Tesler App Review – Scam Exposed!

By Tim Lanoue

The Tesler App created by Steven Abrahams is another binary options investing SCAM meant to target novice online day-traders out of their hard-earned money! Everything about the Tesler App is fabricated and the spokesperson and alleged founder of this system is nothing more than the figment of some scam marketers’ imagination! An innovative website design, a creative sales pitch with fake bank account images and paid actors are the foundation of this scam. Throughout the duration of this Tesler App scam exposure article we will not only debunk all the falsehoods implemented with this deceptive scam but also destroy this scam from the roots and foundation up.

Tesler App

What is the Tesler App?

The Tesler App for binary options is another auto trading scam that guarantees to generate you a profit of $5,000 per day. However, just like every binary options auto trader that emerges within this industry as a scam, they always fall short on their guarantees. The Tesler App is supposedly endorsed and owned by a company known as Tesler LLC but as you can imagine, no such company exists on this face of this Earth. Our closest assumption would be that the scammers behind this fraudulent system are trying to convince you that there is a correlation between their corrupt system and the reputable Tesla company.

Tesler App uses fake images

Furthermore, many of the testimonial images that you see on the website are images stolen online from simple Google searches as seen in the picture provided to you above and below. This is a common practice among many other binary option scams that we have exposed here in the past and unfortunately this practice is not becoming any less common.

The source of fake testimonial image used by the TeslerApp

Who is Steven Abrahams?

Steven Abrahams is the alleged creator behind the Tesler App and the CEO behind a non-existent company presented as Tesler LLC. He claims that he has been featured on Forbes, CNN, Global Business News, BBC News and Bloomberg Business. However, after further investigation we could not find a scrap of evidence that could support this claim. In addition, Abrahams claims to have a self net worth of $364 million and if this was the case he would certainly pop up in the search engine results but again, this is just another lie.

How Does Tesler App Work?

The wonder that is the Tesler App is supposedly comprised of an innovative breakthrough in the investment industry known as Lead Patterns. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect about these Lead Patterns would be that they allow the Tesler App to analyze over 3 million technical market factors in under 8/100ths of a second and generate an unparalleled success rate of over 97%. Another unique claim about the Tesler App as well would be how Steven Abrahams claims that whenever the smallest amount of uncertainty is present in regards to the potential of a market decision not being correct, it simply doesn’t place the investment. Funny thing though, if this was indeed a true claim made by the Tesler App, it would never generate a signal nor place an investment due to their theoretical 97% success rate claim and odds, a little contradicting don’t you think?

Tesler App Platform

The Tesler App platform offers a generic proprietary platform that is synced with some of the most notorious binary option brokers in this industry. With one click of a button and 6 months later, you can supposedly turn your initial deposit with one of their scam brokers to over $1,000,000… at least according to Steven Abrahams, that is. Now, as many of you can insinuate for yourself, if you ever take the time to deposit with one of these brokers, you probably won’t be able to get your deposit back and your personal and financial information will be available for those fraudulent marketers to use in whatever means they deem necessary.

Embedded for you below is the painfully long and deceptive Tesler App pitch video that is over a half hour long, here you can see and learn about all the lies yourself.

How do we know that Tesler App is a scam?

We know that the Tesler App for binary options is a scam for several different reasons. The first being that the pitch video is loaded with a variety of photoshopped bank account images, fake testimonials from paid actors, and the feedback that we have received here. We have received a little over a dozen complaints by investors who had signed up with this system and lost their hard-earned money within a matter of a few days or have not been able to execute a withdrawal from their assigned broker.  Furthermore, a few of the complaints we have received would be that these scam brokers were making unauthorized charges to these newbie investors payment methods and most of them haven’t been able to re-coop or handle their losses.

Why would you want to test out a binary options system that claims to have an unrealistic success rate of 97%, incorporates stolen images of innocent people from the web and is based solely upon lies and deception?  The website Tesler.com has been exposed on a few other reputable binary option websites and for good reason, this is a SCAM!

Tesler App Review Conclusion

Everything about the Tesler App is fabricated. We can assure you that the only result you will achieve if  you test out this system would be losing your hard-earned cash. Steven Abrahams does not exist, Tesler LLC does not exist and the brokers synced with this scam are among the worst in the industry. If you’re looking for a legitimate software to utilize and supplement your income please feel free to view our Binary Options Signals Page, which showcase the highest reviewed and best performing software for binary options.

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