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eToro Review – Regulated Social Trading

eToro is the biggest and best social trading platform out there, currently serving more than 4.5 million users in 170 countries worldwide. It is also one of the best known exponents of the Forex trading industry, introducing scores of new traders to the scene all the time. eToro’s business model is about entertaining clients, while educating them on the ins and outs of the Forex markets. Trading Forex can indeed be intimidating for beginners, but it doesn’t have to be. Since 2010, when eToro introduced their OpenBook social investment platform, it has become a lot easier to be a successful trader. Copying the moves and possibly the entire portfolios of other traders may not seem like a legitimate path to success, but thanks to eToro, it is indeed just that.

Unlike some of the other brokers we’ve reviewed, eToro has indeed had its fair share of press. It was featured in various CNBC news and articles. The Times, Financial Times, The Telegraph and Bloomberg have also discussed this broker, quite often no less.

eToro Ltd. is a registered CIF (Cypriot Investment Firm) and it possesses a CySEC license. The authority allowing and regulating its activities in the UK is the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), and it is in fact registered in the US as well and regulated by the NFA (National Futures Association). The company maintains offices in Limassol, Cyprus, as well as in London and Tel Aviv. The US branch of the brand is operated by Tradonomi LLC, but no US clients are currently accepted, as the platform is not active there.

According to its regulatory status, eToro complies with all the MiFID directives, including those referring to the categorization of clients. Individual clients of the operation are all classified as retail clients and are therefore entitled to the highest degree of protection in regards to possible compensation schemes, execution and asset-safeguarding.

Although one will find all sorts of feedback out there, coming from the broker’s happy or disgruntled customers, it’s safe to say that there can be no questions regarding the legitimacy of the operation.

The operator adheres to a strict anti money-laundering policy and it achieves the proper safeguarding of its clients’ assets by working only with reputable financial institutions such as Barclays Bank.

eToro has been the official partner of the West Ham United Football Club for some time now.

Why should YOU trade with eToro though?

The broker offers a number of easy-to-use trading platforms, access to some of the most successful trading portfolios, to personal customer service as well as to special promotions. All that is but the tip of the eToro iceberg though. The site/platform is available in several languages, it allows one-click trades, it delivers price alerts, it supports automated trading, and it comes with guaranteed stop-losses and limit orders. The operator charges no commissions on trades, and some of its spreads are tight and fixed.

As far as cons go, eToro charges deposit and withdrawal fees, it does not allow scalping and it charges a fee following a period of 12 months of inactivity on the part of its traders. There aren’t any VPS or DMA (Direct Market Access) services either.

To try eToro’s FREE demo today, click here.

eToro Platforms

Instead of providing just one universal platform for their clients, eToro have three trading software solutions, to suit every need that may possibly arise.

OpenBook Social Trading

The first one is their OpenBook social trading platform, launched way back in 2010. OpenBook comes with a wealth of social trading features, but the gist of it all remains the fact that it allows traders to copy the positions of the Popular Investors, who are indeed real people, doing real trading. With this platform, one trades as part of a network, and not as an isolated retail client. The power of the setup is quite obvious. To gain access to the social trading features of OpenBook, all one has to do is to create an eToro account, to find some of the top traders and to copy their moves. Following the popular investors is also possible, and sharing information in regards to their trades is always at one’s fingertips too. There are a number of special features meant to make it easier for traders to copy their peers. There’s a top 100 and there’s a personal watch list as well.

eToro Top Investors
You can easily follow the most successful traders

It is possible for the rank-and-file traders to become Popular Investors as well. Such a status comes with a number of attractive rewards and privileges.

eToro Web Trader

The eToro Web Trader is an all-in-one sort of solution. It combines traditional position management with social trading features on a central platform. The Web Trader automatically synchronizes traders’ accounts, whenever they use OpenBook. Web Trader also delivers a handy selection of professional charts, which are equipped with some of the best technical analysis indicators. Trend lines can be traced as well as support and resistance levels. The indicators can be added from the Studies tab, through the System Manager option.

eToro Trade Markets
Receive constant fundamental and technical tips to guide your trading

eToro Mobile

eToro’s Mobile platform is designed to deliver the power of social trading to the fingertips of those on the move. It comes in the shape of mobile apps designed for Android and iOS devices. Through the mobile app, traders can access more than 1,000 investment opportunities in any given moment.

eToro CopyFunds

CopyFunds is the newest financial product added to the eToro portfolio. CopyFunds is a trading system comprised of two components: Top Trader CopyFunds and Market CopyFunds. The former is focused on the cream of the crop of the eToro traders, offering a selection of trading opportunities based on the most successful portfolios.

Market CopyFunds is essentially a market strategy, which carries a selection of ETFs, CFDs and commodities, in the same fold.

eToro Account Types

eToro only feature two account types: the basic one, which is where everyone falls upon joining the fold. The Premium account on the other hand is reserved to those who choose to upgrade either via deposit or via equity. To upgrade through a deposit, one needs to have deposited at least $20,000 over the last 11 months.

The equity path requires traders to have at least $20,000 in equity at the end of the day. Equity is comprised of balance+investments+profit/loss. Traders are welcome to invite their friends into the eToro Premium fold, in which case they will be duly rewarded.

The Premium account offers special privileges, such as personal account managers, a special Payoneer card, special deposit deals, unique promotions and various payment-provider VIP programs. The operator has teamed up with a number of payment solution providers like Neteller and Payoneer, so in this respect, they can indeed accomplish quite a bit.

eToro Education

eToro’s education center is called the Trading Academy. The Trading Academy offers access to live webinars, an exclusive trading eCourse and a superb selection of educational videos. These videos cover everything from the above detailed platforms to the trading of stocks, and to various investment strategies.

The eCourses page presents itself in a video-based format as well, detailing basic technical analysis concepts as well as capital management and even trading psychology.

Webinars take place according to a schedule, but they can be had on demand as well.

eToro Promotions

eToro feature an impressive number of promotions, none of which seem based on the time-honored and oft-derided strategy of encouraging traders to trade more through bonuses with abusive terms. They mostly focus on getting their traders to join the Premium club and to encourage them to bring their friends into the fold. Those who invite 10 of their friends, receive a $1,000 reward. The invited friends need to make $500 minimum deposits of their own to qualify for the promotional deal, but once they do, they will find another $200 in their accounts. Those who refer people to eToro get $100 for every one of their referrals, and there is no limit to how any people one can bring in this way.

Traders are also encouraged to become Popular Investors. Such investors are prime targets for people to follow, and thus they’re the drivers of eToro’s social trading model. In return for their status and the passive services they deliver, they are rewarded through a number of privileges.

From time to time, there are bonus deals offered too, mostly for those looking to join the Premium Club through their deposits. The match percentages on such deposits seldom exceed the 15% mark though.

eToro Popular Investor Program

The privileges offered to those who become Popular Investors are quite attractive. As a matter of fact, they make it possible for such traders to build up a financial business of their own, by managing the assets of other traders, and earning a 2% revenue cut in management fees. Those who make it this high in the eToro system will have their spreads waived too. The management fees are picked up when people copy the Popular Investor. All monies resulting from such fees are immediately withdrawable. Through this setup, it is possible for Popular Investors to earn thousands of dollars in extra revenue per month, in addition to the revenues from their own trades, of course.

The Popular Investor program is a 4-tier one, starting at the Cadet level and wrapping up at the Elite one. It is theoretically possible to join the program with a single follower, but to reach the top level, one will need more than 300k followers.

eToro Support

For visitors, eToro support can be reached through an email form only. For registered account holders, other options are provided too, like live chat, email and telephone.

eToro Review Conclusion

eToro is a massive and massively reputable operation, serving millions of clients all over the world. Their regulatory status is impeccable and the financial products they offer are free of any and all conflicts of interest. The community feedback regarding the operation is a mixed bag, but that is to be expected when the said community is this large.

Try eToro Today

Copy trading is a great way for beginners to jump into Forex and CFD trading, and eToro are essentially the inventors of this genre.

Broker name eToro
Jurisdiction Cyprus, UK
Regulated Yes, CySEC, FCA, NFA
Launched in 2006 (2010 in its current form)
Website URL
Trading platform proprietary
Contact, email form
Trader Demographics Everyone, everywhere, except for the US
App compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/5
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses Yes
Business Model Social Trading
Offices London, Limassol, Tel Aviv
Employees 150-500

In sum, eToro is an excellent platform and we would definitely recommend giving a try to their FREE demo. And if you’e an experienced trader, you can take advantage of the eToro platform to create your own highly profitable online investment fund, which will allow you to lead thousands of traders.

Sign up with eToro

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OptionRobot Review: Best Binary Software?

by Tim Lanoue

Is the OptionRobot for binary options just another binary options auto trading scam or is there more than what meets the eye with this new binary options auto trader? Fortunately for us, this is NOT another one of those auto trading scams that offers unrealistic guarantees or implements pathetic scam marketing techniques that are oftentimes utilized by online trading scams to rush newbie investors into signing up quickly! In fact, this is the first binary options auto trader that works with reliable and proven binary option brokers such as StockPair and 24Option which both have been top rated brokers in this industry for over 5 years.

Brief OptionRobot Oversight

The OptionRobot is the first binary options auto trader that works with reliable binary options brokers and relies on the implementation of up to 6 different technical indicators unlike most binary option auto traders that claim that their software generates signals from some “complex” algorithm. Now as many of you have experienced by now, most binary option auto traders that claim that their software functions from a complex algorithm typically doesn’t perform to well, in fact, they oftentimes perform at half of the guaranteed success rate that they are advertised at and that is on a good investment day!
OptionRobot’s Signup Page

Unlike every other binary options auto trader on the market, the OptionRobot doesn’t have any unrealistic guarantees that are promised to the investor saying that you can generate profits of over $100,000 per week or over $1,000,000 per month. Another great advantage about the Option Robot as well would be that they accept traders from every demographic so if you reside within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and even Malaysia you are able to invest with this software since every demographic is accepted!

Another unique feature about the OptionRobot which we will cover more in-depth a little bit later on in this review would be that although this is a binary options auto trader investors still have more user-control over the system in comparison to other binary option auto traders on the market.  More often than not since most binary option auto traders are scams they severely limit their investors user-control but with the Option Robot you can choose when your system invests, you can turn the auto trader off at any moment, you can dictate which style of investing that the software implements and you can choose trade sizes between $5 to $500.

In addition, they offer a free demo account prior to actually starting out with real funds unlike most other binary option auto traders. This greatly improves the credibility of this software and allows the user to become better acquainted with the system prior to committing their hard-earned money.

Is OptionRobot another automated trading SCAM?

No, for once there seems to be a reliable auto trader for binary options.  Not one that limits user-control but actually enhances and increases it along with allowing the investor to vary the software’s chosen style of investment along with actually have the ability to turn the auto trader off.  Another advantage about the Option Robot as well would be how investors can configure the software to use expiration times ranging from 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes along with up to 1 hour… no other binary options auto trader offers these huge advantages and trading features! Not to mention that you can have a free demo account prior to having to get started with the OptionRobot trading software!

How does the OptionRobot software function?

The OptionRobot is quite a bit different than other competing binary option trading softwares in the sense that it actually generates winning investments and utilizes up to 6 different technical analysis indicators that have proven to increase investors’ success when applied correctly.  Among the 6 different technical indicators would be the popular RSI indicator, the Williams indicator, the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) indicator, the Stochastic indicator, the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and lastly a trend following technical indicator.

OptionRobot Technical Indicators

In combination to the many different technical indicators utilized in the OptionRobot trading software, investors have the ability to switch different styles of investing from the Classic System, Martingale System (not encouraged by OptionRobot, but effective at times) and the Fibonacci System which is the system that I prefer to use in combination with the Classic System.

OptionRobot Trading Features

What really separates the Option Robot from other competing binary option trading systems would be numerous and empowering number of trading features that it offers its investors. I have been in this industry for over 5 years now and I still have yet to come across a binary options auto-trader that allows an investor to switch between three different styles of investing, choose their expiration time, set a max limit on investments placed, dictate which currency pairs and indicators you wish to utilize along with being able to turn the auto trader off at any moment. There has not been one binary options auto trader to offer half the features that the OptionRobot does which is why it is so effective and being used on such as wide scale.

OptionRobot Settings
Notice the control this software offers its users

Another great advantage about the OptionRobot as well would be that it offers 24/7 customer support in the form of live chat and email. Every time that I’ve had a question about how the software functions or how to change the software’s settings the support team has been extremely quick to reply and seem to possess a solid foundation of knowledge of how the system works which makes the support just that much better. So not only do you have more trading features and support than any other binary options auto trader on the market with but you also have the ability to invest with reliable binary option brokers which is seldom an opportunity presented to day-traders looking to get started with a reliable auto-trader for binary options!

OptionRobot Reported Success Rates

The OptionRobot has been reported to have an average success rate ranging between 74 to 91% on a bi-weekly cumulative basis determining on the style of investing you are using, which technical indicators the day-traders had applied along with the type of currency pairs authorized by the user to be invested on their behalf.

When I utilize the system, which I will explain soon to you all in my upcoming OptionRobot investing strategy, I tend to generate an average success rate between 75 to 87% on a weekly cumulative basis with around 25 to 30 investments being placed per week. I have had one week where the success was 71% with just under 30 investments being placed but in all honesty, any binary options trading software generating a success rate over 70% is genuine and approved by me, especially since most other systems that I’ve tested out average between 35 to 54% success rates.

OptionRobot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is

The OptionRobot is a browser-based binary options auto trader that places high probability investments directly to your linked broker accounts. It greatly enhances the investors user-control by allowing them to incorporate up to 6 different technical indicators, up to 3 different styles of investing, choosing with currency pairs they would like invested, vary your investment amount along with allows you to turn the auto trading off at any moment. This is the first binary options auto trader that still allows the investor to remain in control!

Is OptionRobot another online binary options trading scam?

No, although as with any investment, there’s a chance of losing money, especially if you don’t know how to configure the software properly. However, the OptionRobot is the first binary options auto trader that offers a Free Demo Account and keeps the user in control! Any other binary options auto trader severely limits the users control and doesn’t allow the day-trader to utilize half of the trading features along with generate half the success rate of this trading software.

Is OptionRobot legal where I reside?

Yes, the OptionRobot is available in all demographics and is legal for investors of all experience and aptitude levels to utilize!

What demographics are accepted with the OptionRobot auto trader?

No matter which country you reside within you can use the OptionRobot!  This means if you reside within the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Malaysia, Australia or any other country on this Earth you can use the OptionRobot auto trader for binary options!

Can OptionRobot be used on the go with tablets, cellphones and other mobile devices?

Absolutely, that is one of the best features about the OptionRobot! All you need is access to the Internet and you can utilize the OptionRobot virtually anywhere from any mobile device!

Does the OptionRobot offer a free demo account?

Unlike 99% of other binary option auto traders, the OptionRobot offers a free demo account! Make sure to click on the Open Account Image engraved within the article and you will directed to the authentic OptionRobot website and be able to test out their demo account!

Open an OptionRobot Account

What is the average success rate with the OptionRobot auto trader?

Success rates vary depending on the style of investing you choose to utilize, the type of assets, time of day along with many other variables but I have not experienced a success rate lower than 71% and on average the reported success rate on a bi-weekly cumulative basis with over 50 to 60 investments being placed generates success rates reported between 74 to 91%.

Does the OptionRobot have reliable binary option brokers for investors to choose from?

Opposed to other binary option auto traders that only offer complete garbage binary option brokers, the OptionRobot allows investors to utilize reliable binary option brokers like StockPair, 24Options and many more!  Depending on where you reside will dictate which broker is available for you to use with the OptionRobot trading system.

How is OptionRobot more effective than other competing auto traders?

What truly separates the OptionRobot from other competing binary option auto traders would be that it empowers user-control and actually generates winning investments. Investors have the ability to choose up to 3 different styles of investing, up to 6 different technical indicators to implement, have investment amounts ranging between $5 to $500 and maintain the ability to turn off the auto trader at any moment! Not to mention that the OptionRobot is highly reviewed and available in every country no matter where you reside!

How many investment signals can I expect on a daily basis with OptionRobot?

Depending on the style of investing and the currency pairs you choose to authorize, the OptionRobot typically generates anywhere from 10 to 30 investment signals per day.  In all honesty, the OptionRobot can generate up to 40 and more investment signals per day although I don’t recommend investors to place more than 5 to 10 investments per day otherwise they can fall victim to overtrading which oftentimes leads to bad investment habits in their future investment endeavors.

OptionRobot Automated Trading System Review Conclusion

The OptionRobot auto trader for binary options is truly a hybrid among other binary option auto traders. There are no other automated binary option trading systems that allow near the amount of control over their investing software as the OptionRobot does for their investors. Not only is the OptionRobot the highest rated binary options trading software for binary options but it is also available for anyone no matter how much experience you have or where you reside!

Investors have the ability to implement three different styles of investing, invest up to 8 different currency pairs along with authorize which indicators and styles of investing they wish the software to use on their behalf. Investments range from $5 and go up to $500 and on average the cumulative success rate reported with this automated trading software is between 74 to 91% on a bi-weekly basis!

For those of you who are looking for a reliable binary options auto trader that still allows you to remain in control and utilize proven technical indicators then we highly recommend that you give the OptionRobot Auto Trader a shot. At least try out their demo account but to date and over my 5 years in this industry this is the only binary options auto trader that I have found to work consistently and effectively for me over a month long basis! If you have any questions in regards to the OptionRobot, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you within a 24 hour period!

Open an OptionRobot Account

Thanks for reading everyone and make sure to stick around for my upcoming OptionRobot strategy article along with many more educational articles to come!

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MarketsWorld Review – Free Demo, Regulated

MarketsWorld is one of the top binary option trading destinations for beginners and advanced traders alike, as it checks almost every box on our non-existing “perfect broker” check-list. Indeed, the operation has very attractive offers in just about every respect. They have a powerful, proprietary trading platform, which comes with a full demo account. They feature some of the lowest minimums on deposits and trades, and some of the best payout percentages. We probably should’ve put this first: they’re also regulated.

The company behind MarketsWorld is Markets World Ltd. a corporate entity based on the Isle of Man, whose activity thus falls under the authority of the UK government. The operation is regulated and licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and it therefore adheres to all the rules and regulations UK authorities have set forth in this respect. Despite a recent blowback against bonus-based binary option promotions, MarketsWorld do in fact offer bonuses, some with pretty decent redemption requirements no less. As a regulated and licensed operation, MarketsWorld keep all their trader funds in segregated accounts, as required by the legal framework under which they operate.

MarketsWorld Review

The site and the trading platform through which MarketsWorld’s operations take place, are regularly tested and audited by representatives of the regulator.

So why would one want to trade at MarketsWorld? Yes, we have already listed most of their major selling points – all of which are indeed extremely solid – but we’ve saved the best for last: they accept US traders too. It is quite unheard of for a regulated binary option operator to accept traders from the US, but that’s exactly what these guys have done. Most of the sites which also accept US traffic are unlicensed, shady operations. MarketWorld is the shining exception in this regard.

The broker doesn’t charge any fees, commissions or spreads, and yes, that covers withdrawal operations too. MarketsWorld traders can essentially withdraw their monies without paying a single cent in withdrawal or processing fees. That’s obviously another major mark in the “plus” column for this broker.

Given that MarketsWorld offer short-term binary options too, the speed of the execution of its trades is of the essence. The site does make the cut in this regard as well.

Above and beyond everything else though, MarketsWorld enjoys a very healthy community buzz. There’s no better indication regarding the trustworthiness of an operator than what the community has to say about it and in this regard, MarketsWorld have indeed aced the test so to speak.

MarketsWorld Trading Platform

As said above, the MarketsWorld trading platform is a proprietary one. It offers traders access to a wide range of option types and expiry times, through an entirely web-based trading interface. What that means is that one doesn’t actually have to download anything when it comes to setting up an account with- and trading at MarketsWorld. The trading platform is also available in the shape of a mobile app, for those who want to handle their trading on the go.

MarketsWorld - the Platform
Market’sWorld’s FREE Demo

The crown jewel of the MarketsWorld app is the Demo Account though. Unlike other binary option brokers, who usually require their traders to register and to even make a deposit before they are granted access to a demo account, MarketsWorld offer theirs up for free, and without any strings attached whatsoever. Traders do have to register and to provide some personal information upon registration, but there are no limits on the MarketsWorld demo accounts whatsoever. The starting sum on the demo account is $5,000, but one can add more money later, as there are no limits on this feature. The demo account isn’t limited to a few days either. One can use it as long as he/she wants to, and when the time comes, one can upgrade to a real money account in a few clicks. While one’s initial demo account effectively dies when this upgrade is made, another demo account can be created, through the use of a different email address.

The primary goal of the demo account is to allow traders to learn the ins and outs of the platform, as well as to let traders put various trading strategies to the test. Advanced traders will indeed find it especially useful in the latter role.

MarketsWorld CountDown - Very Short-Term Trading
Turbo Trading with MarketsWorld (1, 2, 5 minutes)

MarketsWorld Minimums

The deposit and trade minimums are among the most attractive features of the broker. The minimum on deposits is $20, which is only second to one or two other brokers out there. The minimum on trades is a handy $1, which allows outstanding capital management, even in the case of a $20 minimum deposit. This doesn’t mean that one is limited to making $20 deposits and $1 investments, obviously. One can deposit much more and trade much more too. Such low limits mean added flexibility.

MarketsWorld Bonuses and Promotions

MarketsWorld features a handsome selection of bonus-based promotions. One way to get your hands on a bonus is to sign up for a real money account with the broker, using a special voucher code available at the site. Those who do that, get a $10 no deposit bonus. The deal is only available to newly registered traders, or to those who upgrade from a demo account. In order to redeem this bonus, traders are required to turn it over 50 times. The “catch” here is that until these withdrawal requirements have been met, traders aren’t allowed to withdraw any bonus money. Another thing traders have to know in this respect is that winnings resulting from such free bonus deals cannot exceed the $100 mark. Rather, they can, but only $100 can ever be withdrawn.

Another way to secure a MarketsWorld bonus is to take advantage of the $50 Risk Free trade offer. What this offer means for traders is that if they lose their first trade (up to $50) the broker will replace the lost funds with bonus money. While this bonus has to be redeemed as well, its rollover requirements are more than reasonable: traders have to turn the bonus money over once, in order to be allowed to cash out.

Through the use of another special voucher code, a much bigger bonus-chunk can be secured. Those interested in this deal can pick up a 100% match bonus on their first deposits, up to $1,000. The rollover requirements on this bonus are 50X. We don’t usually recommend that traders take advantage of such bonuses, and in case you were wondering , those turn-over requirements are the reason why. The bonus money cannot be withdrawn until the redemption requirements have been met.

Still another way to grab bonus money is to just trade. All real money accounts are monitored, and based on their turn-over volumes, they can become eligible for a monthly loyalty reward, which is issued at the beginning of each month. The turn over requirements on this bonus are 50X as well.

Last but not least, we have the “refer a friend” feature, which allows traders to pick up a 100% match on the deposit of their referred friend, up to a  maximum of $500 (or equivalent in another supported currency). This deal does not affect the way the referred person gets to enjoy the offers of the broker.

To refer a friend, traders have a unique referral code at their disposal, which they can send out to their friends in an email, directly from the MarketsWorld website. Those who follow the links embedded in the email can then be traced back to the referrer. The turn-over requirement on this bonus is 50x as well.

One thing traders need to know about the bonuses handed out by MarketsWorld, and about the Terms and Conditions attached to them, is that they never affect actual deposits. Bonuses are kept in segregated accounts and their redemption requirements never tie up any of the real money deposits made by traders.

MarketsWorld Education

In this respect, MarketsWorld don’t exactly impress. They don’t even have a bona-fide education section. What they offer instead is an information section, which contains an exhaustive FAQ, that answers most of the questions traders may have. They also have a couple of articles, in which they compare binary option trading to spread betting and to exchange-based trading. A Blog and a Glossary complete the information section.

MarketsWorld Payout Rates

MarketsWorld’s payouts are outstanding. According to the site, 90% is the maximum in this respect, but some outside sources mention as much as 95%. Now, this may not be the case for 60-second options. The longer the expiry, the better the payout rates usually are.

MarketsWorld Asset Selection

In this respect, MarketsWorld offer three tradable indices, one commodity (gold) and 14 currency pairs.

MarketsWorld Support

The handiest way to reach the MarketsWorld support staff is through live chat. They also have phone and fax numbers (+44 (0) 1624 679 022 and +44 (0) 1624 675662 respectively). The support email is The support staff is knowledgeable and keen on sorting out issues in a fast and efficient manner.

MarketsWorld Review Conclusion

We’ll wait to receive comments from MarketsWorld traders before we decide if this broker belongs in our recommended binary options brokers list. It seems that MarketsWorld is an attractive opportunity for US traders who find it really hard to find a legitimate broker, besides Nadex.

If you’re in the US, and even if you’re not, you should definitely get yourself a Marketsworld FREE demo account and try this very promising trading venue.


If you’re not already a member of our signals group, please feel free to email us at or visit our Mike’s signals group registration page. Our signals are fully compatible with MarketsWorld.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

Broker name MarketsWorld
Jurisdiction Isle of Man/UK
Regulated Yes
Launched in 2011
Website URL
Trading platform proprietary
Support email, live chat, phone.
Trader Demographics Everyone, everywhere, US included
App compatibility Windows, Android, iOS
Minimum required deposit $20
Minimum trade amount $1
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/7.
Mobile trading yes
Bonuses yes
Demo Account Yes – complete, unlimited access.


Already have an account with MarketsWorld? Please leave a comment below and provide your own MarketsWorld review!

Special Announcement – IQ Option Robots

IQ Option has decided to discontinue the IQ Robots service.

This is the official announcement from IQ Option: “After careful consideration, the team concluded that the service was not performing up to our high standards of quality. Both Integrity and Respect for our users remain key values of IQ Option, thus the operation of IQ Robots will cease by January 17th, 2017. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding.”

Even without IQ Robots, IQ Option is still one of the best binary options brokers. They are trustworthy and they offer a free, no-strings-attached demo account. And, as you will discover if you continue reading this IQ Option review, they have much more to offer to beginners as well as experienced traders.

Newbies can benefit tremendously from their FREE UNLIMITED DEMO account. It doesn’t even require a deposit or any payment details to use. For those looking for a low-deposit broker, IQ Option is a great choice. Their minimum deposit is just $10.

If you don’t already have an account with IQ Option, it takes just 2 minutes to create one. It’s totally free and you will be able to immediately start trading on a demo account.


IQ Option Demo

Many people used to ask me if they could use IQ Option with BinaBot, or with any one of the other best performing robots and signal services. One of the questions we were getting again and again was: Can I use IQ Option with an Auto Trader? To which we always had to answer that “no, IQ Option is not available with any auto trading software.” This was not a bad thing. Many Auto Traders are scams. The fact that IQ Option does not work with scam auto traders is another indication that they are highly trustworthy. Indeed, many people regard them as one of the most legit binary options brokers available.

Note: IQ Option is not accessible in the United States and a few other countries (see below). Binary Mate offers a very similar platform and they accept everyone.

IQ Option Review is a binary options brokerage firm which is EU-regulated by CySEC since 30/07/2014 under license no. 247/14. Except for being regulated, here are some of the benefits you will get if you sign up with IQ Option:

  • They offer a very low deposit requirement ($10).
  • Minimum trade size is $1.
  • Payouts: Up to 91%.
  • A FREE UNLIMITED DEMO account is available. You can sign up and trade without making a deposit.
  • Free education and strategy section.
  • They host exciting trading tournaments. One of my fellow traders was having financial difficulties. After a few days of not hearing from him, this is the message he sent me: “My problem is solved with the help of binary options. I won in the tournament in binary option and got 1896$ by achieving third place using the breakout strategy and the martingale strategy..”
  • More than 10 strategies that will teach you how to become a professional trader.
  • Buyback feature can be used to cancel a trade and get a compensation.
  • You may deposit and withdraw using credit and debit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, CashU, Skrill, WebMoney, Poli and Qiwi.
  • Available expiries: 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, and many more!
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
IQ Option Trading Platform
IQ Option’s Platform

IQ Option’s Regulation and Reputation

To make a long story short: this operator has everything going for it. For years, they’ve dominated the binary option scene, thanks to the near-perfect feature package they put together. There was just one shortcoming many traders used to point out: the site did not work with auto-traders or any third-party trading robots. Had it not been for this “issue,” IQoption may well have gobbled up the lion’s share of the global binary option market.

This “issue” of theirs is much more intricate though. It could never have been solved by the opening up of the platform to auto trading. Everyone involved with binary options knows that the vast majority of auto traders are scams. They are associated with various brokers of a dubious moral compass, most of whom aren’t licensed to begin with. A company of IQoption’s stature would never get involved in such shady activities.

Testimonials from real traders

Please let me know if you have any experience with IQ Option and I’ll include your testimonial in this review.

“Also if you have any information about iqoption as binary options broker. I am testing it and has really a very good trading plattform, indeed, the best one I have seen, with very a big surface, can display tradings in form either of ticks or of candles up to one minute, some indicators can be used too, trend lines the trading plattform can be used in demo account even without having to first deposit any money and a real account can also be opened beginning with 10 euro and trades can be individuallöy selected beginning with 1 euro. They sit in London and they say they are regulated. Offer both 60 second trades and binary options.”

“I have received a call from IQ Option by a gentleman who is providing me with assistance in the matter. I am genuinely blown away by this customer service. I have received my deposit back from IQ Option to my card and the Bankwire transfer currently being processed. The truth is that I should have been a bit more patient with them as they do seem to be doing exactly as promised and for this I am grateful.”

See also an interview with an IQ Option trader.

IQ Option Review Conclusion

If you’re serious about binary options trading, get yourself an account with IQ Option if you don’t already have one. At first you can sign up for the free demo account.


We recommend joining our Facebook signals group. The IQ Option platform is fully compatible with our signals. Our signal providers have documented success rates of up to 90%. While trading with a demo, feel free to experiment and learn, but when using a real money account, you need to make sure you’re doing it right, so feel free to contact us if you need assistance. You may leave a comment below this review or email us at

Broker name IQ Option
Launched in founded in 2013
Website URL
Trading platform/app Proprietary
Trader demographics All countries, except USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran. Users from Malta cannot use their iOS mobile application. The Android app is unavailable in Malta, Myanmar, Liechtenstein and Cuba.
24/7 Support English, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian
Regulation CySEC
Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Trade $1
Maximum Trade $5,000
Deposit/withdrawal methods Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, iDeal, Fasapay, Neteller, Boleto
Withdrawal Up to 3 working days
Assets 100+ Currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities
Mobile App iOS/Android
Verdict Truly impressive

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IQ Option

How to start trading with IQ Option TODAY

  1. Get yourself a free demo account with IQ Option.
  2. Send us a message via Facebook and tell us you would like to join our signals group.
  3. Start practicing the signals on your demo account. We’re around if you have any questions.
  4. After 1-2 weeks and once you manage to be consistently profitable, you can start trading on a real account. Minimum deposit is $10.

Please comment below if you have any questions or feedback regarding IQ Option!

IQ Option FAQ

Got any questions about IQ Option? You’re welcome to contact me.

What documents do I have to send in order to verify my account?

You will need to send scanned copies of a government issued ID, a utility bill and a copy of your signed credit card if that is the withdrawal method you are using (hide the credit number, obviously).

BinaryOnline Broker Review

Founded in 2013 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria, BinaryOnline is one of the leading brokers in the binary options industry. This broker gained popularity in a short span of time by providing an excellent customer service and a user-friendly trading platform, although being new on the market. With multiple experts in the trading field, BinaryOnline is no less in terms of quality and services offered.

BinaryOnline abide by strict rules and regulations in accordance with KYC policies and Anti-Money Laundering [AML] policy to help protect traders’ funds. This is done in an attempt to protect all personal information from any frauds. We also recommend clients to use their own Credit/Debit cards to fund their accounts to avoid any issues later.

BinaryOnline customers are required to submit certain compliance procedures after funding their trading account so that their accounts are fully verified and they can thus proceed with their dealings. Know Your Customer [KYC] documents consist of a proof of identity, a proof of address and a proof of payment. If you do not provide these, you would not be able to trade and also if you requested for a withdrawal, your request will not be accepted.

BinaryOnline offers clients with a Welcome Bonus upon registration. Please note that according to the bonus policy set by the company, clients would be eligible to bonuses only if they provide all your correct details, follow all procedures and are fully compliant. Bonuses provided are added in the trader’s tradeable fund and thus he can use this bonus only for trading purposes.

However, traders should be cautioned against accepting any bonuses, as according to its terms and conditions, a broker can in fact be used to hold one’s initial deposit hostage, further down the line. Learn more about the conflict of interests inherent in binary options.

BinaryOnline Trading Platform

BinaryOnline makes use of the latest technologies to provide and the main trading platform that is currently powering BinaryOnline is Panda TS. This platform is user-friendly and it is quite simple to use with a number of handy trading tools incorporated within the website. More and more brokers seem to use Panda TS platform lately as it allows traders to access a myriad of assets available on the market.

The handiest, simplest and most useful trading tool which is built into the BinaryOnline platform is the Trader Trend one, which is essentially a market-sentiment indicator, giving traders valuable clues regarding the odds involved with the trade they are considering.

Another great feature is Copy Trading which allows less experienced traders to copy the moves of more successful or experienced traders in the field. This copy trading feature is in fact, one of the main selling points of the Panda TS software.

BinaryOnline Platform
You can try BinaryOnline’s Platform without funding an account

BinaryOnline Option Types

The option types supported by the BinaryOnline platform are advertised as “trading tools.” The most basic of these is obviously the classic High/Low one. The High/Low options feature expiry times ranges from 15 minutes to 9 months. The minimum investment amount required for this trading tool is $5, which is great from a money-management perspective and the maximum amount can exceed till $2,500. The maximum percentage payout rate on offered on this tool is up to 85%.

The Range options allow traders to predict whether the price of an underlying asset will break out of a predetermined range or not. Expiry times on such trades usually follow intervals of 15 minutes to one day. The maximum payout rate on this tool is 78%, and the minimum investment amount required is $5.

One Touch options come with expiry rates with intervals of 15 minutes. This tool also offer payout rates of up to 85%. The target prices for the One Touch trades are predetermined. Traders can choose though whether they aim for the higher or the lower target rate. Traders can win trades before the expiry time set.

The short-term options offered by BinaryOnline are called Hyper Options. They come with expiry rates ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes interval. These options are designed for instant results. The minimum investment is $5 on this product too, and the maximum payout rate is set is up to 78%.

Copy trading is simply about copying the moves of another trader. The most successful traders of the platform are displayed on the right hand side in the copy trading section. People can copy the trades of these gurus at one click, without having to follow them.

The Social Trading feature gives copy-trading an added dimension. It allows traders to actually analyze the trading profiles of those they intend to follow. They can then proceed to copy the trades of these experts in the field. While social trading is indeed about copying the moves of other traders, it also allows users to retain full control over their trading process.

BinaryOnline Education

The BinaryOnline education section is called the Winners’ Corner. It offers the usual medley of educational material, but unlike similar offerings of other binary options brokers, their education section is broken into separate categories for beginners, intermediate traders and pros.

The Beginners’ section features an assortment of articles covering the basics and sharing a number of useful tips. An interesting article provided is the one dealing with the 5 reasons why binary option traders fail. A beginners’ strategy section is provided as well.

The Intermediate Traders’s section deals with more advanced concepts, such as trend identification, money and risk management, and very specific strategies concerning the trading of the EUR/USD pair.

For Pro traders, the bar is further raised. Articles on how to evaluate trading signals and how to put them to use dominate, but candlestick charts and candlestick patterns are also explained. Various advanced trading strategies are dealt with as well.

To complete the educational package, the Binary Insight section covers market research as well as education through a selection of videos. The main video library is called the “Knowledge Base,” which is accessible to all, unlike the videos and articles contained in the Binary Insight section.

BinaryOnline Account Types

BinaryOnline features three different account types, but they manage to cover an astounding range of deposits with them. The base account is the Takeoff account, which requires a minimum deposit of $250.

The Takeoff account offers full access to the Winners’ Corner as well as to regular webinars. It also comes with a 25% bonus and 24/7 support and daily market analysis are also parts of this package.

The Standard account requires a $ 2,500 minimum deposit. It comes with everything described above, plus a number of other perks, including 2 weeks of free trading signals and a personal trading advisor. The bonus with this package is 50%.

The Elite account is the Premium one, on which the minimum deposit is $10,000. The free trading signals are delivered for three weeks straight with this one, and there are 10 risk-free trades included in the package too. Those who opt for this account will enjoy higher payouts and they will be able to trade live with a personal Expert Trader. Traders should never forget though that such a personal manager works for the trader and thus, his/her advice should always be taken with a grain of salt. The best course of action is to just refuse to accept the services of such an assistant.
In addition to all the above, there’s an Islamic trading account on offer too, which covers a wide range of underlying assets and which features no spreads or commissions of any nature. Dedicated, 24/7 customer support is available for these accounts as well.

BinaryOnline Trader Compliance

In order to be allowed to withdraw and to manipulate their funds, traders will have to fulfill a set of compliance requirements at the site. They will need to provide proof of their identity (through the color copy of their ID card, their Driver’s License or their Passport.

Proof of address is required too. A utility bill will suffice in this regard. The proof of payment calls for a copy of the credit/debit card the trader has used for the deposit. Last, but not least, an Investment Testimony Form has to be downloaded from the BinaryOnline site, filled out and uploaded back.

All the above said documents can be uploaded through the My Account section, or, alternatively, through Fax.

BinaryOnline Support

The BinaryOnline support staff can be contacted through an email form, or through Live Chat support is available too, together with a handy Call Back service. Two phone numbers are available for support too: +442030265665 in the UK and +61288800196 in Australia. The compliance department can be contacted through

BinaryOnline Review Conclusion

As per our observation, this broker is above the average binary options trading destination, with a solid platform and an interest to educate its traders. Though not being regulated, this broker puts a lot of emphasis in protecting the investment of traders. The community feedback regarding this broker is on the positive side.


Already got an account with BinaryOnline? Please leave a comment below sharing your experience with this broker.

Broker name BinaryOnline
Jurisdiction – (based in Bulgaria)
Regulated No
Launched in 2013
Website URL
Trading platform Panda TS
Support, email form, live chat, phone, Call back
Trader Demographics New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Sweden, Germany, South Africa
App compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Minimum required deposit $250
Minimum trade amount $5
Maximum return 85% – more with Premium Account
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/7
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses Different amounts on different account-types
Social Trading Yes

You are invited to read our Guide to Choosing a Binary Options Broker if you’re interested in reading additional objective broker reviews.