Make Money from the US Dollar Collapse

James Rickards Rings Alarm Bell: BRICS Gearing Up to Deliver Coup de Grace to USD in April 2017

The demise of the US dollar has been a leitmotif for various economical rabble-rousers over the last few years, but the world’s top reserve currency may soon be in for a rough landing indeed. More and more high-profile, well-respected experts are lining up behind the theory that the good old greenback has simply outlived its usefulness in this regard. As worldwide economic conditions are slowly but surely slipping into place for a perfect financial super-storm, its collapse is but a matter of a few months now, rather than years.

Ex-CIA insider, lawyer, financial commentator and successful author James Rickards feels he’s identified the tipping point which will see the USD hit the slope, never to reclaim its current status again. Rickards’ “trigger event” is an April 21, 2017 move, which will see the balance of votes in the IMF tip in favor of the BRICS, with the US thus losing its power to veto a move against the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The BRICS have made it clear that they aim to dethrone the greenback, and this time around, they may indeed get the full support of the IMF in this regard too. In fact, according to Rickards, the “World Money” which will succeed the USD in its reserve currency role, has already been set up.

Following Rickards’ April trigger event, prices will skyrocket in the US, and all hell will break loose as national banks world-over will be looking to dump their USD reserves. Indeed, nations like China and Russia have been stockpiling gold for a while, and that is the solution retail actors have to resort to as well, according to Rickards.

The stock market will fall off a cliff, US tax-rates will soar and social programs will be gutted. Various desperate measures on the part of the government will mean abuse like fortune-confiscation will be widespread. In fact, per the scenario envisioned by Rickards, in the wake of this currency-implosion, the US empire will be left in shambles.

How does one deal with the fallout from such a massive economic cataclysm though? Rickards has apparently been preparing for it for a while. He had predicted several economic woes which befell the nation in the last few years and he has set up a sort of guide, meant to give those well-informed a way out of the crisis which will inevitably follow the downfall of the USD.

In his books, The Big Drop and The New Case for Gold, Rickards puts forth an action-plan which consists of several stages.

The first stage is about hedging against the coming drop of the dollar. In the chapters belonging to this stage, Rickards deals with an investment which may end up yielding an 8 to 1 return.

The second step of the master-plan is to avoid stocks that will sink like rocks. Rickards teaches readers how to actually make money on the backslide of toxic stocks.

The third stage of Rickards’ plan is essentially a formula, which tells people exactly how much gold they should own, according to their total net worth. What sort of gold one should buy and where the gold should be stored is also covered.

Given how both books are offered for free and how two bonus reports titled ‘The Only Way to Own New World Money’ and ‘One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid’ are also included, Rickards’ is an offer one can hardly refuse.
Will he be right about his April 21 prediction? Time will tell…

What is your opinion about┬áRickards’ theory?

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  1. That is why they hanged trump from white house, he knows how to get bankrupt and keep on going or get fired himself. Buy some gold and stock some food and water will make sense.
    More things will fall this year, and not only the dollar or stocks. Be ready!!

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