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Swarm Intelligence is one of the newest binary options auto-traders on the market, and unlike most of its peers, this product is indeed legitimate. It could actually serve as a base of comparison for all the other such products promoted out there. The SwarmIntelligence promotional video – pushed by the creators of the software – is indeed what the marketing effort of a legitimate product should look like. Unlike all the scams, this one is focused almost exclusively on the technology that powers the trader. The promises it makes are very plausible and reasonable too.

Everyone who’s ever had the misfortune of running into one of the auto trading scams, knows how the promotional videos of such products focus on showcasing various images of wealth and luxury. Tens of minutes go into the listing of all the things one could buy with the hypothetical profits accrued through the promoted product. Yachts are shown, fancy cars are driven by the actors hired to push the trader, and some even go as far as to stick fake logos on a corporate jet rented for filming purposes. None of that happens in the Swarm Intelligence video though, and that’s great: we don’t need that nonsense. What we do need is to gain at least a general understanding of what makes the system tick, and why we should believe that it’s capable of winning any trades at all. The Swarm Intelligence presentation provides all that and more.

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The Swarm Technology

The Swarm auto-trader is based on Swarm Intelligence, a concept long-known and experimented with in cutting-edge science. It is one of the cornerstones of artificial intelligence development. What exactly is SI though? It is the collective behavior of swarms of decentralized agents. The individual agents are unaware of this global intelligent behavior. They merely interact with some of their peers and their environment, based on a set of simple rules. The “intelligence” is manifested on a global level, despite the lack of all centralized control. The easiest way to understand what SI looks like in action, is to take a look at nature, where swarms of birds and insects as well as schools of fish offer some visually pleasing examples in this respect.

SI can be natural and artificial too. The applications of SI-based artificial systems are numerous. The US military has been experimenting with such systems for self-driving vehicles, while NASA has been performing research involving planetary mapping. You can read more about the applications of Swarm intelligence on Wikipedia.

In the trading context, Swarm prediction is what we’re mostly interested in. This application of SI is one aimed at the forecasting of problems. The approach to Swam Intelligence adopted by the Swarm Intelligence software is a little different from the above described models. In their system, there actually is a central authority making heads and tails of the signals generated by the swarm. Also, their agents aren’t simplistic organisms or systems either. They are in fact rather intricate trading programs, possibly capable of generating valuable trading signals on their own. The model that the Swarm system attempts to copy is that of human swarming.

Yes, human can swarm in a sense as well. Experiments in this regard cited by Swarm Intelligence’s CEO include horse racing and Academy Award predictions, done by study groups. In all these cases, it has been found that the predictions posted by the groups were much more accurate than those of individuals – regardless of their level of expertise.

What happens in such group settings is that individuals complete and fill in gaps in each-others’ knowledge. This way, a sort of super-intelligence is born. The swarm consists of the sum of the skills and knowledge of those taking part in it. As long as it manages to tell weaknesses apart from strengths and eliminate them from equation, it will naturally become much better at what it’s trying to accomplish.

This is how the Swarm Intelligence system works. Thomas Porter, the programmer who made it all happen, explains that the system uses no fewer than 10 different auto-traders, each of them working a completely different system. Every one of the auto-traders covers the three pillars of proper market analysis. The mechanics, the technical analysis part as well as the fundamentals. Mechanical trading is based on analysis of historic data, and its use to draw conclusions for possible future movements in the price of the targeted asset. While it alone isn’t highly reliable, its results are always corroborated by trading signals resulting from technical analysis. Technical analysis works with charts, chart-patterns and various mathematical models. Proper technical analysis uses a selection of indicators, which generate trading signals. These signals have to point to the same conclusion for them to be deemed strong enough.

Last, but not least, we have the analysis of the fundamentals, which is perhaps the most difficult aspect to cover from the perspective of an automated trader. The fundamentals are about real life events and their impact on the evolution of a given asset-price. These events can be political or economic in nature. Virtually everything makes this category though, as even weather events have potentially major impacts on the markets.

As said above, every one of the trading systems used by the Swarm covers all the above said aspects of analysis. There are no fewer than 10 such systems working though, and they all use different means to arrive to their own conclusions. The Swarm Trading App only acts on a trade when the overwhelming majority of the signals generated by the 10 robots coincide. This approach makes certain that the signals used for actual trading are exceptionally strong indeed. There’s quite a bit of analysis and number-crunching required to push a signal through the system, but that’s what computers are really good for.

Swarm Intelligence’s Claims

The people behind the Swarm Intelligence software admit that it is not the kind of trader that will generate several trading signals every minute, and that it therefore might not be a good fit for action-junkies. It puts quality above quantity, and the signals on which it acts are truly outstanding indeed. Even so, the success rates on trades do not exceed the 83% mark. This claim is a very reasonable one, as shown by a number of other legitimate and working auto-traders that we have put to the test. When it comes to projected revenues, the Swarm Intelligence people are extremely cautious. There are a number of settings traders can tinker with in the Swarm App, and depending on how they manage their capital and how they throw their funds around, traders can make as much as $1,000 in profits per week.


What kind of control do traders have over the way SwarmIntelligence acts? On one hand, they have a money-management tool: they can set the amount of investment per trade, from $25 to $500. A more conservative approach leads to smaller and more manageable variance, but smaller long-term profits. As one’s balance grows, it’ll become feasible from a capital-management perspective to make larger investments though.

The other tool concerns the strength of the trading signal one wants the auto-trader to act on. The default setting in this respect is 9, which means that 9 of the above described 10 robots need to concur on a signal in order for it to be actually used. Traders are free to turn down signal strength to 8 or even 7, but they have to keep in mind that this way, they’ll be taking away from the power of the swarm. On the other hand, more trading signals will be let through the filter and more trades shall be placed. On the default setting of 9, 7-12 trades are taken by the system per day.

SwarmIntelligence Software
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Of course, one can also turn signal strength up to 10, in which case fewer signals are traded, but those that are, carry a higher likelihood of success. This setting is the equivalent of the conservative trading approach. The most cautious way to use the Swarm is to set the trade amount to $25 and the signal strength to 10.

In such situations, money management is of the essence. While sticking to a conservative approach all the time might make sense for some, those who really aim for performance, will want to keep in-line with the size of their balance. To this end, the creators of SwarmIntelligence have put together a money-management scheme, which allows traders to maximize their profits, while keeping the risks they’re taking at a minimum.

The SI System is in an incipient phase right now. It has been launched in early 2016, and while some testing has already been done, more of the same is needed for its creators to expand the operation. As said above, the current ITM rates are at around the 83% mark. You will need that much indeed if you intend to beat the binary option equation in the long-run. One does have to bear in mind however, that in order to reach the 83% mark, some variance, and lower ITM rates need to be overcome. This is where the SwarmIntelligence investment calculator can come in handy.

SwarmIntelligence Review Conclusion

The Swarm Intelligence App presents itself as a solid and well put-together operation. Though it is a small player on the binary options auto trading scene for the time being, its fundamentals are sound. Its technology is solid, and it actually adopts the same sort of approach some build-it-yourself auto-traders do, tossing in the extra of mechanical and fundamental analysis. By the looks of things, SwarmIntelligence does indeed deliver. The system gives traders a selection of brokers to pick from, giving them a certain amount of more than welcome control in this respect as well. The bottom line is, Swarm has all it takes to join the likes of  among the legitimate auto-traders that do indeed deliver on what they promise.

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80 thoughts on “Swarm Intelligence Software Review”

      1. Hi, Anna! I’m from Cambodia but now I live and work abroad in South Korea as a laborer within 36 months contract. I’m interested with Swam Intelligent system, and I would like to involve with this system if there are allow in South Korea too. I’m appreciated your help and support!

  1. Hi, I tried to join Swarm intelligence and was allocated these 2 brokers:- option bit and option stars global. Read some bad reviews abt both, just wondering if anyone has used them before. I’m in australia.

  2. I was assign with option star globel broker when I sign up to Swarm Intelligent. Are this broker legit? Btw im frm malaysia.

  3. I remember hearing about the Swarm Intelligence Software from a couple of long-time investment buddies back in early March, 2016. I am glad to see that it has finally become available to the public to utilize. I’ve been sick of all these bullsh*t auto traders flooding the market these past few months so it will be a nice change to have a legitimate software that utilizes more user-control options, flexible investment amounts and one that uses a number of cumulative approaches opposed to solely one. Looking forward to testing this software out starting tomorrow! I’ll post my results tomorrow after for my first day with the software for you all, thanks again for the great review Jacob!

    Tim Lanoue

    1. Hello Tim,

      Nice to hear that from you but I wanted to ask you something else as well. I started off with SI just 2 days ago with setting 9 for swarm intelligence and with no volatility at the moment and have had 2 losses straight up today 12/29/2016. 1st day i had 3 ITM and 1 OTm which was great second day with 4 ITMS and 3 OTMS which was not that good and today i have 3 OTM’s so far and one trade still pending this can’t be normal as per SI slogan and the reviews I have seen ??? Please do advise if there is anything wrong with what I am doing.

  4. As promised I have returned after my first fortnight and morning of using the Swarm System and in all honesty the results weren’t bad! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, in all honesty I was expecting to lose money because that is the only luck that I’ve had in the past when trying out trading systems but from last night until early this morning I had a total of 6 out of 8 investments land in-the-money giving me a 75% success rate. I had the settings set to 9 to start out with so I am planning on trying it at 10 to see if I can increase my success rate but overall I am very please thus far with my results! I will continue to provide results for you guys next week and I hope you all have a great and profitable weekend!

    Tim Lanoue

      1. Hey Andrew,

        Sorry, I have been extremely busy this week finishing up for finals but I do have some results for you. Since Monday, the software has stayed on a setting of 10 and has placed a total of 16 investments for me where 13 of them have landed in-the-money. I had set my trade volume up to $50 per investment as well (about 8% of my trading account per balance) and I have accumulated a profit of $363.50. I have asked for a $200 withdrawal as well and am supposed to receive it in 2 to 4 business days, I can notify you with you another comment here if you want when I receive it. I plan to come back on Friday to share my full week results, I have found having the Swarm Software run during the closing of the London session and throughout the opening of the Tokyo session to be the most profitable, I also try to avoid any news that I know is coming out as well. Hope you are well and I’ll check in later this week!

        Tim Lanoue

        1. Thanks Tim for all the tips and info. That’s an excellent start for you. Yes a full week’s results would be very good if you can. I’ve signed up now as well and hope to start soon. The broker I was assigned is not regulated so I’ve just deposited the minimum. All the best to you.


        2. Thanks Tim for all the info and tips. That’s an excellent start for you. Yes it would be very useful to have your full week’s trading results. I’ve signed up and funded an account myself but am having an issue in that the Swarm platform disappeared when depositing and I’m trying to get log-in details from their support, no reply so far! Best of luck with your finals as well.

          Andrew Fraser

    1. Yes, I believe it is, but probably not many brokers are available so it might be difficult to get in. If you’re having issues, try signing up at different hours. I think noon-afternoon GMT would work best.

  5. contacted their support and am truly impressive. They are the first trading software co. that have actually responded to my mail before i sign up and deposit with their broker. So guyz they are real. The only problem I have is the broker the software has connected me to. I have not heard anything about BARKLEY’S CAPITAL. From my research they are a few months old and unlicensed. Having dealt with eztradeoptions and tradequal i tend to fear this new broker(s).They are extremely unreliable and you will realize it when it comes to withdrawal of your accumulated profits. Swarm Intelligence is the real deal. Personally i think it’s the best of all the products I have seen this year. I wish it had an option of allowing people/traders to choose the broker(s) they want to sign up with from their brokers list. Otherwise whats the point of getting such a good signal service yet at the end of the month you will not be allowed to withdraw.

  6. Hey Guy’s & Gal’s…
    I’ve signed-up with Swarm Intelligence & was given Rumelia Capital as my Broker. Thats the same broker I was assigned when I signed up with SnapCash Binary, which I NEVER funded or used. What are your thoughts on them? I thought when we signed-up with SI, we were gonna be able to pick one of their chosen brokers or maybe I’m confusing them with Wikki Trader??

    Your thoughts please!

    Michael Anderson

  7. Hi Anna/Jacob,
    I’ve tried to sign up to Swarm Intelligence in Australia, and I was given OptionBit as a broker. After reading some awful reviews about them, I tried with a different email address and was given PWRTrade. Unfortunately the reviews for them were no better.
    Have you had any dealings with either of these brokers?

  8. Hello! I registered two days ago, and paid the $ 250. Bynary the online broker. It has been uploaded documents. Confirmed the broker to fully ellenörzött.Nem gives me signals software. The setting is good. During Swarm Level 8 2 days was not a sign. What could be the problem?

  9. I have been assigned CT options and on another email address Binary Online. Does anyone have any experience with these brokers?

  10. I just sign in with Swarm Intelligence software and I was assigned with Rumelia Capital. The broker told me to deposit $350 not $250. How do I log back in Swarm Intelligence software?


  11. Hello Andrew,

    Thank you for the Swarm Intelligence Log In Link.

    I will make a deposit next week possibly monday. Send my

    Verification documents. After verified by my broker

    then I can start to trade ?

  12. I recently joined Mike’s Simi-Autotrader but when I tried to get into a trade an error code poped up. What do I do about that?

  13. Hello Andrew,

    I just got verified documents from my broker today.
    I am not fully synchronized with my broker (Rumelia Capital) , for example I don’t see the currency pairs
    and stocks in my Swrarm Intelligence trading platform.
    Can you pls help me fix this issue so that I can start trading.


    1. Hey Arnulfo… How long did it take to get Verified with Rumelia? I’ve been waiting on them since Monday, they said 3-5 days on Verification. But, I’m having the same issue’s now with not being in Synch with SI. I’ve tried SI’s Support twice, but nothing back from them. I’m worried too that even when I’m Verified, I WILL NOT be in Synch & can’t get any assistance.
      Please inform. You can reach me at “mdacja05@gmail.com”. Any info is better than no info at all!


      1. Thanks Andrew, I hope SI resolve it soon so I can start trading.

        Hello Michael, it took 3 days for me to get verified from Rumelia. Then a broker ask me if I can deposit more money but I said I don’t have anymore than $350

  14. Yea that Broker (Rumelia Capital) is difficult to work with! But, my biggest problem is with Swarm-Intelligence’s Support Group… I’ve sent 2-email’s asking for some assistance with my App NOT being in Synch & haven’t gotten a Reply yet! It’s been a week. What are we to do to get assistance? I don’t care how good it works for someone else when it doesn’t work for me! What do we do? How can we get assistance with this software? This is painful! It’s like who can you trust with your time & money? I don’t know what to do? I’m lucky enough to get in on the software, but it doesn’t work right. What to do???
    If anyone has ANY Idea’s on how to correct this “Synch” issue, PLEASE INFORM ME!

    Michael Anderson

    1. Michael – I am having the same issue with SI and Rumelia. I have been emailing SI support nearly every day for 3 weeks. I haven’t had a single response. Let me know if you get any resolution. So far SI has proven worthless.
      -Ross Udy

      1. Michael and Ross, I had the same problem with slow support, eventually had a reply after three days. I took two trades when there was no volatility and seemed an ideal time to trade. But had two 60-second turbo trades which both lost and I didn’t both after that and withdrew my money, albeit it cost me $90 after broker charges. You look on You Tube and Binary Options Agency, Prestige Binary Options, etc., etc. seem to make money with these softwares with no problem. Doesn’t ring true.

    1. Agree Kim, although Wareda Exchange seems interesting, have you tried it? Also on IQ Options you can copy EAs that are being traded live. Open a demo account and copy an EA.

      1. Anna I don’t understand if these auto traders don’t work as they show they are why are you endorsing such software’s this is the part where I get very frustrated about that following every single step as provided in the videos and onsite but still not able to see any worth of results ???

        1. A semi-automated software like Swarm Intelligence, BinaBot, and Mike’s Auto Trader can work great for experienced traders. Fully automated robots don’t work for anyone.

    1. Dear Bo,

      I am also in the same situation but just to make it clear SI is not a full auto trader its a semi auto trader meaning that it will not automatically put trades for you, you would have to place the trades manually for yourself.

      I have to say that I am really disappointed with SI really I followed every single step of the way even watched everything but it really doesn’t live up to the hype that everyone had assured of so now in the end I am just going to withdraw my money and just leave it every binary auto/semi trader is SHIT.

  15. Yea SI blow’s! It’s NEVER worked right for me, I sent numerous email to Support & never heard a word or got a reply! Lexington Code, which is fully Auto Trader & you can use it as a Semi-Auto Trader like SI, BUT it too is NOT what it’s cracked-up to be! Truthfully, I think certain folks get the “Real Deal” Software & we get the Shit! However, someone got me in a supposed really good one that folks in the US can’t get, but they got me taken care of & once I see how it works for me, I’ll mention the name soon.

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