooled by this scam. As soon as you open an account, your email will be spread faster than wildfire and you can expect numerous spam emails everyday. Not to mention that if you fund your account you can almost bet you will never see your hard-earned money again and that your personal and financial information will no longer be kept private!

How do we know that Rubix Project is a scam?

There were a few strong indicators that allowed us to determine that the Rubix Project software is in fact a binary options investing scam. Among the first red flag that we came across would be how Brian Morgan claims that the software has not generated a losing investment over the past 16 months. Yet when we looked further in domain creation date, as you can see in the image provided below, we can see how the domain was registered on January 10th, 2016.  That is a little over two weeks ago…quite a bit difference between 16 months, if you ask us!

Rubix Project WHOIS

Another red flag that we came across and couldn’t help but notice would be how implements a notorious scam marketing widget which can be seen in the first image provided to you above. The infamous “countdown timer/spots left” is a ghastly scam marketing widget quite commonly utilized among many other binary option investing scams.  You start out with only having 5 license spots left available and slowly it goes down to “1 License Remaining.”

Just like with all of these pressure forcing widgets though that we see among various other binary option scam websites that are implemented to pressure the viewer into quickly signing up, all you need to do is refresh the page and the widget resets to its originating value.

The last straw that we can’t overlook would be the large amount of complaints that we have been receiving about how investors who were gullible enough to sign up with this system can no longer execute withdrawals. If that wasn’t enough already, Porter Finance has also been reported executing unauthorized charges to the payment methods saved by the traders who were scammed by this horrific software scam! This is just another reason why you should always avoid a binary options software, service or system that claims unrealistic investment results and guarantees that sound too good to be true! Claiming that you can earn up to $12,835 every single day with the Rubix Project while investors report entire account loses and much worse is a serious red flag!

Rubix Project Review Conclusion

Brian Morgan and the Rubix Project software for binary options is nothing more than another fabricated software scam meant to target the inexperienced investors who don’t know better out of their hard-earned money. Not only is this absolutely pathetic but the amount of day-trading scams flooding the binary options industry and other online investment industries is absolutely sickening which is why we urge you to subscribe to our Binary Options Newsletter so you can stay better protected against deceptive binary option software scams such as the Rubix Project!

As always thank you for taking the time to read this scam review and if you have any feedback or comments to share, please feel free to do so below!

To learn how to become a better binary options investor and avoid ridiculous binary option investing scams such as the Rubix Project and Tesler Appplease feel free to read my 2017 Binary Options Investing Guide.

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  1. Yep your right it’s a scam.. the fucked a took more than $250 – more like $300. From me the b astards.. I don’t earn much.. I got pulled into it .. I need extra money too… I got kids and I lost my wife.. if you know anything to help me .. thank you ..

  2. thanks for this scam alert tim!
    i saw this positively reviewed on a few scam sites so i am glad it is not here, my friend loss a lotta money to this scam!

    becky synder

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