SnapCash Binary Review

SnapCash Binary offers a completely new take on auto-trading. Does it work though?

I’ve been trading binary options for quite a few years now and over time, I have indeed developed an eye for spotting legitimate offers and shady deals. I have to say though that with SnapCash Binary, I was more than a bit confused, mostly due to their marketing practices, which seem less than ideal here and there.

I eventually put my own money onto the line with this one though – something I do not do often – and I ended up drawing my own conclusions. The first thing that one will spot as soon as he/she lands on the SnapCashBinary homepage, is the promise of $1,200 per day. That promise is overly optimistic and it just doesn’t look good at all. I personally haven’t been able to hit that mark, though that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. The success rate that they claim in the Snap Cash Binary promotional video is more than a little far-fetched. From my own experience and from the testimonials of other traders, I can safely say that the real success rate is far below that.

What Is The SnapCash Binary Software?

SnapCash Binary isn’t a full-fledged auto trader, which – considering the reputation and the general capabilities of the latter – is in fact a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Most of the auto traders advertised out there do not require human intervention. Snap Cash Binary on the other hand, does. In fact, the final word on whether a trade is made or not, belongs to the user.

SnapCash Binary Sign Up Page
SnapCash Binary Sign Up Page

What Snap Cash Binary really does, is to identify trading opportunities, to set up the trades and to present it to the trader for approval. It is a sort of trading assistant, which is very capable and which indeed does all the “dirty work” for the trader. Because of the way it’s set up, it works for those without any trading skills too, although if one knows a thing or two about binary options, that’s definitely a plus. Snapcash Binary acts as a sort of “lone wolf” in the markets. Not being bound by the limitations set by a broker, it identifies more potentially profitable trading opportunities than regular auto traders do and it thus offers the user a significant edge – or at least this is what it’s supposed to accomplish.

Who Is Austin Ford?

The guy behind the SnapCash Binary project and the promotional video available at, is Austin Ford, a programmer turned trading specialist who has been involved with financial software and who has apparently had to deal with some of Wall Street’s own software. Austin’s story is a pretty generic one as far as promotional material is concerned, and it left me thoroughly unimpressed, to be honest.

The guy is eloquent though and he has no qualms about slapping his face onto his product. He’s also stylish, rolling around in an Aston Martin and handing people money to give his software a try. He also seems to purchase a home with a pool and a vineyard, and he’s not shy to showcase his wealth. I have never heard about Austin Ford before Snap Cash Binary, and as such, his presence and his person were in no ways instrumental in my decision to reach for my wallet so to speak, and to give snapcashbinary a try. After all, regardless of what one says and does, the proof is always in the profits, or in the lack thereof.

Austin Ford - Snap Cash Binary
Austin Ford – Snap Cash Binary

How Does SnapCashBinary Work?

Snapcash Binary’s name is a reference to SnapChat, because of the way it serves up its suggested trades. Once installed on a mobile phone, whenever a new trading opportunity arises, the Snap Cash Binary app pops it onto the screen. The trader can then choose to accept the said trade or not. If the trade accepted, it goes through, generating a profit or a loss – depending on its outcome. If it’s not accepted, it is discarded by the software, never to be featured again.

According to Snapcash Binary’s maker, the way the trading opportunities are identified and eventually acted upon, is based on some of Wall Street’s own trading algorithms – bold claim, and one that I personally didn’t really like. I like to know what goes on in the background, and in the case of snapcashbinary, there’s just too much secrecy for my taste. There’s apparently a team of “elite” brokers involved in the mix too, together with the above said algorithms…

My Personal Experience With SnapCash Binary

As I said above, I wasn’t particularly impressed with SnapCash Binary’s presentation and with the details Austin Ford provided about the software. Despite the fact that the video was actually enjoyable – its production values much better than one would expect from a typical auto trader ad – it didn’t convince me. The reason I decided to give it a try nonetheless was that I found its format intriguing.

In the end though, it gave me too little control and actual inside-knowledge regarding the trades, so I did feel a bit like driving around in the fog. Another thing which contributed to the vote of confidence I effectively delivered by making my deposit, was the fact that they never said I wouldn’t have to invest any money, In fact, Ford hands money to the people taking part in the testing in the video, for deposit-purposes.

As I Said Above Though, The Proof Is Always In The Profits And That’s Where SnapCashBinary Delivered

Albeit not in the spectacular manner advertised on its homepage. I had to make my own deposit (the minimum on which is $250), and I ended my first day of “trading” with $872 – a far cry from what the people featured in the video accomplished. It is also true though that I was extra-cautious, and I accepted few trades. For the following 5 days, I built up a roll of a little over $2k, after which I loosened up a little and accepted more trades. This move resulted in a few losses for me, so I tightened back up.

I now have some $3,436 in my account, though it has to be said that I haven’t actually cashed out anything yet. From what I’ve seen, the success rates generated by Snap Cash Binary are around the 70% mark at best, but the software does indeed work.

Video Demonstration Of The Snap Cash Binary App

Here’s a video I captured showing one session I had with the Snap Cash Binary software. It was one of my best sessions with the software and I made $100 in an hour and a half. As you can see, the software exhibited a 100% win rate with a 5 winning trades out of a total of 5 positions opened by the software.

Keep in mind that since this session was filmed on a Sunday, not many signals were available. On weekdays many more signals will be provided including more commodities, currency pairs, stocks and indices.

SnapCash Binary Specs

Software title SnapCash Binary
Launched in October 2016
Created by Austin Ford
Website URL
Login page for registered users
Trading platform/app proprietary
Trader Demographics Everyone, everywhere (except for a few countries in Africa and Asia.)
App compatibility Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Minimum required deposit $250
Maximum deposit Unlimited
Customer service Eager to assist, available 24/7
Mobile trading Yes
Bonuses Broker-dependent

Snap Cash Binary Software Features

Signing up to Austin Ford’s software is extremely easy and the process features the usual steps. At the Snapcashbinary home page, one is required to provide a name and an email address. Once that is done, the trader is taken to a second page, which features another video message from Austin Ford and where the rest of the registration can be completed. In this second video, Ford provides registration-guidance. Traders will have to provide their phone number as well and -as Ford mentions – emails have to be accurate, because the software will in fact be periodically updated to keep up with the changing market-conditions.

Can SnapCash Binary Be Used On Autopilot?

Auto-trading function. While SnapCash Binary is focused on the above described format, which allows traders to say “yes” or “no” to the trading opportunities that pop up, it also has an auto-trading function, which can be activated by anyone, and which completely eliminates all human interaction. I personally haven’t given this feature a try, because I simply do not trust auto-traders on one hand… On the other, actually having a say in which trades are executed and which are not, was one of Snap Cash Binary’s main attractions for me.

Minimum Deposit And Success Rate

The $250 minimum deposit is rather accessible and most people can afford to part with that much to give this software a go. I certainly did and I didn’t grow to regret it, even though my results were much less spectacular than what’s advertised.

The snapcashbinary success rate is around 70%, possibly a few percentage points above it. That’s what I’ve seen from personal experience and that’s what most of the traders using the software have also said. While that is indeed well enough to generate profits on a consistent basis, it’s much less than the above-90% rates mentioned by Ford in his video.

The SnapCash Binary Platform

Snap Cash Binary is extremely easy to install and to set up. From the point when the decision to go for it is actually made, to when the trades start popping up, there’s possibly less than 1 minute, a couple of minutes at most.

The user-friendliness of the software is top-notch. Everything in the snapcashbinary interface is self-explanatory and one can indeed use the product without any prior experience in trading or specialized skills.

What’s The Catch? Why Is SnapCash Binary Given For Free?

Snap Cash Binary seemed to work for me. Again, my results weren’t impressive, but they were indeed in-line with what most of the other traders reported, and most importantly: they were positive. Will I continue using the Snap Cash binary software? I think my next step will be to cash out some money. I only plan to leave about $500 in. I hope it’ll work out!

SnapCash Binary Review Conclusion

Although its marketing-approach has been less than convincing for me, SnapCash binary did in fact work. I still do not know what makes it tick and that makes me uncomfortable, but the software delivered proof and at the end of day, that’s all that matters. I did not make use of their auto-trading function, instead choosing to approve every trade manually. It was more pain-staking this way, but at least it gave me an illusion of control. The bottom line: Snapcash Binary has worked for me.

NOTE: doesn’t recommend the use of auto traders. Experienced traders may benefit from legit signal software; everyone else should stick with manual signals.

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  1. I think that was the most honest writing I have read on any algorithm binary option opportunity. I have read about SnapCashBinary on 2 other websites. Nowhere near as clear as the initial other 2. Thank you for your report. I would like to stay tuned to your information. Excellent website, from someone who has been burnt 3 times using ROBOTS and binary option website programs. I definitely agree with you about the manual as opposed to automated. Omgoodness I lost my money using automated.

    Again many thanks this was a great article to read. I will let you know how I do.

  2. Sorry I mean to say Nowhere near as clear this sentence should read yours is very clear how you have explained it and the other 2 are nowhere near as clear as what you have written. Thank you again. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Who is the Binary Broker you are assigned to? that makes a huge difference when it comes to making ‘Withdrawals’ from your account. Please tell me who the Broker is or who you can choose from?

      1. I just reviewed the experiences of others using GTOptions and did not look good and for that matter the rest of these binary brokers are basically scams.Who do you trust?

  4. Hello, please i view your review and is very interesting, but i can only pay with skrill, if the broker that asigned not accept, can i change the broker?

    And what you recomended, SnapCash or Copy Buffet?

  5. I tried to pay twice and it came up with the following …

    Error: BIN country is in black list

    Are you able to check and let me know what this means? Thanks so much

  6. Sorry herewith again, I tried to pay to join SnapCashBinary it came up with this comment …

    Error: BIN country is in black list

    I am from New Zealand and I tried twice

  7. Sorry I’m asking about whether they accept traders from New Zealand

    I tried to enter my credit card details twice and it came back with this message

    Error: BIN country is in black list

    I wondered if you knew what this means?

    Thank you

  8. Great software, at least it seems pretty good after one day of using it.. i turned snapcash auto trader yesterday the whole day and my balance increased in $230. Today, i started with a small loss, but currently I’m already at $243 so it’s exciting and frightening at the same time:) hope to share more good news later. Ian

      1. Is GTO, available in the US?? I hear, that there are so many non regulated brokers out there who take their time in paying you or even giving you your returns…. Have you heard of anyone complaining about the brokers assigned by Snap Cash bin, not conforming to what the Auto trader is promising??

  9. I got secured options and i resented it like crazy because of all the bad reviews other people have experienced until one trader from youtube. Helped me out. He said it’s not secured options that’s the problem it’s their brokers. Don’t let a broker handle your account they are aggressive and horrible. Don’t take bonuses insurances or anything they offer you. This is what causes all the problems at the end of the day. I’m actually enjoying secured options platform. To our success.

  10. Hello, I got all set up with snap cash software and stbinary broker. I set it on low risk, 25$ and currency then saved. It takes one trade and then after that trade has expired it remains under the open trades tab which I believe in turn tells the software I have my max trades in due to my settings. The expired trade remains under the open trade tab on the brokers platform also. I cant get a new trade unless I refresh the browser which resets everything. Please advise. I sent info to snapcash support as well as stbinary.

  11. I tried SnapCash and my first couple of trades were losses. Then I found your review so I decided to try again. What a surprise! This time I won and my balance is back to where I started – $500. Now I just praying that it keeps generating profits for me!

    1. Hi Pete,
      How is it going now,did you make Some profits in the next days?
      I also lost in my first day and now I am afraid to continue.
      Is the software reliable ?


  12. I have an annoying problem. I’ve signed up at SnapCashBinary and successfully made a deposit at my assigned broker which is TradeXtra. Whenever I activate the Auto Trading an error message appears that tells me “customerNotAllowedToTrade”. The same goes for Manual Trading.

    I’ve written an E-Mail to SnapCashBinary support, but so far no answer.

    1. I believe this is because you haven’t verified your account yet. To do that, please contact your broker, TradeXtra. Keep in mind that due to a holiday, they may not be available to answer until Tuesday this week.

      1. Hola, tengo mismo problema y de tredextred no me dan respuesta!!!No se cual es mi agente pero no puedo activar!Desde dos semanas estoy preguntando y esplicando pero nada toda una respuesta e de inglés y no comprendo! Usted puede ayudar me por favor!!!
        Saludos cordiales

  13. I’m from the US and am willing to try a non-regulated broker just to see if the software from SnapCashBinary will work. It has assigned me Rumelia Capital as a broker. Have you ever heard of Rumelia Capital?

  14. thanks for your excellent review!! can’t wait to get started with snapcash. just waiting for my next paycheck, I already have an account with gtoptions. can you save my spot please??

  15. Hallo

    Ik probeerde geld te storten alleen ze accepteren cards en ik heb geen creditcard ofzo, dus kan ook op een andere manier geld op storten? En ik kreeg tradextra als broker aangeboden is die goed?

  16. I’m shocked! I was sure I’m just throwing away money as I did with Quantum Code, but SnapCash actually works! Still after 3 days I find it hard to believe!! We’ll see if they actually honor the withdrawal I’ll make next week.

  17. Hi,
    Thank You for your review.
    I’m new to binary Options.
    Sigining up with snapcash binary today.
    Can you let me know what do you mean by saying, don’t let broker manage your account ?

  18. Hello ! I registered and TradeXtra has been selected to use SnapCash. Reliable, controlled broker? Do you have experience?

  19. Hi! You may use the software to snap cash in automatic mode at night and daytime? 0-24
    And this weekend? What is your experience? Which is the best time?

    1. Anytime works great as long as there are no special news releases. It’s always recommended to see an economic calendar before starting a trading session.

  20. Hello! I also like to ask that if I activate the automated trading, you can disconnect from the Internet, or need to stay constantly online? Thanks.

  21. Is there ANY way to get help from ‘snap cash’ ? they have NEVER replied to questions or issues sent through customer support through snap cash site !

  22. I registered with snapcash and made a deposit. I may have got 2 letters reversed in my email and when I tried to click on the support email from the webpage it had an email setup with my daughter’s email address. I checked all emails thoroughly, including daughter’s, for a welcome instruction email from snapcash and none was received. I corrected my email at the brokerage. I had the snapcash software up on my screen but then the computer was shut off by a family member, I think, and that was the last I saw of it and I searched high and low for a connection. No email from them was received. The broker I got is 23Traders. It, unlike others, has no place to put the amount to withdraw. I guess I have to email accounts with my withdrawal request. I question their integrity. Is their any way I can get in touch with snapcash to get the connection that links the software to the brokerage otherwise I will have to withdraw my funds. If there is no solution please make your best recommendation for a similar auto robot service that performs without problems and does efficiently. I tried Fintech Ltd. and I lost 63 USD over one day and the contact for setup information was slow and ? to understand. Reports on them were inconsistent. Others on you tube were easy to understand. What about Binary 5? Thxs.

  23. I am interested in signing up for snap cash but I wonder about the withdrawal process. I find them to be reputable. I am a US resident and it I were to make a deposit using say for instance my Gm card, would I get money back on the card after making a withdrawal or they would mail me a different card? Would it be better to get a loadable or prepaid card?

    1. Withdrawals are made into the same credit card you deposited with. As long as you don’t accept bonuses, you shouldn’t have any trouble withdrawing your earnings.

  24. Hello. I registered with Snapcash today and I wanted to ask when is the best time to take the trade, when the direction of the arrow changes color (up or down) or when the time hits zero (beginning of every minute)?

    1. When using an auto trader , you just set the amount and the risk level then you put the auto trader ” on” the you press ” set” , the auto trader will do all the work for you . You can live it like that and just come later to see how is it performing. I hope this info will be helpful .

  25. Good day I deposited 250$ in my account I can’t trade since there’s no auto trading option in my account, Austin snapcash support don’t reply my emails. Balance appear in my portfolio please assist it’s frustrate me almost a week now…

  26. Hi admin I don’t know what to trust anymore because some blogs are saying that snapcash is a scam and some are saying it’s not(this blog included.Please advice because I really need a binary automation program for income ?

    And please advice if 23Traders Brokers is legit or not for Snapcash ?

      1. I had tried funding before approximately a month ago and 23Traders was automatically assigned to me. Immediately, after deposit, got a rush of phone calls to my cellphone. Unfortunately, I answered one of them and accounts from 23Traders talked to me and brought a broker on the line. I explained what my deposit was for and they told me that robot software was not as good as an experienced agent (Trader). It became so frustrating to find the problem to get snapcash to work, over the next weeks that I allowed a broker agent there to do 3 trades and he blew the deposit right out to ZERO. His attitude was awful. I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT to use 23Traders. I would prefer someone with a solid reputation like GT Options or Porter Financial. (Loosing my investment money was a loss that I did not need at this time since my Canadian oilpatch work is scant and we have few funds). Now I have no investment funds. Adding insult to injury the broker knew of my financial predicament. At this point I cannot find out whether snapcash or any other auto software will generate. I will never use an agent again.

  27. I believe in my experiences and I tried out some advices from videos on the web.
    The first rule I concidered most important is to invest money that you do not worry to lose!

  28. Hi there I just got the Snapcash Binary Software last week and my assigned broker is TradeXtra. The broker called me offering me their services and I said No but they have sent me a Trading agreement and are asking me to sign it. They are also asking me to send in a copy of my credit card I used to fund the account with, proof of address, copy of my passport/ID… etc.. The agreement mentions the words bonuses and it cleary states in the agreement “The client cannot trade until the bonus has been deposited into the account by TradeXtra”. Can you please tell me if I should sign this? I am a beginner and do not want to sign something that will get me into trouble later on. To be clear I do NOT want to use their services or receive bonuses from them. Any direction regarding this is highly appreciated as I would like to begin trading ASAP. Thanks

  29. No, they are not trusted broker, they are not regulated and I am still having an open case with them, I hope I will get my balance money back.

    1. I got my money back, and I amvery happy about that. What means that the complains have worked, because the next day, they called to ask me why did I posted a complain about them, so after explained they apologise and they offer me a bonus to cancel my opinion, what I will never do. In other review sites, that sucks, did get the bonus offered to thembecause I do not see my review anymore, plus they give 92/100 on the new report!!!

  30. Hi. Please help me. I have register at snapcash binary and the system just gave me binary brokerz as my broker. i have deposit the minimum amount to binary brokerz. My balance at binary brokerz show that i have USD 250 but at snapcash binary systems it shows my balance is USD 0 and the snapcash binary system just show that i have to deposit to binary brokerz to invest. Why it is like that? I already contact the snapcash support at but sadly the google was return to me that “no mailbox by that name is currently available”. Can you help me about this? Thank you for your help.

  31. Hi. I lost all the money I put into it. Started with 300 dollars, turned on auto trader, immediately had four losses. In two weeks I never got back to my original deposit. During that time I tried over and over to get help, but no one ever answered. During the two weeks, my account yo-yoed up and down between 150 and 50 and back up again. Each week it rallied to around 250 dollars but never over that. At the end of the second week I had 256 dollars. During that two weeks I had never lost more than 50 dollars a day, then win, like I said it yo-yoed back and forth. This afternoon I got on and Omega Options said I had to deposit because I had money. So I never lost that much money in one day and now in a half of a day I lose 256 dollars?
    Just letting you know my experience.
    It isn’t so much with this system that I lost the money, though that is, of course, important. What bothers me is the outrageous claim of how much you will make versus the true reality of the system. I would have settled for 60 percent. Instead, I lost it all. And they send you upgrades you can’t find and never respond to anything. Such a horrible way to run anything. I would recommend you give your 250 dollars to the next kid you see on the street. It will be put to better use. ANyway, that’s my take. Just trying to spread the word about my experience with “Austin Ford’s” system.

  32. HI,

    I’m new to snap cash. I made an immediate deposit to the broker. However, the problem is that the snap cash software is not reflecting the deposit amount in the account. Snap cash email is not valid is what I keep seeing when I email for help. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. I believe so, although with a limited broker selection probably. Keep in mind I don’t recommend using auto traders, especially if you’re new to binary options.

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