Short-term Reversal Trading Pattern

Your capital may be at risk. This material is not investment advice.

Snir’s short-term binary options reversal trading pattern is one of the most successful and profitable binary option trading patterns that can be used by binary option investors of all experience levels.

In order to get started with this profitable reversal trading pattern, you need access to a charting solution, such as Free Stock Charts, which happens to be one of the most highly rated charting solutions offered for free. Once your charting solution has loaded, you will be required to change the time frame on your charting solution to a period of one minute. That way each candlestick that you see represents a period of one minute. One of the best advantages in regards to this trading pattern would be that it requires the use of zero technical indicators meaning that we will rely solely on price action analysis in order to successfully implement this trading pattern. In addition, this short-term reversal pattern is most accurate during the early London market session (07:00 GMT to 10:00 GMT) along with the opening of the New York trading session from 12:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT.

Short-term reversal trading pattern demonstration

When looking to place a CALL investment, the first condition that you must come across would be a clear bearish (downward) trend during the past 2 hours. If you see that your targeted asset possess this characteristic, then we look to place a 10 minute CALL investment once price has reached an all-time low during the bearish trend. In order for a PUT investment to be executed, the first condition that we search for would be a strong and clear bullish (upward) trend to be occurring during the past 2 hours. If your targeted asset possess this characteristic, then we look to execute a 10 minute PUT investment only once price has reached a new high time during the current trend. To see this short-term reversal trading pattern in action click on the video above.

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